The Angel of Secrets [Wildpelt & Shadow629]

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  1. Alex dashed across the field, letting his hands pump his body faster away from the large house. He was sick and tired of being told who to love, who to marry, who even to be. HE was sick of this life and wanted it to end, so he was running away. He was running from his security, his family and his life, but he wasn't upset at the least. He was glad he had finally made his decision, and let his slightly long brown hair billow in the breeze he created due to this.

    He wore a simple tunic and pants, as well as a small sheath with a knife. He had soft green eyes and a very cute face, as well as his slightly long brown hair. He was small in frame but was fast, and his lower body was strong due to hours spent on the track. He smirked and ran deeper into the woods, watching his past life behind him fade into nothing.
  2. Shadow waited perched in a tree, her silver and crimson hair blowing softly with the small breeze, her bright green eyes glowing in the moonlight. That night she had decided to wear her jacket, why not look normal for once.

    She wore all black, a tank top and ripped shorts, as to blend into the night with, two small daggers were hidden in her boots. She saw a dark shape run past her tree. It was too large for any animals, so she followed. Silently leaping from tree to tree.
  3. The prince finally had to stop out of exhaustion, and landed on a tree trunk that had fallen over and sat down on that. The reality of what he had done sank in, and he began to feel a little lonely out here in the wild all by himself. Sighing now, he looked around, thinking of his fate and what he was leaving behind. He never did have any of the best timing to do anything.
  4. She saw him stop and sit down suddenly. 'Whats he doing? He's going to get himself killed.' I readjust my footing, shaking the branch causing some of the leaves to fall on top of him. She crouches down, blending into the darkness.
  5. Looking up, he blinked and looked around, dusting off the leaves, "hello?" He called softly into the darkness, "who's is there?" Sitting in the log, he drew hisn knife and held it in a defensive poise.
  6. She smirks as she walks around the trunk getting behind him. She climbs down slowly, not making a sound. She walks towards him and stops two feet away. "You're looking in the wrong direction."
  7. The boy flipped with his knife ready to defend himself. He expected a large man who was Here to rob him. He didn't expect for a normal girl with a Beatiful complexion to be casually staring at him, "w-who are you?"
  8. "I'm Shadow, who are you?" She steps forward, a curious look on her face. She shakes her hood back revealing black wolf ears as her tail wraps around her leg loosely.
  9. Alex blinked, "I'm Alex..." He saw her wolf parts and took a step back, "y-you have a tail!" He cried, pointing.
  10. She laughs softly. "Yes, I have a tail and ears. Didn't your parents teach you it's rude to point." She jokes, a small smile forming on her face. "Well either way, it's nice to meet you Alex."
  11. Alex blinked his eyes and shook his head, then he looked down, "sorry. I just got surprised..." He sheathed his blade and walked over towards her, looking her over.
  12. "Don't worry about it." Shadow stays in place as Alex walks over. "You aren't from around here are you? You don't smell right either." She says, wrinkling up her nose.
  13. Alex shook his head, "no I'm running away from my patents." He watched her sniff and blinked, "you're full of surprises."
  14. She bows dramatically. "Thank you kind sir." She straightens back up and smiles. "You seem very familiar though. Have you ever been here before?"
  15. "A few times I've gone for walks here, but never spent more than a few nights out here, why?" Alex watched her with growing curiosity and, although he hoped she didn't notice, fear.
  16. "I think... Though it's just a guess, but something out here has marked you. That's why you don't smell right." I see your posture and can tell your of your fear.
  17. "M-marked me?" Alex took a step back and shook, now annoyed that she could tell he was nervous, "what are you talking about? What thing could've marked me? Marked me How?"
  18. I growl softly, as to not frighten you. "If I knew what marked you, I could help you more." I sigh "Humans, lost all of their predatory knowledge, you were marked as someone's prey." I snarl slightly frustrated.
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    Alex blinked, "I-I'm sorry..." He moved towards the treeline, hearing her growl and about ready to run. With his muscles coiled, he prepared to leap and run from her.
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    She stopped seeing him about to leave. "Don't be sorry, it's not your fault." She says softly. Walking slowly towards him, her eyes softening as she watches him.
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