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    Katomi thought that he was an idiot at the exact moment that he finally went out with his plan. With a rock in his hand, he climbed up the tree that was by his best friends house. He knew that her parents had hated him, but he honestly did not care. No one would get in the way of him and his best friend now. He pulled his arm back before closing his left eye and sticking his tongue out, a comical way of taking aim. Seeing the position of the window that he wanted to hit, he launched the rock. A loud sound of rock against class was heard, and even the sleeping birds within the tree were rattled as well. The chicks and mother all started to chirp before the mother flew down. It landed upon his head before pecking at him vigorously.

    "Agh! Shoo, you stupid thing!"

    His hands slapped at the air, attempting to scare the bird away rather than hitting it. The mangy bird took a few more pecks at his hands before flying back up the tree to it's nest.

    "So, it's not only her parents that hate me... everything in this god damn neighborhood hates me too..."

    He shrugged before pressing his back against the tree. He propped his feet up on the ends of the branch, waiting for his best friend to respond. ​
  2. DUNK!

    The sound of something hitting her window made her change her gaze from the book she was currently reading to outside. 'What could that be,' she thought as she rose from her spot on the bed. Nimia moved the curtains and shook her head at the image below. "What are you- Oh wait," she raised up the window. "What do you think you're doing?"

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    He moved his head from left to right, waiting for the familiar sound of a window opening. Even though he had only been there for a few seconds, he was getting rather impatient. He looked at the night sky, admiring the moon for a second before hearing the sound of the window. Nimia met his arrival with a simple question, and that was what are you doing. He gulped, getting rather nervous at the sight of her. Formulating a plan quick, he crossed his arms before looking to the side, trying to be a bad ass.

    "Well... You know. Just looking at the stars. The night sky looks really pretty doesn't it?"

    He wants to say that they shined like her eyes or something of the sort, but to come off super romantic just as they encountered would be more than weird. Katomi turned to face her before sighing.

    "Well... I couldn't knock. Your parents hate me. Willing to let me in?"
  4. She rolled her eyes at his comment about the stars. "Right. You came all the way here to star gaze." Despite her sarcastic tone she glanced up at the sky, not being able to help the smile that touched her lips at the pretty sight. "But it certainly is a beautiful night." Her attention went back to the boy in front of her; Katomi. She wanted to say more. Something like how cool it was of him to pull a stunt like this, but thought better of it. That wasn't her. She wasn't the type to admit stuff like that. No. She had to stay calm and composed.

    "Yeah, and they'll hate even more if they ever find out about this," she muttered, raising the window a little higher now. "Anyway, I suppose I could let you in. Don't want you to freeze to death," She replied before stepping away. As she waited for him to climb inside she picked up her book and began where she had left off. She told herself the reason she did this was because she was at a really good spot in the book. But the truth is she was really reading to calm her nerves. For some reason, she always got nervous when Katomi came around. Another thing that was very much unlike her.

    Her parents didn't like Katomi. They told her that their dislike for him had something to do with his personality, but Nimia knew for a fact that her parents were just afraid that Katomi would take her away from them. They had this weird idea that she and Katomi were most than best friends. They only met him twice.

    She waited until he shut the window before looking up from her place in the book. "So? Is this going to become an everyday routine or was this just one of your many urges?" She asked, finally bringing the novel to a close and tossing it to the side before sitting criss-cross. "Did you really want to see me so badly that you would couldn't wait until tomorrow morning?"

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    He laughed, knowing that she wouldn't take his lame excuse. Katomi watched his valued friend look up to the night sky, commenting on how it was very pretty. He nodded in response. Although his true intention was to talk to her, the night sky did look very beautiful. He tilted his head to the right as it looked like she was going to say something, but she didn't. The mischievous boy shrugged in response. Nimia then continued on about how her parents would hate her more if they found out about his shenanigan, and he rolled his eyes before laughing. Hearing Nimia finishing her sentence and seeing her open the door wider made him grin. He balanced on the branch as if it were a tight rope, before hopping onto the windowsill of the window. Losing his balance, he felt into the room face first.

    Katomi moved into a cross legged sitting position before hearing her ask if this was going to be a daily routine or if it was just an urge. He shrugged, not knowing how to respond. She then asked if he really couldn't wait to see her till tomorrow morning, and it was slightly true.

    "Well, I mean hanging out in school only is boring. Talking to you hear is way more fun. We never do anything outside of school anyways."
  6. That was true. They never do much outside of school, and that was mostly her fault. She was always too busy to do anything. Her parents constantly pushed about her grades even though she ranked second in her class. Apparently that wasn't good enough. And when she wasn't studying she was going to business engagements. When she wasn't doing that she was working. And when she was doing those things she was sleeping. The moments before she went to bed was her only free moments. And she didn't mind spending those free moments with Katomi. In fact, as of now, she found she actually enjoyed it.

    She threw him a suspicious look. "Yeah, right. You just like the thrill of risking getting caught. What could we possibly do here that we con't do at school?" It wasn't until the words were out of her mouth that she realized that there were lots of things they could do here that they couldn't do at school. She shook her head, trying to shake the thoughts. Weird how her mind immediately came up with not so innocent things.
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    He laughed at her statement before raising his hands up as if he was being interrogated by a police officer. It was true that the risk of him getting caught gave him an exhilarating feeling. Being bad just made him feel really good, regardless of the repercussions that could follow. Hearing her finish her sentence by asking what could they possibly do that they couldn't in school made him think rather... awkward thoughts. Well, not awkward for a teenage boy. The things that were flowing through his mind right now would just be awkward to say out loud. Seeing her shake her head made him think that she was probably thinking of rather dirty things as well. He gulped as a weird silence fell in between the two.

    Katomi shook his head a few seconds later. He had to clear his mind of promiscuous things. He sat down upon her bed before looking around her room. It seemed like a pretty regular, girly room to him. The main thing that he was looking for was a TV. Maybe the two could watch a show or movie together while holding each other's hands and getting closer before they leaned in for a kiss. His face went red for a moment, thinking of all the things that the two could do just that night. Katomi actually decided to ask for a TV. Tonight was the night that he would try to make a move on Nimia.

    "Hey, do you have a TV or something around in your room?"
  8. She watched as his eyes seemed to take in their surroundings, and then eyed him suspiciously when his cheeks suddenly turned red. She wondered if he was thinking provoking thoughts as well. When he asked about the TV she nodded, rising up from the bed. "Yes," She pointed to the TV on the wall across from her bed. Surprisingly, her parents did let her have a TV. At first they were against it because it "posed a distraction", but after a lot of convincing they finally said yes. "Just let me get the remote."

    "What do you want to watch?" she asked after returning with the remote.
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    He mentally slapped himself for not noticing that the TV was right in front of her bed. Katomi watched her grab the remote before asking him what he wanted to watch. He was about to say "The Greatest Fighters: Turbo" but he didn't want to let on the fact that he was sort of a nerd. Thinking about the fighting show made him flash back to the time when he went to the comic convention in town. Shudders went through out his body as he thought of the super chubby girls wearing latex suits, trying to be their favorite super hero. Katomi slightly gagged at the thought before coming back to reality with no show in his mind.

    "I don't know really. Got any movies on your TV that we can watch?"

    After finishing his sentence, he turned back to look at the door that led to Nimia's room. That dreaded door could be opened at any moment. He pondered what Nimia's parents would think if they saw him in the room with her. They would definitely not approve of him even making eye contact with her at school. Then he wouldn't even have a chance at dating her, or something around that! There was no way that he could risk getting caught.

    "Is there anything you can do to block the door?"
  10. "Movies?" She thought about it. "Yeah. I actually have a whole shelf of them in that cabinet over there." She pointed to a cabinet opposite of her door. "Feel free to go through them. I have just about everything and I'm fine with any movie." It was after she pointed out the cabinet that she realized the door. She had a feeling Katomi did as well because he got up and walked towards it, asking if there was anything to block it. She couldn't help but smile to herself. Nimia loved it when they thought and moved in sync. "It's funny that you say that because I was just thinking of a hiding space for you." She had a feeling he wouldn't be able to get out the window fast enough. "Just turn the lock. They won't be able to get in unless I unlock it." They were really good locks.

    In the mean time her eyes swept over her room. The only spot she could really think of was her closet. She slid it open slightly, that way he could just slip in just in case her parents wanted to be nosy. "Well, it's either my closet or under the bed," she said after turning towards him. "Those are the least most likely places they'll check."
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    He sighed in relief. Nimia was already thinking about what he was, and he smiled at that fact. They were truly a dynamic duo, and they could face anything together in the world! Actually, that was not so. His thought process was getting out of hand again. Katomi watched where her eyes trailed, and it seemed like she was looking for potential places for him to hide. He then turned to face her as she stated that the closet and the bed were the places that her parents would probably not check. That was good. He certainly did not want to be discovered by her parents if they came upstairs.

    His mind went back to her statement about the shelf of movies, and he walked over to it. His eyes scanned the various titles, thinking that she had quite a lot of romance movies. Should the two watch one? That would probably get him closer to the goal that he had in mind about her. He grabbed a movie with a man and woman on the front, holding hands with a large rose in between the two. He didn't bother to read the title and he opened up the DVD case before slipping the DVD into the disc tray. The disc was sucked in, and he pressed the power button on the side, turning the viewing device on. Katomi tossed her the case, hoping she would catch it.

    "I don't know what kind of movie this is but I just picked it out. You know what it is about?"
  12. She caught the case with ease, reading the cover as she flopped down onto the bed. Her eyebrows knitted in confusion. She flipped it over to the back, her eyes scanning for keywords. When she was finished she tossed it to the floor. "I have no idea what this movie is about. I didn't even know this was in there," she replied honestly. Now she was going to be wondering how the movie got into her cabinet during the enntire movie. Especially since she had no clue who the starring actors were. And she only ever watched movies with known actors. "I think it's my parents' movie. I did take a few." She wondered.

    "Anyway, I didn't know you were into romantic movies, Ami. I always took you for someone who was secretly into nerdy stuff like star trek. Though if you are, I just want to say that Star Wars will always be the best," she told him with a smirk.
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    She was probably right about it being her parents movie. The cover seemed to be rather old but he didn't mind it. His ears perked up as he heard her say that she didn't know that he was into romantic movies and always thought he was into Star Trek, and that Star Wars will be better. After seeing her smirk, he stuck his tongue out at her. Even though she was right, there was no way that he would admit it to her.

    He looked around the room, seeing if there was any other place to sit but he didn't see anything. Katomi hopped on the bed next to her before laying his head against the pillow. It was pretty soft, and gave him a blissful feeling. He turned to look at Nimia for a moment before looking back to the movie with a red face. A few previews rolled on before going to the main movie. The first scene features a man who seemed to be in college, holding hands with a girl. He gulped, wishing that the couple was him and Nimia. Of course, he wouldn't tell her that.​
  14. Sometime between the first scene and the third scene, Nimia had gotten so into the movie that she sat up from her stretched out position beside Katomi.
    "I forbid you two to be together!" the father of the girl yelled. He seemed to be oblivious to the fact that his daughter was in tears.

    "Sir, please," the boy begged. "I love your daughter. I don't want to lose her, so please let me have your blessing to marry her."

    "But you have no money," replied the mother. "How can you ever take care of her properly?"

    'Sounds like something my parents would say," Nimia thought. There was no denying that her family was well off. It was true that her parents wanted the best for their daughter, but sometimes their version of "the best" was really "the worst." She blinked away her thoughts, focusing more on the movie.

    "Ma'am, you know we wouldn't do any of this if we didn't have a plan. Your daughter is very sensible. Can't you trust her?"
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    The movie seemed very similar to their situation in real life. Of course, he didn't want to marry Nimia yet but the poor man seemed to parallel him. Katomi's family wasn't as wealthy as Nimia's. Maybe they thought that he was unworthy of hanging out with her because he wasn't as wealthy as them? He shook the thought from his head before hearing Nimia say that the parents in the movie were like her own. He nodded at her before sitting up, nonchalantly scooting a little closer to her so that they were a few inches apart. Of course he was being pretty bold but he wanted to at least give Nimia an idea of his intentions. He looked to the other side before raising his arm up and placing it around his shoulder. In his head he was wondering what the hell he was doing but he spoke no words as the movie continued on.​
  16. As the movie continued on she did tense up a bit. This movie was hitting a little too close to home. However, when she felt Katomi's arm around her she couldn't help but relax into him. She couldn't help but think of how weird that reaction was. Even odder, she actually found her body leaning closer into him. She tried her best not to dwell on what they were doing and instead tried to focus on the movie they were supposed to be watching. It was in the middle now. The couple were questioning their love for each other. Well, not questioning it. YOu know that moment in books and movies when the guy tries to let the girl go because he thought it was best for her? This is what that idiot was doing.

    Nimia didn't know why but she always hated it when people did that. Because then the guy always came back, explaining how he was sorry and wishing the girl to take him back. It's like the Notebook. If you knew you were going to regret it then why did you do it? And you wonder why you have to work so hard to get her back.

    After Nimia has finished her internal rant she breathed a small sigh while laying her head on his shoulder. She was trying to ignore the sound of her thudding heart, but found this was very difficult. It seemed like the more she breathed
    in his scent, the louder and faster her heart would beat. At that moment she knew she would no longer be able to focus on the movie. At least, not while they were sitting so close.
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    His best friend seemed quite tense when she first came into his arms, but Katomi did notice her slightly release the tension that she held in. He was even more surprised by the fact that she was even leaning into him more. Now becoming slightly shy, Katomi looked at the ceiling for a moment, not trying to pay to much attention to what she was doing. He didn't know why he tried to stop focusing on her if she was doing what he had wanted. He lowered his head to look at her for a moment, flashing a smile before turning back to the movie, watching the star crossed lovers question their love for each other. While the characters did so in the movie, he had his own internal argument.

    Did he really like Nimia that much? Or was he just trying to "Hit it then quit it?" Thinking about the "hitting" part, he imagined the two doing rather sexual things with each other. Katomi didn't want to dwell on it too much, but he was a teen boy and still had his hormones raging. It was quite hard to block these sort of thoughts from his mind. Looking down at her once more, his heart began to beat faster. His right hand moved up to grasp her wrist gently. A slight tug pulled her in more, before he placed her hand on his chest. He wanted her to feel how his heart beat for her.

    "...You hear that?"
  18. She had to admit that she was more than surprised when he grabbed her wrist. Her focus immediately left the screen for his eyes. She was trying her best to figure out what her best friend was up to. He placed her hand on his chest. "You hear that?" He asked lowly. She furrowed her brows in confusion, as it was hard to really focus on anything with his hold on her wrist. His touch was sending all sorts of tingles and warmth through her body. And then suddenly she heard a loud beating. 'Is that me?' She thought.

    She faintly smiled. "I can't tell who's heart I'm hearing," she replied. "I think I'm mistaking your heart for mine."

    She slowly replaced her hand with her ear. After a while she said, "Or maybe it's both of us. Your heart is beating as hard and quickly as mine." She pulled away. "Weird , isn't it?"
  19. [​IMG]

    Katomi listened to her carefully, asking if that was her heart. She then said she couldn't tell who's heart she was hearing, and that slightly made him flustered. He watched Nimia put her ear to his heart and listen closely, an action that made his face go a light shade of red. She then suggested that it was both of their hearts beating rapidly before pulling away. He slightly sighed, not wanting her to pull away from him but he wasn't going to force her to come back to leaning against him.

    Feeling that it was finally time to man up, his left hand went to grasp her right. He rendered no words to her, but the expression that he had on his face when he looked at her showed that he was truly falling for her. It shouldn't have been that much of a surprise though. She was one of the only girls that he had associated with, and she pretty much had all the things that he was looking for in a woman. Her hair was long, she had beautiful eyes... there was too much about her to describe.​
  20. 'What did I just do,' she thought after pulling away. 'What am I doing?' That certainly seemed to be the question of the night. It all started when she let him climb through the window... She had never sneaked a boy into her room before. And then she decided to lay on him while they watched a movie, and now she was doing all sorts of things that all led to one thing due to her reactions. Nimia now knew that she really was attracted to her best friend. Not just anyone, but her best friend. When he grabbed her hand once more she turned her head and froze.

    She froze not because she was afraid, but instead because she was stunned. The way he stared into her eyes reminded her of the way that couple in the movie looked at each other. With a certain kindness and gentleness. He was looking at her with love. And no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't look away. Yes, there were times when he caught this same look in his eyes in school, but to see it up close and personal gave her an odd feeling. Seeing him like this caused her heart to beat even faster, and she wasn't sure that was possible. It was a while before she spoke, and when she spoke her voice was barely above a whisper. "Ka..tomi? Why are you looking at me like that?" And because she both wanted to distract him and didn't completely understand his actions, she added, "What's wrong? You're acting weird."
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