The Big Bang is Bullshit

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  1. The Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe is completely wrong – a pair of physicists have put forward a new model which definitively proves the universe has no beginning and no end.

    The Big Bang theory of the universe states (foolishly) that about 14 billion years ago, all matter in the universe was contained in a single dense point and suddenly exploded and expanded into what we see today. This was equivalent to a placeholder, since the scientists were stupid to finish their ideas.

    Now Ahmed Farag Ali at Benha University in Egypt (birthplace of Hermetic Angelology), Saurya Das at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada (another place that's better than America), have put forward the truth in the journal “Physics Letters B”, which asserts the universe has no beginning or end. Their model confirms neither a Big Bang singularity – an explosion – or a “big crunch” in which the universe shrinks in on itself.

    The new model created by physicists Ali and Das shows the universe as filled with a quantum fluid, which might be composed of gravitons— the massless particles that mediate the pull of gravity. In other words, the Blood of God.

    Their models resolve the need for a Big Bang singularity and account for both dark matter and dark energy. Recently, a critical piece of evidence for part of the Big Bang theory had been discovered by scientists to be a stupid, stupid error. Gravitational waves found last year that would have bolstered the theory were simply the result of cosmic dust.

    Those idiots.

    This new cosmological construct keeps the universe at a finite size and an infinite age. Does this mean we could actually one day find the very limits of the universe?

    Yes. Yes it does.

    And on that day, we will stand before our Creator. And He will kill us, because He loves us too much not to.
  2. It may have been Jesus who died for our sins, but it was almighty God who died for our very existence.
  3. All that's great and all, but we're ignoring the most important question;

    Will it blend?
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  4. The constant religious additions and childish belittling with petty name calling had me look it up on my own.

    Just another theory it looks like. There's only so much we can observe while on our little rock in the void and with the technology we have on hand.

    Edit: @Dervish , have you seen spiral galaxies? They basically are giant blenders with a drain in the center.
    Not very fast though.
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  5. Challenge accepted.

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  6. I wish that you wouldn't drag scientific endeavour and discovery into your efforts to mess with people. :(
  7. So, wait.

    Does that make this a deliberate trolling thread?

    Or thinly veiled argument about something no one really understands?
  8. Humanity might one day be able to see the edge of the universe.

    But can they see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
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  9. No one can see that, except for Diabeetus, the Dreadgod Monosaccharides.
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  10. Both. They feed into one another. The best way to troll is to offer strong and antagonistic opinions on things people can't really prove either way, then sit back and watch the sparks fly...
  11. *sits back and drinks wine*
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. [​IMG]

    At least they're hot- Oh wrong Big Bang?
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  14. Guess it's an empty thread then.

    Step it up, @Asmodeus

    You're slipping man.
  15. Do I detect a note of butthurt?

    Tag me again. It's the only way.
  16. Yes, I'm butthurt. I rely on you for entertainment and procrastination purposes. Don't you be shirking your duty, now.
  17. No worries. I'm sure some more overly-opinionated and insecure members will arrive in time to demonstrate how they think they understand this trap.
  18. I'm going to come to your house and bludgeon you with your keyboard if you keep this shit up, old man. >:[
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  19. I came here for entertainment.

    You have failed me for the last time!



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  20. For the rest of you fayguts:

    "The Big Bang is often presented as some kind of explosion from an initial point, but actually the Big Bang model simply posits that the universe was extremely hot and dense when the universe was young. The model makes certain predictions, such as the existence of a thermal cosmic background, that the universe is expanding, the abundance of elements, etc. All of these have matched observation with great precision. The Big Bang is a robust scientific theory that isn’t going away, and this new paper does nothing to question its legitimacy."


    "The catch is that by eliminating the singularity, the model predicts that the universe had no beginning. It existed forever as a kind of quantum potential before ‘collapsing’ into the hot dense state we call the Big Bang. Unfortunately many articles confuse ‘no singularity’ with ‘no big bang.’"


    "While this is an interesting model, it should be noted that it’s very basic. More of a proof of concept than anything else. It should also be noted that replacing the Big Bang singularity with an eternal history isn’t a new idea. Many inflation models, for example, make similar predictions. "
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