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    The clock strikes twelve and the spell is broken. The dress fades and the rags appear, they’re no longer the belle of the ball. Princes are left looking for their maidens alone, while their maidens are left scrubbing the floor wishing to tell them it was they who was behind the mask their "princesses" wore. Yes, these damsels the princes so swooned over are the help. Will two worlds keep these three pairs of love birds apart or will they defy the laws of the kingdom to be together?

    Extra Info

    • There are four princes, all brothers due to all's father being the king. Mother can be different!
    • The four maids (which will be the princesses the princes danced with at the ball) were fostered by the same couple in the kitchen. Sisters by spirit, but not by blood or law.
    • King an Queen positions are available, along with the parents who fostered the four, but those will be available after the four princes and maids are full.
    • They four maids discovered a book of magic when they were younger and kept it a secret because the kingdom does not take nicely to magic. That is how they were able to have beautiful dresses for the night of the ball.
    • NO slipper was left behind. The princes have nothing to go on, but the filling in their hearts (CHEESY AS HECK!).

    OOC & Sign-ups
    • I am GM, what I say goes. Though I am looking for a co-gm!
    • Be nice to each other in the ooc. This rule is NOT up for negotiation.
    • No God moding. No Mary sues or Gary sues.
    • No one is overly talented. So please don't listen like a billion talents or strengths.
    • First password is "The clock strikes twelve."
    • If you have to drop, shoot me a pm.
    IC Rules
    • No automatic hits! Please Just no.
    • Magic is considered blasphemy to the royals, so princes most likely won't be happy to finding out their "princesses" use it.
    • TRY TO KEEP THIS ALIVE! I am really in love with this plot, and I hate seeing my other ones shrivel and die. Makes me sad. Anyway, just put "promises" as the second password. Not that you are making a promise.
    (I suck at making rules)

    Character List

    Prince 1: Stargazer
    Prince 2: Ghost
    Prince 3: Justin

    Maid 1: Happily
    Maid 2: Chaos
    Maid 3: Brea


    King:NPC for plot purposes
    Queen: Poisoned Rose

    Character Sheet

    (Picture/GIF Real people or Realistic Anime.)
    ♥Royal or Maid♥
    ✮Age and Birthday ~ 18 to 22✮
    ✮Eye Color✮
    ✮Hair Description✮
    ✮Marks✮ Including Tattoos
    ✮Health Ailments✮
    ✮Personality✮ (Paragraph please . Or if you want to list things out and put a little description of each character trait that's alright too)
    ✮History✮ (optional)
    ✮Secrets✮ List a few, can be silly, or serious. Do they know about their abilities?
    ✮Other✮ Anything Else I Forgot (This is where the maids individual gifts will go, like a gift to control water. Each mage has their own, but only one. Other spells will be performed together)

    (If you want to be in a relationship with one of the character, see them first)
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    #c791a6 Color Reference
    Caeley Emerson Neal
    Cae, Cael, Elly

    Royal or Maid
    Age and Birthday
    18 ~ May 25th

    Eye Color
    Extremely Dark Brown
    Hair Description
    Her hair is extremely dark brown, matching almost exactly in shade with her eyes. It is long and thick with a natural, wave and frizziness to it
    Both ear lobes are pierced once each
    a healthy olive complexion adorned by some sparse freckles
    Health Ailments
    She has problems with her distance vision (if I'm correct this rp takes place at a time before glasses and contacts, correct?)

    - Calculating/Witty/Intelligent; Caeley isn't one to overlook something. She is smart and though she might seem flighty at times, she thinks everything through, rather quickly as well.
    - Wary/Reserved but not exactly shy; When first meeting Cae she can seem shy and quiet... she's not, not really anyway. She is wary of things and situations until she has figured them out, always thinking everything through to be as careful as possible and avoid as much error as she can. Once she warms up though she is a friendly little bugger.
    - Decisive/Organized but playful/Imaginitive; Just like her thoughts, Elly's imagination is always at work. She makes decisions thoroughly and quickly but often tries to find the fun in every situation, no matter how tedious it is.
    - Devoted/Sentimental; If this girl commits to something she sticks with it until the end. She also manages to become very attached emotionally and cognitively to items and ideas, but mainly material things and humans/animals. She finds a lot of meaning in relationships, wether they are between herself and another living being or an inanimate object.
    - Respectful but can be sneaky/Sly; Caeley will follow the rules most of the time, but she is a witty little one who is good at finding the loopholes in everything, so as respectful as she may be, she will find a way to do what she wants.
    - Caring/Gentle; She has a rather sweet disposition overall, and even if she truly despises you, Elly will treat you with the same caring and gentle touch that she treats everyone and everything.

    - Animals
    - Friends
    - Family
    - Talking
    - Swimming
    - Reading
    - Playing the Viola
    - Sports
    - Soccer
    - Softball
    - Running
    - Learning
    - Fairytales
    - Disney
    - Having Fun
    - Singing
    - Music
    - Cabbage
    - Crabs
    - Wasting Time
    - Bossy People
    - Unrespectful Authority
    - Squinting
    - Studying
    - Boredom
    - Sports
    - Learning new things
    - Dreaming
    - Making music
    - Reading & Creating Fairytales
    - Running
    - Making Friends
    - Playing String Instruments
    - Singing

    - Using her imagination
    - Devotion
    - Reading
    - Focusing, especially when bored
    - Attaches to people and things very easily
    - nearsightedness
    - Not being able to see
    - Being told not to use her imagination
    - Dying and growing old

    - She likes to dream that she lives in a fairytale and that one day she will wake up and her life will be just like her dreams
    - She was beyond excited when they found the spellbook and often wonders if she could get her hands on it again just to take a look and see what else is in it.
    - Her imagination is her gift, if she believes and thinks or writes just hard enough her imagination can quite literally come to life.
    - Codewords: The clock strikes twelve & Promises
    - Faceclaim; Rowan Blanchard
    - the kitchen foster parents
    - her three 'sisters'
    - real family is unknown
    any takers?
    just tag me!

    Jaq > Male > 2yr > Hamster || Gusgus > Male > 1yr > DMH
  3. [​IMG]
    Amelia Kimberly Owens

    Amy - A basic nickname given to her by acquaintances
    Lia - A nickname given to her by her foster parents and sisters
    Luna - A name given to her by her birth parents.

    ♥Royal or Maid♥
    Maid - Chamber maid to the Queen

    ✮Age and Birthday✮
    19 - April 9th


    ✮Eye Color✮
    Hazel - Brown

    ✮Hair Description✮
    Amelia's hair is long and goes eight inches past the shoulder. It was a natural black until she started using her powers again and it turned to a silver-grey color


    116 Lbs

    Double ear piercing

    One tattoo


    ✮Health Ailments✮
    Has an allergy to Peanuts
    - At the age of ten, Amelia ate some peanuts a swelled to the size of a balloon.
    Has a weak immune system
    - Even as a child Amelia seemed to get sick easily.
    - When the moon isn't in the sky, Amelia is pale and looks ill.

    Free spirited | Wild child
    Even as a child, Amelia loved to do what she wanted most, running in the woods and playing on the banks of the river. She loved the feeling of being away from her worries, it was relaxing. The animals were always fun to play with, and the water felt amazing on her bare feet. It seemed that Amelia spent more time in the woods than she did at home.

    Strong Hearten | Outspoken
    Amelia is never one to hold her tongue with an issue of injustice. She has always been one to speak up for the little guy and defend those who can't defend themselves. Though she always uses her words to avoid using magic because it would put her family in danger. Others has always come first on her eyes.

    Tom-boy | Fighter
    Amelia has always been more into activities performed by males. Archery, Sword fighting, fight training, etc. it has always interested Amelia more than the basics of being a girl. She is also not one to enjoy wearing dresses, but as puberty hit it was more clear to others that she was female so to stop people from talking about her family she started dressing like a lady, though she didn't change her attitude towards doing lady like things.

    Protective | Brave | Loyal
    Amelia has always been someone to protect others, that means her family. She is absolutely loyal to them and would do just about anything to secure their safety. When the four sister's found the book, Amelia agreed with herself that if anyone found out that they had magic she would take the blame for all of them and insist they had nothing to do with it.

    Secretive | Insecure
    Knowing that she was different from the start formed Amelia's distrust in others. It took years to open up to her foster parents and sisters, but eventually she did. Though despite family ties she still doesn't tell them her past because she is ashamed to know her parents burned for the sake of her. It's the one thing that makes her feeling like she doesn't belong in this world.

    Artistic | Musically inclined
    No, Amelia can't sing as well as her other sisters, but she can play the piano like a master. As a child piano use to be a way to communicate with her foster parents seeing that she didn't speak for the first three years with them. Still to this day she thinks that the notes of the piano are a language all in there own. Amelia also has a gift for free hand drawing. She is good, like really good. However, she doesn't share her drawings with anyone.



    Animals, Running in the woods, Climbing trees, Dancing, Swimming, Sword fighting, Archery, noodles, fruit.

    Red Meat, People who think she should be more lady like, Constantly not wanting to be a burden, Never having enough free time, Be scolded, Letting her "sisters" down

    Piano playing

    Horse back riding

    Always one for adventure
    She doesn't give up too easily
    Hard worker when she wants to be.

    Her past
    Her attitude towards how she lives
    Her lack of focus on her job
    Has a weak left wrist

    People finding out about her magic
    People finding out about her past
    Being executed
    Having her foster parents killed because they know her


    Has known about her magic since she was little.
    When she feels uncomfortable she'll stay silent, but people think she is being stuck up.
    She knows she is the reason why her parents burned.
    Every year she goes missing for three days and tells no one that she is going to visit her parents graves.

    Lunar Manipulation - Read more about it here + she is still studying how to use her ability


    Isla Owens - Biological mother - 23 - deceased
    Tyler Owens - Biological father - 29 - deceased

    Marie Fisher - Foster mother - 38 - Alive
    Isiah Fisher - Foster Father - 43 - Alive

    ♠ Pets ♠

  4. "The clock strikes twelve as the princesses disappear hoping their princes keep their promises."
    Isabaella Lucinda Catherine DePointe formerly Montegue
    Izzy, Bella, and mom
    [BCOLOR=#800080]♥Royal or Maid♥[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#800080]✮Age and Birthday✮[/BCOLOR]
    June 6th

    [BCOLOR=#800080]✮Eye Color✮[/BCOLOR]
    Ice blue
    [BCOLOR=#800080]✮Hair Description✮[/BCOLOR]
    Long blond hair that sweeps to the middle of her back
    Five foot six inches
    140 pounds
    Both of her ears
    She has scars down her left arm and back from an accident when she was just a child.
    [BCOLOR=#800080]✮Health Ailments✮[/BCOLOR]
    ENFP-T personality type
    Curious- Izzy wants to go out and experience things, and doesn’t hesitate to step out of her comfort zones to do so. She is imaginative and open-minded, seeing all things as part of a big, mysterious puzzle called life.
    Observant – She believes that there are no irrelevant actions, that every shift in sentiment, every move and every idea is part of something bigger. To satisfy her curiosity, Izzy try to notice all of these things, and to never miss a moment.
    Energetic and Enthusiastic – As she observe, forming new connections and ideas, Izzy won't hold her tongue – she’s excited about her findings, and share them with anyone who'll listen. This infectious enthusiasm has the dual benefit of giving her a chance to make more social connections, and of giving her a new source of information and experience, as she fits her new friends' opinions into her existing ideas.
    Excellent Communicators – It's a good thing that Izzy has such strong people skills, or she’d never express these ideas. She enjoy both small talk and deep, meaningful conversations, which are just two sides of the same coin for her, and she is adept at steering conversations towards her desired subjects in ways that feel completely natural and unforced.
    Know How to Relax – It's not all “nature of the cosmos” discussions with her – people with this personality type know that sometimes, nothing is as important as simply having fun and experiencing life's joys. That Intuitive trait lets Izzy know that it's time to shake things up, and these wild bursts of enthusiastic energy can surprise even her closest friends.
    Very Popular and Friendly – All this adaptability and spontaneity comes together to form a person who is approachable, interesting and exciting, with a cooperative and altruistic spirit and friendly, empathetic disposition. Izzy can get along with pretty much everyone, and her circles of friends stretch far and wide.
    Poor Practical Skills – When it comes to conceiving ideas and starting projects, especially involving other people, Izzy has exceptional talent. Unfortunately her skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on those projects struggles. Without more hands-on people to help push day-to-day things along, Izzy’s ideas are likely to remain just that – ideas.
    Find it Difficult to Focus – Izzy is a natural explorer of interpersonal connections and philosophy, but this backfires when what needs to be done. It's hard for her to maintain interest as tasks drift towards routine, administrative matters, and away from broader concepts.
    Overthink Things – She doesn’t take things at face value – she looks for underlying motives in even the simplest things. It's not uncommon for her to lose a bit of sleep asking herself why someone did what they did, what it might mean, and what to do about it.
    Get Stressed Easily – All this overthinking isn't just for their her benefit – Izzy, especially Turbulent ones, are very sensitive, and care deeply about others' feelings. A consequence of her popularity is that others often look to them for guidance and help, which takes time, and it's easy to see why she sometimes get overwhelmed, especially when she can't say yes to every request.
    Highly Emotional – While emotional expression is healthy and natural, with Izzy even viewing it as a core part of their identity, it can come out strongly enough to cause problems for this personality type. Particularly when under stress, criticism or conflict, she can experience emotional bursts that are counter-productive at best.
    Independent to a Fault – Izzy loathes being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules – she wants to be seen as highly independent mistress of her own fate, even possessors of an altruistic wisdom that goes beyond draconian law. The challenge for her is that she lives in a world of checks and balances, a pill she is not happy to swallow.

    Isabaella grew up in a neighboring kingdom and she was raised into being a 'perfect princess' but she had a mischievous side. Izzy was always finding something to do and pulled pranks on her siblings all the time. Isabaella was the third born in her family meaning she was to be married off to any eligible prince in a kingdom. That was how she came to marry her husband of the current kingdom. It was a ball hosted for her to meet as many eligible princes as she could. When she met her husband it was over she was in love with him and spent most of her time with him laughing and exchanging stories about their childhood. They were married before her 18th birthday.
    spending time with her family
    Star Gazing


    Reading and Drawing

    Drawing and gardening.
    her caring nature
    her love for her family

    Can't focus
    Overly emotional
    Over thinker
    Stressed easily

    Her sons not finding love
    Her sons hating her because of her magic

    [BCOLOR=#800080]✮Secrets✮ [/BCOLOR]
    She was raised in a kingdom that tolerates magic
    She has some magic of her own but hides it

    [BCOLOR=#800080]✮Other✮ [/BCOLOR]
    She has magic and her abilities are focused in magic and that alone she does not have a specialty.

    King Harold William DePointe
    [BCOLOR=#800080]♠ Pets ♠[/BCOLOR]
    Izel- silver fox- female- one year old (a gift from Reggie)
    Persephone- Calico- female-2 and a half years old.

  5. #542afa
    "For someone with such an intense need to be liked you'd think I would have figured out how to be less of an asshole."


    "I also answer to 'you there' and 'help girl'."
    . Emelyne Josephine Harrison .

    "These are my less commonly known names."
    . Emma, Em, Emmy, Lynn .

    Royal or Maid
    "Yeah, cause princesses wear rag dresses and clean the floors on their hands and knees."
    . Maid .

    Age and Birthday
    "I celebrate my birthday, it's not important."
    . 19 & August 9th .

    "Let's see... Boobs? Check. Vag? Check. That means I'm a boy, right?"
    . Female .

    Eye Color
    "Blueish, I guess.."
    . Grey-Blue .

    Hair Description
    "Brown? Or does this look pink to you?"
    . Medium brown, naturally wavy, thick, slightly longer than shoulder length .

    "I don't care, I've never checked."
    . 5'2'' .

    "Again, I've never checked."
    . 134 lbs .

    "I have better ways to spend my time then shoving metal through my body."
    . Ear lobes once - got when she was a baby .

    "I don't even have scars. I don't do anything dangerous enough to get them."
    . N/A .

    Health Ailments
    "I don't have time for sickness."
    . Allergic to Peanuts .

    "I guess I'm a bitch, but that's better than being a pushover."
    . Emelyne can't seem to decide what kind of person she wants to be. She's very honest and direct, sometimes so much that she comes across as rude and tactless. She's careful, especially about the people she becomes close with, which also makes her judgmental. Emma is more of an observer than she is anything else, and more often than not this makes her appear quite and timid to strangers. This particular assumption is shut down the moment she opens her mouth, however, because she has almost no filter and possesses an abundance of sass. She says what she means, but because she lacks tact the things she says do not always come out right. Quick to regret and also anger, Emma is much more emotional than she cares to admit. As a defense mechanism, Emelyne hides her emotions as best she can, and has trouble letting people in to get to know her. She's good with keeping secrets herself, but finds it difficult to trust other people. Because of this, Emelyne is extremely independent, preferring to do all the work herself rather than depend on someone else. She does not play the damsel in distress, but rather the reluctant hero. It's not often that she holds her tongue when she sees something she doesn't like. While Emma is very clearly a pessimist, she does find herself looking for the beauty in everything- even death. She's a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, but does not leave it up to fate to decide entirely where her life is going. Lastly, while Emelyne is not the leader type, she also isn't much of a follower. She does what she feels like, and if she takes orders it's only because she doesn't want to deal with the consequences that may arise from not listening .

    "Nothing really interested to see here, move along."

    During the summer Emelyne was born to a new couple of peasants in the kingdom. The woman, Tatiana, made money by sewing clothing and the man, Darian, was a hunter. Emelyne was a happy child, though she was obviously much more mature than most of the other people her age. She was also thought to be dumb, because she didn't ask questions like the other kids did- all she ever did was watch. Most people found it rather surprising when they asked her a question and found that she understood the concept more than her peers- she was always a visual learner.

    Early on, Emma learned that she had to be careful of who she befriended. Her group of friends had always been small, but every single one of the people within her circle had been deemed worthy in her eyes. She would do anything for them, and she did. She didn't mind taking the blame from time to time. Still, no matter how much she loved her close friends, she loved her parents more.

    One night, while her father was out hunting, he was killed by a wolf. Emelyne's world came crashing down, and just when she needed her mother the most she wasn't there. Well, physically she was there, but she was non-responsive. She rarely moved, hardly ate, didn't say a word. It only took a few weeks for Emma to realize she had to fend for herself if she wanted to survive, and so she would need to learn how to get her own food. She got a job at the local market, her employer only paying her in food, which young Emma never complained about. It was what she needed most.

    Shortly after she turned eleven did she loose her mother, due to illness. No one could tell Emelyne exactly what sickness killed her mother, but she knew that the root of the illness what her father's death which caused her mother's depression. With no other family, Emelyne lived on the streets for a few months before she was adopted by a pair who worked in the castle.

    At first Emma was hostile, not wanting to let these new people into her life. They'd only leave her like her parent's had- even if they didn't do it on purpose Emelyne couldn't see her logic was flawed. In fact, it wasn't even until she was sixteen that Emma truly started to love her new family. Now, her adoptive parents and her sisters are the only important people in her life, and she would do anything for them.

    "Very few things, now that I think of it."
    . High Places, Climbing Trees, Rules, Fighting/Arguing, Stars, The Rain, Music, and Sweet Food .

    "Snobby royals who don't clean up after themselves, and also cleaning the horse stalls. That's just gross."
    . Spicy Food, Cold Weather, Screaming, Trumpets, Large Dogs, Literature Studies, Chocolate, Tulips, Crowds, and Doing Dishes .

    "As a maid I don't really have much downtime."
    . People Watching, Running, Singing, Exploring and Taking Naps .

    "Cleaning, I guess. It's the only useful talent I have anyways."
    . Emelyne can also hold her breath for two minutes and twenty three seconds. She can walk on her hands, and has a good singing voice- though, she usually only sings when she's working. Emelyne is a natural at dancing. Also, she learned sign language when she was young, and cans till communicate using it .

    "I like to think I have a few."
    . Emma is strong-willed and dutiful, always working hard and staying focused on her goal until she achieves it. She doesn't rely on anyone but herself, making her very independent. She's quick on her feet and has high stamina. Emma is physically flexible (though not mentally so) and has very thick skin. Also, she's a fast learner .

    "Just cats. I must pet them all."
    . Other than being judgmental and stubborn, Emma has a nasty habit of acting or speaking insensitively. She likes to do things by the book, having very strong feelings about rules being followed. She doesn't like sudden changes, because she needs time to adjust, and when caught off guard she will likely trip over her words. It's also very hard to earn her trust .

    "Let's go with none, yeah?"
    . Above all, Emelyne fears betrayal, which is why she struggles so harshly with letting other people get to know her. She's also afraid of public humiliation and, for reasons she cannot explain, crows .

    "Oh, I'm an open book. I don't keep secrets."
    . Dreamt about being a princess when she was a little girl, but no denies it because she knows it was silly .
    . Has never been in a romantic relationship .
    . When she was thirteen she was very self conscious about her bust size and stuffed her bra. However, she stopped by the time she was fifteen .
    . Once contemplated running away, and the only thing that stopped her was a sudden flu that kept her in bed. By the time it passed she knew she wouldn't be able to make it on her own .

    "I can't believe you want to know more."
    . Weather Manipulation - Read more about it HERE- She is still learning how to control it. Somewhat linked to her emotions, she she may be unstable when upset, but this does not always happen .

    "Making friends is hard."

    Mate / Love Interest
    . Chance DePointe - TBA .

    . Biological Mother - Tatiana - Seamstress - Dead

    Biological Father - Darian - Hunter - Dead
    . Amelia - "Sister" - TBA .
    . Cassandra - "Sister" - TBA .
    . Caeley/Elly - "Sister" - TBA .

    . TBA .

    . TBA .

    . N/A .

    "You can't change your situation. The only thing you can change is how you deal with it."

    Passwords: 1) The clock strikes twelve. 2) Promises.​
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