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    Everyone just started to disappear. First the children on buses then people in planes thin out of air. Then Charlotte finally noticed the streets were empty. No one. A ghost town. Jane was the strong headed type. She was very stubborn and hard to get along with at times especially when she thinks she's right. She never had a boyfriend before because of her personality. No one ever fit her charts. And now that zombies were out how would she survive alone? Her type was the dominant type. The ones who did what they wanted with out permission. A sexy ass rule breaker basically. Though she never thought about it, but it fit her perfectly. She was 19. Working at a coffee shop if not in her dorm painting. But she always seemed attracted to the rough life and way of living having the rich parents she did. She loved to feel no one could stop her.

    She loved to be free. Alive. But sense the zombies came she's only survived with that ragedy pick up truck and that sword from the damn museum. Now she stood in a old abandoned gas station fighting off zombies. Just to get a couple things for food, medicine, and drinks her backpack on her back...


  2. Dino always rose out of bed as the sun rose over the horizon. This was his routine and had been for longer than he wanted to remember. The memories of his parents and friends were still fresh in his mind, but they faded with each passing day. Dino rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, stretched, and let out a muffled yawn. He slept in the same clothes that he traveled and scavenged in, just in case the zombies figured a way into his fortified home, the house he was born and raised in. He sighed in relief that he was still breathing.

    Dino got out of his sleeping bag and inventoried his supplies... He seemed to be getting dangerously low on food supplies. He cooked his last can of beans on an open flame he built in his living room. All the windows were boarded and foiled to keep the light from escaping, and he had drilled small holes in the tops of the walls so the smoke had somewhere to go and the house stayed clear and ventilated. After his bean breakfast, Dino decided he'd head down to the corner store a few blocks away to see if it had any remaining supplies.

    He grabbed a bottle of water from his dwindling supply. "only two left" he made a mental note to keep his eyes open for water. He grabbed his weaponry, a pump-action shotgun, which he carried in hand. A 9mm pistol strapped to a hip-holster, a machete hanging from his belt, a bat fashioned with protruding nails strapped to his backpack, and several throwing knives stashed in different places on his body. Fully loaded and ready for a scavenge run, Dino headed out.

    Everything outside was eerily quiet and still, as it usually was. The unnatural quiet never sat well with Dino, but he moved forward, not allowing himself to be overcome with fear. He had to remain vigilant and on his toes, lest he become zombie food. Before he could see the gas station he could hear commotion. He scrambled into a network of alley ways and followed one that came out just across the street from the gas station. He crouched behind a dumpster to survey the area, and assess the situation. He saw several zombies and they were clearly after something. A moment later, Dino saw a flash of light. He watched for a moment more and saw a female, wielding what appeared to be a medieval sword. Dino's initial reaction was to rush forward, providing assistance to this individual, but knew better than to blindly trust someone, so he held out a moment longer, and watched.

  3. "Come get me you little shits." She growled in a Australian accent. There were five of them. She threw it up twisting around as one zombie came out her, hand reached out to grab her. The swords edge collided with the left side of its neck hard enough to knock its head right off. As one came behind her she didn't waiste her time turning. She thrusted the sword over her head and sent it straight through it's skull. She swung it back over in one swift movement and it collided with the top of the Zombie's skull who walked in front of her before falling to the ground. Two left and that's when she dropped the sword. They were both coming towards her and she backed away until her back came to the store's counter and she slid on top standing. "Come on over here you bloody show ponnies." She smiled before pulling out a two knives. She threw her hands back before throwing both daggers at the two making an exact hit. They dropped and she sighed flipping her bangs out of her face and jumping down.

    She only war some jeans and a black sports bra with a small black jacket to cover her arms. She bent taking one of the daggers from the head of one of the dead zombies a look of disgust on her face. Damnit you. I wanted to come in here and not get my hands dirty. Too late for that. She stabbed the zombie that she'd beheaded earlier who still moaned headless. She retrieved her weapons and returned them to her back pack the swords hold sticking out. She then went to scavenge for some food. She wanted to take all that would fit in the truck that hadn't expired. Then she was off to L.A California. They had large mansions that were mostly empty during the apocalypse and she wanted to live the damn thing out in luxury if she died. If.

    She began gathering as much food as she could and lifting it into the truck, her pistol in her side pocket. She watched for biters at the same time returning to and from the store at least three times before she felt like she was being watched. Did another actually survive? She scanned the area not seeing a damn thing but stiffened at the thought of someone planning on attacking her if they had. Food was scarce. They could get there on. She would just leave some...just in case there was other survivors. She only needed enough from here in Virginia to Cali.
  4. Dino watched quietly as this savage women put down five zombies on her own. He was impressed, that was no normal feat. Most people lose their minds even at the sight of a zombie, no less 5 of them grabbing at you. But this woman, not only held her ground, but successfully put down all five without sustaining even a single scratch, which was most fortunate for both parties. She wouldn't turn, and he wouldn't have to kill her straight out. Once she had made short work of the zombies, she started making trips in and out of the store, packing supplies into a run-down pick-up. Dino knew he needed to act quick if he was to secure some for himself.

    On the woman's 3rd trip back into the store, Dino made his move. He darted across the street and hid around the corner. He wasn't planning on hurting this person, but if it came down to the nitty gritty, he was ready. After packing in her 3rd round of supplies she stopped and looked around. She must have felt him watching her. He needed to do something before she drove off with supplies that he needed. Once she turned her back to his position to get into her vehicle, Dino made his move.

    Coming out from around the corner, shotgun in hand, and pointed at the woman. He cocked the pump action fire arm, placed the butt of the gun on his shoulder, and stared down the iron sights directly at this breath-takingly beautiful woman. He almost stopped right there, letting his rifle fall, thinking "How could someone like this be a threat?" But he had been duped in the past and wasn't gonna let that happen again.

    "Hey you" he shouted out after cocking his shotgun loud enough for her to hear.
  5. She turned around fast right after he finished his sentence her gun already out and aimed. Damnit! "Look," She spoke softly. "I don't want any trouble. Put. The Gun. Down. Then we can both be on our way without anyone getting hurt." She was impressed by his hiding skills. She should've seen him. But, to hold his gun up at her, he'd made the wrong move. Especially when she was still heated from killing Walkers. She looked at his appearance. He was loaded with more guns than she'd even seen. He could take her out in a second. But, she was faster. Her hands shook as she held the gun up at him. She hadn't seen a human being in...not since the apocalypse started. Would she really have the heart to do that? New rule. Zombies are the enemy. Not survivors. She slowly let her gun down. She knew that she was risking her own life but if she died. It wouldn't be because she was the heartless one. She put the gun back in her pocket.

    "Aren't you suppose to ask me on a date first?" She asked sarcastically her left brow raised and a soft smile tugging at her pale lips. She hadn't smile in ages. "What is it?" she nodded toward to store. "Did I kill your girlfriend back there?" She leaned against the truck. Just because she might be about to die didn't mean she couldn't keep her cool and her stubborn sarcastic sense of humor.
  6. "She's fast" Dino thought as she spun around, her hand like a flash of lighting. In the blink of an eye she had leveled the playing field. Dino cursed himself for not seeing her pistol, and effectively botching this situation of having an upper hand. She may be quick, but she better hope she's accurate, because at this distance, the spread of his shotgun, surely wouldn't miss. Dino held a steady visage, unwilling to lower his firearm, even at the request of this woman. He could see the gun shaking in her hands, but still he held stern, and mute.

    The woman lowered her gun, casually leaned against her truck and started making jokes. Seeing that he clearly had the upper hand, but still expecting this to be a trap, Dino slowly moved forward toward the woman. He stopped a few feet away from her, just out of her reach, but close enough to see a majority of the supplies she scavenged.

    "You take everything?" Dino finally asked out loud.
  7. "Pfft. No." She scoffed rolling her eyes. She wasn't heartless. But if he took her stuff he'd pay. She glared at him. He definitely wasn't an easy guy to be around. That was actually kind of hot. When he got closer she tensed and became serious straightening her back. "I left half of what I found in there. Even some medicine." She shrugged sighing. He was wasting her time. "I need to get going. " She said to him. "So kill me or let me be on my way." She glared at the gun in his hand not trusting the man already. She was about to bitch at him like no tomorrow if he didn't leave her be. She dug her hand into her pocket a little irritated . She wished she'd been one of those zombies on the store floor right now. She tried to go to her happy place closing her eyes and trying to ignore the problem at hand. Not working.

    She swiftly raised her right leg to kick his gun out from his hand. (That's all ill right just in case you catch the kick)
  8. Dino was hardly listening to what the woman was saying, fearing she might be trying to manipulate him, then once his guard was down, she'd attack him. He was surveying the supplies she had taken, finding it hard to believe she left half of what she found. He knew most of this town had already been ransacked by people like her, people going places. He tone told him that she was flustered, and impatient. But who wouldn't be in such a situation. Jake didn't like holding up someone at gun-point, but neither did he like being held at gun point. Seeing the shift in her body language, Dino anticipated an attack.

    Her kick was swift, but his defenses were still in place, he hopped back and tightened the grip on his gun.

    "Look, I don't wanna hurt you. I just want some supplies. I don't know who you are, where your from, or where your going, and it doesn't matter if I'm being honest. But I'm low on food supplies and this place is the only place around here that has food. You understand my mistrust in people, I'm sure you've had run-ins with not so nice people... If what you're saying is true, and you left half of what you found, show me. I don't want to hurt you, but likewise, I don't wanna be marooned with no food, hunting season isn't quite what it used to be."

    Taking one more step back, Dino lowered the barrel of the gun so it wasn't pointing at her, but was still very accessible if she decided to get tricky. "Well?"
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    She was pretty pissed off when he dodged her kick and stuttered back into the truck glaring. She had her fists balled, her finger nails digging into her hands. She was one feisty girl. And he had crossed her boundaries. She was going to hurt someone. If it was him or a biter. She could just imagine putting a bullet through this guys pretty little head. Oh joy. She could just imagine him being one of the good college guy who play football on varsity. Getting all the girls. Well he was out of luck here. Because she was a kitty that to joy from clawing eyes out.
    Rude was an understatement. She could tell she wouldn’t like this guy. “If you were polite enough to ask me on that date first you would’ve known, I haven’t seen another human sense the disease started.” She seethed a little harshly. She didn’t care how harsh she was being. She didn’t quite understand why he didn’t trust her so much as if he were scared of her. Had a human attacked him or something. She sighed pushing herself off of the truck and making her way toward the store. She was so pissed steam seemed to emit from her very being. She kicked open the door and held it open with her back before politely gesturing to the store supplies she’d stacked neatly in the corner. Well, except the Monsters and Starbucks drinks. She’d definitely took all of those already. She gave him time to look around before asking. “Can I leave now?” She muttered crossing pale petite arms.
    If he didn’t let her go she was making a run for it. Shot or not. She will never be someone’s prisoner. She couldn’t stand listening to the orders of other which is why she was alone. Of course if he did…it would be kind of hot for someone who looked like him. She noticed little that she was basically drooling and turned away towards the car taking her pistol out. She might need it.

  10. Dino let out a sigh of relief at the sight of the neatly stacked supplies. He moved into the store and let his guard down, he placed his gun up against a near-by wall and knelt down to the supplies. His attention was no longer on her, he was more worried about getting this food into his pack. He could hear the venom in her voice as she asked permission to leave. He stopped and looked up at her.

    "If that's what you wanna do... I never intended on holding you as a prisoner, I just needed to know that you weren't taking everything. You see, I don't have a form of transportation aside from my legs, so I stay here. I was born here, and lived in this town my whole life. I'm the only survivor around here, have been alone the past 3 years." He shook his head and kept filling his pack, but now his attention was back in place. After filling his pack he stood up and turned back to the woman.

    "Are you leaving? I have a place here if your truck happens to break down, I'm not very mechanically inclined, but I have a secure place to sleep. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, probably because you haven't attacked me yet, and that says something. Every human that has traveled thru here since the disease has been.... less than accomidating to my kindness."
  11. It would be nice to have someone to spend the apocalypse with...but her stubbornness got the best of her. "I'm headed to California. There are some pretty big houses up there and I was thinking that they may have more food.." she muttered a little softly. She really hoped he accepted her offer of leaving. "One house in particular has a big brick gate around it so that walkers cant get in. I was going to stake out there for a couple more years....You're welcome to join me. It's not safe to stay in one place. I'm pretty sure this is the last supply of food here, but plenty in the mansions which are pretty secure on there on." She mumbled. She could survive on her on but honestly? She wanted a friend.

    She stood there for a bit silent feeling like a weakling. To strengthen her ego she said. "Not that I would need you or anything." She shrugged but her voice wasn't as strong as she wanted it to be. She crouched to start helping him fill his bad but keeping her ears available to walker noises and the man in front of her. She picked up a honey bun sitting down and against the wall opening the wrapper. "I'm Charlotte." She took a bite.
  12. Dino listened as the woman went on about California. Quite the trek he thought to himself, driving all the way across the nation during a time like this seemed a little... crazy to Dino, but it was obvious to him that constantly moving is what most people were doing. His ears perked and he stopped for a moment at her offer for him to join her on the cross country drive. He nodded his head, thinking about the possibilities of leaving, she was right, this was the last food supplies in the town, he knew after today he'd have to resort to hunting, and that prospect didn't excite him.

    Dino chuckled at her attempt to bolster her ego and could tell by her wavering voice that this woman was lonely. Loneliness was a rough thing to handle, Dino knew more about it than he ever cared to know and the thought of having someone nearby was comforting to him. He took note of her relaxed demeanor as she leaned back against a wall, opening a honey bun and introducing herself. Dino offered a warm smile and stuck his hand out towards her. "Hi Charlotte, I'm Dino, but people in the past called me Hands. Maybe you're right... you're definitely right about the food supplies, these are the last. I've never traveled outside this town, and if I were to leave, I'd need to go back to my home, I have a few sentimental items there I would rather not leave behind."
  13. "Guess that means you're driving." She tossed him the keys. She walked out of the gas station and heading toward the truck. She got in the passenger seat and waiting. This should be fun. Getting on the road with a complete stranger. She prayed he had a strong bladder. There were no stops on the road trip of death. She took out her notebook. She hadn't had time to write in a couple weeks. Busy surviving and ect. She took her old blue inked pen beginning to write. When she got to Cali she wanted to hit one of the big mansions. One of the mansions that belonged to billionaires. It would be great. She started to wriet
  14. Dino was caught off guard by the flying keys. They hit his chest and he fumbled with them but ultimately caught them. Offering a big goofy smile due to his inept fingers. He chuckled uneasily, "Not exactly a star football player." He joked as he followed her to the truck. He couldn't help but check out her backside as they walked, but he quickly shook those thoughts out of his head. He had been alone a long time, and before the disease hit he was always kind of awkward with girls, but he knew now was the worst time to get lost in thought about women. He composed himself and jumped into the driver side, turned over the engine and started towards his home.

    After a few blocks he made a right turn and went down 4 houses before turning into a driveway. Every house on this street, hell, in this town, was run down, looked like something directly out of a horror flick, or an old west ghost town, some house falling apart, others fully collapsed. Even his home looked extremely cruddy from the outside. But the inside was a little more comfortable. Dino killed the engine and placed the keys on Charlotte's lap. "This is the place" he said as he exited the building. He motioned for her to follow him around the side of the house. Once in the backyard he made a scan of the area, making sure nothing was around watching them, then he whispered to her.

    "I've got all the doors fortified so they are not usable as entrances and exits." He pointed a cellar window. "Feel free to follow, or you can wait out here, I won't be more than a few minutes." Dino dropped down onto his belly and climbed thru the window. He dropped down into his basement and turned around to wait and see if Charlotte would follow him.
  15. Something seemed to catch her eyes because she was barely paying attention looking out the window. Good god... She flushed before looking back at him and saying. "Yeah, yeah. I'll be out here." She waved him off before jumping out the passenger seat and starting to down the street with her sword. "I'll be fine!" She yelled over her shoulder before she started toward whatever had caught her blue eyes. She raced as fast as she can. She shifted her gun and there was a smile on her face as she disappeared behind a house.

    (Gonna stop ther. >.> Don't wanna ruin the surprise.) ​
  16. He furrowed his brow in curiosity, but waved it off. He needed to get his things, but what had she seen? Should he go after to in case something terrible happened? He thought better of it and decided to gather his things 1st. Luckily he didn't have much that he cared about. He carried all the important things on himself constantly. He went thru the basement and up into his house, taking in the sight of it one last time, remembering what he could of being a kid, remembering his parents, his friends. He gathered up his sleeping bag, the few bottles of water he had, and a small wooden box. With everything tucked away, he went back down into the cellar and climbed back out the window, saying one final good-bye to everything he had ever known in this life.

    Then he raced down the street, to the house that Charlotte disappeared around and turned the corner, his shotgun ready, but his finger off the trigger. He turned the corner that she disappeared behind hoping he'd find her, still in one piece.
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    A hong honked on the road behind him and a golden brown Jeep ran with Charlotte inside with all their things and a big full grown German Shepeard eathing some powdered doughnuts in the passenger seat. His ribs were showing and he looked starved. He was a albino Sheperd with blue eyes. She pat him. "Look what I found!!!" She hit the gas making it purr. "And its new! I feel sorry for who lost it.."​
  18. The horn startled Dino, he jumped and turned, his shotgun trained on whatever was behind him, but as soon as he saw it was Charlotte, he lowered the weapon and smiled, sighing in relief. He walked over to the passenger side and looked in. "Hmmm, don't recognize the dog, but the vehicle belonged to the Henderson's. I thought they had taken it when they left, but maybe they never left. It got kinda hard keeping up with who was still alive after a while."

    Not wanting to chance disturbing the dog, Dino opened the back passenger door and threw his pack behind the back seat and got into the vehicle. "Got a good amount of gas?" Dino asked. "I'm sure the gas station we just left has some, but I don't know how to turn on the pumps. Anyways, I got everything I need, so onto to California I suppose. Dino visibly relaxed, stretched out his legs a bit and sunk back into the seat.
  19. "This is Hardey. He's mine straight from Colorado. And it's full." She stabbed the gas and they all jerked forward as she sped off smirking at wandering walkers. "Cya Bitches." She sneered speeding onto the highway. She tossed another gun at Dino while she was at it. "So. You don't have any pets?" she asked as Hardey turned to the new person in the back sniffing cautiously a low growl emitting from his chest.

    "Shut the hell up Hardey." She swerved and the dog hit the window with a yelp.

    "I had Hardey since I was 15. He's always been my over protective bad ass brother." She winked and the dog stared at her a little angry from the past event. He was obviously a smart dog.
  20. Dino gripped the car door as Charlotte punched the gas and sped thru the streets. His knuckles white. It had been many years since he was in a vehicle and the sudden change in speed caught him off guard. Likewise, the flying gun that landed in his lap startled him. He put the gun on the seat next to him. "not sure how many guns you have, but I got plenty."

    "Animals? No, I don't have any. My family had a dog, but I'm pretty sure he was somebody's lunch, he was little, not aggressive, but a good dog." He smiled at the growling dog but didn't dare offer his hand. He gripped tighter as she swerved the car, slamming the dog against the door and stopping its growl. "I'm sure glad he wasn't at the gas station when I found you." Jake laughed out loud at that notion.

    Jake stared out the window at the passing scenery, he wondered how California would be, if it would be easier or harder, were there more survivors in Cali than here?

    "So how far do you think we'll make it on this tank of gas, and what do you have in mind for sleeping situations? I have a sleeping bag, but sleeping out in the open might be a bad idea, even in a car."
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