The Consequence of Saving

Not good. Not good. Too good. So good.

Ferah pathetically fell right into the opening in her heart she promised to close off. It opened up to something more than what she believed it to be. It was supposed to be sectioned off because she had been told her life was not long in the world. She would never have the feel of a man upon her. She would never have the blessings of bearing a child. She would never have the bliss of raising her son or daughter to be everything they had wanted to be. Ferah was told to take those dreams and fantasies to the depths with her, for they would never come true in any day of her life.

And now, she was having her neck consumed with passion by a brave night.

Ferah let out a whimper of embarrassment and pleasure at the same time. As if the kiss wasn't enough, Cassadel took it upon himself to unchain his hands from whatever bond he had them in, grabbing Ferah in angst. The young girl's cheeks reddened, roses of red blooming on each side of them. Her breathing quickened, knowing that Cassadel could tell so since his lips her pressed against her throat. Her pink eyes flew to a close for reasons unknown but not being brought up. Her body melted against the head board of the bed, slumping backwards and giving Cassadel more room to do...

She bit the inside of her lip at both the thought and his tongue against her untouched skin.
The hold on her could never even come close to the hold she suddenly had on his heart.
Ferah was completely responsive to him and it made him feel really good.
Her quickened breathing was a calming agent.
The releasing of control and letting the knight please her gave him a sense of purpose.
Her bare skin had become his canvas to paint a picture of passion and pleasure.

He continued the loving barrage.
Softly, Cassadel began running his tongue up the middle of her throat.
More and more, the oral touch moved down her torso and was now just under the collar bone.
To supplement the lust roadtrip, he ran his hands over her abdomen.
It was very teasing a touch.

It felt very unfair to be receiving such a good gift. He had done so much for her and she had done the same, but in a sense of things, Cassadel was rewarding her with far more than she deserved. Why were his lips to her skin? Did he think this would calm her down or did he truly know that it was driving her half crazy? Whatever the case was, Ferah was not brave enough to tell him to stop. The morning was early, sunlight peeling through slips in the window's pane. The bed was dawned in a dim light with Cassadel and Ferah's body as eager hosts.

"Cass..."she whispered, body shuddering when his tongue took a voyage down her body. The simplest of places were being laden with sweet, succulence kisses from her knight. Her legs rubbed agianst each other in anticipation of what was happening to her. She whimpered some more, silver hair falling over the bridge of her nose while she shifted positions.

There was nothing left for it but to relax and let Cassadel lead her on whatever journey she had planned for her.
Cassadel wanted their first time to be truly special. All his focus would be on Ferah, for the time being. This warming morning, they would be together and not even a crumbling border had come between them. The whispers only made him want to get a reaction more. A moment like this doesn't come often enough in a knight's life to squander the chance to be with such a fine woman.

The fingertips all made a vertical run up the rib cage and took a gentle hold of the very feminine chest. Swallowing softly, Cassadel smoothly moved up to kiss Ferah and brush the hair out of her face, before returning to his original position . Smiling, the knight placed small kisses over the breast bone. A path was made over to one nipple and to the other. His tongue danced over the innocent body.
Ferah let out a loud yelp in surprise. She wasn't sure where Cassadel had went with his tongue but it was somewhere sensitive. Her entire body felt like one entity in itself. She shivered, shook, and murmured things that made no sense. His name came out of her lips quite a few times, but he didn't falter or stop at all. If anything, he just went down further. It scared her how quickly the two of them had changed. One minute they were roper and discussing sleep. Now they were victims of their own feelings.

Ferah thought hard on her feelings for the man. She wasn't in love with him, she was sure of that. She had just met him! He was to be her guide and nothing more, but even while she told herself those things, Cassadel kissed on. Ferah's hand twitched, grasping the cream sheets on both sides of her. Her body convulsed and shook so bad that if she hadn't have gripped the bed, she felt her back my arch her right up to the ceiling. A small tingle flicked across her chest and she lost it.

"Why!?"she shouted in the air, but Cassadel would never have time to answer for the next seconds were filled with pathetic moans from Ferah. Her silver hair sprayed across the pillow, strands sticking to her face as she breathed out heavily. Her breath was sharp, ragged, and always interrupted with a moan. Even though she was terrified at what was happening to her, Ferah couldn't help but to grab a fistful of his hair pushing his head down to wherever he kissed.

What am I doing!?
He was barely able to look up, in sudden surprize. She had his hair and it looked like, if she got anymore excited, that it would be ripped out. Using the moans as a guide, the knight ran his tongue lightly down the torso to the waistline. All the while, Ferah was almost literally in a swirl of pleasure. Each moan had such a sexy tone to it that he was getting off on just that.

Cassadel moved just a little further down and was now just about a very special, warm place. He took a quick detour and kissed up on the inner thigh a bit. She was still pushing down, so he didn't want to wait too much longer. He breathed warmly onto Ferah. Wrapping his arms around her legs, for support, he took one last look up to the silver haired woman and placed a soft kiss onto the slit. Cassadel teased her lips with his own and licked just enough to breach inside.
The bliss came soon after.

Birds were scattered from their trees with how high-pitched Ferah's moans had gotten. They came from somewhere deeper than her throat, deeper than her lungs. The sounds bounced off the wall of the small cabin and did no justice to the outside world. Any passerby would have been able to hear them if they had been waltzing aimlessly past the cottage. Ferah knew the volume was insane, but she could not lift her fingers to cover her mouth. The pleasure of Cassadel's tongue paralyzed her. She was plastered in the bed with no ability to move or say anything other than his name, which she repeated loudly.

She gasped and moaned at the feel of his lips over her most sensitive skin. Her min was swimming in pleasure; drowning in it. She could not believe that Cassadel was taking in more than just the feel of her skin. He was dwelling in her, tacking his fill of her taste with his tongue. It slid and glided around her, through her, and she was a victim of the aftereffect. Her hands trembled and she could no longer remember if she begged him to stop or not to stop. Both would have sufficed. The morning crawled on slowly, but for Ferah, it seemed like it took days upon days for the process to end.

It was maddening, blissful torture.
Hard breathed, Cassadel twisted and turned inside her. The lust emanated from her so much that he thought she may just break. The name echoed throughout the cabin and even Spirit was curious as to what was going on. Sunlight had to take a break between clouds if they wanted to watch the knight perform his desired duties. Taking one last sample, a gaze was thrown out to see how Ferah was.

Looking flustered as she ever did, it seemed. A brushing the hair out of her face, followed by a soft kiss, dimples appeared with a smile. Butterflies arose and he almost asked if it too late now to stop. Not that he wanted to, but a bit of snark was always internally suppressed. Lowering himself, their bare upper bodies pressed together. Eyelids fluttered slightly, feeling her warmth above and below. Nipping at her neck, Cassadel reached down and began to push down his light pants.
"Wait! Wait, Cassadel, don' don't have to do this."she whispered. As if she wanted him to stop. As if the two of them had more important things to do at the moment. They were alone and had all life together if she bothered to think about commitment, which she wasn't She did not love the man more than she loved a stray butterfly, simply because she did not know him. She had no idea what he was capable of, his past, his plans for the future. Nothing but his name and his title.

Oh, and that he was really good at seduction.

She could feel the cotton of his pants crumble and pull down, but she couldn't move! Anticipation and fear had both crept into her bones, paralyzing her for the moment. She wanted to explain to him how complicated their time together would be if what was going to be done happened. On the other hand, she was frustrated that he was taking so long, toying with her by kissing her neck tenderly. Her fingers found his back and, to her surprise, she suddenly wanted to claw her fingers into them. Maybe if he felt a little bit a pain, he would stop what he was doing. Or he would just kiss her more hungrily.

"Why are you so tentative?" The words left her mouth before she had the chance to take them back. Ferah had basically expressed that she was upset he was taking too long.
Her words had him at an unscheduled stop. "Tentative"? Circumstances lead him to believe that it was time to satisfy the womanly warmth he had unwrapped within Ferah. She desired the knight and he almost painfully lusted for his charge. Hoping to savor one last moment of heated anticipation, his sex started to make friends with her own. Their bodies were completely together, except for one last, hard thing. Positioning himself, he could feel the swelled tip ready to split her innocence open. With a mischievous smirk, he firmly grips her hips and speaks in a firm voice.

"This morning, my Ferah, you're mine."

Hungrily, they became joined under the sun.
She screamed out in pain, at first. The sudden penetrating force felt like white fire in her mid-legs. Her head threw back on the pillow and she let out a feminine shout of surprise and pain. He was not gentle in his thrust at all, and it may have been because of the teasing remark that he was being too tentative. It was her own fault for taking his strength for granted, and it it lay inside her, throbbing and swollen beyond her diameter. Ferah tried to get comfortable, but Cassadel only pulled back to repeat the same motion as before. The pain did not go away. If anything, it hurt worst than the first push did, anticipation beckoning Cassadel to drive into her.

However, something else lay in the push. A tingling of something that swam throughout her legs and up to her throat, releasing in a moan. It was pleasure. It was pleasure in the pain she was feeling. Her purple eyes flew open and she stared up at the ceiling in shock, not believing that a simple movement could send her body in a roller coaster of passion. Ferah adjusted her legs, spreading them apart since Cassadel did not take time to do it at first. He was hungry for her. He was claiming her.

Ferah lay on the bed in a useless heap of desire. All she could do was flutter her fingers up to his back and stroke up and down, body adjusting to the waves of fire in each one of his pushes. Little by little however, she craved more and more of it, until both of their breathes matched together in ragged growls of passion. The word 'more' slipped from between her lips, knowing she was soon going to regret ever giving him the order.
His eyes flickered between that familiar blue and that "other" blue. She touched in more ways than one. Cassadel was stuck between a borderline animalistic desire for Ferah and the extreme feeling she gave him. He was hot but her hand left goosebumps. Together their pleasured voices filled the room.

Ferah's request was met with a chesty huff and a subtle smile. He could tell pain was outweighed by pleasure. His shoulders shifted, with a more applied push. Signs of extreme ecstasy showed. Bright blue started to emit from Cassadel's eyes. Muscles had begun to really flex from thrusts. He bit a little lip and made wrinkles for how hard his eyelids were shut. Repeatedly and lustfully, she was entered.
Ferah cried out over and over again, the pain becoming nothing more than a short myth. There was nothing left but pleasure, passion, and love. She was positive that it was love and not lust that fueled the two of them to do what they were doing. Countless times Ferah had told herself that she was never going to give herself to anyone, but Cassadel changed that and he changed it quickly. Ferah's legs shifted and spread apart to allow him deeper, and deeper he went. It went on for a long while, Ferah losing part of herself in the commands and moans she gave to him. Wave after wave of ecstasy bobbed inside of her until Cassadel pushed harder than he had ever gone. A blossom of bliss filled her insides as Ferah let out a loud, ragged, and pleasurable moan into the morning air, fingernails digging into his hot, steamed back.

Then nothing.

Nothing but short, ragged breathes left her. Her eyes were closed and her legs lay throbbing in a reminiscent of the seconds before. Her hair stuck to her neck and pillow, but she made no move to move it. She made no move at all.
That shade of blue grew brighter and brighter until he could not hold it anymore. A sudden gasp was it. He released inside her, again and again. They had taken each other a roller coaster of pleasure and just like that it was over. His eyes went back to normal. The sheets and blanket weren't even on the bed, at this point. So much energy was released it could have been a new source of power, it felt like. All their exchanged licks, kisses, scratches, etc. felt fresh on his body. It comforted him.

Cassadel was still inside her and he refused to move away. He wanted to stay like this for as long as possible. Panting, his gaze rested upon her still, sexy body. Smiling, he lightly brushed Ferah's hair off her neck and kissed it. The knight wrapped his lover in an embrace and held it tight.

"I love you." he whispered
Ferah wished she could move but she didn't attempt to. She rocked in a tremor when Cassadel planted himself deep into her with nothing more than a tiny gasp of satisfaction. The heat, sweat, and ragged breathing came fast and it stayed with her, even as she felt herself being dragged closer to Cassadel's body. She could still feel him inside her though only slightly so because her lower body was completely numb. His fingers crept across her neck before his lips replaced it.

When he told her he loved her Ferah peeled her eyes open, looking at the top of his head strangely. She didn't know how to respond to the statement, not sure if he was saying it out of sheer inducement of the moment. She was too tired and pleasured to argue with him. So, sighing outwardly, she nuzzled her temple into his chin.

"As do I, my Knight."

Maybe when they awakened, they would forget they ever said it.
He felt different. Cassadel wasn't sure what happened next but, he woke up with an arm around Ferah. Her breathe steadily pushed warm air onto his hand. The sun shined brightly in it's early afternoon splendor. This whole thing ended in a bit of a mess. He lifted his head up and looked for the missing pieces of the bed. After getting up he quietly placed almost everything back, including the blanket over his charge.

Taking his naked body outside, Cassadel put his clothes on over by Spirit. The horse just stared at him. When he finally noticed, they just had a three-foot contest of sight.


Spirit release breath quickly and turned away.

"Don't be like that."

The horse lays down, still facing the opposite direction of him.