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  1. The Dark Matter Research Facility was placed in Nevada where Dark Matter was first found. You escaped after monthes of planning and now your on the run. You aren't the first to escape and you wont be the last.

    (Character Sheets. Heres mine)

    Name: Aiden Hart

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Can control plants make them grow and attack. the down side is that he can feel everything they do he is connected to them. also can create a spacal portal as a last resort esscape method. when he uses it he caan travel any distance but its use leaves him extremely weakened. also if he doesnt make opening big enough it can cut parts of body off if they are out side of the door.

    Appearence: 102295654_10.jpg

    History: Was Taken from Family as young boy. Was injected with a mixture of plant dna and cells mixed with dark matter. ever since hes been able to feel plants and control them. He atempted an escape at 15 and failed since then hes been honing his spatial portal skills starting with moving pillows and such. at 17 he escaped using a spatial door and fleeing through it hes been on the run since.

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    no gmoding you may dodge but only so much no knowing someone is hiding before you see them no random nknowledge of enemy plans.

    you control NPCs to an extent meaning only some of what they say when not ppertaining directly to plot.

    What i say goes thats final. NO WHINING.

    and most importantly have fun
  2. Character Bio: ROXANNE (open)
    Name: Roxanne Montague

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Water manipulation. She can move it, shape it, freeze it. Anything that has an h20 base, she can manipulate. But she doesn't have a lot of control over it and can't seem to keep her concentration for long.

    Appearance: Wavy dark brown hair, brown eyes. Pretty average figure. Standing at 5'4".

    History: Roxanne was taken so young, she doesn't know or remember her family. All she knows is the facility where she grew up. At first, Roxanne was okay with her life. It was the only life she knew. But as she got older, she wanted to know more about the outside world, do more things, experience more stuff than just what the scientists were allowing. When others started talking about escape, Roxanne began wondering... Three months ago she joined two other people in an escape. One of them was recaptured, the other she lost contact with. Now Roxanne is alone and on the run, with no idea how to survive.

    Roxanne was alone. This wasn't the way they planned it. They were all going to stay together. The three of them... The other two, they knew what it was like on the outside. They hadn't been in the facility their entire lives. When they were out, they knew where they could go and how they could hide.

    But now it was just Roxanne.

    It was a close call, the last run in. She nearly got herself caught. Roxanne wasn't sure what happened to her companions. One had been recaptured a few days after they managed to escape. The second... Roxanne lost them a week ago. Since then, she has been stuck alone, with no idea where to go or what to do next.

    Right that moment she was walking down a street ally trying to stay out of sight. She was starving and tired, but she needed to find a safe place she could hide for the night. Somewhere that wasn't out in the open.
  3. Aiden was walking along Rose St Somewhere in Nevadahe was here for one reason to find a subject. About three days ago he came across an area that looked liked the site of a fight. There was ice everywhere and the plants told him how three people had fought The "scientists" and one had been captured. Another lost, but the third had made it the one who made the ice escaped and went throught this city. they lost her after she entered it because there was to much concrete. but they suspected she was still here. As Aiden walked he was Conversing with the trees along the street. They were telling him how life was in this city what areas he should aavoid and so on. Suddenly a scream tore the air. He turned to where it emanated from.

    (ooc: This is not roxanne just a lady being robbed)
  4. Roxanne heard a scream and her first reaction was to duck and cover! She hid behind a dumpster, trying to still her sudden panicked breaths. Once she realized that no one seemed to be chasing after her, she finally peered out. Where ever it was, it was close by. She could hear the struggling. Roxanne tried to tell herself to ignore it... that it was none of her business, and she had her own problems to worry about. Finally, she couldn't sit back any longer. Maybe she could do something without even being seen.

    Inching down the ally and leaning against the wall as she peered around the corner, she spotted where the scream came from. Some poor lady trying to keep her purse from being snatched by a man. He had some sort of weapon in his hand. Nothing Roxanne recognized. Hesitated only for a second, Roxanne finally knelt down close to the ground. There were still puddles left on the street from the rain a few days ago. That would do! Pressing her palm to the ground, summoning up that weird connection she seemed to have with water.

    Her intentions were to freeze the man's feet to the ground, but that didn't seem to happen. Instead, all she could manage was making the ground freeze solid and slippery. Roxanne ducked behind the wall again, hoping that would at least give the lady some leverage to snatch her purse back and run away.
  5. Aiden ran toward the screams. He Turned down a street and ran about half way. There he thought. He could see the struggleing shadows. He ran into the ally and felt for any plants. There along the edges grass and dandelions. He took another step and said "Leave her be". The Man stopped and turned around knife in hand. The womans arm was bleeding, at the sight of the blood Aiden's face contorted. "You better leave boy, if you know whats good for ya" said the man. He was Dressed in a leather jacket and jeans. "Its alright" Aiden said looking to the woman. "dont worry" the man Laughed and said "Heh look who thinks he some big shot. You seem to forget whos holding the knife". Aiden smiled as the grass wove it self into a thick cord silently in the corner. The man Lunged for Aiden but slipped on a patch of ice. Aidens eyes went wide with shock. HUH what's ice doing here in the middle of summer? he thought. He Pushed it aside to deal with later. he side stepped as the man fell and kneed him in the gut. The man gasped as he fell hitting his face on the ground. Aiden Sent the grass to tie his feet as he picked up the knife which had fallen. He turned to the lady and handed her her fallen purse. She was staring at the grass as it finished tieing the man up. Aiden looked at her face and saw fear there. He cut the bottom of his shirt and tied her arm with a strip of cloth. "It's ok now. Its all over" he said to the woman. The Grass Spoke to Aiden and told him a girl was hiding at the of the ally. "thanks" he muttered and asked the grass to watch her for him. "here take your purse and tell no one of what you saw here. Good-bye now" Aiden Walked Away and circled to the back end of the ally and waited. His grass was touching the girls hand and she didnt seem to notice. Aiden decided to wait a little while longer to she what she would do.
  6. Rayne Ulan (open)
    Name: Rayne Ulan

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Can in a sense manipulate light. She can have a beam of light from her hand if needed, like a flashlight, but cannot light an entire place/room. Not yet anyway. She hasn't fully mastered it. Since the light can be warm, she can have a slight healing effect, but because of how she was treated, she uses it as a way to just be able to look around because she is scared of the dark.

    Appearence: Fringe_Hairstyle_brown-haor.jpg

    History: Was taken as a preteen when walking at night. Was blindfolded most of her experience and was taught to be afraid of the dark. Being blindfolded now terrifies her and when she can see she always has a little bit of light showing in someway. Did not work on expanding on what she can do because she was just focused to make sure some nightmare monster didn't come and hurt her. As she got older, she desperately tried to conquer her fears and become dependent. But even now, she always has some light shining.

    One day, she had overheard others planing to escape and had gasped, accidentally making her presence known. Not many know much about her, but the few who do tend to feel bad for her because of the scare tactics the facility used trying to encourage her to produce more light to "make the scary monsters go away". (Phrasing they used on her when she was a preteen). One pitied her so much that they actually took her: blindfolded her and lead her out. Too scared to do anything else, she just did what they said and now she is out.

    Rayne froze in terror. She couldn't see. She couldn't feel anyone else nearby. She was all alone. She tried to get some light to at least flicker but because of the blindfold she didn't see anything - and it made her condition worse. She started to panic. And when she heard the scream she huddled trying to clear her mind.

    "What to do what to do..." she took deep breaths trying to clear her thoughts. Finally, she was able to logically remember that the reason she can't see was because of the blindfold! She quickly whipped it off of her head and tried to get a feel of the place; was it better to have the blindfold on?

    She started to wander, shivering as she took her steps. She was not prepared for any of this, but she found one positive: she was not surrounded by walls. Those demons they kept telling her was there could not exist out here. She was safe. For now.

    She jumped to the side as a lady rushed past her clutching her purse. Rayne was surprised at let a slight squeak escape from her. She slowly looked and saw a shadow of.. someone standing. She went to quickly hide behind a wall to not be noticed. "What to do," she asked herself once more. She looked at her hands. If all else fails, she can produce a bright light to temporarily blind someone so she can get away.
  7. Aiden stood waiting watching the girl through his plants "eyes". They Couldnt really see but they could feel and sence. They could feel everything her pulse touched, so he had an almost clear picture of her. Who Is she? he asked the grass. They Responded with a wave. Water they said its like shes made of water, Her soul has much water. Suddenly the plants turned all at once. THE SUN! they seemed to schreech. Behind you the sun its so close and bright. They said to Aiden. Aiden Turned Quickly the tree branches launched toward the "sun". They moved as if they were little more than string bending and twisting flyiing at the figure hiding in the shadows. They grabbed the person and wrapped them tight in branches. No one could escape his tree binding. Aiden walked over and said "Who are you. And why do my friends think you the Sun?"
  8. Rayne shook in fear. She took a deep breath before she spoke to calm down her nerves. Who is he? Is he like her? "Be-because of what I can do." She said. She had second thoughts about trying to blind him, but they were really scaring her. Because most of her focus in the facility had been with her hands, she was unable to shine with her entire being, but maybe this would be enough. She looked down to the ground and grew very silent, focusing. Light shot from her hands to the ground, and kept getting brighter. She then looked him in the eyes, trying to judge if she could get away or what to do next.
  9. Aiden watched with wide eyes as the girls hands glowed with a bright light. Thats interesting he thought. The light grew brighter and brighter nearly blinding Aiden. Aiden took a step back and pointed at the tree branches they wrapped around the girls hands and covers her entire body exstingishing the light leaving only her head free. "who are you? speak quickly girl i won't heasitate to crush you im in aa rare mood."
  10. Rayne started panting. She was on the edge of freaking out. "Are-are you one of the monsters the people at the facility talked about? The ones who are going to attack me? I was supposed to be able to keep them away with my light," she said, memories overloading her. "I didn't mean to leave. I was blind folded, forced into dark and somehow got outside. I had heard of others planning to escape, and they took m-me." She was starting to grow slightly bolder because she knew she was telling the truth. But she couldn't move because of the tree branches that had her in their grasp.
  11. Aiden saw the panic and truth in her eyes. He looked to the branches, "Thank you my friends you can release her." The branches unwound from her body leaveing her to stand on her own. Aiden Touched the tree that had helped. He sent some of his strength into it to help it during times of bad weather and storms. He turned to the girl and said, "I am Aiden Hart, I'm no monster. I'm just a cautious man. Who are you? How did you come about that power you have?" Aiden heard sirens in the distance. "We must go. Follow me if you dont want to be caught"
  12. "Get caught? By who?" Rayne asked. Despite her age, she tended to be a bit naive about things around her. They had hid many things from her trying to get her to develop her power.

    Even though she knew his name, she was still slightly unsure about him, but followed him none-the-less. He had a chance to hurt her and he had let her go. "I-I come from a place where they injected something in me. I don't know what it is, or what it does, but all I know is that it gave me the ability to use light." She decided it was only fair that he know her name. "My name is Rayne Ulan."
  13. "Rayne Ulan? Huh. I never headr you mentioned in the facility. but thats not important. The cops are coming we need to go some may have seen me i was being reckless because i was angry." he said very fast he turned a street corner and halted "shit" he turnedand grabbed Rayne and ran. He pulled her into an ally and stopped just as quickly. "oh shit oh shit oh shit" he said loudly pounding on the wall in the ally. He could here the cops he had seen on the street running toward them. "Rayne grab hold of me. NOW" he closed his eyes in concentration.
  14. Ryane looked at him slightly confused as she grabbed on. "I was hidden, or so I am told. Only a few know of me. I think they wanted me to be by myself for a reason. They weren't happy with how I was progressing...." She muttered because she wasn't sure what else to tell him. She could tell he was worried but she wasn't sure what else to do.

    She embraced herself for whatever was about to happen.
  15. Aiden opened his eyes and pointed at the wall in front of him. "Open!" he said in a quiet voice. On the wall i pinprick of dark light appeared growing larger and larger. It was as though a pitch black hole had been made in front of them. Aiden twitched his fingers and it flew at them. "take a deep breath and hang on tight I've never done this with another person before. But what ever you do dont let go of me till i say i dont know where you might end up if you do." he said. Aiden could here the cops in the alley telling them to put thier hands up. Aiden glanced back smiled and took a step forward. He entered the "door" if it could be called that holding onto Rayne for dear life, praying she would be ok. It felt like he was walking through mud the darkness felt thick like he was under water. He glanced at Rayne wondering if she was ok. He was kicking himself for scaring her. He kept moving. Then finally after what semmed like forever they were at the end. he took another step forward and exited the darkness into a sunny forest. It was his favorite one the plants were so lively here. He turned to Rayne "Are you ok?" He said with a smile and then he was falling passed out from the strain of opening a spatial door and taking two people through.
  16. Rayne wiped away the tears that had come because of the fear of that dark space. She quickly pulled herself together once he passed out. "Aiden? Aiden?" She asked, worrying. She knew that this wasn't good. She looked around trying to figure out if there was anything she could do. She put her hands on his chest and focused. It-it didn't feel like he lost energy... did it? She started to kick herself for not paying attention to what they were trying to teach her. She started to warm up her hands to see if she could pass energy anyway. But stopped quickly, fearing it may have gone wrong. "Please, something, someone, help me. Help him..."
  17. Aiden could see a light in his unconcious state it was warm like the sun it felt nice comforting. He could feel energy flow into his body it was like the light was pure energy. He opened his eyes to see Rayne crying. "Hey, are you ok?" he said in a weak voice. "Whered the bus go?" he said with a chuckle.
  18. Rayne tired to wipe her eyes as she heard his voice. "Y-you're okay?" she smiled. "You're okay." She shook her head. "I though... you really scared me there, you know?" She gave a light laugh. "Wow, what a day. What woke you up? Are you going to be alright? I don't quite understand what all is really going on." She finally took a look around and noticed where they were.

    "Wow," she whispered. "It's beautiful... and full of light."
  19. Aiden smiled. "Yea i found this about a year ago after i first escaped. It's my favorite place. The plants are so lively here not like in the city its so quiet and dead." he said with a big grin. "oh and sorry for scaring you there wasnt anytime to explain, they were right behind us." he said. He sat up and leaned against a tree with a sigh. He patted one of the roots and said " your so beautiful and old. Your almost like the mother of this grove" He smiled again and closed his eyes. He sighed again and opened them. "i think i should explain what i did im sure you don't understand a bit. You what i did was i opened a kind of door. I used it to transport us here. I call it a spatial hole because it seems to flow outside of everything. ive only done it twice on myself and never with another person. Frankly im surprised we made it so close to where i wanted to be;i was afraid we wouldnt make it very far. Heh I'm talking like it's simple.It's actually very difficult and it takes alot of energy just to open it let alone move any kind of distance. Thats why i passed out. By the way how long was i out? it didnt feel like it was long. A light came out of the darkness it was so warm like the sun it seemed to give me energy. Not alot appearently though but enough to wake up." he said and closed his eyes again.
  20. "That is... amazing," she said, embracing the warmth and air. "You have greaet talent. You seem to have grown your talent quite a bit. It is amazing. I want. To be able to control mine too...." she realized that what she had done actually helped.

    "Wait, you-you actually felt the energy I gave you? It worked?" Her confidence perked then she realized he was still tired. "Do you want me to try again to see if I can give you more?"