The Bite of '87

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    "Do we go for burgers, or that place that serves buffet?Or do we say "let's have the same thing we had yesterday".

    Freddy and the others finished their song causing the children to laugh and cheer as the band on stage waved to them causing the kids to wave back shouting out who they liked and who was the best.

    While Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy were playing and having fun, Foxy sat waiting for his queue from Freddy "Ahhahhaha, okay kids you know what time it is?" the children looked curiously at the bear "It's time to say good-bye, it's closing time!" Freddy turns to Bonnie, who begins to play the theme to the Pizzeria causing the children to moan and sigh as they follow their parents out the restaurant.​

    Foxy's eye was wide as his mouth hung open, he couldn't believe this, this was the tenth time this month that he was forgotten! He sat there brooding in his Cove. His fangs bared and ears lowered back as he glared at the threesome as the staff began to clean up, he storms out of his cove snarling, he was sick of this he thought that the others were his friends.​
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  2. Toothy sat at the back of pirate's Cove, his model being a new version than the others, his extended period of inactivity had put him into sleep mode, meaning he'd need to be cued, or woken up directly by someone in order to act, as a way to stop his battery from running out due to sleep roaming

    His parrot, however was almost always active, recording sounds to play back at any time, he looks at Toothy and smiles "Beaky want a cracker" the distorted and crackly voice of the cheap animatronic bird squawked

    Toothy's eyes lit up faintly, the soft bulbs humming with life, the old bulbs barely emitting any light.
    He wasn't as expensive as the others, and thus was made into a side-act for Foxy, where he regularly messed up simple tasks Foxy made him do, and Foxy then berated him, but they would always shake hands after,k to show there were no hard feelings, and that it was all an act
  3. Daniel sighed and glanced at his watch, wondering when Mike was going to arrive. It was the first night for both of them, and he didn't want him to be late. He looked around, a sigh of nostalgia escaping from his lungs. He remembered coming here as a kid almost every week, laughing, playing... While most of the kids talked about which of the characters they liked best, Daniel always cared for all of them. Whenever he would have a rough day at school, his uncle would drive him to Freddy's and order a large pizza and a soda. He would sit there eating pizza, laughing and singing along with the animatronics, while the sour mood from the previous day slowly melted away...
    He searched around the restraunt, checking to make sure that everything was in order. He wondered why the other animatronics had been forgetting Foxy... This was the eighth... no, tenth time this month he hadn't made an appearance. This worried him a bit, but he shrugged it off, giving a friendly farewell as the janitors left. Glancing at his watch again, he wondered where Mike was... It was 11:56 pm. If he didn't get here soon, he would be late.
  4. As the staff finished cleaning up, Chica let out a sigh. "Same old gig, over and over," she muttered to herself in a creaky, high pitched voice, that was just about inaudible. She looked at the clock. 11:56. Her audio box glitches suddenly, and she song the last line of the song, "Or do we say, "Let's have the same thing we we had yesterday." She closed her robotic eyes, nearly growling. It was strangely quiet at the minute, as it was every night.
  5. He was a bit late as he came up ti the drive way with his bike, his bag over his shoulders as he parked his bike on the side of the front building. He glanced diwn at his watch, 11:59, as he walked up to the doorway and pushed it open. He cursed under his breathe and spoke. " Hey! Sorry for being a bit late." He called over to Daniel when he seen him. He fixed his security guard tie to loosen it a bit. He went in his pocket and pulled out the keys for their office he walked over to the door of it after he walked through the old halls. The halls gave him a bit of chills as he did and opened the door. He glanced over and turned on the lights, dim. "They should really fix these lights." He called out to Daniel, before turning on the computer that should each room with a click of a button. He didn't really know much of this place, but he could recall coming here at least twice for his niece's birthday. The animatronics was kind of cute if you pass the forever stare in their eyes.
  6. Foxy stops for a bit when he hears Toothy's parrot he can't help but smile mentally at the little animatronic. He shakes his head remembering why he was out of the cove "You land lovers forgot me and me crew...AGAIN!" he snarls.
  7. Candy came right in the back door of the restaurant and headed straight to the security office and seeing that daniel and mike must have been here she dumped her back pack at the corner and fixed her rainbow dyed hair in to a pony tail before looking at the clock seeing it was almost time.

    Sure she was usually on Day Shift but she had to take the night shift because of their boss that maybe more guards at night would keep the animatronics at bay but she thought it was pointless and took it anyway. Looking over Mike and Daniel she sighed before coming near them. "No wonder boss suddenly made me do the night shift, Man these guys just gets jumpy at night."
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  8. The Marionette sat within it's box, wrapped like a present. His long slender limbs slightly cramping due to being tucked in constantly. "Soon." He grumbled from the fabric behind his mask. He wondered what the other were doing. His friends. His creations. Not so much the suits but the personalities. His favorite part of them. He peeked out of the box just enough to barely see. "Sadness." In the back room. like a used mop bucket. Such disrespect for what he had done for this dying establishment. He never did anything wrong... To what he could remember. The only thing he needed was his music box. They took it away, and threw him in the back room. He waited, wanting to see his friends. "Lonely..." Each night the wait felt longer, but it was worth it.
  9. Nicholas sighed as he stood in the kitchen the young chef wiped the counter and cleaned the kitchen he liked cooking but at the end of the day he was always charged with cleaning the kitchen "finally done..." he wiped his forehead and walked out "hey guys..." he sat himself down and yawned he looked at the animatronics and shuddered "e.... creepy.." he didn't like the animatronics something was always off about them he saw mike and waved at him "hey! night shift eh?" he laughed and popped his neck and looked around once more "don't worry I'm here to... I don't know why but I work here so I must obey heh heh but what ever I got no training so yeah" he saw candy walk in and he waved to her "I should get ready.."
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  10. Hearing Foxy say 'Forgot' was one of Toothy's cues, when he was told he 'forgot to load the cannon' when Foxy went to set off the mock cannon on his ship, this was always met with a roar of laughter as the cannon made a farting sound instead of an explosion, revealing Beaky had gone inside the cannon

    "Y4RR Y3 W33 L4DS 4ND L4SS3S B3 1N F0R 4 TR34T" his voice box was glitching again, and it made his voice distorted...

    Even when his voice ran on a reel of magnetic tape, which...should have stopped there being any kind of distortion

    Ever since he was shipped to the building, he found himself having a lot of issues

    The pirate looked up and smiled a little, his toothy maw flexing as he cursed Davy Jones for his slumber and fixed his bandanna slightly
  11. Davy walked over to Foxy laughing at him. "Your funny Fox, you really think your as worthy to be in with Freddy, Bonny and Chika. You always get me to laugh body" He then ran over to Bonnie winking at her. "What's up bunny, how's it going" The wolf smiled leaning on a bunch of boxes.

    Gold had finally got an exoskeleton he had been wanting for years, he had gotten sick of watching the three sing the same thing every time. He decided to go see Chika who he hadn't interacted in a while with. "Whats up Chika"
  12. Candy looked up to see the young chef and waved before chewing on her favourite sweet as she walked towards him. "Heey! Well yea usually im on day shift but switched for at least a week or so just incase." Looking around she sighed and looked at the clock strucked 12pm indicating it was time. "Dammit, it's time guys we gotta finish this shift before anything happens and hopefully nothing nasty would happen here." Candy told them before turning on the fan and sat down.
  13. As he search through the camera he heard how active things became making another chill run down his spine. From the room where the main animatronics were he seen slight moment then a old pirate voice along with a parrot, though ignored it assuming they probably left them on. He heard a thump in the room and turned his head to the person in the room with him, Candy, he thinks her name was. He was a bit bad with names, anyway he nodded. "Y-Yea I wonder why." He said to her before glancing to the door when heard another voice, Nicholas, he half waved at him back and glanced back at the screen checking others.

    He nervously laughed and spoke. "The more the merrier." He turned his chair around with his feet to face her and Nicholas. "Like what?" He asked added. "There's nothing to worry about really ...I mean who would want to steal at a old place?" He added with a chuckle.
  14. "Well damn!" Nicholas got up and stretched "yeah..." he walked to his position the kitchen office and flipped the switch on the dim light barely shined and he rolled his eyes he put on the uniform hanging in the empty locker and sat down in the old rugged chair he saw what he had "Walkie Talkie... Flash light and that's it..." he looked around again and walked out of his place walking into the main office "hey" he smiled and looked around he wasn't complaining but he knew he was sort of safe "so what now?" he said to the three of them
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  15. It was the time. The best time of all. Hearing the clock hit 12 and feeling the freedom of free roaming instead of rigid joints the Marionette kicked to life. He gently opened the top of the box and set it on the floor. Poking his head out playfully, he stood up. just barely tall enough to get out of the box. He threw one half of his body over and slowly tried to lean over the thin edge of the box. As with most nights gravity ended up doing the work for him and he fell to the ground; his fabric exterior slightly cushioned him and barely made a noise if any at all, it had still hurt his endoskeleton and posed a risk of damage nonetheless. The fall didn't affect him much as he was too excited. He quickly scrambled to the door of the backroom and opened it a crack to see if any of the security was still around. He finished his surveillance and darted out the door leaving it slightly ajar and finally arrived to the stage. "Friends." He had sputtered with a slight echo and a glitch child sounding voice. Unaware of course as to the ordeal about Foxy, due to being excited and of a childish demeanor.
  16. "Well...I've noticed Foxy and the other pirate animals haven't gotten much attention from the kids nevertheless ever peformed for days.." Candy replied to Nicholas
    Before placing a hand on her hips as she placed her weight on one foot to the other. "And few days ago I was sneaking on the back door and found a box but I didn't know what's inside but boss caught me and got extra shift as punisment."
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  17. Toothy felt his joints flexing slightly, his wide toothy maw, for which he was names, opened wide and he let out a loud "YARR" before charging out to stop beside his captain, he was given a sort of tether, to stay close to Foxy unless told otherwise, as he had a habit of walking off in the middle of a performance before he had it installed "F1RST M4T3 T00THY 1S R34DY F0R 4CT10N!" he says in a repectful tone, standing at attention
    "Rawk, And Beaky's here too" Beaky added
  18. "yeah true..." he sighed and heard a little echo of a voice "you hear that?" the voice was disturbing to him he shivered and sighed "Well I should get back to my spot kitchen office so bye for now also leave your walkie talkie on so yeah cya"he opened the back door that lead to the office and sat down in his spot "now I wait..." he turned on the walkie talkied "Hey You Here?" he waited for the static response from candy
  19. Seeing Nicholas hurry off back to his post, Devin glanced out of the office door, searching... for what...? Of course, he had heard the strange echoes and the voices from Mike's camera, but he shrugged it off. Perhaps a few of the janitors stayed behind to make sure everything was clean, who knows? But despite his own reassurance, he still couldn't shake the feeling that something was a little... off...
    "Um, hey guys... I'm gonna go make another sweep around the place... and make sure everything's in line. Buzz me on the Walkie if you need me, I'll be back in a bit." He said, getting up from his chair and stepping toward the door.
    "I wonder why we're never allowed to carry guns...?" He mumbled.
  20. Hearing the wolf mock him, Foxy lets out a metalic growl, he was important to show like the others...wasn't he? Sure he didn't have a major role like Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica.

    Heck even even Davy had a big part. Hearing Toothy stand next him he balled his good hand into a fist
    "Ye be crossing the line there Davey, you be you be you be best watching what you're sayin or I'll have Toothy show yer da plank!"
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