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  1. I'm well aware that PC is the master race, but I don't forsee myself having the money to get a decent gaming computer any time soon. Now then.. Excite! Fallout 4 confirmed! But the console I own probably isn't going to have it. So now there's a question; Which of the two current gen consoles is the better choice, XboxOne or PS4? I'm used to the Xbox controller design, but I don't think the difference would be THAT big in that regard..

    So.. Prices, graphics, reliability, exclusives, online services, etcetera.

    Which do you all think is better and why? Go.
  2. Oh man...should of made this topic a debate. It can get pretty ugly.

    PS4 Yo. No main reason. I don't look into it much. Just been with Sony since the start.
  3. You know, the Steam Machine is coming out. That could be an option, no?
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  4. All my friends have a PS4, but I have an Xbox one. Both are fine, but I kind of like the PS4 just a bit better.
  5. Oh! I forgot all about Steam's console. Maybe I should look into that.. Hrm..
  6. Please. The superior console is the Ouya.
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  7. The only thing worth really considering is console exclusive titles. The prices of the consoles themselves aren't wildly different nowadays, the difference in graphics is minimal, they're both fairly reliable, and with this new generation online play has been equalized by the requirement of a monthly fee to do online stuff for Playstation 4. Go take a look at the exclusive titles for each console and pick the one that has the greater number of exclusives you give a shit about.
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  8. If this is over fallout 4, I'd wait until closer to release and see the features/offers of each console then.
  9. ohyou.jpg
  10. To be honest I have mixed feelings about there being a 'console wars' in the first place. It on the one hand, really sucks you have to invest in multiple ones to get all the titles you really like. On the other hand, competition does improve other things for me as a consumer by default.

    idk I'm just waiting till I get super rich so I can buy everything I want. Until then, see @Jorick's post about exclusives and giving shits.
  11. What Jorick said.

    Bloodborne. <3
  12. The Gamecube is still the best console ever.
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  13. Someone did some digging on the site code for fallout 4 and found constant use of "xbox360" and "ps3" to go with their current gen counterparts. It could mean it'll be a cross-gen platform title.

    But seriously. For the price of a new console and peripherals you can build a sturdy gaming PC with lots of room to upgrade. Not to mention the online fee.

    I'm an idort. So it's whatevs. Good luck though.

    Don't forget mods. Mods make Bethesda.
  14. And yet, it was told to be one of Nintendo's worst consoles. Odd, right?

    Anyway, I'm PS4 for 1 reason: The controlled.

    I know, the Xbox controller is the "better" controller, but when you've played the Playstation, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3, you kinda get used to the Joysticks both being on the bottom and the D-pad being over your thumb and not under.

    Otherwise, PS4 has some pretty nice exclusives over Xbox One that I like.
  15. We all know what the Perfect Console is:

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    The Sega Dreamcast
  16. The iPhone is best console, computer, AND Music Player! iPhone master race!
  17. [​IMG]

    All downhill from here.
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  19. Pedophiles.
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  20. You mean there's differences between the PS4 and the XBone? Could have fooled me. Right now you can buy one and not be missing anything worth noting from the other.
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