The Consequence of Saving

A white light temporarily blinded her. She had no other choice but to close her eyes as her hand was clamped over the bleeding shoulder. Spirit nuzzled her with her large nose but Ferah was too busy looking at what had became of Cassadel.

"I'll give you one more chance, demon." his voice was amplified by ten as it rang through the fores. Light still blinding her, Ferah struggled to see what happened to him. The beast growled, still showing no fear. It's growl was as loud and frightening as ever. The light finally died down to a dim shimmer and Ferah gasped through the pain, Cassadel stood upright, with white magical wings sprouting from his back. Ferah gasped in surprise, her light blue eyes slowly returning back to their original red/purple color. She was simply in awe at how the man transformed so quickly...that she barely caught the movement of the beast, lunging towards him.

"Cassadel!"she shouted while throwing a hand out to him despite the searing pain in her shoulder at the open wound. At the same time, the beast was suddenly mobilized in mid lunge. Ferah willed her mind to focus on stopping the beasts movements while the beast ravished in the air, trying to release itself from the hold Ferah had on him.
His eyes still had not opened.
Sword and shield in hand, he began whispering a language she did not understand.
Footsteps brought him face to face with the airborne beast.
Eyes opened, the expression is of contempt.
Ferah began to hear a voice, in her head.
It was Sir Cassadel's voice.

"Live or die, my lady."

The words were so cold and nonchalant.
It was as if Cassadel never existed.
Slowly, the long-sword was raised above the creature's head.
He...wasn't him. Ferah did everything in her power through the pain to keep the beast into place in the air, despite her pain. Cassadel was another story. He didn't seem like himself, if that were possible. For as long as Ferah known him, which was about half an hour, the man's voice drew a darker effect over her. The kind of voice that would normally strike fear in someone. Ferah's shoulder bled relentlessly even as Spirit nudged her.

"NO! STOP!"she screamed and, to her surprise, she threw her damaged hand into the air just like the other one. The movement picked Cassadel off of his feet, slamming into a tree backwards. Ferah was shocked at her own actions letting the hand that held her control over Cassadel fall. All the while, the beast struggled against the bonds. Ferah hissed in pain, not having enough strength to keep it there much longer, but the only pne who could help defeat it...she had slammed against a tree out of fear.
The being was caught, off guard.
He sat there, staring at her.
The expression was confusion.
His wings fluttered, as the warrior stance resumed.
Instead of asking again, he sizing up the beast.
With one full-bodied motion....
A hard fist is thrown onto it's face.
For now, the punch had left the beast unconscious.
Wing extended, the blue being walked over to Ferah.
No words.
A hand was placed on the shoulder.
The wound disappeared.
Ferah looked up to Cassadel and flinched when he put a hand to her shoulder. She was actually beginning to fear him, especially since she witnessed him transform into something else in front of her eyes. Her eyes continued to look into the helmet. She was beginning to wonder what color they would be before the hand on her shoulder began to light up blue. Ferah flinched again, but she began to feel a warm trickling feeling wash down the open wound. All of a sudden, when his hand was removed, the wound had vanished. Ferah's eyes widened when she looked from her shoulder to Cassadel and back to her shoulder again.

Spirit whinnied and snapped her out of her trance. Ferah stood up, fingering the healed wound and looked back to Cassadel with a pained smile.

"Thank you for" Suddenly, Ferah's plae body crumpled to the ground in unconsciousness due to the intense loss of blood. Her silver hair swirled in the grass.
At the sight of her laying there, the wings shrunk in size.
Spirit began to sniff her body.
Cassadel had started to grunt and squirm, as the transformation started to revert.
The armor returned to being that ugly golden shade.
Everything blue disappeared.
Feathers flew everywhere, as the wings almost popped apart.
His hands hovered over her, as if he was trying to keep her from falling off the earth.
Worry and almost blubbering could be hear in his voice.

"N-n-n-n-n-n-n-no. Not now. Please don't. I'm sorry. I-I'm sorry. I take back what I said."

His in-warrior like tears started running out of his helm.

"I know my place...I know my place." he whined.

Spirit kept up with the sniffing.
Finally, Sir Cassadel put his head on her chest. He hope to the heavens for a heartbeat.
Ferah's hair continued to blow against the blades of grass even as Spirit nudged her and Cassadel bent down over her. Her body was a pale white due to the loss of blood. If anymore was drained from the frail body, she would've been dead. However, Cassadel's healing came just in time and the loss of blood only caused her to knocked unconscious. The beast on the ground growled as it began to stir. It shook it's head and wobbled on all fours. It's red eyes opened to small slits but it understood that it was not strong enough to take the man in the girl. Sending a warning growl, it rambled shakily off into the forest once more.

The sky began to darken, signifying the arrival of the night. The sounds of the forest died from a peaceful atmosphere to a dark and ominous one. Ferah's body continue to lay motionless in the grass.
The knight did not even pay any mind to the rambling beast.
All of his focus was on Ferah.
Spirit just rested a few yards away.
His thought process became slightly skewed.
Without a purpose, he was completely lost.
Nightfall brought cold, while Cassadel brought blankets.
He did not know why, but he stayed with her lifeless body.
Wrapped in a bright, beautiful blanket, Ferah layed in a tent.
Sir Cassadel was cooking some food.
Ferah's fuscia eyes opened to small slits as the smell of delicious food sifted into her nostrils. Her eyes slid over her surrounding and she assumed that she was in a tent of some sort. She tried hard to remember what happened to her, but the last thing she could recall was Cassadel laying a hand on her...Cassadel! Ferah's eyes shot open to their full extent and she tried to hoist herself up. The sudden movement made her head swim so she slipped back into the blanket she was covered in with a soft groan.

There was a light sting in her shoulder from her current wound but not enough to inflict more pain. The smell of food was intoxicating and it also signified that Cassadel was safe. Her eyes floated over the room, but she dare not move for fear the swimming feeling would return.

"C-Cassadel...?"she called, barely above a whisper.
Cassadel just finished the stew.
Did his ears decieve him?
The fair skin, snow haired beauty was awake.
He could barely contain his happiness.

"Ferah?!" he answered

Without an answer, he rushed to the tent.
Armor clanked, as it smacked against his body.
Upon opening the flap, the knight in rusted armor, took his hand into hers.
His other cupped her cheek, softly.

"My lady...I thought I lost you."
The knight was quick to answer her silent call. Ferah was caught off guard at his sudden act of kindness when before she remembered yelling at him. Her bottom lip trembled, tears welling in her eyes as they threatened to release, but the sound of soup cackling in a pot made her shake them away.

"N-No, sir. I am fine. It was merely a loss of blood."she said softly, hoisting herself up and looking at the scar on her shoulder. "You...saved me. I am in your debt."she said. The minute she did, she regretted the sentence after it left. The debt would be a short one paid for they would be at the Temple of Olm in 2 days time. 2 days...and Ferah would die. The cackling of soup brought her out of her reverie and she smiled up at the grotesque armor once more.

"I did not know you could cook. What is our meal for tonight?"she asked sweetly.
Cassadel was just happy to see her awake.

"I am just happy for your life to continue. Please don't die on me. You were under my watch and I almost let it slip. Just make sure you don't attract any more beasts."

Winking, he continued to listen.
The light shine just enough so that she could see his blue eyes.
His confidence had resurfaced.

"My lady, given the circumstances, my skill in cooking is what you ask about? Either way I will hold you to your word." he said, chuckling.

Sir Cassadel's mood had changed considerably.
It was almost like he had never experienced life.
So carefree it was almost reckless.
Letting her hand go finally, he took off the flap.

"Our bellies shall be filled with the stew of the cow. It has cow meat, potatoes, carrots, beans, and a spice that a friend of mine vouched for."
Ferah was fully on her feet at that point and she followed Cassadel out of the tent and into the night time forest life. The first thing that caught her attention was the brilliant burst of stars that littered the sky. Ferah's eyes began to dance under the stars as she took in a soft breath of air. The air revitalized all of the energy she had lost during the attack. Stepping over a bushel, Ferah made her way over to a pot that was sizzling under a stack of logs.

"You did all of this yourself? I must have been out for quite a while..."she murmured, looking down at her hands, remembering the shocked expression on her face when he told her not to die. A feeling was beginning to claw away inside of her. I should tell him why he's really here...he deserves to know. I know what the Miheth said about telling outsiders but...but I'm going to die anyway! Might as well let him know! Ferah cleared her throat and sat atop a log that was strewn near the pot. The smell of soup was intoxicating, causing her mouth to water. Another gust of wind blew through and Ferah wrapped her hands around her arms, rubbing to keep away the cold.

"It's...p-pretty cold out here..."she shivered, rubbing her hands and scooting closer to the fire, though it wasn't helping.
Cassadel poured some soup into a bowl.

"It has been a while. At least 6 hours, I believe. I needed something to do...hope isn't something I give up easily."

Handing her soup, he sits next to her.
Seeing she is cold, the knight get a blanket around them.
His hands rubbed her arms, trying to get them warm.

"Is that better, my lady?"

He smiled, though she could not see it.

A light blush tinted across Ferah's pale cheeks when Cassadel's fingers fluttered across her arms momentarily. Ferah had honestly never had someone touch her in such sincere a way than Bethal. Though she hated that she couldn't see Cassadel's full features, his touch was something... extraordinary. Ferah shivered even more so and unconsciously scooted away, her flustered face looking down at the ground.

"Th-thank you, sir..."she said quietly. Her eyes remained a deep fuscia as she looked up at the stars with a silent smile on her lips and the blush still on her cheeks.

"It's a beautiful starry night....One doesnt see most of these."
Cassadel was confused, at first.
Keeping one warm, seemed like the right thing to do.
Then he seen the blush.
It had made him feel good.

"Star-filled nights never happen enough. Often it is the only beautiful thing a warrior has to look at."

His armor clanked and he went behind a tree.
Gautlets and greaves could be seen being thrown off.
As soon as he finished his sentence, the knight went behind a tree and began...disarming! Ferah hesitated in her seat and began to fidget. The soup was only making her mouth water worse, and combined with cold air and the strange feeling of seeing Cassadel's face was overwhelming! She was a bombardment of emotions right before her last moments! Ferah shoved the though, once again, out of her head and looked over to Spirit, who was sleeping peacefully.

" are you from? Do you have family around these parts?"she asked tenderly, trying desperately to spark conversation between the two of them.
He used the sound of his armor, to distract the fact he had to think of an answer.
Coming back around the tree, Cassadel has the helm on with common clothing.
His fabrical inhibitions was brightly showing, at this point.

"I am from place way north of here, not many people have been there. I don't any family, besides the brothers and sisters of my order."

From the tone of his voice, one could tell the knight was homesick.
Wind whistles through the trees and bushes.
Getting an extra blanket, Cassadel continues.

"I do own a small house, though. It is in the woods, much like your home was. Only difference is that I am assuming your home has a woman's touch."

Sitting down, he looked up at the stars.
"No no. I do not have a home. I was raised by Bethal, the woman that fetched you? Yes. She's practically been my mother all of my years. I have not known a mother or a father, so all I know is Bethal. Though you are right; her cottage certainly does have the 'woman's touch' you talk about. She has flowers lining almost every wall of her tiny home. I used to say to myself that the woman was secretly a garden gnome!"she chuckled, tucking her silver hair behind her ear and cuddling up into her blanket more. She was grateful that he answered her question so responsibly, for she needed something to keep her mind off of his physical appearance.

"Brothers and sisters? I don't even know if I have any of those either. Now that you mention it...all I've known is Bethal."she said silently. The cackling fire beneath the pot stirred her from her depressive thoughts.

"When will it be done?"she questioned.
Not knowing a parent must have been interesting, to say the least.
At least Ferah had someone who cared for her.
Everyone needs that sometimes, he thought.

"The soup? It was done before you got up." He said with a smirk.

Going over to the pot, he realized an explanation was in order.
Would she think him crazy?
This thought distracted him enough to accidently touch the pot.

"EY!" he yelped.

Cassadel shook his furiously.
He quickly put his hand up his helmet and into his mouth.
Turning, his well defined jawline could be seen.
The knight passed the soup and sat next to her.
His mouths were slobbered with the fingers in his mouth.

"As virtuous and polite as I Strive to be, I have a general rule about not getting to close to people. One of the ways I do that is through them never seeing my face. If they know my face they will remember me. God forbid that they might miss me. It is a business thing."

Finally, he replace his hand with a spoonful of stew. The helmet was still on an angle.