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    For the Sqeebs (open)
    I am your Drill Sergeant Julian Kayle, otherwise known to you as Satan. You are not a being anymore. You are a Sqeeb. You now belong to the Legion of Planets. Everything that you do, from the time you enter that ship, to exit, will be watched. Every single thing you do will effect your entire team. For every time you misbehave, for every misplaced item, every act of defiance, your team will suffer for it. If you want to quit, act like a little baby that wants their mother, your team will suffer for it. You belong to us now. Everything you were before is no longer. Your culture, your family, your friends, they are no longer part of your life. You no longer have a life until you have completed training. From here on end, you have chosen a life of hardship, and a life of honour. Do not expect to have fun, and do not expect me to show you any mercy. One mistake is all it takes in battle for your comrades to die. Remember, you came to the Legion, it didn't come to you. Your loyalty, your person, everything now belongs to Legion. But I can promise you this; you will live a life full of honour, and any past crime, wrong, that you have done, will be redeemed. The Legion of Planets does not care what you did before, it is what you do now that matters the most. Do you have what it takes to be a Legion Soldier?

    On Earth, there is a universal army called 'Legion', started in France. It is known as one of the world's harshest training regimes, but the strongest bonds are formed in it. Within this army, all race is forgotten. Your patriotism is not to any country, not even your own, but to the Legion itself.

    But that was years ago; now in the year of 2540, roughly five hundred and twenty six years later, we have become a fully functional peaceful race. Other species have joined Earth, other planets sign a peace treaty with the 'Terrans'.

    All the planets in the next solar system have created a Planetary Legion of their own, and it is said to be one of the harshest, and most brutal training courses than both solar systems have seen, but their comradely, and their bonds are stronger than any creature has seen in its life. They go out of their way to destroy everything of their cadets, so they can rebuild them into soldiers. They create bonds so strong they can never be broken. The Legion is a life of honour, pride, fidelity, and courage. It is a place for discovering who you are exactly, and the only place you can truly redeem yourself. It doesn't matter, who, what or what you have done, once you pledge The March, you belong to the Legion. Desertion, even in training, is punishable by death. You will be test passed your limits, broken and remade into a new person.

    It doesn't matter what gender you are, if at all. Legion of Planets accepts all.

    Their common language is English, with multiple tunes from both galaxies By the end of your eighth year training, you'll be given the option of giving yourself a whole new identity. You are not allowed to marry unless you are a Segeant at least.

    The place the training takes place on is a planet by the name of Scorra, a planet with such rough weather patterns that it makes life difficult for any being to bare. They are sent to this planet, which is harder to live in than a penal colony, to learn the meaning of hardship. There's only two seasons on this planet; Summer, which is as hot as Al Aziziyah, Libya; Earth, and winter, which is as cold as the Arctic sometimes. Recruits die each year from the weather itself, but those who pull through are given a sense of pride.
    Seasons (open)
    Seasons (open)

    How long does this season last?
    Out of the 12 months, summer lasts an even six months
    What is the hottest it gets?
    The summers can get up to 136.4
    Are the seasons artificial?
    No. Both seasons occur naturally for this planet.
    Any life on this planet other than the Legion and Sqeebs?
    None whatsoever. They have to get food sent to them.

    How long does each season last?
    Winter lasts about six months out of the year with a heavy snowfall (around four feet of snow)
    What is the coldest it can get?
    Unrecorded, but it gets incredibly cold; most Legion Soldiers have learned to huddle up.

    Scorra (open)

    The Creed
    I am a soldier of the The Combined Planetary Legion, and I hence forth decree that I shall always stay faithful to my brothers and sisters of the Legion. I decree that all family, friends, and life before mean nothing to me where as concerned my honour might be questioned. I vow to forever uphold the truth, I vow forever to never be silent while the innocent suffer. I decree from this day forward my duties only lie with the family that I have built with the Legion of Planets. I decree that by disobeying this creed after fulfilling my March, I will surrender my life to the sword. For never lived a soldier from the Legion that has dishonour and nor shall there.
    I vow to uphold the loyalty and strength of my comrades, I will fight and die beside them.
    I vow to forever to never coware in the face of danger.
    I vow never to betray my comrades
    I vow to protect the weak.
    The Legion is my family, and I will do my all to keep them.
    Once I pledge my March, I will always be a legion. should I fall in battle, it ill be for the good of the Legion.
    I vow never to betray my team.
    Death before Dishonour.

    Three friends join this Legion of Planetary Races, forsaking their birth planet they set out to swear to the Soldier's Creed. None of them know what they have gotten themselves into, but by the end, they will either be closer than their families ever were, or they will never be able to face life happy again. The Planetary Legion promises to destroy their Sqeebs (a term used by Drill Sergeants for new recruits and those in training), so that a new person could be build in their place. You either survive and become one of the best soldiers that the two solar systems combined have ever seen, or die as one of the weakest beings they have seen.

    Races (open)


    You can come up with your own races. I will add them here.

    Code of Conduct for the Sqeebs (open)
    This is the Code of Conduct that you will be living by for eight years
    Obey and shut up.
    You didn't come here to hear yourself talk, you came here to be the best of the best.
    You act out of line, your whole team will suffer for it.
    Talking at attention. Not making your bed. Not cleaning up after yourself. Quitting. Not listening. Acting on your own will. act out of line and your team will face punishment for it with you. The only times they won't suffer for you is when you've done something so stupid that only your weakness needs to be weeded out.
    If you disrespect the Creed, it is an instant jail time.
    The Creed wasn't made so you could ignore it and play soldier. This is a single punishable act, and the punishment for this lasts at least a week depending on what you did to dishonour it. Don't dishonour the Creed.
    You have left everything you were behind.
    You have chosen a life with the Legion of Planets. This means that you have left your friends, family, culture behind. Your family is the Legion now, leaving you'll be branded with the black and you will never be allowed back.
    Any kind of racist, sexist, any kind of judgeful behaviour you display against a fellow Sqeeb or a Legionare, your punishment will be dire.
    We do not tolerate homophobia, racism, transaphobia, anything like that. You'll be jailed and drilled harder than anyone else if you display any of this. You are brothers, to these Sqeebs. In the wild, out of a clutch of eaglets, the weakest is pushed out of the nest. Do not think that you will not be pushed if you do not treat everyone as an equal.
    Your past is over.
    All that matters is the present. Leave your past behind, and don't complain about it. You are here to become somebody else.
    All deserters will pay the penalty.
    Self Explanatory.
    You are expected to follow orders without question, no matter what the order is.
    We may order you to sweep the desert. Do it. We may order you to haul rocks to one area, only to haul them back. Do it. Don't think, do.

    Terms Used by Legion Soldiers (open)
    The March
    The March is the last part of a Sqeeb's journey to becoming a Legionare. It is a six day long trek across the heated desert of the Death Strip, a desert so hot that you are given cloaks to cover yourself up from the sun with limited supplies that you have to figure out among your comrades to keep you going until you get to Temple of Legionares, where you pledge your creed, and become a full blown Legion Soldier, and no longer hold the name Sqeeb.

    A Sqeeb is someone who is not a Legion Soldier yet, or a new recruit. It is a way of showing them for what they are before the full training.

    Dead Weight
    When they call you a Dead Weight, it means that they think that you are not good enough to be a Legion Soldier and will do whatever it takes to get you to quit.

    The lowest of the low, someone who has quit or been kicked out

    The Ricks
    Sleeping places of the Sqeebs

    A burner is someone who has high potential in the Sqeebs. Though they are not meant to sound positive. The harder you are drilled but not punished, the more likely you are a burner to them. The difference between a burner and a Dead Weight is that the Segeants will try to get you to push yourself vs. trying to get you kicked out.

    Terms Used by Sqeebs (open)
    Sqwob (Sq-whoa-b)
    A Sqwob is the Drill Sergeant
    (Going to let you guys come up with your own terms)

    Main GM: @LogicfromLogic

    1. Unless you are a drill sergeant, medic or other military personnel in the TCPL, you start out as a 'Sqeeb'. And that being said, your character is expected to be compliant with their instructors otherwise they will be given punishments for it, and as unfair as they seem for your character they are meant to band the Sqeebs together. Those who quit are cast out and branded with black, marking them forever as a failure.

    2. No more than two characters per person.

    3. Just because there are six friends does not mean that they cannot befriend more.

    4. This is loosely based on the French Legion. which means that if you know about it, if one member of the Sqeebs does something wrong, they all get punished for it.

    5. No God Modding; you can die in this roleplay, both in training and in the battle. Or if you pull a stupid and send your character drunk off a cliffside.

    6. Follow basic Iwaku rules

    7. My word is law. If I say no more Military Staff, or that your character died (which I give that a good amount of thought if the situation rises), then that is what happens. You can create new characters.

    8. You are allowed to question anything somebody posts.

    9. Please use passable grammar, and post at least a paragraph (no one liners please). Quality, not quantity, small posts aren't always bad.

    10. Your character will feel belittled in this roleplay, that is how training is. It is hard, brutal and is meant to destroy that character, only for them to become better.

    11. Once training is over, you are expected to re-create your character's sheet, if he/she/other survives it all.

    12. HAVE FUN. If you are not having fun, message me and I will see what I can do for you.

    13. Oh, forgot to mention; they have to shave their heads upon arriving the day of their first training, and keep it shaved until given permission to regrow it. It does not matter if it is cultural to you; you drop EVERYTHING from your life to create a new one in The Legion.

    14. OOC belongs HERE. I will report posts in the RP Thread for violating this.
    15. Romance is allowed, keep it PG-13 and take your 'physical romances' to the Lib section.

    Character Sheet (open)
    Role (Are you already a Legion Soldier or a Squeeb? Limit: 3 Legion Soldiers)
    Eye Colour
    Hair Colour
    Hair Style
    Distinctive Physical Traits (tattoos, scars, etc)
    Picture (No anime please. You can use fantasy art, no anime)
    General Personality
    5 Good Traits
    5 Bad traits
    Any Powers (please don't over-do it)

    The Combined Planetary Legion Soldiers (Accepting Officers!)

    1. Drill Sergeant. Julian Kayle (LogicfromLogic)
    2. Lyia Vermeros (@Shadicmaster)


    Five friends

    1. Gwar Sreck (@El Presidente)
    2. Naveen McBride (@LogicfromLogic)
    3. Khora BeRakda’al (@Shadicmaster)
    4. Miles Draconis (@LogicfromLogic)

    (Remember; this friendship can fall apart and it will be tested to its limits)

    Other Sqeebs

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  2. If this starts to gain some interest with others, I'll throw a CS up.
    For now I'm just going to wait
  3. Name
    Drill Sargent. Julian Kayle
    540, 32 in his specie's years
    Cisgender Male
    Caucasian, Arvanian
    Role (Are you already a Legion Soldier or a Squeeb? Limit: 3 Legion Soldiers)
    Drill Sargent
    The Legion. His biological family only know that he disappeared; he hasn't seen them since his abduction.
    Other Legionares, and believe it or not the Sqeebs though none of them think that he is on their side.
    N/A (for now)
    164 (not fat, he's got a heavy muscle mass)
    Eye Colour
    Hair Colour
    Hair Style
    what his hair looks like (open)

    Distinctive Physical Traits (tattoos, scars, etc)
    On his left upper arm (open)
    [​IMG] All Legionars get this tattoo upon graduation

    Picture (No anime please. You can use fantasy art, no anime)
    what he looks like (open)

    Uniform (open)

    General Personality
    Julian is a rough man. He's guarded and strong, and always seems to have a 'never give up' attitude to him. He isn't really known for his kindness, but it is in there somewhere. While he is the shortest Drill Sargent in the Legion of Planets, he certainly has a manner that fits bigger people. On his off time, people know him for being a humourous guy, and obviously takes pride in what he does. He wants nothing more for the cadets to be all they can, and if he is harsh with you it is because has to be. He however is a very dangerous person to lie to. He hates liars and will weed them out of the team faster than you could think. He doesn't like cowards; it is okay to be scared, not okay to act on it. He turns civilians into soldiers or he kicks the ones who cannot turn out. She weakness to him and he will either drill it out of you, or he will drill you out. Don't complain around him.
    5 Good Traits
    He wants people to be the best that they can

    5 Bad traits
    He can make a grown person cry
    If you lie to him, he will make your life miserable

    Any Powers (please don't over-do it)
    His element is fire
    He was born into a broken home, and a group of traffickers noticed this. He would always go outside and play while his parents fought, and at the tender age of twelve (100 years for humans), he was abducted. Back when he first started, when he was sold to a family that had roots in the Legion of Planets, and he was given to the Legion at twelve. The family soon left the planet and he hasn't seen them since. This was common; people would adopt children and then dump them into the Legion of Planets. The regulations have changed since then and nobody can join that isn't at least an older teenager (18 and up) into the Legion of Planets.
    He really struggled to get everything right, and it was hard for him. He used to be one of the weaker ones because of his size, but after nearly starving to death after getting lost, dealing with the punishment, he rose to the challenge and became one of the strongest. He became a Drill Sargent at the age of twenty nine. He's been offered bigger promotions but he likes his job as it is; he's one of the most respected Legion drill sargents.

    His family have never stopped looking for him, but since outsiders are not allowed even near Scorra, they will never find him. But he thinks of them often, but he never tells anyone about it.
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  4. I'm really interested in this. May I post a character sheet tomorrow and just replace this post with the sheet?
  5. I am thinking of cutting the group of friends down to four
  6. I spent far too much time on this.

    Tato Frair
    Human equivalent of 22
    Some planet around Scorra
    Role (Are you already a Legion Soldier or a Squeeb? Limit: 3 Legion Soldiers):
    Mother, father, and an older sister
    None, just got there
    None yet
    Eye Colour:
    A very startling shade of white-blue
    Hair Colour:
    Hair Style:
    Chin length bob
    Distinctive Physical Traits (tattoos, scars, etc):
    Picture (No anime please. You can use fantasy art, no anime)
    General Personality:
    Overall, Tato is a quiet person. He likes to be in the background, not be noticed, and just observe. Many people comment that this kind of meek personality is not suited to the military, but has a fierce determination and stubbornness. Tato prides himself on intelligence and quick thinking. Torrens are known for their excessive patience and resilience, and Tato is no outlier. He's probably the calmer of the bunch, but no less strong or unwilling.
    5 Good Traits:
    1. Exceedingly loyal
    2. A hard worker
    3. Willing to learn
    4. Very hard to anger or startle
    5. Observant
    5 Bad traits:
    1. Sometimes too snarky
    2. Brutally honest, sometimes causes friction between peers
    3. Not self confident enough
    4. Tends not to take the initiative
    5. Not the strongest of the group

    Any Powers (please don't over-do it)
    Tato is the youngest child of two parents. Had a very good childhood with an older sister that looked out for him constantly. He did well in school, but didn't really enjoy it. He joined the military for personal reasons, and doesn't often talk about home. Tato's sister never got along well with her parents, along with over-stressed caused her to take her own life. Due to grief of the loss of his sister, Tato joined the Legion to get away from all of the things he didn't want connections with.
    Tato appears more male, and for clarity's sake goes by male pronouns. However, the proper pronoun for a gender neutral citizen is Per.
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  7. I have a feeling that the character appearence link may be broken. I'm not sure how to fix it though.
  8. This looks quite interesting! I'll be writing on a character sheet for a squeeb in a bit.
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  9. I have a question, will my character be elsewhere from the six squeebs since Tato has been listed under other squeebs?
  10. Typically you have to specify that you want to be one of the six.
  11. And no, you are just a fellow sqeeb
  12. Oh, whoops. I may have made a tactical error there, but that's a good piece of information to know before the thing starts.
  13. I should have mentioned this but this is the standard uniform for Legion Officers in formal wear (meaning he will be expected to be wearing this when the Sqeebs arrive, but during training he may wear that, but I will warn that that'll work in the winter but in the summer he might get too hot):


    And for Sqeebs:

    In training for winter For Training in Summer

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Formal Wear for Sqeebs

  14. Well I lost my first draft so here's a quick and basic redo of my character. Depending on if more information is needed or if I feel like adding more later, I might expand on the sheet after class.

    Tia Carter
    James Carter (Known as JC) - Father
    Sophia Carter- Mother
    Ashton Carter- Older Brother
    Friends that joined the Legion with her, Ashton
    None so far besides her own fears
    5' 4"
    Eye Colour
    Hair Colour
    Light Brown
    Hair Style
    Before having to cut her hair for the Legion, Tia had long hair similar to the picture below often kept in a loose ponytail. Once she is allowed to grow out her hair she is hoping to restore it to its former appearance, although plans do have a tendency to change.
    Distinctive Physical Traits (tattoos, scars, etc)
    By KimiSz
    General Personality

    From the first time you meet her, it isn't hard to see that Tia has an extroverted personality. Willing to chat with nearly anyone, Tia usually treats others kindly until they give her a reason to act otherwise. She can be very prideful in nature and isn't one that will ask for help from others when in need.
    5 Good Traits
    Quick learner

    Determined on what she set her mind to
    5 Bad traits
    Hot tempered
    Overly competitive
    Doesn't handle being alone well

    Doesn't forgive easily
    Any Powers (please don't over-do it)

    Growing up Tia could never remember a time in which she was asked if she wanted to join the Legion. Rather, the question was alway when would she join. With a father being a sixth generation Legion member and a notable Lieutenant as well as a brother that joined the moment legally able to by age, most thought it was only a matter of time before Tia too joined the ranks. Truth be told, if she wasn't born into the Carter family the idea of joining the Legion probably be far from her mind and most likely would have taken up a more mundane job. However due to the sake of tradition, Tia decided to follow suit with her brother who is currently in his eighth year of training and joined, along with a few of her friends.

    Being the first to breach the idea of joining the Legion, Tia tried hard to persuade her friends to join her in hopes of not training alone and for the most part was successful.
    For those who have characters that are a part of the TCPL, feel free to have your character know JC (Lieutenant currently based on a different planet) or Ashton(Eighth year Sqeeb). And by all means feel free to use them and their achievements against her such as saying that she is not good enough and similar things.
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  15. Is she part of the six?
  16. Yes she is with the six.
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