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    (Theme Song) (open)

    January 30,3009
    The Beginning


    This is a tale of a universe much like the universe of our own. This universe was known as Trilia. Within this universe, lived two races known as The Lerion and The Heilar. The Lerion, were women who devoted themselves to magic known as the Cosmetic Force as well as mastery of the bow and medicine.They worked along side the Heilar, men who were dedicated to the arts of magic known as the Elemental Light as well as the mastery of the sword and defense. They lived in harmony as a proud race of people, advancing each and everyday with new ideas on improving their home planet of Requazia.The land flourished with life. The King, Ryon and Queen Tyona, who were both proud rulers, treated their people as family. Love washed over the land.

    This peace lasted for many years.

    February 20, 3131
    Two Worlds Divided.
    A war had started between the men and women and love turned to hate as well as the planet divided. The reason for the war was unknown. Rumor had spread that it was because of the different types of magic the Leiron and Heilar used. Others said that it was because the Heilar wanted to assert power over the Leiron. As well as the Leiron wanted to assert power over the Heilar. The Lerion and Heilar, as well as the king and queen separated, leaving the planet of Requazia behind. Without any resources or technology, the planet decayed and withered away.

    February 26, 3132
    The Leron and Heilar began searching for the new planets to build their homes on, using only the skills they mastered. Both men and women had begun life separate from the opposite sex.

    March 12, 3231
    Zailia (Planet of Women)
    Under the leadership of their queen, the Leiron established a new home on the planet Zailia and it flourished. They lived happily but soon realize that without men, they lacked the necessary power that kept their defenses strong. But, they refused to rely on men. They trained themselves to master various weapons other than the bow, in combination with their Cosmetic Magic. Even though they gained more power, they still did not have the strength needed to fend off their enemies.

    March 12, 3231
    Rylor (Planet of Men)
    The Heilar established their new home on the planet Rylor under the rule of their king. Although their land was prospering, without women, they lacked the medical resources needed to make cures most of the sicknesses they encountered. But, they continued to focus on their defenses, mastering other various weapons, other than the sword. They combined these various styles with the power of their Elemental Magic. In order to keep from relying on the women to cure them, they grew crops. But to no avail, they still came short on resources needed to make the proper medicine.

    October 1, 3239
    The New Journey
    Our story begins on the planets of Zailia and Rylor. Life has become much harder for both the Leiron as well as the Heilar and resources slowly deplete.With each passing day, both of their species loses another life. But their is still hope. There is another planet where they can establish a new life.What will become of the Heilar and Lerions as time continues to progress? Will both species die? Will the hate that was formed so long ago be broken and love prosper again? Or will they rage war against each other once more?

    1: Do not god mode. (Don't go in thinking that your character is invincible and can't get hurt.)
    2: Try to post at least 2-3 times a week if possible(a paragraph or more), unless you have something very important to do in rl.
    3: Don't attack another character out of sheer anger or because they have upset you. I want to be sure that the story stays on track.
    4: NO sex! This is a romance, as well as younger members may be taking part in this story. But flirting is alright, so long as you keep it minimum. (Implied sex is fine as well)
    5: Do not try to make it to where your powers exceed another players powers. (Try to be fair and let others get a chance to defeat an enemy or at least cause a good deal of damage to the enemy.)
    6: You may make up any power you want as well as whatever weapon you wish to use. So long as you don't try to give yourself god-like powers.
    7: Give other members a chance to reply. Don't make it to where it is just two people constantly talking back and forth. Example: John, Ray, John, Ray, so on and so forth.
    8: If you have questions as to what is going on, just ask. Don't be afraid to speak out.
    9:Once I have gathered enough players, the OOC will be closed.
    10:You will know if your character is accepted, if I click like for your character sheet.
    11:Be sure to give DETAIL on your character sheet. Don't be afraid to get creative.
    12:Just have fun and enjoy the story. =D Thank you.
  2. Zailia
    The home of the Lerion. It still holds a ray of light and beautythough it is slowly withering away. At night, the Twilight Crest arises in the sky and all of the Lerion gather together and gaze up at its beauty. There is legend that the Crest brings good fortune to those who make a wish on it.

    Race: Lerion. The Lerion are a proud race of women who live under the Rule of Tyona. They are masters of magic known as The Cosmetic Force, as well as various weapons. The Lerion are masters as medicine as well and can use the mana within their bodies to use herbs and other types of healing resources as a healing factor (much like a slow heal). This makes up for the lack in their power.

    (Tyona) (open)

    (Lerion) (open)

    Character Sheet:




    Class: Archer, Swordsman, Gunner, Mage, Sorceress, Knight (Feel free to take a class from Heilar classes to use for your Lerion. But if you have another class in mind, you can use your idea. If you choose, you can combine two classes.)


    Magic Skills: You can use 3 skills of your choice.(give a description of what the skill does)

    Weapon(s): You can use one or two weapons.(give a description of the weapon)


    Short Bio:

    The Home of the Heilar. It holds the beautiful image of the night, even during the day. Though it is dying out slowly, the beautiful scenery of clouds and mountains as well as the flocks of birds keeps a light of hope with the Heilars' hearts. They often gather around in a place located high in the center mountain and tell old stories of the lost planet of Requazia.

    Race: Heliar. The Heilar are a strong race of men living under the rule of Ryon. The Heilar are masters of magic known as the Elemental Force, as well as an array and style of weapons. They are masters of defense. Though they lack the the proper resources to heal they can still use herbs to regain some energy lost. The can double the mana within their bodies to increase to their strenght and defense. This makes up for their lack in the medical field.

    (Ryon) (open)

    (Heliar) (open)

    Character Sheet:



    Class: Beserker, Paladin, Cleric, Thief, Gunner, Warlock (Feel free to take a class from the Lerion and make it your class for your Heilar, as well as if you have an idea of any other type of class you want to use, feel free to use it. You can combine two classes if you choose to.)



    Magic Skills: You can have up to 3 skills of your choice. (Give a description of the skills)

    Weapon(s): You may have 2 weapons. (Give a description of the weapon: [Optional])


    Short Bio:
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  6. Name:
    Gillian Ryan Nosstem
    [Gill-E-an Rye-an Nah-ss-T-em]

    Twenty-Six Years of Experience


    All Manly Man


    Show Spoiler

    Magic Skills:
    Gillian lets loose with this one. Once it is determined he shall allow the animal inside to take over, there is no stopping it. At least, it cannot be controlled for quite some time. Someone may be able to take him out of the trance, if they try hard enough and are persistent. Otherwise, he is stuck in this increased amount of Rage. When triggering this skill, Gillian gains almost triple the amount of power and strength he usually harnesses. However, the downfall to activating this skill sometimes is the fact it causes Gillian to attack at random. In some circumstances, this would result in trying to injure his own comrades.

    Mad Rush:
    Focusing his energy together within his body, Gillian bundles up with his arms close to his sides, head down, preparing for the most velocity he can possibly obtain in movement. Dashing off, his speed increases, and he becomes quite evasive during this time. Usually this skill is used to charge at a target, but it may also be used to escape or evade a fight. However, most often it will be used offensively.

    Indeed, Gillian does throw his head back and gives out a incredibly deep, long howl that reaches far distances. The main point of activating this skill is to increase his Stamina, and heal over wounds slightly, but not too much. It really is a way for him to gain more energy when he is being beaten down. This also may turn out to help him in reaching the ears of those who would come to his aid if he so needs help.

    Both weapons are pictured in the image for his Appearance above.
    Even though he has these weapons on him, usually Gillian will depend on his own strength to win a battle. Weapons are last resorts for him, except his gloves, of course.

    Portable Bear Trap Apparatus:
    This weapon of Gillian's is only used in the most dire situations. He would rather not use it all the time, because it is a special item to him, one he has had since he was a boy. The weapon itself is unique in the physical sense. Made of a very light metal, similar to iron but clearly not as heavy, he carries it against his back always, supported by a rope that slings along his left shoulder, typically, over his chest. The finish over the material has a coppery shine to it, and the weapon itself looks very complicated and technical. However, Gillian can operate it with ease.
    Now. How does this even work, one may ask. Well, it shall be explained.
    Take a normal bear trap. One would place it upon the ground, it would be attached to a tree or some rock nearby tightly, and opened. Once an animal is to step in the center, the pressure would break the resistance of said string that was attached, breaking and letting go of the hold on the giant, sharp teeth of the actual trap mouth. The trap would close and pierce the limb that stepped down thoroughly, cutting through the flesh, and most likely hitting bone if the force is great and successful enough.
    Now, Gillian's is special. It is exactly like this, except it is operated by holding a handle that is attached by chain to the trap section. By shooting this out at a target, it will stay open, and upon hitting someone, or something, it will clasp shut once Gillian pulls back on the handle, which would tighten the chain to trigger the movement of the teeth.
    Again, this is only used in emergencies, for Gillian isn't the type to hurt someone as much as this weapon may inflict pain upon them. Unless they really deserve it.

    Brawling Gloves:
    These are Gillian's pride and joy. Always worn upon his hands, unless he is going to sleep or showering, of course, there is never a moment he would be entirely defenseless. They too are made of a lighter metal for maximum velocity in hits. However, a harder material is placed upon his knuckles for more power when lunging at someone with a fist. Not too complicated, really. They were manufactured by a close friend who works as a Craftsman specifically for Gillian. He approved of them greatly.

    Despite his Class, Gillian is actually quite the opposite stereotype one would base off from such a title. One may refer to him as 'terminally chill', for he is extremely laid-back, and one with nature. He believes the soul is the most important part of a being, and the body is simply a vessel harboring the spirit within. He enjoys the simple things in life, like breathing, listening to the flow of water, and watching the sky as it revolves counter-clockwise continuously. He is a kind soul, and enjoys smiling at strangers. He doesn't mind being around guys constantly, but sometimes it is kind of boring. Most men would not appreciate the beauty of the earth he analyzes daily, so it is hard to relate to those around him. He believes that everyone needs to laugh every single day, and thus usually has a goofy smile laying over his lips, or the slight twinkle in his eyes from the wanting to give a chuckle.
    And then there is his temper.
    Unexpected from someone like Gillian, he does hold deep within him a breaking point for his patience. If someone is to hurt him physically on purpose, or emotionally on purpose, sometimes he can snap. Over the years, he has learned to control this, and is doing a grand job at holding back. However, sometimes he just.. loses it. And thus, the true Berserker shows himself.

    Short Bio:
    Rylor. The most beautiful place in the galaxy.. At least, to Gillian's knowledge it always had been. Ever since his mother taught him of the night sky, and certain objects floating around in it. The different plants of the land, animals, life forms other than their kind, well it all captivated Gillian with ease. His little boyish features as a lad sparkled with excitement, not literally of course, because a man does not sparkle.
    He lived a normal life, he did. He always had been very serene with himself, when he was controlling his anger issues, of course. His mother helped him through the daily struggle of holding back from his rage filled emotions, and instead expressing them through love. Gillian became use to the jokes and pranks pulled over on him by others that did not understand the world the way he did. Their loss, of course.
    Once he became of a ripe age for training, his father taught him every week how to fight with his fists. And then, his father introduced him to the family special weapon, his bear trap machinery. This meant Gillian had grown up and become a mature adult. It was his time to leave home and start his own life.
    And thus, he did just that. Taking up work as a part-time hunter for the main village for marketplaces, he would go out and collect meat to sell and make profit. Though, he would never make this a full-time job. How would he make time for his morning and nightly yoga every day? Priorities, man. Priorities.
    A topic of interest most would pay attention to upon taking in the sight of Gillian would be the choker type contraption that is always around his neck.
    Well, this has a purpose.
    As a Berserker, Gillian needs to snap out of Rage once it hits him entirely, and takes a turn for the worst. The key to bringing him out of this phase is by pulling on the lock that sits in front of the space his collarbone meets against the center. By doing this, the spikes that usually lay flat against his neck will turn inwards, and poke at his neck depending on how hard the lock is tugged on. Never does Gillian remove this from his skin, as a safety to himself and others. He can never be too sure when he might just lose control. However, he has improved with the help of meditation and breathing exercises every moment he can find. Underneath the material, of course, are plenty scars against his neck from the choker working it's magic. They don't hurt too much anymore, so he never seems to show pain from hitting it accidentally.
    Overall, Gillian is content with his life. Except for the fact of yearning for travel, to see what else is out there in this vast, great universe.
  7. Adopt the pace of nature:
    xxxxxxher secret is patience.


    Raphael Gwendal

    Male | 23 years old | [Corrupt & Blood Crazy] Cleric

    Short Bio:
    Why was I born? Who is my father? Who is my mother? What of my mother? Is she aright, is she safe, where is she? What of my father, what of his existence…? What of…me? – Raphael Gwendal (or at least that’s what the monks—the holy ones—called him.)

    If he were to tell you everything, then you would know nothing--not a thing. Well, at least that's what he wants people to think. Born and raised at the highest mountain peek in Rylor, the coldness of the morning, day and night were his only company in that fortified establishment that he called home. Home is where the heart is--but, what if your home commanded you to not have a heart? What if you were just a soulless pawn in their grasp? Well then, you've just discovered the first gate--or shall I say step--of Raphael's life. Not that it's a good story to tell anyway; or one that should be.
    Coincidentally, it’s a story in which very little know of and a vast majority which to know. Well then, let us begin.

    If you were to ask of a past that had never been written, then even if spoken…would you believe it? And so they didn’t, and so you didn’t, and so they created lies and endless commandments of worship and holiness—of what is right and wrong and what one should do, regardless of your own opinion. This was the life of a cleric—in particular Raphael Gwendal, hence this is his story. The life of a cleric whose own purpose lies in the hands of unholy men who declare the judgment of holiness among other. The life of man who doesn’t even know of the value of his existence.

    Birth--the birth of a cleric who's life purpose is that of a vessel; Raphael Gwendal is his name. Raphael was born at exactly two minutes before an eclipse while the sky was evidently cloudless. That day’s Rylor experienced one of its highest temperatures since it’s founding, for the almost lifeless monks that ran the establishment that day was just a synonym for destiny. The child would serve of grand use, one whose life will not perish without many accomplishments. Or at least they hoped so. Life in the establishment was nothing of merry or gratification, at the least it could be considered a jail amongst hell’s pits. The monks? Heh, infamous bastards who’s followings only concerned themselves and their own fortune—these were Raphael’s thoughts ever since childhood, if ever discovered… he wouldn’t be here. At anyone’s gaze, life in the establishment was a fate cursed by the heavens, one that would never bring fruit to its members. Those people were only half right.

    Years of training, years of gained knowledge, years of hardships and failures—years of absolute loathing, everything was just a delusional idea of a man who they wanted him to be. Rylor, the land he called home, the land which he was taught to love, to worship and adore, and to be proud of. He didn’t like it one bit nor did he pretend to. Wars, death, losses was all the terrain every brought him, so why should he like such a place? Was it even his birth place? He didn’t know, nobody wanted him to know.

    How many years have passed since Raphael mastered the art of the sword? How many seconds have passed since he buried his head in boundless knowledge of the world, medicine, math’s and arts? If any more time passed then he would surely rot of his outsides just the same as his already rotten insides.

    What was it like to receive affection? A hug, a smile, a yearning for… would all of that fulfill him? Will it constrain him just as the blood of a comrade on his holy crucifix would? Will it contend him just as the books have taught him? It was time—no, time had already passed—it was the moment of truth. Would he choose love? Or, the righteous path of holy slaughter?

    Ask yourself, have you really learned anything of these vast thoughts and vague memories? Have you learned anything of these statements? The past of a young man who doesn’t even recall his true name, a man with no purpose and a man who’s judgments have been stained with lunatic righteous and blasphemous slaughter of one’s own kind? Well, he hasn’t.

    In reality, Raphael Gwendal doesn’t know anything of himself and neither do you. But he will soon find out.

    On the outside, Raphael seems like a delicate and loving pacifist. His demeanor strikes as sweet and noble, a gentleman if you will. With a smile and face that reeks of kindness and tenderness--true, but all of that is just a well equip wall from his true nature. One that is not easily shattered, nonetheless discovered. His years as a righteous man has made this undercover personality so realistic that one would doubt him to be the same person, but really, who wouldn't? A ritualistic liar is more like it. Though many do not know that side of him, he rarely shows it and if possible never does.

    So, in short let us just say he's
    a smart man with bad intentions.

    Magic Skills:
    Seal of Righteousness:
    A cryptic code embedded by the holy ones to the young Raphael. Once drawn at any location the seal will operate when either requirement is accomplished: either the blood of the user or mass sacrifice needs to be near the area of the seal. This skill allows Raphael to call forth the power of the gods in which in return his sword and armor,which will glow a holy white, and will receive a large amount of buffs in both strength and defense. The duration depends on how much blood has been shed.

    Holy Aura:
    A healing skill. The requirements of the skill are simple, the user must have absolute peace and clearance of the mind at the summoning point and once finished a holy mist will cover both him and his comrades in which the ghostly white mist will slowly tend to the member's internal and external wounds and repair them.

    A stealth and escape skill; the user will vanish from his location point and reappear at another (like a ninja). Takes a medium amount of time and patience for the skill to commence, thus the user must be hidden because any physical contact will disrupt the procedure.

    Weapon(s): Rosary bead necklace with a golden crucifx| Holy Sword
    Rosary Beads:
    These are blessed beads carved with the spirit of the gods, they offer holy protection to the user. These beads contain a hollow inside, if properly done, the user may equip them with gunpowder and use them as explosives

    A golden cross attached--and can also be unnatached- to a rosary necklace. It's insides are hollow and thus it is used as a container for liquids, the liquids preserved in it's case and considered holy. In Raphael's case, the crucifix serves as a holder for blood. Once a enemy begins to shed blood, a small amount of it is emptied into the crucifix and is used later on as sacrificial blood. It is said that carrying the blood of a person transfers their powers to oneself.

    Holy Sword:
    Usually just a regular gold and silver sword, but once merged with the Seal of Righteousness it becomes a Holy Sword. It is believe that to die by the hands of Holy Sword user is one of the greatest honors, and thus to use it on oneself is not act of wrong.

  8. A cleric is a holy healer, a paladin is a holy knight
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  10. Name: Leona Air Bestal

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Class: Archer/Mage

    Leona (open)

    Magic Skills:

    Elemental Envelope: Leona's Ace in the hole, one could say. Being an archer is not enough, though the Lerion do have an advanced use of their arrow heads. Still, that is not nearly enough to defeat someone. When using this skill, Leona is granted the power of wrapping an element around the tips of her arrows. Whether it be a flame, water, lightning, or even ice, she is able to control the element and keep it coated around the arrow head.

    Shroud: A defensive skill. When she is in trouble, weak, or just in need to gather time, Leona's body becomes a light transparent view, almost as if she is becoming invisible. She does not completely disappear from view, but it is hard to detect her in dense places such as woods or very tightly closed areas. Since she is already light on her feet, she can move swiftly without making a sound, all the while, blending into her surroundings. Just because she is temporarily transparent does not mean that she is not tangible. If someone does happen to spot her out or bump into her, she is still a solid body. She's just partially invisible, not a ghost.

    Internal Exchange: Notice those tattoos on her body? Yeah. They're important. Those are markings that were infused in her by her mother when she was young. They allow Leona to transfer any energy, strength, or life source into another user that she is in physical contact. When she uses it, they light up in a mysty, almost pale blue type color. Leona only uses that when someone is in dire need to be healed. It pretty much takes the pain of the hurt person, transfers it to her while, in turn, gives the other her own strength.

    Bow and Arrows (open)

    Your typical bow and arrow. If she is ever in close combat with someone while she has her bow out, the sharp crests around the bow allow her to slice her opponent. Usually a last resort thing.

    Minz (open)

    Each dagger is coated enchantingly with three separate ailments. Minz (the far left) is the dagger most used. It is tainted with a temporary paralysis effect of a common herb. Fron (the middle) has the same affect as dry ice; a blade so cold, it burns terribly. Peak (the right) is dipped with poison which is not used as often as the other two do to the dangerous effects the poision takes if the blade enters the bloodstream.

    Personality: Mission first Mission first. Mission first.

    Leona does not easily let people persuade her to do most things. She likes to be the "writer of her own book", you can say. If orders are given to her, she will obey them for those orders may be the difference between good and evil. Ever since the split, Leona's heart, mind, and soul is on liberating Rylor from the men. True, Zalia is not faring so well so Leona brings it upon herself to make sure the women flourish.

    Without thinking of war too much, Leona can actually be a good person to converse with. Sometimes, she can not believe that she can ever be wrong about something, so she will debate that fact until the very end. She is tickled by the smallest of things: animals playing, jokes, and even something she does herself. Basically, she doesn't always want to shoot people in the face with an arrow. There is a burrowed soft side in there, somewhere.

    Short Bio: Leona had a semi-rough childhood. To start, her mother sacrificed herself for Leona's full birth, because she almost didn't make it. Leona never knew her mother but she bonded with her father a lot. That is where the warrior instinct comes into play. Some would say that she did not make the best mother or wife. Leona didn't look for a suitor. During the split, she was only focused on following the words of her Queen. Her father, now a single parent, could not take the responsibility of taking care of Leona.

    So he abandoned her and went to Rylor to fight with the men.

    Leona was old enough to take care of her self at that time, but having her father abandon her so quickly planted her hatred for all the men of Zalia. She was intent on showing the other women that they could be strong enough to take care of themselves without there help. This leaves Leona where she is now, a warrior of the planet Zalia with a deep hatred for all Heliar.
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  13. Name: Rain

    Age: 19

    Gender: Not a dude

    Class: Gunner

    Appearance: Just ignore the outfit, except for the gloves and the holster-stockings. X'D She has a rather youthful apperance (she's probably the youngest warrior of her race.)

    Skills: Has an amazing talent with firearms due to the relentless training she endured as a child. Her most standout talents with them, however, would be:

    Combustion:​ Rain can channel her mana into bullets before she fires them, making them explode when they make contact with the target. She only uses this, however, when she truly wishes to eliminate someone-- depending on the intensity of the explosion, a lot of her energy can be drained with this ability.

    Restore Gun: She has a very small, white gun, a gift from her deceased mentor, that shoots white light-- this gun has the power to heal, rather than kill. There is a catch, though-- she can only use it three times before it becomes useless. And she's already used it twice.

    Space Manipulator: By pushing her energy out through her body, she can warp the air around her for very short bursts of time. She can't make it reach far enough to affect anyone else, but with it she can boost her jumps, cushion falls that would injure her, things like that.

    Weapons: Her weapons of choice are the two guns she recieved once her training ended, called the Dragon Slayers. She modified these to hold more bullets than the average version of their model. She carries them with her everywhere and polishes them after battles-- they're more dear to her than most people.

    Personality: Rain outside of combat is a kind, quiet person. So quiet, in fact, that most people have never heard her voice. As a child she spent so much time learning to be a silent weapon that she doesn't know how to be anything else. She only speaks when she feels she absolutely must, and some people mistake her silence for coldness. If you get to know her, though, it becomes clear that cold is the farthest thing from her....Except perhaps during battle. She never says anything but her name to an opponent, and her actions are always swift and nearly mechanical. She shuts off her emotions to suit her needs and kills with indifference to her victims. If it's an order, it will be followed or she'll die trying.

    Bio: Rain was sold by her poor parents as a girl to a warrior skilled with guns, who decided she would train the girl to take up arms in the understaffed Zallian military forces. At first she hated this woman, because she was asleep during the transaction and believed she had been kidnapped. She ran away at the first chance she got and went back home, where she found her parents living comfortably. They told her a miracle had happened, took her back, and let her sleep--and gave her back to the woman in the morning. Fortunately, she found that the woman was kind to her upon her return, and continued to be throughout their time together.

    After that she decided to dedicate herself to the art of firearms, because she wanted to make a name and a place for herself so that if she had a child, that child would never have to live the way she did-- wondering how two people could just sell their daughter away, and yet understanding it on some sick level.

    On the final day of her training, Rain was presented with the Dragon Slayers, and her mentor said the words that would haunt her every night from then on: "My work is done." With that, the woman went up to her room. Rain thought it meant she had to go, and she understood.

    But then she heard the gunshot.

    She stood in the living room in silence, knowing what had happened, what the woman had done. She ran upstairs and used her Restore Gun for the first time...but it couldn't bring back the dead. At that moment she broke down over what was now just a body....she'd just realized that the woman was the only parent she ever really had.

    Even now, she still wonders: Why did she do it? Was she somehow to blame? Were there ever any signs that she could've seen, and used to save her?

    She's been a warrior since then, never really belonging to anything, never feeling at home. But she doesn't need to. What she seeks now, more than anything, is something to protect. Something she can say she was able to save.
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    By the way, are the chicks allowed to use swords?
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    Yes, they are allowed to use swords.
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