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  1. The evening of the celebration has begun. People were wandering about talking to friends, family and just having a good time in general. The food was provided by everyone there, they had all brought their own dishes that they were famous for. There were pies, casseroles, meats, and so much more. Children are running around screaming and laughing. A few of the men set off fireworks, causing many “oooo’s and “Aaaaagh”’s.

    Everyone was happy. The mayor of the town got up to make a speech, remembering the war to end all war, and the success it has been. In the moment of silence that followed the speech, honoring the fallen in the war, there is a swirl of magic, and Zelena, the Evil Queen (or so she calls herself) appears with her evil cackle. “You are all happy now, aren’t you?Well I’ll just have to fix that, won’t I?Enjoy this moment, it is my gift to you. Your happiness will end, and it will end soon.” Laughing evilly the evil queen poofs out of sight.

    Fear took over the people. Fear of war, fear of the dark magic that Zelena possessed. The mayor restored order, saying “Ignore her, she can’t do anything to us, she’s just jealous of our happiness. Don’t let her ruin this wondrous occasion. Go, be happy and enjoy this celebration with your family and friends.” Taking his advice, the people continued to celebrate, went on about their business, and enjoyed their fellowship with friends and family.

    From her castle in the far east, Zelena observed the activities of the evening. They had ignored her warning, had gone about their evening like she hadn’t even dropped by. She snarled “The time has come. It is time to finish this. They will see my wrath.” With this, she whirled around and turned to the fireplace. Chanting, Zelena cast an evil curse on Ellismire. This curse would rip everyone from the land they loved so much. When she finished, a cloud of magic plumed from the fireplace into the air. Grinning, she was zapped to the other world. She had worked it into place that she would be in a place of significant power.

    The plume of magic rushed down the land. Coming into view of the village. A shrill scream erupted from a few of the citizens, pointing to the cloud of magic. Chaos erupted. People running every direction, but none could escape. One by one, people were transported to the other world. A world we know today as Twenty first century Earth.

    ((Only select people may awake in cities, the majority will wake up in a forest like area near the pacific coast. Msg me if you wish your char to wake up in a city please.))
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  2. Max stayed with several local magicians, trying to hold the curse back long enough for the citizens to flee. She felt her body getting weak, energy draining from her body into her magic. She couldn’t keep this up for long. She staggered to one knee. That was it. That was all she could give. Turning, she ran a couple steps and leaped into the air, unfurling her wings. With a few strong downstrokes she was lifted into the air by her large, beautiful brown and white wings. A benefit of having 2% avian DNA. She poured on the speed, catching up to the refugees, looking behind she saw the cloud descending. She dived, and flared her wings at the last second, landing beside some of the children, rushing them along, the cloud finally caught up with them. There was nothing she could do. Rushing to get the children to safety, she collapsed. Her world went black.

    2 hours later
    Waking up, Max stands up and looks around. Her stomach heaved, and she bent over and vomitted. 'Where am I?' She thought. Nothing looked familiar. Not the trees, not the smell, and definitely not the feel of the ground beneath her feet. She started to panic. Running at full speed to try and find a clearing to take to the sky, fear coursed through her. A worse fear than she ever had, save one. 'What happened?' She thought. Last thing she remembered was Zelenas curse rushing down on her. 'Where is everybody?Oh my gosh, I'm all alone. Not like I've never been alone before, its just I was literally just surrounded by people.' She'd forgotten how lonely it was, being alone. But her old coping techniques kicked in. Finally, she saw a clearing. Springing towards it, she took a giant leap and unfurled her wings. A few down strokes were all it took to get her off the ground. Soaring high above the trees, she aimed to get her bearings. She gasped. She saw a huge body of water, bigger than she'd ever seen, that wasn't there before. She also saw several structures, with a material she had never seen before. She really started to panic. Hyperventilating, she headed back down to the woods. Screaming/sobbing, she collapsed in a panic attack. She curled up into the festal position and didn't move, sobs wracking her body.
  3. For years now, he has been left alone high in the plateaus that overlook the many beauties of Ellismere, living and working every day with his new family, a flock of giant Hawks who accepted him into their good graces when he had come to them, broken and alone. The plateau has become his home, and with every passing year, he watches new baby birds hatch, grow, and learn to fly. He has grown to love the precious moments that the hawk parents take to tend to their children. It is a beauty that is unmatched, save for one other.

    It is there that Malik sits when the cloud rises into the air, dark and thundering, flashing with strange-colored lightning. It is there that his dark eyes watch with horror as it overtakes all of Ellismere, slowly growing closer and closer to where he is, on the very edge. Hoping to save the hawk families, he leaps from the edge of his small cave-like home on the side of the tallest plateau and dives into the air, gaining speed quickly. And just before he hits the hard ground, his dark, raven-like wings span out to their full, 18 foot expanse. Pulling himself up, he flaps hard, feeling as the wind picks up beneath him, lifting him high into the air. He was always the strongest of the flock, but strength can only get one so far. Zipping through the air at almost 250 miles per hour, Malik fearlessly drives himself into the strange cloud in hopes of driving it back. He would never find out whether or not he saved his family of hawks, for the moment he hit the cloud, his entire world went silent and dark.

    The darkness would hold him for hours, and he would lie there in the heart of his mind, alone and lost. But slowly, he begins to feel more alert. There is a pain in his right wing, and the fear of it being broken pangs in his chest. He lets out a groan, not quite remembering what had happened. But the moment he things about it, it all comes flooding back. Dark eyes snap open to see a swirling picture of thick coniferous trees. He feels surprise, sitting up suddenly only to realize that probably wasn't the best idea. His entire body is covered with bruises, and his skin is torn in some areas along his right side and down parts of his right wing. Luckily, however, there are no broken bones. HIs head begins to throb as he wonders to himself, Where the hell could I possibly be? This isn't something he can have answered alone. So, he stands, slowly this time, his left arm clutching his right side as he lets out another groan. It had to happen at some point...he can't always be a smooth flyer.

    Looking out into the sunlit forest, he tries to find something familiar. But so far, nothing catches his attention. Guess he'll just have to walk until he finds something. And so he does, beginning to limp his way South-East in hopes of sooner or later finding something. The more he walks, the smaller his limp becomes until it is completely gone. His right side begins to numb, and he can finally take deeper breaths. But as the pain begins to subside, Malik suddenly realizes with a ferocious growl of his stomach that he's hungry. Very hungry. Guess it's time to hunt...
  4. Max finally got control of herself. It was mainly the thought of food, and the ferocious growling of her stomach that eased her panic attack. It was so unlike her to break down like that, practically unheard of. There was only one other time where that had happened, and it was when she and Malik decided to split. At the time, the thought of living without him completely terrified her. But now, she was normally able to think back fondly, and push the pain and hurt to the back of her mind. The thought of Malik made her smile. He would know what to do in a time like this.

    Getting up, Max took note of her supplies. She had the clothes on her back, the knife she always carries with her, a flint and striker, and a small container of water. Not much, but she had survived on less.

    She decided to set up a few traps. So she set about gathering supplies and went to work. After about 5 traps were set, she decided to find a good place to spend the night, for darkness was coming fast, and the temperature was dropping by the minute. Figuring it would be best to stay in the clearing, she created a quick shelter with sticks and boughs of he trees surrounding her. Her next job was to get a fire going. She gathered firewood, and only stopped when she felt she had enough to last her for several days. Using the flint and striker, she quickly got a fire going.

    Checking on her traps, only 3 of them caught some sort of creature reminding her of the jackrabbits back home. Taking them back to camp, she quickly skinned and gutted them, throwing them on the fire to cook.

    While her supper was cooking, she took off for an evening flight, giving her wings a stretch. She loved flying, it was the most thrilling thing a person can do. Looking around, she begins to see wildlife come out. She decides to go back, and eat some.

    The rabbits were cooked. Max dug in with fervid haste. She was starving, and she groaned as she took the first bite of the juicy meat, some of the juice dripping down her jaw. Her meal was over way too quickly, and she was not as hungry, but still wanting more food. She hstoked the fire, and headed to her shelter, doubting she would get any sleep at all...
  5. Varen reached the place of the celebrations and walked over it, he was the first one to arrive from his people and he had no specific goal, he didn't want to greet any nobles he was mainly her to at least show that he considers this important, which in reality he didn't.
    When the curse appeared he was eventually caught as one of the first persons and found himself in a forest he didn't recognize, he roamed through it trying to find someone, or something he recognized.
    "Hey! Anyone out here?" he shouted as he made his way through the forest, looking for someone to explain him this situation.
    'What exactly happened anyways, I didn't see too much...' he roamed further through the forest, still thinking about what happened since his memories also seemed a little messed up. Varen took his bow from his back and an arrow in his hand, prepared to fight if he had to as well.
    "Helloooo!" he shouted once again and kept looking through the newly found forest.
  6. A nearby voice screaming, quickly awoke her from her light dozing. "Hello??" Is what the voice said. Jumping up Max cautiously walked towards it. Silently, she walked until she came up behind an elf with his bow drawn. Attempting to back away, as she was uncomfortable around elves, Max stepped on a twig, drawing the attention of the elf. Wincing slightly, Max said "Hello. Who are you?"
  7. "I am one of the elves that was on the celebration, then I woke up here.." he shrugged and looked the girl with a sigh, she already seemed to dislike an elve near her, but it was nothing unusual, they were known to be mainly between each other and rather less sociable. "Do you know what happened? It seems my memory is a little messed up from whatever got me here."
  8. Max calmed herself. Her face and voice neutral she responded. "I think Zelena cast a curse on us. We are not in Ellismire anymore." She was planning on heading to the coast, see if she can find any other survivors. "I'm heading that way, there's a big body of water and seeing if I can find any other survivors." She said. Hesitantly she added "You're welcome to join me." With that she took a running leap and unfurled her wings. Flapping hard, she rose into the sky, and flew at a pace where she knew the elf could keep up with.

    Her wings we're gorgeous. Her primary feathers were brown, and there were some speckled brown and white feathers, and then the very end was putt white. Her wingspan was 14 feet, 14 feet of pure wing and muscle. She loved the feeling of the wind gathering under her wings, the thrill of it.

    Looking down, she could barely see a form, dressed in black. Her breath caught in her chest. It couldn't be...the figure looked like Malik. She controlled the impulse to dive down and see if it truly was him. The figure looked as if he were in pain, injured or something. She watched as his limp slowly disappeared with each step. All the evidence screamed birdkid, she had never seen anyone besides the flock heal that quickly. Max's heart quickened. All of her screamed to join him. But she controlled her impulse. She settled herself for screaming "MALIK!!!!!" Knowing he may just hear her, if he was indeed the Malik she loved.
  9. In a mere hour, his torn skin has already begun to knit together, and his bruises begin to fade from his pale skin. Though he had kept his wings tight against his back, he finally decides that it's time to stretch them out. Besides, it's not like anyone else is going to see him. Taking a moment to pause and stretch himself, he rolls his shoulders, never making a sound, his face never changing expressions. After a moment, he cracks his neck and leans down, hoping to find something easy to eat. He'll also have to gather wood and tinder for a fire. Looking himself over, he checks to see what he had thought to bring with him. As usual, his trusty survival knife, a medium-sized knife with a blade no longer than five inches, is strapped to his ankle beneath his dark pants. On his belt are the flint and steel he keeps with him at all times as well as one of those handy-dandy "waterskins," as many of the wild folk of Ellismere liked to call it. At least it's full of water.

    Unstrapping the skin from his dark pants, he opens it and takes a deep drink, sighing with satisfaction while he straps it back in place. Pulling his black shirt up a moment to see the damage to his ribs, he counts the amount of bruises that are still there. "These are going to take at least three days to go away..." This comes out as a slight groan to himself. Well, it could be worse...for a regular human being, the bruises would last at least two weeks. Shrugging to himself, he pulls his shirt down and continues walking, this time deciding to leave his wings unfurled slightly.

    That's when he sees a shadow pass over him. A shadow that is all-too familiar. Pain washes over his emotions a moment before he talks himself out of it. It's just a bird. You want to see her again, so you're tricking yourself into seeing her shadow. And yet...what if it's not. He looks up, but the night is so near that the sky is too dark to determine the form above him. So, with a sigh, he continues on, thinking through his head exactly how he should start catching something to eat. Another hunger pang, and he gives a groan to himself before shaking his head.

    And then...he hears her voice. It comes to him like a whisper, even though he knows she yelled it. "MALIK!!!!!" He knows her voice anywhere. He knows this time that it's her calling to him. And with the whisper of her voice through the air, his head snaps up. That 'bird' was, in fact, Maximum Ride...the love of his life. Without so much as a hesitation, Malik spreads his wings and shoots into the air with a hard flap down. He races over to her, caring not for the searing pain in his wing. He just wants to be sure it's her. He wants to know that she's really there again. He had lost everything that night when the Erasers came for the last time...his flock...and his love. He doesn't want that to be his forever. When he does see her, confirming it was her voice that he had heard, he grins - something only she can bring out of him - and slams against her mid-air, sending them both towards the ground. He flips them in the air, holding her tight and close to him, curling his longer wingspan around her as he awaits the impact of the ground happily.

    He hits the ground with an oof before sliding into a tree, pulling his head up enough to keep himself from damaging it. When they stop, Malike lets his wings fall out on either side of him, pushing Max back far enough to look at her, his face back to the normal, unemotionless look. Same, frizzy-haired, dove-winged, beautiful Max. And when it is confirmed that it is her, without so much as a thought to stop him, Malik pulls her down for a passionate, firm, and loving kiss that can only explain the hardship he has gone through without her beside him. After a moment of portraying the pain, he lets her back, his dark eyes showing her the happiness he feels as a small smirk pulls at one corner of his lips.
  10. Seeing those all too familiar raven black wings unfurl made he heart leap. It really was him! Her Malik! Even as he raced towards her, she had started diving to him. As normal, his grin sent her heart fluttering. She had lost everything that night, her family...and him. As the collided in midair, she clung tohim for all she was worth, feeling a whimper/sob escape her. Feeling his wings wrap around her, she sighed. She wanted this moment to last forever, safe in his arms.

    When they hit the ground, she clung to him even tighter, gasping as her wing hit a tree, not having had tine to fold them to her back. Probably broken, but she didn't care, she was in her love's arms! She had dreamed about this moment for years, yearning for his touch, smell, everything. She basked in the warmth of his strong embrace.

    When their skid came to a halt, she pulled back to get a look at him. His face was back to its normal emotionless self, but she could still see a hint of his joy in his gorgeous dark eyes. He looked good, if a little skinny, but that was normal. His hair, his messy black hair, was gorgeous, and he was as strong as ever. He was so beautiful. He was Malik. Her Malik! He was right there, but she still couldn't believe it.

    He kissed her. Her body, seeming to have a mind of its own, reacted automatically, arms wrapping around his shoulders, pulling him closer. She kissed him back, pouring all her love and her longing and her joy into that one kiss. All too soon she felt him pull back. Slightly out of breath, she saw his smirk appear. "What?" She asked in her typical Max sarcasm voice. It seemed too good to be true, but here he was, holding her. Smiling slightly, she reached up and shoved his bangs out of his face so she could see his dark eyes. She felt completely safe in his arms, and wanted this moment to never end.
  11. Her excitement at seeing him almost overwhelms Malik...after all, it was more her decision than his to separate, and yet here she is, happier than ever just because he is there again. He knows right then and there that her kiss is just as passionate as his, and he knows that she missed him just as much as he missed her. That's what he gets for going along with her decision instead of fighting it. That's what he gets for just accepting the difficult side of things...having to spend so long alone...and now...

    He pushes aside his irritation, reveling in her smirk, her sarcastic question, giving her a shrug in reply. Looking to her wing, he narrows his eyes, shaking his head. "You never were very good at pulling your wings in fast, huh?" Sitting up to put her more on his lap than on his chest, Malik examines her wing with tender hands, quickly snapping into place the bone that had popped out. With a sigh to himself and to her, he shakes his head, keeping his typical stony expression. Leaning back on his hands, he cocks his head to the side with a raised brow before speaking again. "So, have you been?" Again, the typical smirk sits on his lips, his dark eyes no longer showing much of anything, once again making him hard to read. "Did I stop your plans of doing something else?"
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  12. Her breath sharpened as the audible crack of her wing being set and the sudden shoot of pain. But that was all the signs of the pain she gave. She leaned against him, listening to his quick heartbeat. Looking up at him, her sassy know-it-all smirk tugged at the corner of her mouth. "Well you never gave me a chance, you goof." She said nudging him.

    "I've been alright. Had found a safe haven in a village, but even that's gone now..." her voice trailed off, and she found particular interest in the ground they sat on. "Not a day went by that I didn't think of you. I regretted my decision only a few hours after we split...but it was still too painful...and I'm sorry that I caused you so much heartache, Malik." She said, her voice so low that even Malik would have trouble catching it.

    Dang it, why did he always have to make her cry. She could count on one hand how many times she cried. Looking up, she saw his gentle smile. A gentle gust of wind blew against them, making his hair stand on end. This made her erupted into a fit of giggles, the kind only he could coerce out of her. Soon she was laughing uncontrollably. Exhaustion was finally setting in, she hadn't had a decent night's sleep in days.

    When the laughter finally subsided, she looked up at him. Gosh she hoped he wasn't a dream. She kissed him softly, just a tease before pulling back and resting her head against his chest, enjoying the rythym of his beating heart. She was asleep in seconds, even though she meant to stay awake and talk for a while more.
  13. Zelena

    Zelena woke up in a nice comfortable bed. "It worked!" She exclaimed, getting up to look in the mirror. Her hair was shorter, about shoulder length. She was wearing silk pajamas, and her feet were in fuzzy socks. "Oh my gosh it worked!" She repeated. Eagerly, she ran out of the room and downstairs. She was the governor of New York. Looking out her window, she saw the already busy streets and sidewalks and grinned.

    She wasn't sure if she could actually pull it off, but here she was! She did it and it went without a hitch! Attempting to magically change clothes, she was surprised when nothing happened. Trying again brought the same result. She should have realized that this world wouldn't have magic, oh well it was still a victory.

    She went upstairs to change clothes, and decided to go for a walk. To gloat in her triumph. All the others were accross the continent from her. She was safe. She couldn't help herself, she couldn't stop the evil grin pulling at the corners of ber mouth.

    Life was good.
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  14. Serei sat up. The floor below her was significantly dull, not the usual life-filled grass she was used to. "Where am I?" Her head hurt, but she still pinched herself for being generic. She was also unable to heal herself with vapours, which left her feeling vulnerable and weak. "What is wrong with this world.. Why can't I do anything?" She was glad to see she could still fly, but assumed the gods she worshipped (occasionally) didn't have any influence in this cursed land, so wasted no time thanking them for anything. A noise caught her attention. Somewhere close by, she realised that 2 people were having an ecstatic reunion. She watched for a while, watched one fall asleep, then moved closer. She realised they had wings: they must also be from Ellismire. She decided to wait for them to wake up before asking if they knew anything.
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  15. Rolling his eyes at her comment, Malik pulls her close, hugging her tight. Listening to her speak, he revels in her voice and the feeling of having her in his arms, his hold on her tightening slightly when she apologizes, having no trouble hearing her bare whisper, smiling down at her with the barest of smiles. Once again, he rolls her eyes when she starts laughing, sighing and spreading his arms across his wings, waiting for her to calm down. And the moment that she does, he feels her lift her head to look at him again just in time for her to plan a tease of a kiss on his lips. Next thing Malik knows, she's fast asleep, and he's stuck in the position he's in.

    Sighing to himself, Malik wraps his arms arond her again before looking out into the darkness, ignoring the same hunger pangs in his stomach. After all, he finally has Max back. Dinner can wait.

    It's then that he realizes there is another, his dark eyes darting to the figure in the trees before narrowing. "Show yourself," he says in a normal voice in hopes of not waking Max. His voice is calm, his eyes unwavering, but the moment he had seen the figure, his entire body had tensed, ready for action.
  16. Max
    "Show yourself."
    Being trained to wake up to the slightest touch or sound, she awoke silently. She forgot momentarily where she was, and whose arms were wrapped around her. But the voice that had awoken her was unmistakable. It hadn't been a dream. Malik was real. Malik was here! She basked in the warmth of his embrace, his arms wrapped tight around her. It was good to know he wasn't mad at her, as she feared he would be. As exchited as she was, she didn't let any of this show on her supposedly sleeping face.

    Feeling Malik tense, she readied herself to fling into action. Careful not to let their observer know she was awake, she quietly tapped Malik's chest twice. The signal that she was ready for whatever was to come.
  17. "You two are from Ellismire." She pointed, and her tone of voice was accusing, even if the words weren't. "I am also. I don't have time for introductions, so you are going to tell me what you know of these events and then I will tell you what I know and we shall move on from there."
  18. The tap on his chest lets Malik know that Max is ready to fly at any point in time. He rubs her back, holding tighter for a moment before glaring at the still dark figure, a growl rising into his throat. "Yes, we're from Ellismere, but how can we know you are just because you say so? And just because you're from there doesn't mean you're on our side." Slowly, he sits up, whispering ever-so-slightly into Max's ear, "Don't make a move that'll give you away. Jump when I give the signal."

    Then, looking at the figure once again, he speaks up. "If you don't have time for introductions, you don't have time to make someone trust you. Leave us be, and we'll grant you the same courtesy. Either that or show yourself and give us a reason to trust you."
  19. "Ah sorry I forgot you didn't have mistvision. I spent a long time around others of my kind, you see." Serei emerged from the undergrowth, trying to find a spot where the light showed her face properly. She hovered about 4 feet off the ground. "now, I believe you were going to tell me what you know."
  20. Zelena
    Zelena walked back to her house, and stopped at the door. She wondered what the other Ellismirans were thinking of this world. Smiling to herself, she thought Surely they must be miserable. She went back inside and went to the sink and washed her face. She wondered what her fellow conspirator, Dorokar, would be doing. She knew he had been interrogating some birdkid, not sure for what though. She wondered how she would contact him now. She had to figure out a way to bring magic to this world... so she began to think.
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