The City of Tyrants RP

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  1. “Argyros, Ferrum, Anhydrous. Targets on lock. Proceed as planned.”

    “Yes, sire.” The three men whispered into their mouthpieces in unison, only the tiniest noise of fabric brushing against fabric releasing into the wind as they hopped off the roof of the ancient structure they often utilised to stalk their prey. Like a hawk, familiarising itself with the zenith of a tree where it could easily exercise its superior visual abilities over its next meal. Just like most other tall buildings scattered about the city.

    The night, like every other typical night along the streets of the city of Aerikem, was empty and cold. Silver moonlight peering down through breaks in the thick cover of ashen clouds in elongated intervals, causing condensation droplets to shine as they dripped off the edges of sharply geometrical buildings made by the most Pythagorean of architects. White, black, glass and blue. That was the general colour scheme of this city encased in eternal darkness; shadows brought upon them by the overlords of the biggest and most influential corporation on Earth–Cambia. They not only had a unique political system of power of their own, rather unique in that they ‘employed’ princes to lord over sectors, which humans still thought could be called cities. But oh, how wrong they were.

    The only thing those sectors retained as similar to a metropolitan part of civilisations were the modern structures and the usurpers, the vultures, the rich standing on the crumbling platform elevated on the backs of the poor and the middle class people, who barely had any energy to keep it up, but they tried as hard as they could–thinking they were under absolutely no pressure and had nothing to carry at all. They were blinded by the very people they venerated, the people they despised but still sacrificed themselves to nonetheless.

    And here were three of the inhuman creatures who perfectly dominated the clueless human citizens. Often employed only as police officers, these three exceptional Silverlights were taken into the higher, more powerful wing of operations and affairs; the espionage division connected with a direct link to the governments of the world. The governments that believed they were still free, but in fact were under the full control of The Eight. The most enigmatic, most powerful, and most mysterious individuals to ever rule the Earth.

    There were, with no doubt, all types of rumours and ideals–and conspiracies–perpetuated about them, advocated and fought against, all by masses who were completely in the dark. Living the lives they had now, with their so-called ‘brilliant smart cities’ and the technology they previously had no clue even existed, they thought they were well off, laughing at and mocking past civilisations at just how horrible they were at enjoying life.
    What they were completely unaware of was just how ruined they all were. If The Eight were vampires, like in that odd film Day Breakers, humanity would be blood bags and the ruling figures the most starving of bloodsuckers.

    But no one even knew what the eight where–not even their underlings. Were they high sorcerers? Ancient magicians who could put together entirely new species? Had they used science together with magic to create the Silverlights? Or were they… Were they gods?

    No matter what they were, they sure as Hell knew how to utilise an agenda. As if created specifically to rule, they organised everything to their own liking, prepared for all the enemies they themselves provoked.

    What they were unprepared for were the small organisations of underdogs. What they also forgot was that humans were still brilliant with technology. Put those two together and what do you have? Precisely. Secret sects preparing to wage a war against the corrupt system.

    The system itself had much bigger goals and targets to reach, however. And with the high security measures they had? They would have absolutely no problem annihilating their revolutionaries.

    But, unaware as they were, perhaps their opposers could utilise the element of surprise.

    Either way, that did not matter tonight. Although there was no rain, there were the faint aftertastes of it; the kiss of the frigid chill in the winds made that clear. The lack of pouring water made it all the more easy for the scourge known (by few, really) as Denvian Crowe. An information dealer, the Keeper of Knowledge, some type of Mortician and a trainee of the Knights of Hell themselves, this demon was one of the most dangerous of all. With his sly ways, which easily infiltrated into his entire lifestyle, he knew better than to let any of that be known. However, while he was trying to gather intel (eavesdrop) on Silverlight spies (ah, the irony), his slightly mad, rogue reaper acquaintances made an appearance behind him and kicked him right in the back, arousing the attention of the three men he almost fell right on. Catching himself in mid-air, he had kicked off the nearby opposite building and landed in the thin strip of a back alley. They had looked infuriated, and, taking no more than microseconds to scan the entire area, making sure there were only those two reapers and the demon, the relentless pursuit that was still currently ongoing had begun. In reality, Denvian and his mates could have stopped and took them on with ease, but keeping a low profile meant it was better to run away like cockroaches–and, really, this was oddly amazingly fun.

    “Think we lost them?!” Shouted Severus, cocking his silver-haired head back to glance at the black haired, black-on-black clad demon, with his sunlike orange irises shining brightly in the dark, looking much like two miniature stars with a crescent moon’s shadow hovering perfectly by the centre of them. The other reaper, Raz, was slightly lagging behind the demon, locking his gaze with Severus’s.
    The trio had noticed the chase cooling down and then almost ceasing about two minutes ago, however they knew better than to let their guards down. It turned out that they made the right choice, as when those three Silverlights; Argyros, Ferrum and Anhydrous slipped off the slick roof of the building they had just passed, they were prepared.

    The odd triplet of friends, upon cryptic telepathic instruction of Denvian, slipped right into a building they knew was filled with humans… And other beings? The best plan they could really conjure up, and their pursuers knew it, was to hide amongst the humans that were supposed to be kept oblivious at all costs.

    The interior of the warehouse came as a shock to the intruders who sprinted inside in such a hurry, stopping them in their tracks as if an invisible boulder had slammed right into them.

    Fully lit, filled with distinctive mechanical humming of overworked technology, and elaborately organised, the massively high roofs made Crowe feel like he was much smaller than he knew himself to be. However, awe was not an option as footsteps echoed into the building like bullets on a battlefield. The three targets rushed to hide behind the belongings of the confused humans–and other individuals–and instead of turning hostile against them, the staccato of rifles rising to greet the Silverlights echoed against the hollowed out, domed ceiling.

    Standing there in a devil-trap-like kill-zone of threat, the governmental murderers were still breathtakingly beautiful. The apparent leader of the predatory triplet sported flowing, pin straight strands the colour of fresh snow, his eyes a steely blue, standing at seven feet five inches.

    The other one had azure hair the colour of ashen lapis lazuli, with such a glossy shine to it, it had made Denvian wonder if he took extra care of it, when he was staring down at them from the roof of that building he was kicked off of. The straight fringe, and the way the sides framed his thin jaw, made his sharp cheekbones more prominent, giving his hazy grey eyes a darker air about them–which was slightly diluted by the sharp caution that swam in the cloudy skies of his eyes.
    The last one of the three was nowhere to be seen. The glean of the shock of silky strings akin to raven feathers was completely missing. He must had stayed outside.

    The two Silverlights scanned their vicinities. Denvian, Raz and Severus would remain safe… As long as the [one of your characters] with the haunted, deep emerald eyes and the snakelike pupils [your character description] staring right at them kept [their] mouth shut and refrained from giving their position away.
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