The C-Listers; [Closed/Dead]

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Got a CS done, lemme know if you need anything changed on it. Though, I'm also curious whether my character would've been a part of the break-out as well, or just some random C-lister that got scooped up. I'm more than willing to change anything if necessary.

Name: Andrew Terrin
Persona: None, yet...
Appearance: 6'0 and with a lanky build, Andrew doesn't stand out from a crowd, and seems like the kind of person who would be a pushover. His shaggy brown hair is kept fairly short but unkempt, managing to stick out at various angles as though defying gravity. His eyes are a simple grey, and he wears glasses to make up for lousy vision.
Age: 20
Archetype: Gifted

Power set
Sound Manipulation - Andrew can manipulate any sounds in the area, teasing them into different sounds and tones with willpower alone. However, he cannot add on volume, but he can remove some. For example, he can make a gunshot sound like a cough, but he cannot do the reverse. He must be able to hear a sound clearly to manipulate it, lest it come out as audible garbage.

Vibrations - The ability to quite literally vibrate stuff, Andrew can cause anything from something to shake itself apart, to a knife that cuts through armor with ease. (Vibroblades, anyone?) He can only do this for something he is holding, and the larger the object is, the longer it takes to achieve the desired effect. He cannot shake apart anything organic, and non-metals/crystals are more difficult to manipulate.

Origin Story: Andrew was always an odd duck growing up, the kind of kid you'd see with headphones on staring into space. Few people had any expectations of him, and he was the frequent subject of harassment during his tenure in public schooling. Everything went sideways, however, when people when address him and not hear themselves speaking or, even worse, hear somebody else's voice. People were more likely to leave Andy alone after that point, but they still had little faith in his ability to find a good path through life. And, lo and behold, they were right. Andy was only 16 when he committed his first minor infraction, meandering through a private area and continually ignoring the security guards that tried to drive him off. From there, it only became worse, as he was continually caught rejecting the authority of the police. It would've been a favor for the world to put him behind bars, and for the longest time, he managed to get out on one technicality- Whenever he was arrested, he would garble the police's attempt to list his rights, allowing him to slip out with help from some good (albeit expensive) lawyers. Where he got the money, nobody has yet figured out, though it might have to do with the death of some long lost relative or another. Whatever the case, he's finally locked up, with the use of his greatest enemy- Ear plugs
Devin Smith​

Big Wrench​



Power set:
TAAAAAANNNNNKSSS!!!: He knows how to design, and build, armoured fighting vehicles, tanks, and other assorted heavy machines from scratch. He is somewhat known for his ill-fated "mobile fortress" designs, which he, himself, resents more than any of his critics. He knows how to design, and build weapons for his machines, and has a multitude of patents in his name. Is limited by a bad reputation, low funding, and time. Can build extremely high quality, high functioning vehicles. Just needs access to materials, and tools.​
Armored Car; A armored, former swatcar, fitted with a 7.62x51mm machine gun,, spike strip dispenser, armor plating to withstand small arms and rifle fire, and a internal winch.​

Origin Story:
Devin Smith was a brilliant child, he started learning to talk before he was two months old. As he grew, he was part of a loving family, with two older siblings, and one younger. His father passed away from cancer when he was eight, and his mother remarried three years later, to a man that, as he grew into his teenage years, he respected and loved as well. Though his great intellect did cause some problem in school, being bullied frequently for being too smart, essentially, Devin really had a pretty decent childhood. His origin really started however, when he got to MIT at 16 years old.​
At MIT, Devin enrolled in Mechanical Engineering, putting his aptitude to moving things to great use, and expanding on his mostly, self-taught lessons. In his final year however, he was contacted online, by a man interested in some of his armoured vehicle designs, that Devin had uploaded onto various websites and forums. Thinking the man just wanted some ideas for a game, they conversed, and soon the man commissioned Devin for a design. He thought nothing of it, for months, until he saw his design on the news, the low-slung blacked out armoured car, had several modifications, including mounted guns, involved in a massive Police chase in Mercury City. The car was quickly stopped by some random super hero that Devin forgot the name of, but seeing his design, in action, both thrilled, and terrified him. Two days later, he was arrested under suspicion of aiding and abetting a criminal. He was soon cleared, but the damage to his name had been done; Kicked out of MIT, he fought to get into any other university, or college to finish his degree, but none would have him. They all consistently denied him access, citing that their student rosters were full, and that he would have to be put onto a waiting list.​
Devin was livid, but he persevered, sending applications out religiously for three years, while working a bullshit job, flipping burgers.​
Then, he was contacted again. Someone else he though, wanting a design. This time, he was conflicted. He needed money, but at the same time? He didn't want to get even more involved. It had already nearly ruined his life! However, with mounting bills, he opened a second, anonymous email account, that he accessed only through a burner phone, and agreed to the commission. Instead of asking for a mere two hundred bucks like last time, he asked for five grand. The client didn't even try to negotiate. When the design was finished, he received his money. A few months later, he received an invitation, to a set of coordinates, asking to meet. Included was ten grand. Cash.​
Bought and sold, Devin went to the meetup, and thus began his practical education, of how to build his own designs. It also was the start of something he really wished he could go back in time for, and punt his dumbass-self, in the head for. Not even twenty, he hadn't really studied armoured vehicle design, and thus thought greatly of the old, mobile fortress styles of tanks from first world war, and the crazy designs of the second world war. He was hired to build one of these designs he had made, and planned out. The result was that Prototype Dark Reaper Mega Tank.​
It was destroyed, in a matter of minutes, after Dr. Armourgeddeon had managed to raze three city blocks. This time, Devin got jail time. In jail, Devil began studying history, learning more about tanks, why they were designed, the theory, and evolution; what worked, what didn't. Before he was even released, he was signed up for another contract, with his original client...​
Twelve years later, Devin was brooding in jail. Again. Another fucking idiot wanting a super colossal tank, that would just get destroyed again, by another C-rank hero. Every god damn time he got out, he couldn't get a job better than the minimum wage, bullshit placement jobs given by the government. He couldn't get a job as a mechanical engineer anyways, both for lack of his degree, and for his history of criminal relations. He couldn't even get a job with a tech villain, because everyone perceived him as a complete failure, an idiot who makes jumbo fortresses time and time again, never learning from his mistakes. Thus, every time some crackpot idiot with a desire for a fortress tank came knocking, with money in hand, he kept licking their boots, just so he could get out of debt. It always ended up the same. He could see the pattern, and this time, he would not fall into it. No. He would refuse the stupid money, and the incomprehensible frustration of trying to explain to Neanderthals that fortress tanks do not work! They never did work, and they never, fucking will!!
When he was released, again. He refused commissions. He was done working for chumps. He was done getting arrested for their stupidity. He had been smarter this time, squirreling some of his wages away into a secret stash. He had enough to start with. He got himself a new identity, he bought a run down mechanic's shop/junkyard. By day, he worked on people's cars as a general mechanic, to pay the bills. In the back however, he built a second garage, digging it partially underground, so he could mound some junk cars over it and keep it hidden. This was his work shop. Here he would start building, and refining the designs and sketches, and build plans, and everything else he had thought up, while working under the control of morons.​
He would work for himself. He was no longer a henchman. He would never be some imbecile's mook again. No, it would take effort, and time, but he would show those degenerates what a real damn tank could do!​
Until he ended up in jail, nine months later, caught trying to heist some advanced armour plating from a warehouse.​
Shit. Apparently there was a lot more to this "Criminal" thing, than just knowing how to make the vehicle. Still, the High Velocity Light Tank chassis hadn't been found. In the half-buried workshop, under a stack of mangled cars. It was the pinnacle of his work, a single man operable, light tank. It's chassis was made from armour grade aluminum, with a base protection level that would protect it against anything up to, and including assault rifles, firing standard ammunition. Assault rifles firing armour piercing, or larger caliber rifles, like battle-rifles, dedicated sniper rifles, even most police marksman rifles, it would be resistant to, depending on the angle. And anything more powerful than that? Well, he would either need to pray, or use the tanks outstanding mobility, to make them miss. Course, it was just a hull right now, engine and drive train mounted, but no suspension, tracks, not even the metal for the turret yet. will be the pinnacle of his work. Someday. When he can finish it.​
He did have an armoured van beside the tank, the other vehicle he used for parts acquisition. It had come in as a wrecked SWAT van. A lightly armoured van, resembling a small cube truck. He had modified the van substantially already, to help in liberating some of the things he needed.​
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