The Angel Experiment

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  1. (This was inspired and based off of the Maximum Ride series)

    *Check out the OOC for questions, plot discussion, etc*

    You were a lonely kid, not knowing anything more then abandonment. But, someone took you in, gave you a house, clothes, food, and love. But you were raised for a reason.. An Experiment.

    Soon you were once again striped of the good life. And forced into cages in a laboratory in Southern California. You heard hushed whispered about what would happen to you. "Angel.." "Wings.." "Birds DNA" "test subject.." When you are sedated and pulled from the cage you have no idea what is about to happen to you. When you awake you are surrounded by scientists, gawking at you. Amazed by you. You wonder why.. Until you see your reflection in the cold hard metal ceiling. You have wings. Huge, bird like wings. You must be dead.. You look like an angel.. This isn't happening.. But you are once again shoved into a cage, forcing your majestic wings to curl onto your back. But this time, you're not alone. You're in a room, with other angels... Your choices?
    Stay and get played with some more, or group together and find a way out and stay safe.

    This rp will be lots of on the run, survival, because the scientists will be after them maybe even almost catching them. If your interested awesome! If your not, then thanks for giving this a look!

    If you'd like to join go ahead and fill out a character sheet below (please). You can either be a Scientist or an "Angel"

    (Remember that scientist call you by your test subject numbers)

    Below it the CS, It is not required since this is a jump in but it is helpful.

    Name: (test subject number)
    Nickname: (your name for the role-play)
    Age: (can range anywhere from 8-18)
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  2. Name: Test Subject #3754

    Nickname: Ariel

    Age: around 16

    Looks: [​IMG]

    Wings: based off of Eagle DNA. Her wings are large and white in color and shaped like eagle wings, though much wider to fit her hips.

    Personality: on edge, caring for the other angels, very scared, smart and witty. When she's relaxed she's funny and bubbly.

    Bio: she was only 8 when she was tossed onto the cold streets of Atlanta, GA. She was taken in at the age of 10 by a scientist named Judy. Judy had become her best friend and parent. And for years Ariel was safe and her past became only a bad dream. When Judy put them on a plane and took then to California for a vacation, Ariel was thrilled. But her life in the sunny state was turned cold and hard by metal bars. Her only family now is her angel family, a bunch of ragtag kids with wings. She's been tested briefly on flight but it is far from perfect.

    Other: Since the expirement she dropped almost 50 pounds in bone mass alone, her sense of flight or fight went up about 60% and her brain size increased by around 45%.

    The other angels are like her family and she'd easily die for them any day.

    When Ariel awakes, her green blue eyes survey the surrounding area. The shiny silver metal room has not changed. The cameras that watch them still blink with the same green light. Her eyes seem to fly around the room, noticing every little detail. Her cage is small and does not give her to much room to move. Still she shifts her weight forward to lean on her knees. She glances to the right to see the others, all in small cages as well. The little ones seemed to be sleeping soundly against the bars of the silver cages. She hated the color silver.. all that surrounded her was the color silver.. cold hard shiny silver metal. That was her life.

    Ariel couldn't except that her life was to be a test subject in this hell hole.. She wondered about the other kids, the ones being turned into half dogs, half cats, half.. well anything these scumbag scientists could fuse their DNA with. So far the experiment that Ariel was currently in was the only successful one. She was what the scientists called "The Angel Experiment". The test subjects show'd very little side effects and most of them increased in strength, brains, or some other aspect. Some, however, weren't so lucky, growing sickly and to much like a bird. Proving to Ariel that DNA was not meant to be fused.

    She was one of the lucky ones, her eagle like wings grew to suit her body quite well, they could carry her for, what the scientist guessed, many miles at a time. Her bones felt paper thin and stuck out of her at awkward angles, not really helping her teenage self esteem problems. She looked over at Liam who was a year older than her, also a test subject. They talked now and then, joking around sometimes. But Ariel could never truly understand him, he seemed to her content with this life in a cage, then again Ariel couldn't blame the kid, humor was his only outlet. She mentally prepared herself for the day, more shots, more test flights, more pain. She leaned forward more placing her hands on the door, and to her surprise.. It opened.
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  3. Name: Test Subject #1503
    Nickname: Liam
    Age: 17
    Wings: based off Raven DNA, medium sized, smooth wings.
    Personality: A comical character, always giving the scientist a hard time with his jokes. He treats everyone the same with his humor. Since be locked up he is rarely serious. He is always picking fun of everyone and never really tries to escape unless it's helping someone else.
    Bio: Grow up in New York City, New York where he was an orphan. He always played tricks on the neighborhood restaurants and families. He was escorted back to his orphanage several times by police. By the time he was 7 the scientist grabbed him. He was suppose to go to another orphanage but found he was stuck between bars and being injected by things every day. He takes care of the younger angels more then himself, hoping if he can't escape. They can.
    Other: Because of the Raven DNA he has become 40% quicker, and has 75% emotionless only feeling anger and happiness.
  4. Name: (Older)Test Subject #2186
    (Younger) Test Subject #1256
    Older: Jessica or Jessi
    Younger: Maddie
    Age: 16 and 10
    Looks: Jessi:
    Wings: Jessi was based off of the DNA of the common black hawk and therefore has large jet black wings, Maddie was infused with owo DNA and has large pure white wings.
    Personality: Jessi, despite being kind and silly, has large trust issues. The only one she trusts is her younger companion Maddie. Maddie is one of the most kindhearted people and never speaks badly towards others though she hardly speaks.
    Bio: Jessi was abandoned at as 5 and grew up in the same orphanage as Maddie in Denver, Colorado. Jessie, despite having poor vision at the time, use to get in all sorts of trouble, stealing and getting into fights. Maddie, though, was a baby at the time and Jessica simply adored her and would get her anything she could. They both were taken in by a man named Nathaniel whine Jessica trusted dearly. But after being taken to California and had experiments performed on them it caused Jessica to distrust everyone except Maddie who she would gladly die for. Maddie though is forgiving and insists this is all for a good cause and tries proving it by saying how much Jessica's vision has improved since the experiments. Though Jessica looks blind she now has fantastic vision and improved as a fighter.
    Other: Due to hawk DNA, Jessica's vision has become 75%, fighting reflex 75% and alert 80% Maddie's intelligence has become 70% and became 20% quicker.


    Jessica and Maddie sat together in one small cage due to Jeasica's refusal to be separated from Maddie. The scientists have found that when Jessica and Maddie aren't together Jessica becomes violent and refuses to do anything including eating and Maddie becomes too quiet and shy to work with. These actions have lead to them constantly being experiment on together. Jessica was very protective of Maddie but who could blame her? After being left behind and betrayed so many times she stick close to the one innocent thing she had.

    Maddie, of course being timid and shy naturally, clung to Jessica like a baby would to its mother. Maddie has never really known anyone else besides Jessica and found her to be the closest thing to a mom she's had. But, when meeting new people, Maddie always held an open mind and thought everyone should be given a chance. Because of this she didn't hold a grudge against the scientist and believed they were doing this to them for the good of mankind.

    Jessica's white eyes dart around the room. Both her and Maddie had there wings neatly tucked in and she held Maddie in her lap her arms locked around her protectively. Maddie was fast asleep, little puncture wounds know both of there arms from the experiment at performed on them last night. It had started out simple but after the scientists drew blood from Maddie, which caused the young girl to faint from the sight, Jessica got violent and it had ended with electric shock therapy for the older girl. But Jessica hasn't rested since, afraid that the men would take the young girl from her.

    Her eyes rested on Ariel, watching quietly as she opened her door. Jessi dropped her guard momentarily in awe but then tightened her arms around Maddie which caused Maddie to stir uncomfortably. Jessica's white eyes focused on Ariel, anxiously hoping the girl wouldn't leave the others behind. Or, that she at least wouldn't leave Maddie behind.
  5. Ariel's eyes grew wide in amazement as the door creaked and swung open. Suddenly she realized that this was her chance, she crawled out on her knees as the white t-shirt and loose sweat pants scrapped the hard floor. She scurried to her feet and looked right at the security cameras. Scared for her life she acted on her increased flight or fight response and kicked the camera out. It fell off the hook and fell to the floor, giving a loud clanking sound as it broke open. The green light faded and Ariel sighed. She hated that flashing green light, "Always watching" They had told her while pointing at the camera. They could watch her ass fly out of here. Turning to Jessi her eyes landed on Maddie and then locked with Jessi. Her wings untucked and ripped open her shirt leaving tears all down the back, exposing her large white wings. She scurried to Liam, fiddling with the lock on the cage door and hearing a successful 'click'. Moving on down the line of bird kids she unlocked the cages and allowed them to scurry out to freedom. Finally getting to Jessi and Maddie and fidgeting with the lock on their door, finally hearing a 'click'. "We're getting out of this hell hole." she said to herself more than anyone else.

    (I'll wait for anyone else that would like to join right now and then later on they can escape and meet us)
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  6. CS (open)

    Name: Test Subject #998
    Nickname: Mia
    Age: 18
    Wings: Wandering Albatross DNA, massive wings which are mixed black-white on the outside and pure white on the inside, except for the very tip which is completely black. Incredibly useless and heavy when not flying. Wing span is somewhere over 10 meters, needless to say she can't even extend them inside closed spaces. Still scientific predictions that she would be able to fly great distances with them almost effortlessly.
    Personality: Mia used to be a kind and gentle person, however years of imprisonment in the research facility caused her to become mostly pessimistic and apathetic to other people, the institute is pretty much all she knows now, and as such she doesn't even imagine escaping.
    Bio: Mia was acquired by the institute very early in the project, she was merely six years old. Her life until then was actually quite decent, she was in a small provincial orphanage with only 15-20 other children, besides the occasional quarrel she had little trouble. This all changed when she was picked up for the project, the owner of the small orphanage didn't really ask too many questions when several thousand dollars were placed in his hand after all.
    Once she got to the laboratory several other tests were conducted on her first, she doesn't know what they were to this date, but two or three years later they moved onto the next project, as a result of this project she sprouted large wings on her lower back, however when the scientists tested her physical capabilities they were disappointed to notice almost no change. She could hear that they blame the previous experiments for this, but in the end she never found out. She spent her next ten years literally sitting cooped up in a cage, listening to the slowly increasing number of other people. She was always there and as such most people didn't even notice her presence.
    Other: No apparent physical changes in strength, agility, dexterity or intelligence.

    There was another day... And another... Mia had stopped counting the time she spent in the laboratory, she was fairly certain she wouldn't even recognize herself if she saw her own reflection. After some time the scientists even stopped having interest in her, only bringing her meals.
    Yet, they still kept taking the younger people, and bring in new people who got their wings recently, most of them had wings that were far more slender then hers, but she stopped feeling jealousy as well...
    Some time before the daily roundup for the experiments, one of the older girls in the room leaned on the cage door, some of the guards must have left it unlocked because it incredibly opened. To Mia's surprise she did not feel excitement or hope, somewhere deep in her she expected that the guard was just beyond the door, ready to close it, slam it in their faces.
    Because of this she merely looked down to the floor as the girl shouted and proceeded to unlock cages. Mia's cage was slightly bigger then the rest, due to her wingspan, but was located in the very corner of the room, Mia didn't actually expect the girl to reach her cage before the guards rush in.
  7. Name: Test Subject #2389
    Nickname: Paris
    Age: 18
    Looks: red-hair-guy-anime.jpg
    Wings: Has the red wings of a cardinal with long streaks of black in his feathers. Long, sleak wings.
    Personality: Paris is mentally unstable, having wild mood swings and lashing out at others verbally and physically. He is very sarcastic and doesn't really care about anyone or anything in life. However, he has a smooth voice and he can easily talk his way in and out of any situation.
    Bio: At the age of fourteen, Paris stuck his middle fingers at his parents and walked out of his house, never seeing his family again. He lived on the streets for a few years stealing for food and killing whomever threatened his way of life. Paris was eventually found by a criminal syndicate and allowed to join. The crime family's boss happened to have a beautiful teenage daughter and Paris couldn't resist. Once the boss found out he set all his recourses towards hunting down Paris. Running for his life, Paris found a kind elderly scientist wo was foolish enough to allow Paris to spend the night in his apartment. Once Paris was asleep the old man injected him with a tranquilizer and took Paris to the lab where he was turned into the beast he is today.
    Other: His hair used to be a jet black but after his mixing with Cardinal DNA his hair color turned to red, like a cardinal.

    Paris stood, casually walking out of his cage. "Wow, I'm surprised you'd open my door. And you do realize it is a crime to damage someone's property like that?" He made a motion with his head toward the broken canera. "Ah, no matter. God, I need a smoke."
  8. Jessica moved out the cage rather quickly, carrying Maddie as she darted to the other wall. Once she as far enough away, she stood to her full height. Jessica was rather tall, standing at 6" while her younger companion was 5"3. Jessica wore dark green army sweatpants that were too small and hardly made it past her knee and a dark green tank top and long the hair that fell down to her waist and hasn't been cut for a while since she bit the scientists when they tried.

    Maddie, who was starting to wake up, wore just a simple white gown tha was too long for her and reached the floor and had her hair cut short. Maddie squirms out of Jessi's arms and looks up at her. Motioning with her hand, Jessica bent down so her head was level with Maddie's. "Jessi, why are we out of our cages..?" Maddie whispered in her ear.

    Jessica stood tall and pointed to Ariel.
    "Her cage was opened. She let us out." She said. Her gaze moved around to the kids who started to emerge. Momentarily she looked at Ariel as if she expected her to give an order but after realizing she as a little busy, she turns and walked to the door. Jessica leaned against the door, pressing her ear to it to listen for a guard, her dark wings rustling with anticipation to get out.

    Maddie, who couldn't contain the need to stretch had yawned stretching out both her arms and her wings. Her white wings flapped a little, accidentally knocking into someone. Maddie jumped and ran over to Jessica, clinging to her and burying her face into Jessica's side which made Jessi squirm a little uncomfortably.
  9. Ariel moved swiftly to Mia's cage and of course, it unlocked just like the others. Her eyes kept glancing at the door waiting for a guard to walk in. Jessi had already manned the door and she looked back at Mia. Her eyes full of sorrow for the girl who nobody noticed to much. Going on down the line she easily unlocked Paris' cage just as easily. She gave him a smirk "Like i give a shit about their property, i hated that blinking green light, always there.. always watching." She shuddered "You know we have to get out first" She sassed the older boy and kept walking to unlock some of the last cages. When she came upon Raven's cage she shook her head "Sorry to disappoint you #626, it's just me" She gave the girl a slight smile and popped the lock open. The cages reminded her of almost dog cages, which was ironic because technically they were all birds. She turned around to look for any more cages and was startled by her reflection in the metal wall. She hadn't actually looked at herself in months. Her brown hair was long, hitting her lower back and was terribly tangled. Her eyes shocked her, last she remembered they were blue, now they were mixed with green. The one thing she couldn't get over was how stick skinny she looked and the giant feathery wings that grew out of her back. She couldn't recognize herself and she was intent on staring before she noticed the others all standing. It was then that Ariel pulled her attention away from her appearance and back to the flock. It shocked her to see how small the room really was, the scientists usually pulled 2 or 3 of them out at a time, but never all of them at once. She looked to all the bird like kids, some looked confused, others scared, and yet others were inspecting their wings. "Now what.." she mumbled to herself. Ariel never expected to get this far without a guard busting her and then getting punished severely later on. She looked towards the door and muttered "Everyone know how to fly? Because were gonna test it today.." She flapped her wings softly and stretched them out so they would be prepared for the take off.
  10. Jessica gave a smirk and looks over to Ariel. "The guard moved down the hall." She looks at Maddie, who plucked a bobby pin out of her hair an handing it to Jessi. Jessica knelt down and stuck the bobby pin in the lock. It only took her a few seconds until she heard the door unlock. She stood up and listened to the door, waiting a few second to make sure the footsteps were far enough down the hall.

    Maddie still clung to Jessica's shirt and looked over to Ariel gratefully as smile at her.
    "I'd suggest we all stick together." She said only loud enough for the others to hear. She looks up at Jessica expectantly, her eyes sparkling with excitement and anticipation.

    Jessica looked back at Maddie and grinned.
    "Stay close." She said and swing the door open, grabbing Maddie's hand, and darted to the left and down the hall. She didn't bother checking to see if the other were following since her main priority was to get Maddie out and safe. Maddie, however, looked back desperately to see if the other bird children were following them.
  11. "Fly? I suppose I can give it a shot, although I could go for a nice walk right about now." Paris grinned and pushed a hand through his dark red hair. He shot out his wings spreading them to full size before quickly retracting them to his back. "I wonder if they still have my clothes... I'd hate to go out in public looking like this!" Paris saw the girls open the door and run out so he shrugged and walked out the door, following them.
  12. As she unlocked the door, he smiled. "Oh great, a prison break. No one will notice a whole bunch of people with wings jumping out of the door and sneaking around." He rolled his eyes and got up, when he exited the cage his wings spread out and flapped once but made no sound. He cracked his neck, and looked at Raven. "#626, you're wing are looking as similar as ever. But I think you pull them off better then me." He chuckled, and looked to Paris giving him a slight glare, "Always glad to hear your annoying voice #2389." He watched as Jessica, and Maddie darted off and kept pace with Paris, whispering, "So, old friend. How's the red hair life treating you? You know when we escape you're going to have to dye it right? You're practically a weirdo as it is and that's not helping, my friend." He brushed the tips of his hair brown hair, thanking that the DNA had no effects on his physical body. Except his eyes that dilated and were a much darker brown. He often could see better in the dark, but not by much.
  13. Mia glanced at the girl as she unlocked her cage door. She did not expect the escape to succeed, but she could at least stretch her legs a bit. Carefully she pulled herself out of the cage, standing up and stretching her back. At that point she almost lost her balance, forgetting how how heavy those wings were. But she managed to avoid landing on her butt.
    She then switched to inspecting her wings, it was a lot of work not to get them crushed in the cage so she wanted to confirm they're at least in decent shape. Since she already had them there was no point not to look out for them. Of course actually extending them here was out of the question.
    Being done with that she looks at her hands, she grew quite a bit since she arrived at the institute, her current height must be somewhere around 1.8 meters, which was actually pretty tall.
    With the stretching and self-inspection done she looks over at the other people, most of them were pretty excited about the escape, but at least one was skeptical about it.
    One mentioned flying, the girl who started this escape. Honestly Mia was always doubtful that wings of that size could fly, but the scientists did say the weight to lift ratio should allow her a 27:1 gliding ratio (Moving 27 meters forwards for 1 meter of height lost).
    She stretched out her legs and then continued to look at the others, waiting to see how will their escape attempt go.
  14. Name: #015
    Nickname: Lilith
    Age: 18
    Wings: Snow Owl DNA.
    Personality: Used to be happy go lucky but due to extensive torture and continuous experiment, she became indifferent and emotionless. Doesn't talk much.

    Bio: She was sold by her parents who didn't want her to someone who gave them millions to take her. It turns out that it was one of the scientists that experiments on children for the Angel Experiment as they call it. She used to rebel a lot during her early days but was broken eventually after much torture and experiments done on her. She doesn't talk much unlike before they broke her spirit. She used to cheer the other children but now she just obey the scientist since it would save her a lot of pain and she doesn't see any point of fighting them anymore.

    Other: just like an owl, she can move her wings soundlessly. She has sharpened vision and hearing. She has quick reflexes. However, she sleeps a lot.

    Lilith was just finished being injected with a new serum with additional DNA the scientists extracted from a new snow owl. They were about to cart her back when the alarm rang. The scientist left her in the bed untied knowing she wouldn't even twitch a muscle. They were confident that they've broken her so much that she wouldn't leave the room for fear of punishment. Besides, she's still weak from the current experiment they did on her. They ran out of the room to check the ruckus above. She could hear them scrambling about to prevent the other children from escaping. Based from what she could hear, the subjects had broken out which means that she's the only one remaining in the facility. She just stared at the ceiling doing nothing. She wondered about it and she flexed her wings a bit even though she's still lying on the bed. She never thought of escaping since a long time ago. She doesn't have any hope left.
  15. "What? Me weird? I have to say I don't have any idea what it is you're talking bout." A guard came running at them holding some kind of a cattle prod, Paris grabbed the guard's throat and snapped his neck in one clear movement. "See? Do weirdos kill people, Liam? I think not. And besides, it's not as if having wings will get us noticed by others!" Paris released his hold on the dead guard's throat and dropped his body to the floor. After quickly rummaging through the guard's pockets he found a silver lighter and a pack of cigarettes. "Well, well, well. Just my luck. This guy's a smoker. Don'tcha know that's bad for you?" He asked the dead guard while lighting one of the cigarettes and placing it between his lips.
  16. Liam walked up to him and shrugged, looking at the dead guard "I find it weird." Another guard came by, Liam whipped his wing to the right and with such force crushed the guard into the wall making a tiny crack. The guard fell to the floor with blood rushing from the back of his head and one arm completely out of socket, guards eyes were open completely wide. He looked to Paris and laughed, "I guess we will all be weirdo's here in a bit." He chuckled, "And you shouldn't smoke, bro." He pointed to his raven like wings, "Birds can't take it. Or if you believe you are an angel now, I don't think they are allowed to do that kind of stuff. " He waved his hand in the air motioning that last part as if it was ridiculous, grinning.
  17. Ariel ran out the door and left down the hall and catching up to Paris and Liam. "Can't you guys move any faster?" She asked while jumping over the dead bodies and looking back at them "Well come on slowpokes! OR do you wanna be locked up here forever?" She kept running before seeing a security guard appear from around a corner. She kicked him in the chest and slammed her foot onto his neck she leaned down to inspect his face before putting him out of his misery and snapping his neck right there and then. She stepped off of him and ran down the hall with all her might. Her legs had not been stretched in a long time and she ran down a stair well with two scientists holding needles full of some liquid. "Oh hell no" She muttered to herself and kicked on of them in the chest sending him flying down the stairs and cracking his head open on the floor. The other scientist was still in shock but he quickly turned around and tried to stab her with the needle. "Uh uh uh" She said while quickly kicking the needle out of his hand and kicking him down the stairs as well. She grabbed the needle and held in her hands figuring it could come in handy. Ariel ran down the stairs and there open a door. The floor was completely silent as her footsteps ran against the marble floor. She ran past an open door and stopped quickly making her way back to the door and seeing a girl lid out on a table. "H-Hey? Are you okay?" She asked, looking over her shoulder and stepping into the room. She started undoing the restraints and asked the girl "Do you want to get out of here?"
  18. Lilith could hear the noise and the bones snapping. There's someone coming. Suddenly, there's someone untying her. She seemed to be one of the test subjects. The girl asked her if she wanted to get out. At first, she couldn't comprehend. "G-get out?" she asked, her voice rusty from not speaking for a long time. She nodded at the girl. She tried to stand up and stretched her wings. "Get out?" she asked again. It sounds too good to be true. Will she risk it again? She asked herself. Scared but hopeful for the first time, she looked at Ariel. "Yes." she replied.
  19. "No, no. I definitely don't see myself as an angel... more of a demon, really. However I am going to smoke this for the sheer pleasure I get when I do. It gives my lungs a warm tingly feeling." Paris, in a mocking gesture, took a long breath of air and blew the smoke directly into Liam's face. He turned away from the other boy and walked off behind Ariel, following closely.
  20. Ariel smiled at the poo girl and helped her up. "Yeah, were gonna get out of her." She helped the girl down off the table and held her hand as she peeked out the door, Seeing only her reflection she pulled the girl softly out of the room and started fast paced walking down the hall. Suddenly she found the holy grails o all holy grails. A large door with the words "Break Room" above it. "She pushed the door open and saw a large glass window. None of the rooms on the 4th floor and up had windows for reasons like this. The poor scientist who had forgotten to lock her door was sure in for it later. Ariel grabbed a chair and climbed up to the window before throwing a cup through the window and turning away from the shattering glass. She hoped up and saw they were on the 2nd floor and she looked at the trees and shrubs that surrounded the property. Turning back to the Lilth she grabbed her arm and pulled her up onto the window sill. "Do you know how to fly?" she asked the girl. Jumping was out of the question. It looked like a 20 foot drop and security guards would probably be waiting to swarm them.
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