The Consequence of Saving

She felt as if she were intruding on something private when she caught a glimpse of the man's jaw. She averted her eyes and kept up the conversation to make it seem as if she were snooping on him.

"I don't think you should go through life thinking like that, Sir Cassadel. You meet many people everyday and sometimes, you need that attachment. To feel close to someone and knowing that they will always be with you is what makes the true strength reveal itself. I, myself, have not experienced it, but I know its real." Ferah concluded as she walked over to the pot. Her mouth watered but she suppressed it by grabbing a bowl and dipping it into the soup.

"It does smell quite good. Thank you for making it. I was very hungry."she said with a smile and returned to her seat.
It was a good to sign to see that she was talking.
To him that meant her wound was not even that noticeable.
Cassadel could feel her averting her gaze.

"I do feel that to be true. However, my occupation does not really let anyone stay around. If I was close to everyone, my heart would have been broken by now. If my place of work was more stagnant, I would be happy to be attached to everyone. My only available attachment is to my duty."

He intakes another spoonful.
The truth is that Cassadel really did want metaphorical attachment.
Who wouldn't want someone to love and be loved?
Things like that don't happen often.
It was almost like it was the grand prize.
Life would be set if you did.

"It is no problem, my lady. I live to serve."

The knight watched her carefully, as she moved.
Perhaps, this could be a chance to change.
Could she be the one he becomes attached to?
"Live to serve...."she repeated, stirring her finger in the hot bowl of soup in her lap. The heat hadn't bothered her in the least. Her mind was too consumed with thoughts to feel the tiny bubbles of heat creeping up her finger. Ferah's fuscia eyes slanted lowly and dimmed in sadness. At least you have something to live for...I live to die. The sounds of the night grew louder and louder. normally, she would have not been afraid, but after the encounter with that forest beast, Ferah was on pins and needles. She didn't want to let her guard down for the life in her, but she was also still recovering from the loss blood during the attack. The thoughts of death swayed her to put her bowl of soup down.

"I actually remembered that I am not hungry at all..."she said, getting up and walking back into the tent. She felt bad for not letting him know what was bothering her, but the fear of the night and the cold were starting to get to her. She sighed heavily and crawled under the flimsy sheets that would do nothing against the cold. She nestled her head down on the small cushioned pillow and closed her eyes, shivering.

One more day...
Her change in behavior left him confused, to say the least.
Watching her, Cassadel wondered what the motivations were.
Was it something he said?
The soup was left untasted.
Without a word, he prepared his bed.
Proping up a side of the tent, he layed beside Ferah.
Spirit moved around in her spot.
The knights blanket big enough for two.
It was also very heavy.
Draping it over, Cassadel faced away shutting his eyes.
There wasn't much to do about the cold or the fear or any other feelings that Ferah was feeling at that time. Cassadel decided to call it a day also apparently, and Ferah was okay with that. It was better if they didn't converse for the rest of the night. The night deepened, and with it, came more chills. The blanket that Cassadel draped around the two of them was still flimsy, so Ferah turned over and curled into a small ball, shivering once.

One more day and it will all be over. Ferah closed her eyes and dipped into a deep sleep.

She walked the planes of a beautiful forest. Wisps of air flew around her, tickling her hair and skin. She stepped over leaves softly, taking in the beauty. Time was not an essence. It was only her and the forest around her. She took an intake of breath and released it softly. She felt, for the first time, as alive as she ever was. A sound touched her ears and she looked around her. When she turned to the left, she saw a temple in front of her.

Ferah was curious as to why the strange temple was set in the middle of a beautiful forest. Curiosity piqued, she took one step, then another, until she faced the temple. The walls were ancient, something like a ruin. Ferah's purple eyes slid over the foundation and even found a beauty within the cracks of the temple walls. She smiled and took one step into the temple. On contact, the walls rumbled and shook. Ferah gasped in surprise, trying to cling to the pillar to the right of her. She grabbed a hold of the wall, only to have it crumble through her arms. Ferah's head snapped up and stared wide-eyed as the ceiling of the temple began collapsing, giant segments of the wall looming closer and closer to her until--

"AHHH!"she screamed, snapping up in the tent. Ferah's purple eyes were doubled in size and she was covered in sweat, shaking from head to toe and breathig very ragged breaths.
Cassadel could still feel the cold.
The night was too much for his attempt at warmth.
It was no matter for him.
He could take it.
Concern for Ferah grew, as he could feel her shake and shiver.
Scattered dreams could be read from the discomfort on her face.

"Give me a moment, and I will keep you warm." he whispered

Moving his hips, the knight scooted closer and closer to Ferah.
It was then she snapped up, and scared the crap put of him.

"Ah--" he yelped.

He put his hand over his mouth.
Ferah has shocked him so much that breath seemed to cease for a minute.
Not knowing what else to do, he just puts his arms around her.

"It will be okay. The nightmare is over." he whispered

Ferah flinched again when a arm was suddenly wrapped around her cold, shaking body. When she saw that it was Cassadel, she instantly threw her arms around the man, crying into his shoulder. Even with the gruesome helmet on, she felt safe at the moment. Visions of the falling rocks from her dream flashed in her head, and each time, she merely squeezed him tighter. She fought as hard as she could not to say the words that screamed through her head. That she didn't want to die. Not so early in her life! However, she was bound by the Mileth code, so instead, she sobbed against his strong shoulder.

The arm around her made her feel warmer but it didn't take away all of the fear. Bad dreams are always a price to pay and Ferah experienced hers so clearly. It was almost as if she was seeing it happen right before her eyes and was helpless to stop it. To her, it seemed more like a premonition than a bad dream, for the fate was yet to come. Tears poured down her burning eyes and she sobbed loudly, her cries being the only thing the forest heard.
Her sobs made him feel terrible.
What kind of evil would do this?
Tightening his hold, wings materialized and also wrapped around Ferah.
For all he knew, her cries were because of him.
Slowly, his hands rubs her skin trying to give it warmth.
His voice was as soft as can be.

"Sh-sh--shhhhh. You are alright, my lady. I am your protector and I shall never let harm do this to you. Never."

Barely audiable, Cassadel started a slow hum.
To add to it, he rocked a little.
The knight did what he could for her.
This was his duty.

Her sobs were getting softer by the second. Cassadel was something she didn't expect but was much needed. She feared that if it weren't for his arms at the moment, she would have cried herself insane. Yes, there was a great deal of pressure on poor Ferah's shoulders. Even if she did what she could to stall it, there was no running from the inevitable. Cassadel didn't truly know of what was in stake but the fact that he was here...the fact that he was holding her...

Ferah felt the soft brush of wings against her pale, exposed shoulders. It was a lovely feeling, just as lovely as his fingers were when they stroked her arms to heat her up. The cold was nothing but a memory. Ferah looked up at Cassadel, dark red rings around her eyes. Tears rolled down the soft, flushed cheeks below her eyes. Every time she blinked, another would fall. Her chest heaved up and down slowly as she calmed herself.

"C-Cassadel..."she whispered, still looking up at the strong guard. The combination of the rocking and humming was taking a toll on her. Her silver head was splayed across his right arms as her eyes dipped heavily.

"Cassadel..."she whispered again. She didn't try to fight the sleep as it slowly crept at her, eyes drooping lower and lower.
The two of them were almost in a cocoon of warmth.
Cassadel could feel her slipping back into sleep.
He continued with hums to comfort her.

"Hm?" He whispered

He didn't know whether to ask what she needed.
Ferah was saying his name, after all.
If she was going back to sleep, it could wait until tomorrow.
For duty was to be fulfilled, tonight.
The young woman would be held.
Figuring she was too tired to notice, Cassadel finally removed his helmet.
Laying back, he continued to hum Ferah to sleep.
She could fight it no longer as sleep grabbed a hold of her. The soft hum was turning into a beautiful melody with a story behind it. The story was a sad one, but it had tinges of happiness in it also. Ferah couldn't help but wonder if the story was about Cassadel's life since it was forged by his tongue. Ferah's eyes closed completely and she dived off into a deep slumber. This time, there were no nightmares, no falling rocks, or no waking up screaming, covered in a cold sweat. Instead, she was cradled by the guard until the morning.

What a morning it was. Ferah was awakened by sunlight that poured through the slits of the tent. The sun was especially bright that morning, pelting Ferah's eyes until she eventually had to shield them with one hand. She was careful to move, for she remembered falling asleep with Cassadel. A sudden burnt red glow lit her cheeks in that realization. She was too paralyzed to move so she just sat there, enjoying the sounds of nature waking up.
It was a click of a leaf that woke him.
Sleep consistency was always a problem.
The rays of sunshine danced across the landscape.
His grip loosened when the realization that Ferah was awake.
Facial features disappeared, as the helmet slid over the head.
Cassadel removed himself from her.

"Good morning, my lady."

He coughs and gets up.
The last thing that was needed was an unwelcome thought.

The cough surprised Ferah enough for her to lift up and look around. He spoke to her, signifying that he probably knew she was awake. Ferah looked over to him to see the helmet lodged over his head again. Something told her to yank it off but she was not going to be rude to her guide. Not on her last day. Ferah stretched and ran her fingers through the flock of silver hair that lay around her shoulders.

"Good morning to you too, Sir Cassadel. I pray you slept well?"she asked kindly. It was killing her to talk like that but she had to be polite. Ferah was never known to be rude on any accounts. Besides, he had helped her last night and she owed him for it.

"I apologize for what happened to me last night. I guess...the dreams never do cease to haunt me."she said in a low, soft voice.
Ferah seemed to be okay.
This made him rather happy.
Though the current smile was attributed to the fact, she seemed agitated at the whole helmet thing.

"Of course, my lady. Breakfast?"

The knights quickly looked her up and down before getting out of the little tent.
Past words were going to be sent that way.
Cassadel tended to creating another fire.
Feeling the vulnerability in her voice, he turned to her.

"Fer--my lady, there is no need to apologize for things that us who we are. I just wish that I could have been more helpful."

bed ferah.jpg
Ferah sat up on the pallet of covers beneath her and watched as Cassadel started moving around the tent, walking outside and walking back inside. He seemed more mobile than usual while Ferah was still trying to take it slow. The trauma of the night before was dwindling down to nothing. Ferah's eyes swam and soon changed into the color of a cerulean blue. She let those eyes wander over her smooth shoulder. The wound was completely gone and there was no scar to be found. The power he must have...
"Yes, breakfast does sound very good since I hadn't eaten the soup you made last night. Not that it didn't look delicious. It looked absolutely delectable. I guess I had just lost my appetite. Breakfast will do."she said as a smile crept across her lips. For now, she would make the most of the company she had at the time before the reached the temple. In due time, Sir Cassadel will know of her plight and he would be helpless to stop her. So, she shoved the thoughts of the man behind the helmet out of her head. There was no need for him to reveal himself. If he wanted to be sthrouded, he could do so.

"How did you sleep yourself? Without...mentioning...when you..."her voice trailed off in an embarrassed whisper as her blue eyes looked from her hands then back up to him.
"Whatever the reason, I hope that it won't ruin your appetite now. I see the wound has disappeared." he said, with a smile.

Taking a minute, he regathered his armor.
The knight just threw it all on, one piece at a time.
Her question didn't really faze him.

"It wasn't a good time to worry for myself. All I am concerned with, is you. So I guess my answer would be my duty."

The steel clanked, as he started to make breakfast.
He barely glanced to look at her.
Cassadel knew he had to be strong.
It would be one more day.

Ferah's mouth fell into a scowl. Curse this man! He's like a walking can of tin! He let's no one in or out of his armor for anything in the world. I try to be nice to him and he completely disregards my efforts. To him it's just duty, duty, food, duty! Well, fine! I won't utter another word from these lips until we reach the Temple of Ulm. The men of Gestolan are so...ugh! Ferah hoisted herself up in the most noticeable and frustrated way she could. She wanted it to be clear to Cassadel that she was upset so that he would ask her what was wrong. It was so hard for him to open his mouth and be honest about things. And yes, she did know that he had secrets. It's not like I don't have secrets of myself, but I am bound not to tell him.

"Can we speed this along? I need...want to be at the temple before the setting of the sun."she said, getting up and rummaging through her bag that she had threw to the far left of the tent. Her next pair of clothes were inside and it would also be the last thing she would be wearing. Stop it stop it stop it! Stop thinking about it! Ferah's blue eyes closed for a moment and she breathed heavily. Her emotions were skewing out of proportion. in turn, the telekinetic hold she had over objects caused the covers behind her to shake and rise.

"Give me...a moment..."she stuttered as more and more objects began to levitate around her. Without her emotions being stabilized, Ferah was a hot coal and was not to be tampered with.
Cassadel was not sure why she was upset, which irritated him.
Somehow, he was letting this young woman push his buttons.
Her body language screamed for some sort of attention.
This pushed him more.
She could just tell him and he would understand, or the knight would at least try.
Nodding was he retort to her words.
The irritation built up, as Ferah continued to bombard him, with vibes of anger for him.

"Take all the time you need, my lady." he muttered, sincerely.

This was not a good time to get angry, Cassadel thought to himself.
She is just flustered at whatever is at the Temple.
Watching her levitate object, he calmed a little.
Though he almost seemed in rage in the way he handled the breakfast.

It was just a simple buttered roll and a little slab of beef.
He didn't even make a plate for himself.
Placing the food near her, the knight placed the leftovers in a satchel.

Spirit was excreting a good distance from them.

The levitation was getting out of hands. Items that Cassadel needed in order to cook were floating in a misshapen state around the tent and Ferah could do nothing to stop it. Her powers were getting the best of her but she couldn't stop it now. She was crouched in a balled position, legs on the floor and body hunched over. Her silver hair lay hung around her face as she breathed heavily. A book. blanket, plate, fork; they all swam around her, bobbing up and down to the pulsing of her telepathy. Ferah heard Cassadel's voice through the ringing in her head and she opened one light blue eye.

"Time is something I don't have a lot of. But you wouldn't know about that."she said. Once again, an angry twinge entered in her voice despite her efforts of remaining calm. If Ferah kept on like that, Cassadel could get hurt. Ferah's powers had to remain intact, as well as her emotions. A moment like this before the Temple was not a good one. The smell of food entered her nose and the aroma was enough to calm her down a little bit, items slowly hovering close to the ground.

"...Thank you."she said.
Ferah's behavior was not sitting well with him.
There was no need to add in little punches.
She didn't know him.
How the hell would SHE know if he was ignorant of time?

"Your lady." he grunted.

Cassadel started to huff and puff, as he took a moment and sat down.
All he was trying to do was make her happy, and somehow she still became upset.
Turning away from her, the knight removed his helmet so he could get fresh air.
Out of plain sight, he clinched his teeth and fists.
This had to end.
Putting the helmet back on, the cooking supplies were re-packed.
He would wait for everything to come from the sky.