The Artist and Her Muse

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  1. Art, it was something she could lose her mind in, to escape anything that might be bothering her. It required her to focus, to put all of her attention into in order to get a perfect result. Whenever she felt down or needed to escape some kind of feeling or emotion she no longer want to deal with, she would pick up a paintbrush, or a pencil and set to work. Every time her tool hit the paper, it was instant relief, instant happiness that washed over her as she made the painting or drawing come to life. It was self-accomplishment when a piece of art turned out just as she wanted it to, a sense of finally getting something right.

    Art school had been another accomplishment, though a struggle as well, for the young female. She had spent years in an art room, letting her mind unfold on a canvas or a simple piece of paper. While her parents urged her to get a degree in business management, she had focused most of her attention on the art courses she was taking as well. So when she graduated, she adhered to her parents’ wishes, as well as her own. She left college with a degree in business management, as well as one for art. Now she was able to do as she pleased, create whatever her mind might come up with and even open up her own shop in order to sell her art to the public.

    Most of her art consisted of the public, paintings and drawings of people that passed her by, people that inspired her to make some art. She found most of her inspiration in the local park, just a few blocks from her apartment complex. She loved to watch families enjoy the weather, play at the play structure, or have a picnic in the lush grass. She would always turn up at the park with a pencil and a sketch pad, ready to put her thoughts on the page. She always loved to find new inspiration at the park, like the old man feeding the pigeons, or the single mother pushing her young son on the swing. She liked to make up stories for the people she put on the page, making it so they had a happy life on her sketchpad.

    That day was no different, seeing as it was a beautiful day to sit in the park and sketch a few new drawings. At that moment, she was smiling happily as she sketched children playing with each other on the play structure. They seemed so happy and carefree, that she couldn’t help but to capture that feeling on paper. Flicking auburn bangs from her gaze, Shay focused her attention back on the children, watching them run around the structure, pencil in her grip as she took a break from sketching the image down on paper.
  2. The children soon crowded around a dog, a bronze husky puppy bombareded the kids with licks and playful body language as theu petter her, she barked happily but softly, not a nuisance many of the other dogs of the park prove to be. She seemed tame and well trained, not jumping onto the children giving their hands tender licks as they ran their fingers down her glistening, lustrous coat. She had a collar but no leash as she played around, the kids in fits of giggles themselves before a voice broke her attention from the children

    "Aura!" A loving yet masculine tone came form the route down as the puppy made her way to the adult, his hands immediately cupped her face and waddled her ears in praise as she licked his stubby beard, it looked recently trimmed down to match a shadow on his jawline, pitch black as his hair that had spiky tussles in an otherwise tame hair. It was medium length, not reaching under his collar bone but he had a full head of hair. His shades concealed his eyes but not for long as they dropped under the playful tackle of the dog, licking her masters face as he scratched behind her ears, their eyes matched, sapphire blue that seemed almost enigmatic. Shimmering and full of love, they looked into the gaze of man and beast as she tried to wiggle into his lap, but he playfully forced her off with his palm
    "..Come on girl we have to go finish our walk. Down!"She sat, obediently as he goofy face grinned in panting. She needed no leash, never leaving his side as they commenced walking, the children wanted to play more and he finally surrendered
    "...Alright, 15 minuts kids, she loves the attention.'
    She led the squad of children to the playpen, rolling around in the soft gravel floor as they tried to lead her up the stairs to the slide. She was hesitant as her master sat beside the girl in focus on her booklet. he sat his body down contently as he watched his dog play.

    His figure was average, but toned, his pants were normal, neither skinny now loose, the studs in his belt shined out blankly. His gray shirt proudly supported the Foo Fighters, a trivial design on a blank canvas but nonetheless he wore it. The logo was visible over his zipper of his black toned hoodie, the sleeves cuffed prominently as he stuffed his hands in the pockets of it. He slowly turned to face her, peering down at her sketchbook and slowly looked away, but spoke up at her form the side
    "..Aspiring artist?"
    His voice was warm and sincere.
  3. A smile played across light lips as she now watched the children crowding around a puppy, laughing as they pet her and she returned the pets with licks. It was an adorable sight to watch, and Shay wondered if she should now incorporate the pup in with the rest of her drawing. Glancing down at it, she judged what she had accomplished so far and found it fitting that the dog should join the children in her sketch. Adjusting the pad on her lap, she soon set to work in adding the puppy, placing it to the side as if it were watching the children play on the structure.

    Her attention was soon captured again, however, as she heard a man call out. Lifting her gaze from the pad, she found the source of the voice and watched as the man now showed affection to the puppy. She set about watching the interaction once again, finding it to be an enjoyable watch. Growing up she was never allowed to have an animal, or more so of the furry kind. Her parents had finally allowed her to get a fish, and she had settled on a beautiful male beta. She took care of him for years, letting most of her drawings and paintings show him in some way. Even now as an adult, she hadn’t thought about getting an animal, but seeing the way the man and his dog acted, she was thinking of changing her mind.

    Letting her gaze fall back down onto the sketchpad, she let her pencil move across the paper, adding details to the dog, as well as the children. It wouldn’t be completely finished until she could add some color, which wouldn’t happen until she returned to her studio. Back there, she’d be able to put all the finishing touches to it, and then decide where she would go from there. Chewing her lower lip as she delicately adding small details, Shay was more focused in the drawing than her own surroundings, so when she heard the man’s voice so near it startled her.

    Calming her heart rate, Shay took a deep breath as she looked over at the man, “You could definitely say that,” her voice held a smile as she looked down at the drawing, before looking at the children playing with the dog and then back at the man. “You’ve got a beautiful dog.”
  4. He smiled as he watched her pencil glide for a few more seconds before she jumped form surprise, which made him bolt a bit as well but chuckled
    "..My apologies I didn't mean to startle you. And thank you...she's still a pup but an angel."
    The kids soon left for their parents, leaving the puppy to come back to her master, laying her head on a knee and looking up at him witha small sigh, tuckered out form the play as he reached down and stroked her muzzle
    "..Good girl~"
    This praise made her tail wag, licking her masters outstretched palm
    "...This is Aura, had her since she was 5 months 2 years. Best part of my life..."
    He smirked and played with her ears gently as she sighed more, ready to return home, but her master wasn't, He wanted to enjoy the breeze and crisp air some more, but also the lady's sketching got him curious
    "..If it's not much to ask..May I see something of yours?"\

    His hand was not outstretched, waiting for her definite answer before reaching over, politely patient to not make her uncomfortable, but as he sp[oke he looked at her face, which was very pretty. He smirked to himself as he took in her features, which were then blindsided with a lick to her hand
    "..Aura down girl"
    The husky was perched on Shay's knee, her back paws still on the ground
    "..Sorry she;'s very affectionate, but still needs to heel.."
    He chuckled as the puppy whines and lowers herself down form her body, nuzzling in under Traces's legs
  5. A soft chuckle fell from her lips as she realized by her startle she had also startled the man, and she couldn’t help but chuckle at the act. Shaking her head as she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear, Shay smiled as she looked over at him, “It’s quite alright, I was a little distracted,” another soft chuckle fell after the words had left her lips. Looking back over to the puppy as she ventured towards them, she smiled lightly again as she mentioned a welcome to the man. Watching the pup as she listened to the other, Shay wondered how her days would be if she got a dog, already knowing that she would have a new muse for her art if she did.

    Letting a brow curiously rise as she heard the next words he spoke, Shay looked at him and then down at her sketchpad, “Oh, of course. Most aren’t finished yet, but you can certainly look.” Unlike other artists she knew, Shay was never ashamed or nervous about letting someone look at her unfinished work. She liked criticism, especially when the piece wasn’t finished, for she could add or remove easier with it not being completely done. As she lifted the pad to hand over, Shay was startled when a tongue moved across her skin, but she laughed as she knew it to be the dog. Lifting her other hand, the woman smiled as she lightly stroked the pup’s neck, “Oh, no worries. She’s adorable.” Shay chuckled as she watched the pup for a few seconds before holding her sketchpad out to the other with a smile.
  6. Trace gently grasped the booklet in his fingers and smiled, flipping to page one of her art. Immediately entranced he pressed on, taking in her work as he examined every stroke of a brush or pencil on the parchment, smiling a bit. He realized they were mostly a beta fish and concluded she had a pet one, one she saw everyday.
    "These look terrific, so life like...You went to a class it seems too these are very professional."
    He smiled, gently closing the book and handing it back to her. Aura, underneath his legs, just looked at their hands as they moved the book to one another

    he leaned his head back against the bench, smiling as he looked up at the sky, trying to take in the last moments of the evening and he looked at the woman beside him. He smiled more as she brushed her hair away, looking at her fingers play with the strands against her cheek, pushing them to place away from her sight. Something about this lady made him warm. She was cheerful, pleasant and talented. He alos liked her courage to show him her artwork, she seemed confident...
    He liked that in a lady.
  7. As he flipped through the pages of her sketchpad, Shay took this opportunity to look around the park, seeing now that the children and their parents had left. She would have to finish the drawing from memory, or just add the details as she saw fit before she started on the coloring. She’d probably get to it later that night, or the next day when she had a bit more time. Looking back over at the male, Shay smiled warmly as he complimented her work, “Thank you very much. And yes, I went to college for art.”

    Taking the pad back in her hand, she gently set it back in her lap as she gazed over at the man. She found him rather interesting, more so in an artistic way. She admired the way his hair contrasted against his eyes, which she soon found herself lost in. His eyes were already taking form in a drawing that she would probably start on when she wasn’t near him. As much as she liked to create drawings from real people, she wasn’t necessarily going to do it right in front of them, or more so without asking them. Smiling brightly, Shay soon held out her hand to the man, “I’m Shay, by the way.”
  8. He smiled as he delicate hand stretched to him. He gently took it and shook, smiling as he looked into her eyes as well
    "Nice to meet you Shay..I'm Trace."
    He smiled as he gently let her hand go, but it was a slow decent, her hand was soft and delicate. He released his grasp soon enough though and looked down at the puppy under his legs whim was soon getting her energy back, tail flaps around beside her as she awaits her master's orders
    "..Mmmhhmmm some one is getting antsy...Sorry..I'd love to stay and continue but it's getting close to feeding time."
    As he stood, Aura waggled beside him and was ready to go venture out, prodding the ground with her paws in anticipation, barking softly, adding low growls of readiness to her throat whoch Trace petted away
    "It was nice meeting you Shay, maybe sometime we can meet up again."
    His grin was warm to her face as he looked down at his pup, tugging at his pants to try to drag him along. Duty calls as they start to head back to town
  9. The smile stayed on her lips as they shook hands, learning each other’s names as they did so. As she was about to say something else, her attention was pulled down to the pup as she appeared to be ready to play. Not knowing much about dogs, Shay was unsure what this exactly meant, and furrowed her brows as she looked on at the dog. Letting her attention return to Trace, she nodded and smiled gently, “No worries. It was nice meeting you as well, Trace. And sounds wonderful,” she smiled warmly at him and then continued sitting as she watched them walk away.

    Finally gathering her belongings, Shay gently put her items into the bag she had brought along with her. Getting to her feet, she slung the bag onto her shoulder as she started towards her apartment complex. Once home she was going to make herself a bit of food, finish the drawing of the children on the structure, and then perhaps sketch a drawing of Trace, his captivating eyes, and his adorable pup. For some reason, she was finding quite a bit of inspiration of the man, especially with his eyes.
  10. When they reached home, Trace's first priority was feeding his little girl, grabbing her dish form the floor and filling the plastic bowl with chow, setting the bowl back to her face, which she engulfs into the food, eating to her hearts content as he smiled and watched her, before heading to the living room to rest his feet. Kicking his shoes off, he lays on the couch to watch some television, watching a saved program he corrected earlier today. But his attention was elsewhere. He was thinking of Shay, the lovely girl form the park earlier. She was gorgeous and now she was in his head, making him think of her as he tried to relax. But he couldn't as he smiled at her drawings still embedded in his head, he soft touch in his grip and her lovely eyes. Those piercing eyes made him shiver as he was reminded of them, smiling to himself. Soon though his attention was broken as Aura decided to use Trace's body as a pillow, jumping on the couch and nuzzling in to rest herself. The day was over for them, and they slept to get a jumpstart on tomorrow
  11. Most of the night was spent sketching in the pad, adding details to a face with sharp eyes, ones that she wasn’t going to forget as she let the tip of the pencil move over the paper. She was stuck on them, making a few different drawings with the man from the park. She had one with just his face, more details put into his eyes and his hair. Another of him and his pup, both looking off into the distance as she sketched them from the side. She wondered why she was so intrigued by him, so captivated in sketching him instead of anything else. Chewing her lower lip, Shay flipped through the pages, twirling her pencil as she found herself more inspired from this man than she had been in a while.

    Finally putting her pad and pencil down, Shay figured it would be time to turn in for the night. She had no idea what time it was, but she knew that if she continued to draw, she’d be drawing all night long. Changing into some more comfortable clothes before getting into bed, Shay sighed as her mind still focused on Trace, more ideas for drawings sparking as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.
  12. The next day started with a walk through town, Trace never left Aura alone at the house. They ran all their errands together in this quaint suburban town, the stores were close by his loft. She was a friendly doggy and never caused any stirs in stores, some managers even welcomed her with treats as they walked along. This was a routine for them, go shopping for the week and treat themselves to a little snack at the closest cafe. Their treats were decadent, the coffee rich and the atmosphere inviting as it was easy on the eyes, the ambiance of the smooth music that filled the air contrasted with the energetic perk of a cup of espresso. This was Trace's favorite spot of the town, taking time to rest his legs from walking along, and letting Aura get some more loving attention form the families that walk through the doors for their own relaxation.

    But as he drank his latte and dined on a small bit of tiramisu, something kept dragging on his mind: Shay.
    He slept after that night but she was still on his mind, wondering if he would ever get the chance to see her again
  13. Waking up rather refreshed, Shay was ready to get back to work, to finish the drawings that she had yet to get to. Though as she maneuvered around her room, picking up items as she headed for her studio, an odd idea struck her fancy. Something was calling her to her easel, a feeling that was pushing at her to go to her paints and the white canvas that was just calling to be painted on. As she stood before it, time seemed to fly by without her realizing it as the white canvas soon had colors and an image on it. Stepping back to admire her work, Shay was surprised to see Trace staring back at her, sharp, beautiful eyes bright on the canvas.

    Smiling as she set the painting aside, Shay stared at it for a few more minutes before turning and moving back into her room. She quickly changed into form fitting blue jeans and a white tank top, pulling on a red zip-up hoodie to keep from getting cold that day. Slipping her feet into a pair of gray boots, the female made her way out of the room, pushing her sketchpad into her bag as she collected items that she could later sketch with. She wasn’t sure where she was going that day, but she was thinking that perhaps she would try something new, get a new scenery for her art.

    Slipping the strap of her bag over her shoulder, Shay exited her apartment and was soon walking down the road in search of some more inspiration. Though everywhere she looked that struck a fancy, she couldn’t help but picture Trace somehow in the scene. It was bothering her why she couldn’t shake him from her thoughts, but then again he was definitely captivating, striking her in an odd sense that she couldn’t not help but to put him down on paper.

    As if on cue to ruin her mental imaging of a new painting, her stomach started to rumble, reminding her that she hadn’t had any breakfast yet. Chuckling to, as well as at, herself, Shay started for a small café on the corner of the street. Making her way to the counter, Shay smiled at the woman before her, “Hello, may I get a caramel macchiato and a poppy seed muffin?” Thanking the woman as she handed over her card, Shay was already excited for her drinking, seeing as it was her favorite.
  14. The puppy's ears underneath the table perked up slightly to the familiar angelic voice, slowly walking over and nuzzling her head under the palm of Shay, sitting down promptly and looking up at her with snowy blue eyes, panting happily to see her friend again.

    Trace watched his pup walk over to the counter to greet someone, not hearing her walk in as his Walkman was on, listening to a song that floodded his senses with rhythm as his foot bounced on his knee in tune, his head bobbing slightly as the beat continues, but he pulls out one bud to get his attention back to reality, worried that his dog ran off
    "..Aura here girl.."
    The husky whined a bit as she was still trying to be petted by Shay, which made Trace slightly annoyed as she was bugging the poor lady. He decides to stand up, pressing himself off his seat to walk over slowly
    "Aura what has gotten into y-"
    His sentence was chopped short as he finally saw who Aura was trying to garner affection from
    "Shay. Well isn't this a surprise"
  15. The smell of coffee and goodies was keeping Shay’s attention from anything else around her, as her stomach rumbled from the aroma of the café. It was obvious that she was in need of a good coffee and snack, as she knew her stomach would not leave her alone until she did something about it. Though when something wet was pressed against her palm, the female was pulled from her thoughts as she looked down, letting a warm smile slide onto her lips as she looked down at the pup.

    “Aura, hey girl,” letting a soft chuckle fall after her words, Shay leaned down a bit to stroke the dog, smiling as she looked at her. Then she realized that if Aura was near, that meant Trace was as well. Still stroking the pup behind her ears, the woman let her gaze roam around the café, trying to spot the male as she knew he was probably near. Finally seeing him walking towards her, Shay straightened up with a smile, “Trace, lovely to see you again.”
  16. He smiled as she leveled up, looking down slightly to look into her eyes, blushing a bit, not really expecting to see her here but was happy to anyway
    "..Likewise, always good to see you again."
    He smiled a bit more as Aura was rolling on her back,, submitting to Shay as a lower chain then her, her tail flagging the counter as her paws curled a bit to show she was no threat, accepting Shay as a higher authority.
    "Seems she likes you. More than most people anyway. She hardly shows her belly."
    Aura just looks at Shay, waiting for the petting to commence but Trace does it instead
    "So what are you doing? Late breakfast?"
    He chuckled as he stood up a bit to get level with Shay once more, looking inot her eyes, but looks down, trying to conceal his reddening cheeks
  17. Her smile stayed on her lips as she tucked hair behind her ear, nervous for some unknown reason as she looked over at Trace. Averting her eyes to look down at Aura, she chuckled softly as she watched the pup roll onto her back, showing her belly to Shay as she looked down on her. Hearing Trace’s voice again, she moved her attention once again to him and smiled, “Really? That’s wonderful.” Chuckling again as she looked down at Aura, the woman smiled warmly as she wondered once again what it would be like to own a dog of her own. She certainly would never be lonely, and she’d always have someone to greet each time she came home. “Ah yes. I was looking for a new spot to sketch, and then my stomach informed me of food.” She laughed lightly and cheerfully as she let her words fall out, knowing that sometimes she could definitely sound like a kid.
  18. He smirked at this and looked over at the barista as she brings over the muffin and mociato
    "..Oh nice choice, very fresh, and the muffins here are superb."
    He looked down at Shay as she tried to pet Aura, he protrude his wallet out and paid for her trea, smiling at himself as he slides the cup at her
    "..Well to join me at the table today? I've been sitting with Aura here, but I could use some more company."
    He smiled, trying to sound sincere but her words made him chuckle. It was cute though when she was being a little silly
  19. Smiling over at Trace as she realized he’d paid for her treat, Shay took the warm cup into one hand and the muffin into the other, “Thank you very much.” She hadn’t expected him to do this, though it had been very nice of him and she smiled at the thought. It had been awhile since she’d met a nice man, mainly for the fact she wasn’t very into meeting new people. Not that she didn’t like to, but more so because she was always nose deep in a sketch or a painting. Though there was something different about Trace, and she was wondering what it could be.

    “I’d love to,” she smiled up at him before lifting her cup to her lips, blowing into the hole before taking a sip of the warm liquid. Closing her eyes momentarily as she tasted the caramel in the coffee, Shay was glad she had made this choice that day. Sometimes she liked to switch it up and try something new, but the caramel coffee definitely hit the spot. Looking back up at Trace, she chuckled as she waited for him to show her what table they were sitting at.
  20. He led her over to his booth, Aura prodding back underneath to relax at her master's feet and he looked at her, waiting for her to take her space in front of him, smiling as she does, smirking as he realizes he's dining with her, sipping his own coffee and offering her a bite of his lady finger cake, the soft essence of coffee soaked cake is tantalizing but he takes a nibble himself
    "So when we last met last night have you drawn anymore? Im pretty sure you had some inspiration from nature at the park."
    He grinned as he wiped his lips with a napkin,, looking into her eyes to give her his full attention