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  1. Episode One: Rough Year

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    “Oz, what’s the story for tonight?” The Major asked.

    Looking in the mirror Redhawk sat adjusting the turkey feathers in his head band. Oz sat along side his former commander tapping away on his computer searching for any kind of cash reward for bounty hunting. It had been a rough economic year on the Moon once again. The Moon, now more commonly called Terra 2.0, was one of those places where outcasts from society lived. These days living on Earth was only for the upper class who could afford to pay the high living costs.

    “There’s a warrant for the arrest of the Swifty Gang. 1300 Spacebucks.” Oz responded.

    “Only 1300? That seems to be a waste of time.” Redhawk said.

    “Well if we are going to go hunting for big game, it’d be better to find a location with better bad guys.” Oz said.

    “I guess, too bad this wasn’t a job for Shane but I guess sniping low level gangsters is over kill. I’m hiding in.”  

    The Hina Na Ho district was the modern day version of the Bronx, full of bad apples. This particular night, the local gas station shop was getting robbed.


    “Hhaahahah!” A man in baseball cap cackled as he sat on the counter nearest to the Icee machine, “Tonight, I am so going to take revenge for all the years of suffering I had to deal with while working as a janitor for Manager Jim! I’m going to rob everything of value out of this store!”

    “Uhhhhh… But isn’t this a little over kill?” The young blonde cashier then said.

    “No! I worked my ass off in this place and I am sick and tired of being treated like a piece of common day bird shit!”

    He then pulled out his pistol, “So come on you dumbshit, just hand be over the money!”


    “Hey Karl, the tea in this place sucks…”

    “Goddammit Berry! You have to ruin my revenge by being a dumb shit, don’t you?”

    “I thought I was the dumbshit.” The blonde cashier responded.

    “You both are! Now hand over the money, bitch!”

    It was at this time that Redhawk simply wandered into the store, his hands placed in his pockets. He looked bored with the current situation.

    “Oh the hell did you get in here?!?! Berry where’s Dean?” Karl shouted.

    “I dunno.”

    Outside, Oz made short work out of the redneck with a shot gun. The rule of the thumb is that Hi-Tech Ninjas always have and always will kick serious ass.

    The Major then smiled, this was going to be an easy job.
  2. Oz typed and clicked away on his console station, looking up bounties and "odd jobs" for the Major. His eyes darted across the screen as he searched for anything new that they could run out and complete. The highest paying one that was close by was for the Swifty Gang.

    "There's a warrent for the arrest of the 'Swifty Gang'. 1300 spacebucks." Oz stated as he continued scrolling, listening to the Major complain about the measly reward.

    "Well if we're going to go hunting for big game, it'd be better to find a location with better bad guys" Oz brought the portraits of the Swifty Gang up on the big monitor so the Major could see who exactly they were dealing with. Oz already knew the procedure; he would neutralize them while the Major began rounding them up, then they would prep them for transport. It was easy enough for Oz, he stood out of his chair and only grabbed his sword, anything else would be, as the Major described it, "Over Kill".
    Some time later the Desperado came within a block of the gangs' position at the Hina Na Ho district gas station. As Oz and the Major approached, Oz could see Dean slacking off outside. Without hesitation, Oz pressed the switch on his retractable helmet and darted off into the shadows, then as the Major approached the store, Oz made his move. In one quick fluid motion, he reached his arm across Dean's throat, gripped tight and brought him to the ground without a sound, then reached over and tapped three pressure points around Deans' chest which resulted in paralyzing him.

    Oz looked on briefly as the Major walked right into the store unchallenged by the unconscious and pathetic excuse as a guard Dean, who was being dragged into the shadows of the alley way next to the gas station. Oz then circled around back and found his way inside, sticking to the shadows, he watched as the Major strolled up to the final two gang members, confident as ever. Oz silently emerged from the shadows and stood behind the two men, waiting for the Majors' order to neutralize them.
  3. Astra Teegan

    Teegan waltzed down the street checking out the signs of the shops as she often did. It was important to know what was in each shop, because she never was sure what a particular one of her specimen wanted to eat. Now that she wasn't going to get any more funding from a job or school. ...grr.

    Seemingly oblivious, Teegan walked right past the men getting "taken care of" outside to enter the grocery store. Without looking twice, she walked past the one inside aiming a gun, and finally stopped in front of the checkout counter.

    "I don't mean to get in the way, but I was wondering if you have any live rats or maybe even some sausage that could possibly be from unreliable or black market sources? You see, my little friend here," Teegan took a second to pat the...thing... that was around her neck. As long as a very large snake, with a similar shaped body it also was covered in fur. At both ends it had two tiny legs, and it's head looked a bit like a rodent. It opened up it's jowls to flash a pair of snake-like fangs. "He likes fresh meat. I mean, dead meat is okay. But live is probably better. Ferretsnakes like the struggle. Oh, hey, Sinbad, don't try to bite the nice robber." She swatted at the critter until it put it's fangs away.
  4. Shane dozed off at the controls, hovering over the Moon, waiting for a destination. He perked up upon hearing his name, only to find out he wasn't needed, he hadn't been in a while. Who would've thought that you could be too useful. Ah well, he was sure he would get his moment....hopefully. Upon receiving the moon coordinates, he typed them in, putting it on auto pilot, seeing no need to drive himself.

    As they left, he sighed, silence at last. This was a routine bag and ship. They go down, kick ass, while he mans the ship, and helps load their sorry asses into the cargo cell, until they turn them in for cold, hard, cash. It was easy, and with low lives like these fools, he was actually bored. Putting his feet up on the dash, he tucked his chin and went back to dozing, the intercom accepting transmissions incase, in some odd way, something went wrong. But with an easy bounty like this, it was quite unlikely to happen...
  5. Awesomeness!

    I'm finishing up some sheets for the headmaster and mistress, as well as a couple of villains, myself.
  6. “What the fuck is that thing?!!?” Karl shouted as he now drew his pistol into the face of Teegan.

    “I told you once already, it is a ferret snake. They are a very important species found on the fourth moon of Tevag-18.” Teegan said.

    “Shut up Princess!”

    The blonde cashier then giggled, as if she was completely unaware of the seriousness of the situation. Teegan just raised an eyebrow, there was clearly no princess here.

    “Now is that any way to deal with a young woman?” Redhawk then said as he tossed some chocolate and soda on the counter. The brightly lit store made the packages look even more colorful than they really were.

    “That’ll be 3 space bucks!” The blonde cashier then grinned.

    “What the fuck is the matter with you three?!!? This is a fucking robbery!” Karl snapped, “You should be scared. I have a gun!!!!”

    Redhawk then pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. This is the signal that Oz needed. Sneaking out of the bathroom, he grabbed Berry by the neck and snapped it. The fat man fell to the ground with a massive thud. Working his ninja skills, Oz once again was hidden in the bathroom.

    “So, you do.” He then puffed some smoke out of his mouth.

    “Dickhead! I can shoot anyone of you! I control your life and death! Right in the palm of my hands!”

    “Uh huh. So that was three space bucks, eh?”

    “That’s right, sir.” The blonde cashier once again giggled.

    “Dude, you’re fucking pissing me off!” Karl then pointed the pistol at Redhawk.

    “So you feel like a god do you?” Redhawk said as he spat his cigarette in Karl’s face.
    Within a matter of seconds, Karl felt the hard rubber heel of the Major’s cowboy boot smack into his face. With that the would be burglar hit his head on the cigarette display case.

    “Wow Mister! I thought he was going to shoot us for sure!” The blonde cashier said.

    “It was an air soft pistol. The making of the weapon is too cheap to hold bullets. Come on Oz, let’s leave this popsicle stand.”
    The Major then heard the toilet flush.

    “Goddammit Oz, you couldn’t have waited?”
  7. Awesomeness.

    An IC should be coming soon! The only reason it hasn't yet is that I know there's still a handful of people wanting to sign up that haven't gotten to it just yet, so I'm just awaiting that so that nobody gets left behind.
  8. If you read the plot located in the Lan Information, you will notice Magica☆Girls is settled in modern times. So, yeah, you can create a modern magical girl. For what you told me, I have a feeling that your character prefers to live and interact in the Human World a lot. Again, yes, you can create a character surrounding cars and whatever you wish.
  9. >Red or Blue.

    Oh God, Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs flashbacks.

    Can i choose Purple?
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  11. don't cry, we're here now
  12. Is it weird that I wanna make random support conversations between Azura and all these people she's been talking to? ._.
  13. >might not be best to play noctis
    >only on chapter 3 or so
    >need to play more FFXV
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  15. Astorath place a hand on her shoulder. "Let's go get that drink."
  16. "But she'll grow up and be around more kids."
  17. "Ask around, someone knows."
  18. Astra Teegan

    "NO! NO! I'LL GET HIM!" Teegan lept in the way before any gunfire was going to rain down on her special pet.

    Meanwhile, her ferretsnake didn't seem all that frightened by the prospect of being shot at. He was busy opening up his mouth as wide as possible. Before anyone could scream, he had Shane's entire head in his mouth.

    "SINBAD. That's a BAD ferretsnake! You are so not getting Narverian Sausages!"
  19. "Oh, for fuck's sake!" Andres shouted. He then tossed his gun down and then leaped on Shane's lifeless body. "You miserable sack of fur and shit! You killed my gunner. You know how fucking hard it is find a decent gunner these days?!?!"

    Andres then grabbed the ferretsnake by the neck and started punching the living day lights out of Sinbad. "Just because he was useless doesn't mean you can go around eating my fucking crew members!!!"

    Sinbad responded by biting Andres hand. "Oh, you want a piece of me you piece of furry shit? Once I'm through with you, you are going straight into a Po Po Platter or some sort of fucking meat pie!"

    The ferretsnake then clamped down even harder on Andres' hand. "FFFFFUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!" He the started bashing Sinbad against the wall.

    "Oz, get your fucking ninja ass back here!"

    Oz then came running into the room, leaping over Shane's headless corpse. He then lauched an electromagnetic net over Sinbad. Andres then grabbed a dirty blanket from the floor and wrapped his bleeding hand up.

    He then walked over towards Teegan, "Make sure you keep that piece of shit locked up while you are on this ship. Or just make sure you feed the fucker ahead of time. And Oz, dump the corpse into orbit. I don't want to see it anymore."
  20. Astra Teegan

    "Don't punch- Now wait a mi- Come on he's no- Well crap." Teegan didn't know why she was getting blamed for this. She TOLD the guy not to move. Sinbad was a delicate creature. For a moment she stood there tapping a foot on the floor and her fingers on her hips. But after a brief moment of mental apologizing (the guy was dead now, he's not going to hear it if she said it out loud!) she finally stomped to scoop up her wrangled ferretsnake.

    "Okay then! But I think he's pretty well fed now." Stupid Sinbad. "I'm going to make myself at home, call me when we get somewhere." Teegan turned on a heel to settled herself in to her new sleeping quarters. ...and find a way to keep Sinbad contained when he gets hungry!