The Dead Rising

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    it's New York. A Zombie outbreak suddenly occurred about a week. Power and infrastructure suddenly collapsed everywhere. A few survivors, lucky maybe, are left scattered. Staying together in small groups.
    Great time to discover new powers, wings, vampirism, lycanthropy... etc.

    It's up to your character to survive, by any means. Even if they have to kill. They're going to need food, water, shelter and weapons. The zombies won't kill themselves.

    1. Not allowed away from group after dark, it's highly unsafe.
    2. A character joins the survivor group by either pretending that they've been in the group the whole time or by stumbling upon the survivors and being taken in.
    3. Any paranormality is allowed. Vampirism and such
    4. Killing other role-players is frowned upon, It takes away from the fun of the rp.
    5. Have some fun
    6. Pm me if you want to be critical of my writing skills or help me with some things :3
    7. Here is some pokeballs
  2. Ash quickly dashed behind cover, his dark greasy hair blew in his face. "last bullet" he said to himself. As the zombies encroached on him he began to panic. "make it count." He aimed and shot. His last bullet missed.
    Ash threw the colt pistol down and began to run. He realized how surrounded he was. "no!' he shouted. There was nothing he could to to save himself, There was nothing anybody could do to honestly save themselves either.
    The world had gone to crap and there was no hope, really for anyone to last that long.
  3. Caelle slinked around the side of a worn-down building in New York. Her long dark brown hair blowing around her evenly freckled face. She heard with her keen sense of hearing, a gun shot that erupted from around where she was and heard a male voice yelling. Goddammit. She thought. I should probably go help him.. those damn filthy zombies have killed enough people. She ran towards the sounds her own pistol ready in her hand, and a bag on her back which she had managed to pack before leaving what was left of her home behind, with a short supply of blood bags, bullets, and of course her pack of cigarettes and lighter. She saw a male being surrounded by zombies. Aiming her pistol, she put a few shots into the zombies heads, making 3 fall, leaving a little gap for the man to run towards her. "Well! Let's not stand around here all day! Come on!" She yelled towards him pushing her sunglasses back up her nose, and taking a few more shots to some zombies.
  4. Tera peered out of her barricaded window. There was a cracked in it just big enough for her to see without "them" getting in. Across the street she saw a huge commotion caused by two survivors, one male another female. By the looks of it things weren't going well for them. They were being surrounded..and fast. Didn't they know that the sound of gunfire would attract more? Tera sighed. It didn't matter now, they needed her help. She had wanted some companions anyway. Beginning to think she was the only survivor she began to get lonely and depressed. Terra ran over to her closet slash bunker. Actually it was more like an armory, filled with all kinds or weapons, even foreign ones she wasn't taught how to use. Being the daughter of a recently deceased military genius had its perks.Tera began searching for the perfect weapon. "Ahhhh, perfect." Tera dragged a heavy sniper rifle out of the bunker Thankfully she could just use a weapon and not be forced into activating her abilities. She struggled to point it out of the tiny crack in the barricade. Knowing a sniper would bring an even bigger horde Tera equipped a silenced to her weapon, her blonde hair always got in the way of her shot so she quickly ponied it. Peering through the scope she began firing of precise accurate shots at the horde. She first dealt with the male and then the woman's side. "Dam.. Too many targets." Tera bravely pushed her barricade down and lowered the fire escape. She yelled "HEY!! OVER HERE, QUICK!!" They would only have seconds to get here before the undead. Tera provided great cover fire to buy them time
  5. Caelle's head snapped up at the sound of yet another voice, this one female. Another survivor. What a day right? She fidgeted for a second wondering if to run for safety herself or make sure the guy is safe first. Protect yourself first - in the end its about saving yourself, one thought protruded into her mind. She chuckled to herself and made up her mind. Reaching for the guy's hand, she grabbed it and held on tightly. Shooting a zombie who was inches from making them his next meal. With his hand in hers, together they booked it towards the lowered fire escape, making it up with seconds to spare.

    OOC: I havent roleplayed in years.. But is it ok to move the story along without the other guy, since he isnt online?? Like by how I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the fire escape? Lol
  6. Tera fired off rounds at anything remotely near to the pair making their way to the fire escape. Thankfully they made it just before she was forced to reload. Tera quickly pulled latched the fire escape before the horde caught on. Seconds later the girl dropped her rifle and let out a long sigh that came out as more of a whine. "That was too much work." She pouted cutely. She turned on the lights and closed the blinds while letting her long blonde locks out of the wrap. Tera was a petite looking girl and very small. About 5'5 and only 130lbs. She had dark blue eyes and a very slender body. She wore a school girls outfit. A short green skirt and blouse to match. Suddenly the girl shot up remembering something important. She pulled a pistol that was strapped to her upper thigh and aimed it at the pair."Were any of you bitten?? Be honest!" The little girl honestly seemed freightened.

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    IC: Caelle stared at the blonde girl, an amused look on her face as she watched the girl raise her pistol to them, asking if they had been bitten. She replied with a huff, "Those blasted zombies wish they could get a bite of me." She stuck her thumb out of her fist and pointed it towards the male, "I don't believe he was bitten. I don't smell any blood or recent wounds. But then again, I could always be wrong.. But hey! Since we know I'm not bitten, and he.. well we're pretty sure he wasn't, why dont we put the gun down, and be more civilized and start anew!" She said, smiling sweetly at the girl. "I'm Caelle."

    Caelle was a vampire, only 75 years old, with the appearance of a 21 year old. She stood at 5' 7", with long dark brown hair, and an evenly freckled face containing full lips, and hazel eyes which seemed to changed colors with her mood, at the moment a pair of sunglasses sat on top of them to protect her eyes from the sun. No, she didn't burn in the sun, but it did give her a headache without the glasses. She wore a black outfit that was fitted perfectly over her slender yet curvy figure.

    "And you are?" She asked after stating her name.
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    The young girl slowly strapped her gun back to her thigh a little suspicious of the two. Tera stared at the older woman's figure abit jelous that she didn't look like that yet. Wait what did she mean? Could she really smell blood? "Caelle.." The girl delivered a virtuous bow. "Im Tera, nice to meet you" she said before adjusting her long hair that refused to stay away from her face.
  9. The girl, Tera was her name, bowed to her! No one had shown such decency in years! She smiled widely, her fangs showing from behind her lips, and Caelle also dipped down in a bow, "Tera, so nice to meet you! Thank you for saving us from that little fiasco back there.. I had heard him beforehand and went to offer my help. When in the end, it seemed I was the one who needed help too."
  10. "yeah" Ash grins awkwardly so you can see his fangs "thanks for saving us Tera"
    His sea blue eyes light up when he sees the vampires fangs "and thank you for getting me out of that crap. I was a goner"
    Ash reaches for his backpack. It's not there. "sh!t" he curses "my bag"
  11. ooc: Ohh, your a vampire too. :) Lol this should be interesting.

    "You forgot your bag? Well, I tell ya what! We aren't going back to get it. Ha-ha. What did you have in it? Anything interesting?" Caelle asks the male. Caelle also notices his fangs and she eyes him up and down. "You're a vampire? I can't believe I didn't realize sooner.." She smiles up at him, interest in her eyes.
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    "some empty bullet clips and some food..." ash sighs "yeah i'm a vampire"
    He looks to the ground awkwardly
  13. Caelle watches him look down awkwardly. And she shoves him in the shoulder playfully. "Why the long face? If its about blood.. I have a few blood bags in my own bag, that I suppose I could share with you.. so we dont have to find other sources..." She coughs. "Its been awhile since I've seen another vampire. It's usually just been me."
    She notices it getting darker and takes her sunglasses off her face, putting them into her bag. Her eyes were just a bunch of different colors, the normal hazel at the moment. A ring of blue, and green, and the color brown around the pupil spiking out in the other colors, with specks of brown/gold speckled casually in the blues and green.

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  14. Ash looks up into her eyes. He removes the bandana covering his face. "It's not about blood..." he sighs "i don't feed... often"
  15. "Who can feed often anymore?" She scoffs in anger, a snarl forming on her lips. "All these damn zombies are eating all of our food sources." Her eyes flash a reddish black, her temper getting a hold of her. These zombies piss me off more and more everyday, killing our food sources, and our friends and family who can't get away fast enough. She thought, her fists clenching. Her worst problem was her anger. Even before she had become a vampire, she could be so nice, then like a flash something could set her off. It was her human families fault. The abuse they caused her growing up and from the abuse of her vampire family, it was like a never ending cycle for her, it had made her grow dark and angry inside, and she was never able to let it go. Caelle! Why are you thinking such things right now, you need to stay calm before its to late! She closed her eyes, taking deep breathes her finger nails dug into her skin, with blood dripping off her hands, from the cuts they were causing. She stuttered, to her two companions at the moment, "I-I'm sorry you had to see that.. Usually I'm so.. pulled together." She straightened her self up, closing her mind, and her self to them. "Anyways," She spoke closed, and calmly. "I realize we can't erm.. feed often, but you need to try as much as you can. Keep your self strong."
  16. Ash walks backwards. "w-what is your name?" he asks "how old are you..." he trails off. His eyes flare red behind his hair
  17. "Caelle, as I had mentioned early.. and I'm 75 years old. What about yourself?" She smiles widely, bearing her teeth, watching him walk backwards, so she takes a step forward, cocking her head slightly to the left. Her eyes glowing with amusement.
  18. "nice name" ash grins "I'm ash" he giggles childishly "I'm 25 and 21 in real years" he sits down "I think you're kinda old"
  19. Caelle burst into laughter, holding onto her sides. "You think I'm old? 75 years old isn't that old! I've met older. Besides," She giggled, "I think you're really young!"
  20. "i am young" Ash giggles. "I'm only like 25 years as a vampire." Ash punches Caelle in the shoulder playfully