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  1. Tension is building between patriots and loyalists in Great Britain, due to talk of American colonists seeking independence from the British. Groups such as the sons of liberty are doing what they can to get the American word across but it is not enough. The colonists need the help of an order they never knew existed. They need the help of assassins. And they are in luck, one assassin seeks equality amongst all but is also on the hunt for the ruthless men who burned his village to the ground; killing his mother. Connor is willing to help the colonists but before he is able to do anything, he must train his new apprentice in the art of assassination. Once she is ready, they will take part in one of the worlds most memorable revolutions. (This takes place weeks before any major conflict between the British or the Americans)

    Connor and his mentor Achilles wait in a large, beautiful house in the mountains for the arrival of the girl that is to be Connor's apprentice. He hope that he would be able to train her quickly, the tension between the British and the soon to be Americans was rising and that would soon lead to conflict. He had talked to general George Washington and agreed to aid them. He didn't tell Washington of the Assassins, but Washington needed all the help he could get
  2. Vanessa was running once more, she wasn't quite certain how they knew who she was! But each time someone dressed in red shouted at her, her mind screamed: I haven't done anything! She booked it though, surprisingly fast, but as she had never been in a forest before, she had no clue where she was going. Her shoes had been abandoned long ago, her bare feet ached and protested against the rough ground. She squeezed between two trees, looking back to see how far she was, but the ground was suddenly gone beneath her and she fell hard. She rolled down the hill, grunting as she somersaulted and rolled until finally coming to a halt at the end of the hill. She could no longer hear the guards, she must have lost them. Vanessa groaned as she massaged her side, she briefly took out her map to make certain she was on track, she just needed to get through the forest and find the path again: then she'd be free.


    She trudged onwards, shoulders slumped, tired from her travels. She could hear clouds rumbling in the distance to warn her of a storm slowly approaching. Just as she was thinking to find shelter to wait out the storm, the trees cleared and she paused in front of a large manor that seemed to loom over her. Vanessa suddenly felt quite intimidated to go anywhere near the house, she barely knew these people, just that her father told her to run there. Did he know them? How did he know they were safe? Mutely she looked at her map, the insignia on the corner being some sort of odd crest that she had never seen before, he told her to show it to prove her loyalty.

    Swallowing her fear, she started up the path towards the house and knocked quietly. Depending on who answered, she'd respond with, "Achilles?"

    She was probably quite the sight, her long hair with leaves and twigs, feet dirty and clothes torn here and there, the bottom of her skirt still damp from when she had tried to avoid guards by crossing a river by walking through it instead. It had been freezing and not something that Vanessa ever wanted to repeat in her life. "The Order sent me..." she would add warily, her father had told her to say that as well, but it was obvious by her uncertain tone that she had absolutely no clue what exactly she was talking about.

    Lee, that had been the last information she knew of. This one not given to her by her father, but she remembered the men that attacked had called out to him for orders when she had ran. He was the leader. He was the one she wanted the most.
  3. Both Connor and Achilles heard a small knock on the front door. "I'll get it, you just don't break anything while I'm gone" said Achilles giving Connor a small smile. He walked over to the door to find a young woman standing there. She looked like she had endured quite a journey. "Hello, you must be vanessa. Well come on in, we were beginning to wonder if you'd ever show up.

    Achilles led Vanessa into the main area of the house where Connor waited for them. "Connor, this is Vanessa. She's the girl that was mentioned in the letter" Said Achilles gesturing to Vanessa. Connor walked over and offered his hand for her to shake. "It's a pleasure to meet you.
  4. Vanessa entered after being let in and following Achilles into another room, her gaze was sweeping around the house when her eyes landed on the large figure in the room and she actually paused a bit. Tall, dark, and handsome seemed to describe him perfectly as she continued moving into the room as Achilles Davenport introduced the two. He held out his hand, Vanessa thought it for him to kiss, as what was acceptable in her culture, so she placed her hand in his gently.

    "Connor? Are you Italian as well," she asked, as his skin tone seemed similar enough to her's, Vanessa sighed as she started on, "Oh grazie al cielo, qualcuno mi può parlare di- (Oh thank goodness, someone I can speak to-)"

    "It's a cover name," Achilles corrected her, examining her attire, "where are your shoes?"

    Vanessa blushed, crossing her arms (not at all concerned that Connor didn't kiss her knuckles), "they are not the most practical when running through the forest."

    "Come on now, we have a lot to do today and I'm certain you have plenty of questions," Achilles sighed as he led her upstairs and into a room. He was rummaging through his older things, handing her clothing (shirts, coats, and trousers - she made a face at the pants but didn't make a peep). "You know nothing of the Order and what our purpose truly is," Achilles more stated than asked, but Vanessa mutely shook her head as she started changing behind a screen, "speak up, child! I can't see you, silly girl."

    "Sorry, no sir," she answered and then paused before explaining, "usually silly girls do not speak unless spoken to in front of strangers."

    Achilles scoffed, "better break that habit quickly if you want to learn."

    Vanessa came out from her hiding, looking at the clothes, "these are men's clothing."

    "Yes, and they're better suited for you with what you will be doing," Achilles said, Vanessa made a face and looked like she was going to ask more, "More on that later, you've been keeping Connor waiting for some time now. Go ahead and see him now, he may be patient but I assure you it does not last long."

    And with that, Vanessa headed down stairs to see Connor as she tried to hide her butt out of habit. She felt so exposed.
  5. As Connor waited for Vanessa to return, he went about gathering his weapons and materials. He had a vague plan on how he wanted the training to go but first he wanted to figure out what she knew. He wasn't sur if she knew anything about the Assassin's order but he was sure that her father must have, or else he wouldn't have sent her here.

    Once she was ready, Connor lead her out into the woods surrounding Achilles' home for the first bit of training. "You will need to learn to be completely aware of everything around you. Use all of your senses to be in tune with your surroundings." He said as the wondered deeper into the woods. The forest was much much more dense here and Connor knew that Vanessa would need to be 100% aware of herself and everything around here here.

    Once Connor was pleased with the environment, he turned to Vanessa and said "follow me". Connor then ran up into a tree and began manuvering through the branches above.
  6. Vanessa followed after him, he seemed so in tune with the woods, his steps were quiet but quick versus her own loud foot falls. He seemed to avoid twigs out of instinct, she stepped on them and alerted anything to her presence immediately as she followed along. Connor told her her first order of business, using her senses and what not and she gave a slight huff, "And how do you expect me to do that?"

    He didn't answer her though, ordering her to follow after him as he raced up a tree. She looked a bit nervous for a moment, but did as she said, she stayed lower to the branch, afraid she might slip and fall. He moved quickly and with ease on just two feet, Vanessa crept across, hands low and ready to cling to the branch if she were to mess up and start hurtling towards the ground. This was her first time ever climbing a tree and so any movement Connor made, she made certain to make, showing him that she was quite the fast learner.
  7. Connor stopped a few trees ahead of Vanessa and turned to watch her. "Don't be so conservative, that is how mistakes are made. Just let the forest guide you. It will lay out several paths, you just have to be able to follow one." He said moving along the branches in precise motions, demonstrating how he was able to move as he did.

    He realized that this wasn't a very conventional method of teaching, but it would be effective. Once Vanessa learned to be more in tune with herself, she will be able to be in tune with any environment. He waited for her to join him so he could assist her.
  8. Nodding her head at his instruction, she attempted to move as fluidly as he did, moving around a tree to step on the next branch just as he did. She jumped to the next one, but she didn't land on her foot properly and she went down. Yelping, she was able to catch herself, her hands gripping the branch. Instead of panicking, she moved her hands, hanging as she moved towards the actual tree. She put her feet on the tree and swung herself back on the branch. Turning to him once more, as her heart hammered in her chest now that she was on safety and caught up with what almost happened.

    "Where did you learn to move so easily," she asked him curiously, keeping her balance.
  9. "I've been hunting all my life, I've spent many years adapting to my environments. You're new to this, so I don't expect perfection just yet. But you'll need to pick up these skills quickly, they will be very esencial." He said as he moved into a a spot that allowed him to get higher into the tree. "Hopefully you can climb efficiently" he said in a joking tone, waiting for her to follow before climbing fluidly to the top.
    Once they got to the top, Connor looked out over the trees and pointed out a river. "You see that river over there, we're going to get there without touching the ground. Think you can handle that?" He asked still looking at the river
  10. Scrunching her eyebrows together, Vanessa noted she picked up some sort of she had never heard of before, it definitely wasn't Italian or English. He could be a Spaniard, but his accent didn't sound like that particularly either. She hummed at her own musing before she realized she was supposed to be climbing up the tree, she quickly snapped out of her thoughts and tried to follow his lead. Gripping the tree on some bark that stuck out, scratching her own hand, she tried lifting herself with just her arms, but ended up sliding down the trunk. She huffed in annoyance as she looked up at him before she tried again, this time lifting herself with her legs, and sure enough she was able to climb the tree a lot better and more efficiently. Her legs were naturally stronger than her arm, and with training would prove to be stronger than even Connor's as she joined him at the top.

    "Wow," she gasped out as she looked across the tree tops, her face broke out in a grin as she looked to him to scream, shout, do anything in excitement! But she saw his serious expression and she quickly composed herself once more, listening to his instruction.

    No. Vanessa answered in her head, but she hesitantly nodded, "I shall do my best." She gestured for him to go first, after all he was skilled and was faster than her, it made sense for her for him to go first so she didn't get in his way.
  11. Connor dropped down from the top onto a branch below. He put his arms around the trunk of the tree for balance, then swung his legs around onto another branch running along it then jumping into the next tree.

    Connor slowed his pace slightly so that Vanessa could keep up with him. This forest was natural to him, but this was alien territory to her; he understood that she needed to adapt.

    Near the river, the trees and branches were slightly lower to the ground and thicker than the ones higher up; making it slightly easier to move.
  12. Vanessa mimicked him as best as possible, when sliding down she wasn't able to get her footing, her ass slamming onto the branch painfully. She rubbed it sorely before following after him only hesitating whenever she needed to leap from one branch to another, Vanessa couldn't help but look down any time she had to do so, seeing how high up she was making her wary to even attempt the smallest of jumps. She kept a careful eye on him, being certain to mimic his movements. She struggled slightly when she followed him, jumping from the branch to grab some branches that wove together, she had to go forward by only grabbing onto the branch with one hand, her body dangling. Her arms strained and screamed against carrying her own body weight and she was grateful when she landed on another branch.

    The branches near the river were bigger, but they were wetter and further apart. Not expecting the sudden change in distance, she leaped, slamming onto a branch in her midsection. She "woof"ed as the air left her entirely, but she was quick to lift herself back up, her foot dangling mere inches from the water.

    By the time they stood still, Vanessa was breathing rather hard, "W-what are you anyways? You're not a Spaniard...not Italian..." she wasn't quite certain why she was trying to make conversation, maybe she hoped that if she did that they could take a break while they spoke.
  13. Connor was very impressed with Vanessa being able to make it on her first try. She was physically fit, but he could tell that she was unsure of herself. She needed to be certain of her abilities, and in time she would be.

    "I am Native American" he said looking over at her. "My family was one of the first to settle here, but our home was destroyed by a man named Charles Lee. I've made it my responsibility to see that he dies"
  14. A Native?! Her eyes widened as she seemed guarded as she inspected him. But he was fully clothed, and he didn't look like a cannibal. Her surprise quickly grew into confusion as she looked at him, she had seen some of the pictures that depicted the Indians- Native Americans in the New World. "You don't look like a savage at all," Vanessa breathed, and then realized what she said, "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean...any disrespect." Her voice growing quieter and quieter as she inspected the man, afraid that she might have upset him with her outburst.
  15. Connor decided not to respond to her comment. He could care less what the people on the outside thought. He knew his people weren't as most would think.

    Connor began to stride across rocks that allowed him to pass the river. As far as agility went, he was fairly confident that Vanessa could accomplish the river in mere moments, so he continued walking once he got to the other side. He wanted to accomplish one final portion of today's training before heading back.
  16. His assumption would hold true, she was able to jump across the rocks just fine. She felt terrible and bit her lip with worry that she might have upset him. She followed after him, opening her mouth to apologize again but decided that he didn't want to have a conversation anymore if he could help it. "What next," she asked instead, hoping there wasn't much more. She could really go for a nap, her palms hurt from climbing the tree with just her bare hands - her hands not used to such labor, they were still soft and unmarked from not doing any sort of hard work. Her legs burned angrily at her with each step, a silent protest to her even standing.
  17. Connor led her along the tree line toward the mouth of the river. The water was calm and clear. Small fish could be seen swimming near the surface and birds flew overhead.

    Once they got to the mouth of river, Connor stood at the bank looking out over the body of water, then to the rock wall on the other side. Neither would be too physically demanding for Vanessa, but it would require quite a bit off effort. If she completed all three of today's challenges, it meant she was more than physically capable of doing assassin level training. He had faith in her, but she needed faith in herself
  18. Vanessa followed along and then tilted her head curiously, she looked to him and then back in the direction he was staring. She looked around, trying to spot something out of the ordinary, when she didn't she turned to him, "Sorry...but what are we doing?"
  19. "We are going for a short swim then we'll go over that wall on the other side of the water. That'll be the end of training for today. You've done well, better than I expected."
  20. Vanessa couldn't stop herself as she said, "I hate swimming." But nonetheless, she went first this time, deciding to get it over with. She leaped from their perch into the water, cold! She screamed but bobbed up nonetheless and swam with her head above the water. She had no faults with this one, other than her not liking how cold it was. She eventually came to the wall and had a bit of a struggle for just a moment getting her footing since the wall and she were completely soaked, but once she was certain she got it, she climbed up at a steady pace. Her hands which were already forming blisters and callouses screamed in protest, but she pushed herself upwards and then leaped onto the other side of the wall and swam towards the bank again.

    She had just pulled herself up when an odd noise drew her attention, she looked up and came face to face with a bear. Vanessa paled and went stiff with fear, this was her first time encountering anything larger than a horse. What should she do? Slowly she tried sinking herself back into the water but it roared at her retreating form so Vanessa halted in her movement.

    "Connor," she whispered as the bear sniffed at her curiously.
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