The Best of Lovers

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    Name: Julie

    Julie woke up early that morning, her last week of high school was coming up and the weekend before she was, of course spending with her best friend. It was friday and school started in about 2 hours. So Julie wanting to look her best hopped in the shower. She was a rather shy girl and how she became friends with her best friend was a mystery. Julie had always been rather beautiful as well. Julie got out of the shower and dried her hair, pulling on a blue tanktop and a white zip-up sweater, zipping it just under her chest. Julie never wore make-up she didn't find a need for it. Pulling on a pair of skinny jeans that had a lace pattern on them and sliding on her shoes. She still had about a half hour so she jumped into her car and started her drive to her bestie's house. Julie always picked her up, it was their thing. Julie didnt mind it was a nice way to get the boring parts of conversations out of the way. Julie pulled into her besties parking lot about 15 min. later, her radio jamming and car at perfect temperature, sadly enough though she had to go in and get her.
  2. Name: Cera (pronounced like Sarah )
    Age: 18
    Eye color: green
    Hair: Curly brown hair, a little past shoulder blades, bangs covering her right eye.
    Skin color: pale.

    Cera was running around the house, trying to straighten up. She couldn't stand a messy house. She was wearing dark skinny jeans with her converse, and a blue tanktop. She opened her front door hearing her best friend Julie arrive. "Hahahah seems we have good tastes" she says seeing they were wearing almost the same thing.
  3. Julie smiled as she stepped into Cera's house. she was always cleaning even at Julie's house, even if there was a little wrapper on Julie's bedroom floor, Cera had to clean THE WHOLE ROOM. "Of course we have great taste, that's why we are besties." Jile, smiled at Cera and looked around her house, normally her parents were up with her, but I guess they were really tired or something. "so you ready for our trip this weekend?" julie was so excited she had been planning this trip all year, Thats what julie did, she wasn't satisfied with plans unless they were all thought and planned out months ahead of time, which is one reason why julie and boyfriends didn't go that well together. "Come on love we have to go." julie said as she continued to watch Cera run around the house. Julie always called Cera love ever since they had labeled one another as best friends.
  4. "Hang on this picture is tilted!" She said fixing the ever so slightly tilted picture. Sometimes OCD was a pain, but it had its good side. Cera smiled at her work and walked over to her BFF. "Hey Julie" she smiled. "I think I'm ready!"
  5. Julie chuckled and threw her arm around Cera's shoulder and started to pull her out of the house. "Come, on silly, before you find something else to fix." Julie walked out to her car and opened the door for Cera. "Your beat up chevy nova chariot awaits my lady." Julie chuckled and let cera in, then walked around to her side of the car and got in. Driving to the school Julie blared the radio and sang along like the dork she was around Cera.
  6. Cera giggled and started singing along. "OHMYGOOSHNESSGOLLYGOSHFLAPJACK!! I brought M&M's today!! " she yelled suddenly remembering the king sized pack of M&M's she put in her bag.

    [btw i actually made up "ohmygooshneshgollygoshflapjack" a while back :3]
  7. Julie jumped when Cera lost it, then lost it with her. "ERMAHGERD! YES! I want some!!" Julie said as she stopped at a light bouncing excitingly with her hands open smiling at Cera.
  8. "Hahahah any drivers passing us probably think we're high. " she said as she got out her pack of M&M's, opened it, and poured some in Julie's hand before throwing a few in her mouth.
  9. Julie tossed them her mouth. "mmmm, dude I don't even care I fricken love M&m's" Julie giggled and continued driving, as she pulled into the school she noticed her parking spot was taken. "well shoot." Julie drove around until she found a different one parking and turning off her car she reached over and grabbed more M&M's from Cera. "Okay we go in now." Julie giggled and stepped out. she liked school, she just didn't like the energy of the people there, sure she was happy and what not around Cera, but once she stepped foot into school, it was like shy mode activate.
  10. "Aw Julie. Ur so shy in public." T^T Cera complained while walking into school beside her.
    [didnt u say they were gonna have like a field trip or best friend trip in the rp? Just making sure]
  11. Julie smiled at Cera. "I'm sorry I can't help it, its just how I get. I don't like people i don't interact with and kids at school, beside you...I don't interact with." Julie replied quietly as they walked into the school. Nect to Cera Julie looked like a lost girl, small and fragile.
    [yea they are going on a best friend trip, so lets kinda go through this whole school day thing quick so we can get to that part XD]
  12. Ok xD))
    Julie put her arm around her bestie. "Tsk tsk tsk, what are we gonna do with u?" She laughed
    -fast forward-
    Cera had everything ready, all packed, the house was clean, so she sat down on her couch for a little bit before leaving for the trip.
  13. Julie smiled at Cera
    -fast forward-
    Julie rushed around the house looking for everything, she need clothes and lots of clothes. She was taking Cera up to a cabin in the woods that her family had owned for years, she was so excited but she wasn't even ready. "Ugh I'm so stupid." Julie eventually found everything and put it in the back of her car. returning to Cera's house pulling in the drive way and laying on the horn. quickly pulling her hair into a loose ponytail. trying to make her car look slightly presentable. she didnt know why but she had just noticed how dirty it was and Julie was slightly embarrassed.
  14. Cera carried her stuff outside when she heard Julie beep the car horn. She put it in the trunk and then opened the car door to sit in the passenger seat by her. "This is gonna be awesome!"
  15. Julie looked up at Cera from moving stuff around in the backseat so it looked presentable, he ponytail falling out and her bangs falling in front of her face. "Uhm yeah it is. heh." Julie sat up and pulled her out of her ponytail and ran her fingers through her hair. Pulling back out of Cera's drive way and starting on the trip. "So Do you wanna know where we are going?" Julie never actually told Cera where they were going so she was kinda excited to tell her.
  16. "Heck yeah! It better not be a dark ally, i swear if u murder me" she jokes while putting on some sunglasses and buckling her seatbelt.
  17. Julie giggled. "No its a the woods, so we gotta look out for Jason." Julie chuckled and slide on her sunglasses as well. "Nawh, its really beautiful up there, there is a lake, and everything, so I hope you brought a bathing suit." Julie chuckled and smiled at Cera.
  18. "Ok cool! And who wouldn't bring a bathing suit for a mystery destination? " she said
    ((Fast forward to when they arrive? ))
  19. Julie chuckled. "exactly."
    Julie pulled up the dirt path and sat in the car as she looked at the cabin, it was so beautiful. The lake looked like a sheet of glass as the sun hit it and made it sparkle. Julie turned off the car and slowly got out. "God I missed it up here." Julie stood leaning on the door of her car just staring at the cabin.
  20. Cera stared at the cabin wide eyed and mouth dropped open. She slowly got out of the car. "W O W. it's amazing here Julie! " she said then started taking out their stuff from the back of the car.
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