The Dead Awaken

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  1. It was morning when they came. Sarah sipped her coffee looked and looked outside. She saw the small lake where her, her sister ( Feel free to play her. ) and the rest of the survivors made their home. The zombies had come five months ago. It was time to make another run to the city to get more goods, Sarah walked out and hit the gong to assemble the town. People poured out of the few buildings and huts and formed a circle around her.

    "Alright. It's time to run to the town again. I know we lost Timmy last time we did it but we are running low on things we need, clothes, food, water and entertainment. You all know we have been low on rations. So... Who wants to go out to the city with me? Beware it might be dangerous."
  2. Ivy looked around at the people. Some people looked frightened. Some people just wished they could stay inside the barricade of safeness forever, but only fools could afford to think like that. They had to survive and they needed food. Ivy had lived on her own for a long time and knew very well how to survive out there, it was just some weeks earlier that she had joined the group she now was with. But she didn't think she would stay with them for long. She wasn't a flock person and she didn't like groups.

    "I'll come." She volunteered. She was fit for such dangerous situation and she hated to just sit in there and roll her thumbs. She wanted to get out for a while. And she would love to destroy a couple of heads while she were out. She took every chance she got to kill those things, those zombies. After all, her whole family had been eaten and turned by them. She was even forced to kill her own little brother when he tried to eat her. She hated those things, and she wanted to destroy them all.
  3. Jason raised his hand gingerly, hopeing others would join me in my decision. Ivy already volunteered sounding energetic to go, so why not? Im not gonna sit here and feel like im not contributing to the group, after all, i lost my best friend timmy. I need to release some anger building up sense timmys death so why not on zombies, right? Better now then never..
  4. Martin walks out with a smile he normally has on, He carried his normal Metal wooden bat with nails in it. He says " Of course i will go " Spinning the bat in his hand he walks forward, his black hoodie swaying while his camo pants were tucked into his black combat boots. His black hair covered one of his purple eyes and had a bandanna tucked into his back pocket. He stands next to everyone looking at the crowd of potential people to go on the mission with them.
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  5. Being a small, scrawny teenager with a disposition towards Vans products and band t-shirts might not sound ideal in the event of the undead rising to consume the living, ushering in the collapse of society, but you know what they say about clouds and silver linings.

    My name's Harrison Black (Harry to my friends), and for some strange reason I've not been eaten yet.

    In a fair fight I'm pretty screwed; I skipped off most gym classes to sit around and smoke with friends and the idea of playing sports even now remains about as appealing to me as jabbing glass shards under my fingers. So these last five months I've learned how to fight unfairly, how get the advantage over the things trying to eat me and exploit it. I'm no combat machine; I can barely lift a fucking shotgun, nevermind shoulder the recoil, and the last thing you want to do is go toe-to-toe with a biter. But I'm good at staying unseen, at moving quietly, at avoiding a fight.

    It might be the end of the world, but I'm coping so far.

    There are still some people who've managed to avoid the compulsion to start trying to eat the faces off of their fellow man, and we've holed ourselves up in an old settlement nice and far away from any major metropolitan areas. We're few in number, and every so often a scavenging trip gone wrong or a couple biters staggering into camp will mean we're one or two fewer, but we make do as best we can. It's by no means ideal, but we're surviving.

    Which is a damn-sight better than a lot of people can say these days.

    But you'd be amazed at how quickly even a small group eats through supplies, and so once again it's time for the brave (or stupid) few to venture out in search of more.

    That means moving into the parts of the world that used to be more populated.

    That means drastically increasing the odds of you getting eaten alive, like Tim that last run.

    I probably don't make for an inspiring sight as I step forwards; tatty old Seether hoodie, stained skinny jeans that are barely holding together and a set of heavy hiking boots that just scream “I was prized off the feet of some dead guy”. I'm still wearing my old backpack from before the outbreak, a handy place to store scavenged goods, and I clutch a claw hammer whose head is stained a rather grim and dirty brown; a testament to the various close calls I've managed to scrape my way out of.

    Yup, I'm sure as shit no-one's idea of some apocalyptic hero.

    But I don't see most of these fucks volunteering.

    “Maybe less guns this time, huh?” I suggest to Sarah, the de-facto leader of this merry little band, “Or if you insist on bringing them, make sure you give them to someone who's not gonna freak out. As entertaining as Timmy suddenly deciding he was Ash Williams was, he nearly got us all fucking killed as well with that shit. And I'm kind of a fan of the idea of not getting torn apart by walking corpses.” I scratch the back of my neck with the claw of my hammer, a sardonically-rueful expression on my face. “Call me old fashioned, but the whole 'not dying horrifically' thing just appeals to me.”
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  6. Sarah peered at Harrison, "Yes no guns this time. We will keep it quick and silent." She turned her head to address the rest of the crowd. "Anyone else?"

    After an short silence she nodded and started to walk towards the cars. There wasn't much gas left and they knew that. The one electric car they had wasn't the most reliable but the Marine generator they installed in it kept it relatively silent and charged.

    Once they all reached the cars she spoke softly to just the group, "Now there aren't as many of us as last time. We are going to take two cars, the electric and the hatchback. Ivy and Martin take the hatchback, Harrison and Jason you guys are with me." She handed the keys to the hatchback to Ivy and then spoke again. "Grab whatever weapons you need, no guns and if you are going to disobey me and bring a gun well just don't use it unless its absolutely necessary. Remember this will be quick so say what you need to say to whoever and get back here in two hours. Any questions?"
  7. Ivy grinned a bit when she got the car keys, she hadn't been driving for a while but it was like riding a bike. You just didn't forget how to do it. She had never gotten a drivers licence, she hadn't even started to test drive before the zombies attacked. When they suddenly had come she had just taken her family's car and driven away with it. She almost drove into a lot of things and she had backed into another car, but after some hours on the road she seemed to have gotten the hang of it. Afterwards she had stolen car after car, was it even stealing if the owners were zombies?, so now she could drive as decently as anyone else.

    "No questions, lets go!" Ivy responded immediately and went to pick up her faithful baseball bat. It might not be the best weapon, but it had saved her on many occasions so she weren't going to change it now.
  8. Tuesday had been a bit late to the meeting, having been carrying a few heavy objects to her neighbor's hut. She looked around frantically until they explained that the others were getting in the car in order to find more of the things they need. She smiled a little and raised her hand.

    "Got room for one more?" she cried. Finally, a chance to get out. It made her nervous, but isn't that what all heroes in books felt? She was definitely only a minor character, but every main character needs a group. She wouldn't mind being in one of them.
  9. "Yeah. You will be going in the hatchback with Ivy. Just get everything you need and be back here in two hours, no guns." Sarah smiled and looked to everyone else. "Is that it?"
  10. Martin smiled as ivy got the keys he looked over at the hatchback and said " What a nice vehicle this was " he said was because by now it was probably like the rest of cars, getting rusted and run down a bit. He walked over to the car and was beginning to inspect and ways he could possibly modify it. See martin was a apprenticing engineer so he loved to build and fix stuff, thats why alot of the stuff here is help made by him.
  11. "what else are we going to get?" jason asked willingly. "I want to try to find something sharp or dull enough to do some real damage."

    Jason had lost his collecters samuri sword while trying to protect his friend tommy. "but it wasnt good enough", jason thinks sadly.
  12. Tuesday jumped a little. It was all very dreamy, the prospect of going out in a dangerous exhilarating! She jumped in the car where Sarah told her to go, giddy with excitement and fear. Her slingshot was in her back pocket.
  13. Martin came back to the car with a few sharp metal poles and some rope, Walking to the front of the car and kneels down and puts the sharp metal poles in between the grill of the car. He than ran the rope through the cars grill and around the poles and knotting the poles to the rope and then to the car, He ties a tight knot at the end of the rope and sighs saying " This will do until i can get something to weld with " He wipes a bit of sweat off his head.
  14. Ivy went to get her stuff. She took an empty backpack and put in a couple of plastic bags in case they would need to carry stuff in stairs and through big buildings, then they wouldn't have to take too many rounds. Then she got a flashlight and some batteries for it, just in case, you never knew what could happen. Then she took her baseball bat and put it down into the backpack. The end of it didn't get down in the backpack but that was exactly how she wanted it to be. Then it would be easier to just take it up and start hitting if they were attacked.

    She were back at the car just some minutes later and sat herself at the drivers seat, waiting for everyone else in the other car to get ready. She looked at Martin that were just outside, fixing the car and then she looked at Tuesday that sat in the car with her. She wasn't the type to start a conversation, especially not since the zombie apocalypse. Since she were alone for so long she completely forgot how to actually speak to people without bringing up zombies.

    "So, how many have you guys killed? Or are you more of 'fast in, fast out, no one gets hurt' kind of people?" She asked them, just to try and start a conversation. She could guess that Martin was a bit brutal with the zombies but she couldn't really think that the girl, Tuesday, was a fighter. On the other hand, she hadn't been a fighter five month's earlier herself, maybe that girl was good.
  15. Martin got in the car and looked at ivy when she asked the question, He had a smirk on his face and said " Ive killed at least " He paused for a moment and looked out the window " More than 50 at least...just trying to get was bad " He then went quiet and looked back at ivy with another smile on his face his baseball bat with nails in it in between his legs but he had a leather strap around his chest which he made to carry his bat like a sheathe. His arms riddled with tattoos as he sat in the car hoping this wouldn't be an awkward trip
  16. "We need more weapons to be honest. We also need more people to start working on the farm, our manual labor has been on the rather low side. There is an fire axe by the barn that isn't being claimed by anyone, go on ahead and take that." And with that she began to walk away, "Remember two hours." She walked to her house and stepped in.

    Her sister was at the table sitting down, "Make sure no one gets hurt."

    "You know I try my best. But accidents happen Clara and I can't prepare for all of them."

    "You could have stopped Timmy from dying."

    "You were there, you knew that I didn't know he was grabbing my gun."

    "I saw... I saw you looking at him and that... Thing. I know you could have killed it before he-"

    Sarah slapped Clara, "SHUT UP!" She rubbed her hand looking down at her sister that had fallen out of the chair.

    Clara had started crying quietly and then Sarah went up the stairs grabbed her M29 Custom revolver stuffed it in her pants and then grabbed her pocket knife, pocketed it and then took up her machete and attacked her stuffed bear hed she kept hooked up on the wall. She stabbed it and stabbed it.

    Then around ten minutes later she sheathed it, went downstairs ate breakfast and then walked outside. It was a long hour to go till they departed. She would spend it sorting out what the farmers would be doing and everyone else that was staying.
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    ( So once we leave for the city and you want to join the RP you can have character be stuck in the city and I'll make sure we find you someway or another. I want to give everyone at least one more post to prep for the leave if they have not already. )
  17. "Yeah, its a rough world out there." She mentioned, while wondering a bit how many she herself had killed before getting there. It was probably around fifty plus for her too. It was a lot of time left before they would depart, but Ivy didn't really feel like doing anything but getting out of there. "I must have killed at least fifty just by driving like a maniac the first two weeks." She then continued with a small laugh. It was mostly a joke, but she had been driving over a lot of zombies while she escaped her home town. Though most of them didn't seem to die from it if the wheels didn't go over their heads.

    "Well, there's still a lot of time before we'll depart. I'll gonna nap for a moment. Wake me when its time." She told them and put on her hood over her head as a cover from the sun. She would probably not fall asleep, and would probably keep talking if they kept talking. But it felt relaxing to just be still and try not to think for a moment, or only think about the sounds around her.
  18. As Sarah walked away, I yelled "thanks!" and hurried to the barn.

    once I found the axe, I started practiceing slashing at the tree. It wasnt like the light slim samuri sword but it did its job well.

    After awhile of practiceing, I made a strap to go around my back so i can carry the axe with ease, pulling it out fast to see if it fit my back properly.

    It was perfect. I was ready for the run.
  19. He was already out of the car when ivy went to fake sleep and was walking behind the bar and noticed Jason practicing pulling his axe out his handmade sheathe. He smiled. He said out loud " What a day to practice am i right " He said as he sat down on the floor looking at him.
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  20. " yes sir martin, im ready to release some anger from timmys death all over zombie brains" Jason proudly says.

    Jason decides to quit training and plumps next to martin.

    " So, Martin, have you lost anybody sense this outbreak happend?" jason says sadly.