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    Who are the Demon Hunters?
    There is an organization known as the Hunters. They have secret bases located all over the world and their job is to exterminate demons. There are three types of Hunters: Seekers, Keepers, and Slayers. Hunters generally form into groups made up mostly of Slayers, as they are the most common, then Seekers, and then only around a few Keepers as they are the most rare.


    Seekers are people whose soul is originally from a strong spirit or demon that was somehow born in the physical realm so they have a strong connection to other spirits and can easily sense their presence. They can also clearly see demons that do not currently have a host. Seekers are also not able to be possessed.

    If a Seeker enters the spirit realm they gain a new form, a demon form and new special abilities. They are more powerful than the slayers and keepers in this realm. However, the longer a Seeker remains in the spirit realm, the more they forget who they are. They will begin to forget their mortal life and begin to believe that they had always lived in the spirit realm.

    Keepers are people who can open gates between the spirit and physical world. They are extremely rare. Nobody really knows why they can do what they do. Keepers can't usually see demons, but many can feel them or faintly hear them. They can also sense breaks between the spirit world and mortal realm, and can also sense if someone has died nearby. They use their abilities to send demons and lost souls (ghosts; they’re harmless) back into the spirit realm. They can also open doors into the Void, which is where the dead go when they die until they are reincarnated. Demons can also be sent there to be imprisoned, though this is not common. This is because there is a danger that the Keeper could be pulled into the void as well. Also, Hunters do not know what happens to demons sent into the void which is why it is only done to very dangerous and powerful demons.

    *Note: Demons that are sent into the void are actually eventually reborn into physical realm; however, they also end up forgetting who they are. This is how Seekers are created.

    Keepers are not especially strong at combat, but they have a fairly strong defense. They are more resistant to demon possession than Slayers and can form shields/barriers with their spiritual energy. In the spirit realm their abilities are exactly the same.

    Slayers are people with an old soul. Slayers have an extremely large spiritual energy and are the only ones that can harm a demon when it is in the physical world without harming the host by using a spirit weapon. Spirit weapons weaken demons, but do not kill them. Once a demon has been subdued a Keeper must send them either into the void or back into the demon realm. Seekers or people with old souls tend to master new skills quicker than most people and have a talent or passion that they are able to master in a very small amount of time.

    People with old souls, such as Slayers, are actually targeted by demons because of their large spiritual energy that demons like to feed on. This means that they need to watch that they don’t lose faith in themselves or others for a weak mind is easy prey for a demon.

    When Slayers are in the spirit realm they are considerably weaker. They take on a ghostly appearance and have the strength of only a normal human. This is because their soul is not meant for the realm of spirits and demons and is meant to remain within its host body or within the void. However, they are still able to use their spirit weapon, but many demons are considerably stronger when in their home ground so such a weapon often does not have much of an effect on stronger demons.

    Info on Demons
    Demons are able to enter the into the mortal realm through a variety of ways. The most common way is through dreams, or nightmares more likely, since dreams are a sort of realm between the mortal and spirit realms, similar to the void. There are also sometimes "tears" that appear in the barrier between worlds which they can enter through. Most tears in the barrier are small and only allow small and weak demons through that often are not strong enough to possess someone, however, if left unchecked the tears will expand and eventually larger and more dangerous demons can pass through. People with weak minds are susceptible to demon possession. Lastly, if a demon does manage to possess a Keeper then they can control them and make them open a portal to the demon world. However, it is extremely hard for a demon to possess a Keeper and it is never really completely effective. Keepers always have some control and awareness over their actions when they are possessed so they can continue to resist a demon's demands.

    Demons that are too weak to take over the mind of a host simply drift about the mortal world, invisible to all, except to Seekers. These smaller demons simply feed off of the spiritual energy of humans. If they consume enough energy though they might be able to obtain a host. However, not all beings from the spirit world are evil. These sorts of spirits sometimes become the friends of Seekers.

    Another thing to note. If a demon consumes enough spiritual energy then they can actually take upon a physical form in the human world without a host body. This is very rare though, and the last time it happened was hundreds of years ago. When the Hunters didn't exist this was a much more common occurrence.

    Info on the Spirit Realm
    Hunters don't normally go to the spirit realm, but sometimes it is necessary.
    ]Sometimes powerful demons in the spirit realm are able to create a following of other demons and spirits, or they become invasive to the dreams of humans and weaken people by making them scared, which allows for lesser demons to possess them, or sometimes a combination of both. The only way to stop them is for Hunters to go into the spirit world and fight them. Demons and other spirits are naturally immortal, but then can be sliced and diced. If a demon is too powerful they are usually sent into the Void.

    Overall, the spirit realm looks quite similar to the mortal one. Things just typically look more old-fashioned there and all of its residents can use magic. It is often a lot more chaotic there as well though with all of the power struggles between demons.

    The RP Info
    The group that this role-play revolves around has a base within Japan. Players do not have to be Japanese since many foreign Hunters often come here. However, many of the demons/spirits will have Japanese influences and will be referred to as yokai or oni (ex. kitsune).

    Basic Plotline
    Recently, the appearances of demons have become more and more frequent. There has also been a lot more higher level demons appearing lately. The Hunters are beginning to become worried.
    They think there is a large tear somewhere in the barrier, or that there is a powerful demon orchestrating events behind the scenes.

    Character Sheet




    Appearance: (you can add a picture too if you want)

    History: (make sure to mention how they joined the Hunters)

    Hunter Class: (Seeker, Keeper, or Slayer)


    Spirit Weapon/Demon Form: (only include if your character is a Seeker or Slayer, describe their weapon or their demon appearance. Also, demon forms can have a different gender)

    My Characters
    *This character will appear in the rp but I won't be dominantly being them. I might even make them an NPC that others can use. I'll be making a different character later*

    Neil (Neel)

    Age: 29

    Personality: Neil is very dedicated to helping others, but this sometimes causes him to neglect himself. He sometimes forgets to eat or doesn’t sleep enough because he will be too focused on his work. He often smiles but usually looks a little sleepy. Often when he hasn’t had enough sleep he will randomly mumble odd collections of words that don’t make any sense.

    Appearance: Average height with shaggy blond hair and green eyes. He also wears square glasses usually dresses fairly comfortably in simple sweaters and slacks or jeans.

    History: Although Neil does not have a Japanese name he has spent all of his life in Japan. His father was a computer engineer and a native to Japan while his mother was a writer from Ireland. Both of his parents were often busy but they always tried to make time for him. However, they soon found that there was something different about Neil from other boys.

    When Neil was young he had many “imaginary friends” that he would often speak with. When he was young his parents simply thought that he was playing, but as he started to get a bit older they started to become worried and think that he might be schizophrenic. However, Neil also began to be teased for speaking with is “imaginary friends” and he didn’t want his real friends and other kids to dislike him so he eventually stopped talking to them, much to his parents relief. As a teenager though, he started to get problems again.

    Neil started to notice more and more demons as a teen. He noticed that other people couldn’t see or feel them though so he assumed that he really was just crazy. However, some of the demons he saw were very disturbing and he started to become very depressed. He was one day saved from his suffering though when he met a Keeper named Chiyo. She couldn’t see the demons very well, but she was strange in other ways. Later, she introduced Neil to the Hunters and he finally had a purpose for himself and no longer felt like a freak.

    Neil has been with the Hunters for years now. He has seen some unpleasant things while working with them, but he wouldn’t want to live any other way. He was actually appointed as one of the leaders and he is one of the main people that gives missions to the Hunters and also guides younger Seekers.

    Hunter Class: Seeker

    Skills/Abilities: Neil is extremely knowledgeable about computers and other technology. He sometimes builds gadgets for the other Hunters.

    Demon Form: Neil has only been to the spirit realm once, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. His demon form was that of large fiery wolf.

    Yumeko Miyazaki (my main character. picture of them in the attachments)

    Age: 18

    Personality: Yumeko is very adventurous and full of energy, and often acts a little goofy or silly. She gets bored extremely easily and is always hungry for something new to learn or experience. She loves meeting new people and is painfully curious, and sometimes asks way too many questions, which can make people feel uncomfortable. She also has a tendency to speak whatever is on her mind. Because of her impulsive and seemingly random actions people often think her to not be very intelligent, but really she mostly just lacks self-control.

    Appearance: Yumeko has short black hair that curls slightly at the ends and two different coloured eyes, one being blue and the other being hazel. She is very strong and athletic and is just a bit above average height. Her expression is usually friendly and her step often has a little bit of a skip to it.

    History: Yumeko is one of the youngest Slayers to ever join the Hunters. Normally, Hunters officially become members of the organization after they become 20. However, there are sometimes exceptions, and Yumeko was one of them.

    Yumeko’s early years were easy and trouble free. She participated in a lot of sports and other activities and had many friends. She seemed to learn very fast and with certain things she was able to do them with nearly know teaching, as if she had done already done them before. However, this made classes to be extremely boring for her since she learned new things quite easily. After she turned 13 she started to skip out of classes a bit and get into trouble.

    When Yumeko was becoming a teenager she began to question the world around her more. She began having strange dreams. These dreams had many reoccurring characters in them, and she began to believe they were real. The things in her dreams told her she was special. They told her they could help her reach her full potential, she just had to let them in. Yumeko started to become distant from her friends. She had become too obsessed with her strange dreams. One night, the things told her to go to an abandoned house at the outskirts of the city. They told her that they would meet her there.

    Yumeko went to the house. There was nothing interesting to see, but could feel a strange energy emanate from inside the house. It felt as if something was pulling her there. She grew excited and rushed into the house. Inside she found a strange shimmering line floating in the air. It was a tear. She went towards it to examine it closer. Suddenly, she felt her body be overtaken by a strange energy. The demons had tricked her. They had called her there so that they could use her body as vessel in the mortal world, and to feed off of her large supply of spiritual energy.

    Yumeko felt herself losing control of her body. Energy started to wrap around her arms and then solidified into heavily armored gauntlets. She tried to fight against the demon’s will, but it was so very good at convincing her not to resist. Eventually, she started to cave, but then the demon was interrupted.

    A group of Hunters had charged into the broken building and began surrounding Yumeko. A Slayer charged at Yumeko with their spirit weapon drawn, then stabbed her with it. Strangely though, she felt no pain, but behind her she heard a horrible screech. She turned around to see the demon that had been trying to possess her hanging off of the other end of the Slayer’s blade. Yumeko got out of the way and watched as all of the Hunters descended upon the demon. With each attack by the Slayers’ spirit weapons the demon became weaker and even seemed to shrink in size. Once it was weak enough a Keeper used their power to push the demon back into the spirit realm, then repaired the tear in the barrier.

    After that incident, the Hunters took Yumeko to their headquarters to teach her about the Hunters and the dangers of demons. They also taught her how to access her spirit weapon and how to improve its strength through practice and a controlled mind. Since Yumeko was a common target for demons she spent a lot of her time within the Hunter’s Headquarters, which eventually led to her being on their missions. Although, one of the main reasons she ended up going on their missions was because she often followed them without their permission.

    Hunter Class: Slayer

    Skills/Abilities: Yumeko is very skilled in close combat. Her agility and strength is extremely high, making her able to easily dodge enemy attacks, or dish out some quick attacks of her own. She can also take quite a beating sometimes, but her endurance and constitution is quite high so she can handle it. Really though, her boundless energy is one of her biggest assets.

    Spirit Weapon: Yumeko’s spirit weapon takes the form of two twin silver and black gauntlets with clawed fingertips and retractable blades in the sides. Close to her shoulder the weapon looks to be growing over her arm.

    ~ banner picture is made by me :3

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  2. Name: Inobi Kayazuya (In-O-Bee)


    Personality: Inobi is very focused, serious, and straight forward. He isn't one to crack jokes, but rather one to stay on a beaten path and gets done what he needs to without distractions. He's very hard to persuade or convince to do things he doesn't agree with. He prefers taking a leadership role, but he knows when to form boundaries and let others step in. He has a dark past, which has made him slightly bitter. Trust is hard for this Seeker to accept.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    History: Inobi was born to a single mother who struggled to keep her job as a waitress for a tea house. His mother would come home every night in tears wondering why her job pays her so terribly and why she works so hard to only get very little in return. Some nights were rough for Inobi and his mother, Ida. She would let out all her frustration onto him for every negative thing that ever happened to her, and some nights lead to beatings. Never meeting his actual father since he left before he was born, Inobi felt bad for being a burden to his mother, and accepted the beatings because he knew that he deserved them from time to time. But one fateful night his mother took a knife to her wrist and ended her own life. Inobi found her after waking up in the midst of the night. But he couldn't cry.

    After seeing the sight of blood something awakened in him. This traumatic event had released something deep inside of him he never thought possible. A deep and burning rage that gave him great power. He was drawn to the forest outside of his home some yards away. It was as if he couldn't control where he was going. He was lead to a large and rusted out well far into the woods. As he approached it his eyes lit up and the well trembled. A large and monstrous beast arose from the well and muttered his name several times, with each time his heart pounded heavily. He felt himself change.

    Suddenly feeling his entire body giving away and his mind being slowly turned into a dark abyss, Inobi threw himself at the demon without second thoughts and completely blacked out during his encounter. He suddenly found himself standing over a dead body of a merciless creature, his hands full of blood, his eyes in horror, and a single scar across his forehead. He couldn't explain how or why, but he hadn't remembered what he just did. He knows he was still human when he destroyed the demon, but it was as if another entity or power overcame him and he ended the demon's life with his own hands. As he looked down the body of the demon slowly started to vanish into particles and he took a few steps back in shock. As he stepped back he saw a small group of heavily geared individuals approach him from the shadows. They explained that they were known as The Demon Hunters, and that they....will take care of him now.

    Now a full fledged member of the Demon Hunters Inobi was trained through the years growing up in the art of combat and given a special steel sword with a trigger attached to it as if to signify indifference. However, he rarely ever used it. Inobi was told he was known as a Seeker, and was tested in battle several times through his training being told he has the makings of a warrior in him, although he never agrees, fellow hunters have sworn to him they see potential. Inobi keeps composed most of the time and tries to remain cool headed, although every now and again, he wonders what happened at the well that night, and wonders exactly what possessed him to kill another living being without hesitation. Maybe he was a monster himself, maybe he was just born to kill.

    Hunter Class: Seeker

    Skills/Abilities: Inobi is incredibly experienced with blades of all types, though he rarely uses them, he also has some knowledge of spirit weapons as well. On top of this Inobi is very agile and has pristine and acute accuracy and sense. He can usually tell when trouble is near or when a fight is about to brew.

    Demon Form: When Inobi is in his Demon Form, especially in the spirit realm, he transforms into a towering blackened demon spawn he calls Gaino. His power is quadrupled, he gains shadow abilities and dark magic skills, and the ability to move around quickly and easily using his shadow abilities to be faster than the average demon.

  3. Looks good to me. Except, Seekers aren't normally able to transform into their demon form when in the human realm, so you should probably edit that. It's kind of a way to balance things out between them and the Slayers. The most he would be allowed to do in the mortal realm is use a few of his demon abilities, but he wouldn't be able to fully transform. He would only be able to use at most a quarter of his demon powers when not in the spirit realm because the powers of demons are considerably weaker in the mortal realm. That's the only thing I would change though. ^_^ You can leave his past the same since there could have been a tear in the barrier where he first transformed.

    I guess I should add that they can use at least a teensy bit of their demon powers in the mortal realm onto the info just so that they aren't too handicapped against demons in the mortal realm. Being able to transform is a little too much though since they are supposed to normally be a lot weaker than the Slayers when in the mortal realm. :>

    Now I shall work on my character. :3
  4. Edited! I hope that's ok! I had a feeling I might have overdid some of my details, I'm glad you caught my mistakes. Thank you.
  5. Yup! It's fine now. ^_^ No problem.
  6. Name: Iselia Briarr

    Age: 25

    Personality: Iselia is a very reserved person but odd. She smiles to herself often, almost to a point it sometimes creeps people out. What people don't realize is that it really is something she purposefully does. She's very playful and a joker in her quiet way, and finds almost everything amusing to her. Though, she doesn't talk much, she knows when to state her point and stand up for her beliefs. She doesn't care for people much because they have never cared for her. Which makes her painfully honest about everything that's on her mind when asked her opinion.

    Appearance: Very small and petite. She has long hair that is the color of silver with a side bang covering her left eye. She has it in a ponytail at all times. She wears flowing and light material varying from blouses, skirts, and dresses.

    Iselia appeared on the doorstep at the age of five during winter, barefoot, and just the clothes on her back. She had no memory whatsoever of where she came from when she found herself waiting for the door to open at the orphanage. When she lived there for a short time, she was teased and bullied. It didn't help that she would just soullessly stare at them giving them no pleasure in seeing emotion or pain from her. One day, while going through her usual daily beatings from the children, a shriek echoed through the hall. Iselia wrapped her arms around herself automatically, she felt a strong sensation, almost chilling her to the bone. She was surprised, this has never happened to her. Oddly curious, she ran towards the scream. This was the first time she felt alive and she desperately wanted to know what was making her feel this way. She ran into the lobby and stopped dead in her tracks before she could go any further. There was one of the caretakers being ripped apart from limb to limb by an invisible force. Iselia immediately hid behind one of the pillars. Something was there, she could feel it, the sensation strongly ebbing in her bones. She almost teared, she couldn't see it. It made her sad, that the one thing that made her feel so alive, she just couldn't see it.
    Then, all of a sudden, the sensation grew stronger and stronger, it was getting closer to her whatever it was. Iselia wasn't scared of death strangely enough. She was more scared of not being able to know what had made her finally feel alive. She curled up into her knees, and awaited her death. Then, there was loud growl and sounds of something fighting the invisible creature. After just a few minutes, it was silent. There was heavy breathing, and suddenly large footsteps heading towards her. She looked up and saw a burly man, muscles rippling in his clothing, stern face with a beard and mustache darkened by his long curly black hair. He told her that she was not safe here and he was taking her somewhere where she can be put to good use. Without another word, he took her away from the orphanage, and traveled across many countries leading her to a large building hidden in a deep forest, far from civilization. From then on, she was told she was a keeper and that they had to train her properly for the protection of humanity. She asked only one question, "Will I ever be able to come across that thing back there again?" The burly man looked at her with amusement, and said a simple yes. For once, Iselia smiled and since then, she had trained and learned from the many hunters that came and went. When she was of age 18, she left the facility, stating there was nothing there for her now. One day, she had saved a fellow hunter from perishing. The hunter introduced her to a group of skilled demon hunters. She explained her story and told them what they all wanted to hear. So, due to her experience and fast learning abilities, she was easily accepted into the group of demon hunters without disagreement.

    Hunter Class: Keeper

    Iselia learns fast, just by observing. Ever since her incident at the orphanage, she has developed a photographic memory. She can fairly well in combat due to her training but her best points are sneaking and gathering hidden information.
  7. I love the banner! =D Also, may I app two characters? I have an idea for a Keeper and one for a Slayer. :3 If not, I'll just app my Keeper. Thanks! <3
  8. Name: Esmerelda know by her closer colleagues as Esme.



    Esme is a very dutiful lady who works her utmost best even on the simplest tasks. Esme is known for her hard work among her different work-mates but what most people don't know is that she is quite socially awkward, often not knowing what words are correct and what words are wrong in terms of conversational speech. She may come off a little stand-offish but she isn't hard to befriend really.


    Esme can and most of the time is considered a gorgeous lady, with her golden hair (often tied into a intricate braid that is swept to the side) and glossy marble-like skin. Her body frame is a little shorter than average by just a small amount, but her body is very lithe and well endowed. However she is quite insecure though.


    Esmerelda is of British descent. Her dad was a dignified politician who had married a doctor well renowned for her prowess in her profession. The both of them and their large expectations led Esmerelda to become insecure in herself and her lacking of skills in both Politics and Medicine. It led her to become very distant from the majority of people in her life.

    Then one day Esme met a odd girl. Who (although she hadn't known at the time, was a seeker who had rebelled and went off on her own) who taught her the basics of demons and the art of hunting them throughout years of friendship. After a couple of years together. she directed Esme towards the society that she had left behind in hopes that Esme might become confident in herself and continue her training with more professional hunters. And Esme did.

    Esme has stayed with the hunters for around five years now, where she has been elected as a lieutenant or possibly a guard of one of the Hunter leaders, Niel. Who was a vetran compared to Esme in pretty much every way. Esme now looks up to Niel hoping she can become a stronger hunter under his leadership.

    Hunter Class: Slayer


    Aura Arrows -> Light green arrows made by a weird glowing aura that denigrates most things on contact. These can be shot as singular arrows or even barrages of arrows

    Wind Manipulation -> The use of wind for various purposes, distraction, a defensive move, even allows Esme to propell herself to vantage points and such where she can preform better

    Spirit Weapon/Demon Form:

    Murgleis, The Bow of Wind. A long and slender bow which seems to be made by twisted branches with light green gems placed at random intervals along the length. Its string is made of a light green aura along with the arrows which form automatically as Esme pulls the string.

    I hope her history is okay with you! Make sure to tell me if anything needs revision and anything that may put you off, and I'll fix it right away! ^^
  9. Looks good. Accepted! :D

    Thank you. :3 And yes, you may make two characters if you wish. ^_^
    Everything sounds good to me. They're accepted. :)
  10. We can have two? :D

    I'll be either making a Male Keeper or a Male Seeker if its fine with you.
  11. I suppose so. Hopefully not everyone wants two characters though. >.> If not many more people join though then it probably won't matter.
  12. I guess that's true.

    Eh. I'll just wait until more people join or not enough people join. :P
  13. Eeee I'm excited. :D Can't wait to see how this goes!
  14. Me too. :3

    I'll be posting my main character soon. :)

    Edit*I finished their profile! :D

    I think we might only need one more player, or we could just start after Nekomimist finishes their character/characters.

    What do you people think? Do you think we need more people? :o
  15. I'd say let's go for it! I am sure we might still get people yet to join in later. Let's give this a shot and see where we go :3
  16. Hmm. Well, if you're eager to start Thaniel, then I could try and get the thread up soon. I tend to make long introductions though so it might take a day or two, though that could give some time for Nekomimist to finish their character. I kinda have some rough ideas in my head on how I want it to start.

    Having less people will probably be better anyways because we'll be able to post faster.

    This means you can make another character if you really want to Rufia. :)

    Also, I'll probably be writing up some villain characters. >:) There are going to be some tricky demons, and perhaps even some sneaky humans. O.o Dun, dun, dun.
  17. Yaays. Tell me if anything is needed to get fixed Dream. :3

    Name: Corvus Kyurensai

    Age: 18


    Aless is a very care-free, easy go lucky child. He may be eighteen of age but he can be more immature then some fourteen to sixteen year olds. He's very well known by his mischievous acts and pranks he plays on the elders and leaders of the Hunting society. He also has a silver tongue that is often put to use.

    Appearance: Corvus is a tall slender young man with a decent build. He stands around 5'11, his body mostly slender except for his biceps and triceps, which are notably trained. He has extremely dark hair to the point of it appearing around blue or purple without further examination along with odd violet colored eyes that actually are contributed from the spirit he has within him.


    Corvus's life was a sad tale to be told. He was the love-child of a hunter and a normal lady. As his dad's chosen profession was that of demon hunting, Riev fought many demons not knowing one of them would end up in his own son.

    Riev was tasked in hunting a particular crow demon. It was an elusive one as it could fly quite fast and rarely are they caught, but then again, rarely do they appear in the first place. It was a hard task but Riev finished it, and proceedingly sent into the void. But the ties of fate were cruel to Corvus.

    When his mother became pregnant with Corvus, the crow demon's soul was cycled into the baby.

    Around one years after Corvus was brought into the world. A succubus who had served the Crow with much devotion burned down the house of Riev killing everybody within it except Corvus who she took away to try and bring their master back.

    When the Hunters learned of this they sent a rescue unit, who chased the demon and Corvus in hopes of saving the young soon to be seeker. With the strength of those hunters they managed to rescue the child and return him home. But the demons left scars in young Corvus couldn't bring himself to understand, these scars still mange to plague him to this date which he effectively hides by his acts and childish demeanor.

    Hunter Class: Seeker


    Corvus is very agile and flexible. He can bend, twist and run around endlessly, supported by his seemingly never emptying energy. This allows him to dodge and even parkour with very little ease, allowing escape and other advantages to him. His body is lean but strong enough and he can also easily wield blades and such.

    Spirit Weapon/Demon Form:

    Corvus's demon form is reminiscent to a harpy, with details and different aspects of crow. His long arms mutate into large grey-colored wings. Black feathers cloak his lower body, covering his pelvic area all the way down to his calfs, ending halfway at the beginning of a sharp set of talons. Another set of raven feathers are found on his neck line up, only some of his face revealed. In this form he can turn invisible and fly around with intense speed. His talons are rather sharp and can cut through bone clean. He also has the ability to use a ear-piercing scream as well.
  18. Well, I like the character. :) There are a few things that will need to be changed though I think. I don't think it'll take much from the overall character.

    According to the lore, a fragment of a demon's spirit would not be able to merge with or become a replacement soul for a mortal. The reason for Seekers being born is Hunters sending powerful demons into the void in an attempt to permanently get rid of them. The void though, is a place where souls are kept until they are recycled into the human world, basically the afterlife, but Hunters don't know this. Demons stuck in the void eventually escape and are reborn as a human. However, time goes by infinitely fast in the void, which is the reason for demons eventually forgetting who they were after being there.

    You could change your character's past slightly so that the demon that the Hunter fought was actually sent into the void and ended up being reborn in their own child. The other demon that captured Corvus later could instead be a companion of the demon that was sent into the void, or even their servant, wanting to bring their master back to power, or have some other sort of relationship with them. That's all my ideas though. ^_^

    I should probably edit the original post to contain more information. .___. I did try earlier but the forum was being weird and not letting me edit posts properly at the time.
  19. Yay! Awesome new characters! >w< Annnd, I'm finally posting mine! Lemme know if I need to change anything. :3

    Name: Aruna Yamanami

    Age: 17

    Personality: Treated like a fool in most of her middle school and high school years, she spirits zero self esteem and hides behind her make-up. Aruna does not watch her tone or tongue, she is rough around the edges and rude, but unlike tsundere, she is not sensitive on the inside. This young girl isn’t a mean person, just sharp-tongue. Outwardly, she has a great sense of humor and understanding of others. She does have a bad habit of keeping people at a distance, though. She also lacks comprehension of reality in some situations.

    Appearance: Her hair is long and made up of various purples (naturally). Her eyes are a deep pink and her skin is naturally milky white, however, after growing up in Harajuku during her preteen years, she’s become a Ganguro. Her skin is tan and she wears pale eye shadow and lipstick. She reaches about five foot three.

    History: Her last name is Yamanami, as in the Shinsengumi member, Yamanami Keisuke. She is the illegitimate ancestor of the great warrior. Growing up in Kyoto she was primarily raised by her Grandfather Yousuke, who heavily trained her in various martial arts and mysticism under a strict household. Aruna suffered from constant illness as a child, the same illness as her Grandfather, and unknown to her, it was not due to poor health. Their bloodline: a bloodline of Demon Hunters and most of which were Keepers, were easily ailed by the very presence of demons. It wasn’t until her Grandfather’s abrupt passing that her parents moved to Harajuku for business, and also, to protect Aruna from the fate Yousuke had been weaving for her.

    Unfortunately, their decision proved moot when they were consistently overwhelmed with work and Aruna was left to her own devices. She got involved with a gang of girls who liked to party hard, skipped morning classes at school and ventured out late at night.

    One night, a few of her friends had been drinking heavily when Aruna found herself in an altercation with three of the girls on one of the bridges over the Harajuku streets. The girls had Aruna pushed up against the railing, threatening her, coming short of throwing her over the bridge. Aruna had been out of practice for sometime but did remember a few things her Grandfather had taught her and was able to knock one of the girl’s off her—but the maneuver was uncontrolled and the girl stumbled, falling over the other side of the bridge. The drunk girls hadn’t realized what had happened, but Aruna reacted fast, trying to grab the girl—in that moment, for the first time ever, Aruna opened a Gate. The drunk girl was swallowed up by the gate before she could even hit the ground. The other girls rushed to Aruna’s side, screaming out for their friend, but she was gone, not so much as a splatter on the pavement below.

    They labeled Aruna a witch, claiming she spirited the girl away. After the incident, Aruna believed she was losing her mind or possessed by something. Her parents wouldn’t listen to her, so she fled back to Kyoto seeking answers, remembering the mysticism Yousuke had preached. In Kyoto she investigated all the teachings her Grandfather could not complete. Her heart has been heavy with guilt ever since that night, mind plagued with the shook stricken look on her friend’s face.

    Understanding her abilities was not easy, and before she fully maintain it, she had made many, unforgivable mistakes. She is currently living in Kyoto in her grandparents’ home.

    Hunter Rank: Keeper

    Skills/Abilities: Aruna was trained to protect herself in both the ways of Swordsmanship and martial arts, but in comparison to Slayers or Seekers, would be considered weak. Her only other skills involve cooking and cosplaying.

    Gate Opening: Zoku Satsuriku no Yami. As she was raised to focus on her weapon, and in turn, has discovered she can control the opening of gates when using a shuriken as a point of focus. These shuriken materialize depending on her current level of strength and energy. The weaker she is feeling, the smaller the shuriken.

    Mysticism: A kind of spiritual practice that has been historically labeled as a religious, however, the mysticism her ancestor’s preformed was not what the world thought it to be. The Yamanami’s used it to control their surroundings, to calm emotions and to even defeat their enemies. Because Aruna was born a Keeper, she could never unlock the ability to empower herself physically but mentally. In legend, if she mastered it, she could control demons in a way of possessing them. Sadly, it is only legend.


    Name: Rayth

    Age: ??? Looks about 23

    Personality: Aggressive, playful and slightly erratic. He has no memory before imprisoned by the demons that stole his childhood. Because of that fact, Rayth doesn’t act like a perfect adult, but a bit childish and eccentric, he also has never dealt with girls and this lack of interaction has made him asexual.

    Appearance: His hair is cut semi long to the shoulders and spiked out at the back of his head. The color is a dark steel black. His eyes are teal and skin a cold peachy color littered with many scars. He wears tight jeans or faux leather pants adorned with chains, tight t-shirts or tank tops underneath zip-up or button-up shirts and accessories such as jewelry and wrist bands, etc.

    History: Rayth was raised in a single dark room, chained up and fed human bodies. By the time he was in his preteens he was diagnosed with bovine spongiform encephalopathy, in other words, Mad Cow Disease. The demons that had him captive made him live with this brain devouring eating illness until he was on the verge of death, and that was when they decided to heal him. Demonic magic was able to reconstruct everything. Rayth had seen that glimpse of insanity and unfortunately, can never be cured of his low level dementia. He wasn’t freed until a team of Demon Hunters destroyed his captors. It was mystery of how the demons had captured the boy and why they kept him.

    Once he was out, the Hunters agreed to leave him with an orphanage and open investigation in hopes of helping him find his family. Weeks later he was still in the system and figured the Hunters had left him there. One night he was attacked by one of the men who worked in the orphanage and had to bite the man’s arm for means of escape. The taste was familiar, but it wasn’t until later did the boy realize he’d been fed humans most of his life. He ran from the man, who had been possessed, into the clutches of a demon that had recently been preying on the orphanage. The only thing he could think to do was use Siren’s Blood, a technique he was forced to learn underneath his demonic captors. Luckily for him, a duo of Demon Hunters witnessed the scene and helped him defeat the demon.

    The young duo offered to teach Rayth and introduce him to others like them. He was hesitant at first as the first group had left him to die, but eventually took up the offer. Rayth steadily grew into a great Demon Hunter and hasn’t looked back. He usually works alone, but sometimes partners up with others.

    What Rayth never knew was that the previous group had been destroyed by demons.

    Hunter Rank: Slayer

    Skills/Abilities: With practiced accuracy comes speed and strength, and Rayth has worked hard to achieve his skills in Capoeira and Muy Thai.

    Old Soul: Forgotten Things (Spoiler Alert)

    When Rayth was in enslaved by the demons, he was fed his family members, but they were not his parents and sister or brothers, but his children, daughters, sons, grandchildren, etc. Before Rayth was Rayth he had been a great Demon Hunter who finally fell to a dangerous clan of demons that had been planning his destruction for sometime. Devouring his memory, they were able to reverse his age and body and revert him to a child. Another secret fact is that Rayth’s dementia was not caused by BSE but he had already had dementia in his old age. Rayth will never be able to return to that man nor remember what he had done, what he had achieved before his fall. His soul is approximately 116 years old.

    Siren’s Blood: A technique taught to him by the demons that held him as a slave. They had him practice this and drank from his life-force as he did it. Siren’s Blood is a strong burst of energy that enforces shards of Dark matter into whoever comes into its path, it also works as a shield. It’s effective enough, but leaves Rayth defenseless while he uses it and eats away at the pure parts of his spirit.

    Immortal Slayer: The name of his weapon that is made up of two parts: a bracelet on each wrist. One his right wrist the bracelet holds five different kinds of stakes, on the left dangles a mallet.
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