The Coming

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  1. It's been over 100 years since World War 3 and over time people came together to form a civilization based on old buildings.
    Unfortunately what came from the war was creatures that formed from the nuclear radiation. Creatures whom if you touch then will cause you to die from radiation poisoning.
    Will you survive? Or will you end up dead?

    Leaders of each district were rounding up people to go on a weekly scavenger mission. People were in a crowd, either waiting to be picked or waiting to go home.
    Jennifer took a deep breath, she wore a dark red hoodie, cargo pants with black shoes. She pushed through the crowd as people were volunteering to go. The girl put her hood up and looked around, revealing her gorgeous face for a second.
    Returning to the crowd she shouts that she wants to go as she raised her hand.
  2. Jessie stood in the crowd, watching as a girl who looked vaguely familiar pushed through everyone. "What's she doing?" she asked a tall boy standing next to her. "I don't give a-" Jessie
    interrupted him before he could continue."It's fine. I get it. You just want to go home." That was the thing about Jessie Thrash. She hated swear words with all her might. It was a unique trait, but she definitely had it.
    She continued to watch. The girl shouted to the crowd. "THIS WEEK IS MINE!" Jessie gasped. Now she remembered where she had seen this girl. This girl was Jennifer, the girl who sat behind her in school, back when their district could afford funding for school. Now everyone kind of just did whatever. The District Leader Eve Sharp bent down to hand Jennifer her bag of supplies and other necessities. Without realizing what she was doing, Jessie walked forward. "Excuse me," Eve began. "but what do you think you are doing." Her lips pursed and she flashed Jessie an evil look. Jessie had never liked her. Eve had always hated her family, especially Daniel, Jessie's older brother. It was because Jessie and Daniel always managed to make the best out of tough situations and remain happy when everyone else had given up long before. Jessie stepped forward a little more. "I'm voluteering to go with her." The crowd, who ha been busy talking a moment before, got dead silent. "You're doing what?" Eve asked.
  3. OOC: (Wait by weekly scavenger mission, you mean like the same people go every week, or each week they choose someone else? I need that specified. I think I may have to edit my writing if it is that the same people go every week.)
  4. Blake had gotten there early so he was near the front. He had never been chosen to go on one of these missions. The excuse was he was too small or he doesnt have the right qualifications. But now he was all grown up, he had worked hard to be where he was. He was tall muscular and he could take charge easily. He raised his hand above everyone else's and yelled "Its my turn to go! I volunteer!" His voice was deep but yet strong and it rang along with everyone else that wanted to go. He looked around to look at everyone that was there when he was pushed aside by a girl in a red.hoodie "Well excuse me, am I in your way?" He said in a cocky voice. He hated being walked over by anybody.
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  5. (it's both)Jennifer
    quickly looked back at blake before going on the truck. The leader of Jens district Joel let Blake on. Joel turned to Eve "let the girl get on!" he said.
  6. Jessie just wanted to get this out in her mind. The boy that had just gotten on the truck was extremely cute and she wanted to go even more now that she knew he was going. "Yeah!" he shouted. "Let her on!" She blushed for a second. He wanted her to come. She had to let her fantasy end though. This was practically war, not a romance novel. This was a matter of life or death, and here she was worrying about it her hair looked okay. Eve finally agreed to let her go. If only Jessie had known what she was getting herself into.
  7. Jennifer touched her sleeve where her wrist was. She had been bitten by one of the creatures and survived. Nobody has ever survived within two days of being bit, she had now survived 4 weeks. Unfortunately she wasn't even part of this district. She just pretended to be so she could get free supplies. The first chance she got, she would ditch this raid and leave to fend for herself. The vans were off and Jen sat there as other people were talking.
  8. Blake had been put on the van, he was s excited. He had waited for this moment for a while. He was placed across from the girl and kept glancing at her. She kept playing with her sleeve and he wondered why. He also wondered why he had never seen her before, you would have thought he would. This made him suspicious but he kept to himself and just observed the other people that were chosen.
  9. The young woman finally took her hood down. She was gorgeous in every way possible. With a sigh she tightened her ponytail that held her long brown hair. It was hard to have long hair when you were a survivor, you had to have a brush which was rare. It seems she had one though. Jennifer pressed her fingers against her sleeve again and sighed. As she looked up she noticed a lot of people were giving her looks. Nobody saw long hair in a while, and for that matter, kept it clean. She stuck out badly.
  10. His eyes narrowed when she took her hood off. He definitely didn't know her. So it was obvious she wasn't from here. He looked around and saw the stares, he decided to help her out and he got up and sat next to her. Knowing her name from somebody calling it out "So Jennifer isn't it great that we've finally been picked?" He said giving her a look saying to 'go along with it'. He was going out on a long shot and he hoped she wouldn't throw him under the bus.
  11. "Uhh...yeah, sure" she said catching on. The looks slowly stopped and Jennifer let out a breath of relief. "Thanks" she said blushing a little. "I hate getting looks" she said.
  12. He smiled softly "No problem. And if your hair wasn't so long and well kept you wouldn't stand out." He said admiring her features "Im Blake." He said holding out his hand for her to shake it.
  13. The girl looks at Blake and smirks "Jennifer" she says and slowly takes his hand. It's been a while since she felt anyone's hand. She looked at him "So...Blake, why do you want to even be here" she says. "Being out in this part of town to scavenge things is danderous..."
  14. "I live for danger." He said with a smirk "I've lived in such a boring place, doing the same things everyday. This is the one time of year I look forward to and I've finally been picked." He said then turned to her "So tell me, why are you here in another district?" He her and dangerous smile, having known she wasn't suppose to be here.
  15. She bit her lip, she had to think of an excuse and fast. "Our districts running out of supplies...I just need to grab some and then I will be all set" she said. The cart bumped a little. "Living for danger huh? Well it's good your not afraid, we already got plenty of people like that..." she said.
  16. He didn't buy her excuse for a minute, he could tell by her body language the question made her nervousness but he didn't say anything about it "Yeah I've basically trained for this day, working out and trying to learn all the skills AI Ned. So I'd say I'm pretty good to go." He said giving her a thumbs up.
  17. She then chuckled "well Im also glad we have some positivity in this cart as well" she said looking at him for a while then finally looked away. "We are almost there" she said.
  18. He cracked his knuckles and nodded a little excited "Good its about time." He said looking over at her. She was sweet and he.liked her but there was something about her that he couldn't figure out yet.
  19. She breathed as she saw the abandoned shopping mall. The place was strictly off limits for anyone but it seemed like this district had no choice now but to go there. Everyone was handed some supplies.
    She remembered being bitten at this place. It was at the merry go round in the top floor.
    "Everyone get in groups" Joel said "and be careful."
    Everyone screamed and shouted, picking partners.
  20. Blake quickly grabbed onto Jennifer's arm.and looked at her "Your my partner." He said with a smirk not giving her much of a choice. He stood up and stretched out his legs, ready to face anything.