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  1. A Plot discussion, question and answers, and just general chatting.

    (This Role-play was first started in the Jump In Forum but was moved here due to reasons of posting and character limit)
    Please Note: This Role-play is based off of the Maximun Ride Series.

    The Plot:
    You were a lonely kid, not knowing anything more then abandonment. But, someone took you in, gave you a house, clothes, food, and love. But you were raised for a reason.. An Experiment.

    Soon you were once again striped of the good life. And forced into cages in a laboratory in Southern California. You heard hushed whispered about what would happen to you. "Angel.." "Wings.." "Birds DNA" "test subject.." When you are sedated and pulled from the cage you have no idea what is about to happen to you. When you awake you are surrounded by scientists, gawking at you. Amazed by you. You wonder why.. Until you see your reflection in the cold hard metal ceiling. You have wings. Huge, bird like wings. You must be dead.. You look like an angel.. This isn't happening.. But you are once again shoved into a cage, forcing your majestic wings to curl onto your back. But this time, you're not alone. You're in a room, with other angels... Your choices?
    Stay and get played with some more, or group together and find a way out and stay safe.

    A General Overview: Basically we are experiments that have escaped and are trying to hide from being caught again and deal with teenage issues along the way. Drama, survival, romance, bird DNA, and teenage hormones? What could go wrong.

    Current Angels:
    (If you were in the original role-play please copy and paste your character here)

    Ariel (Adira) TS #3754 Age 16*
    Nicky (Adira) TS #506 Age 9*
    Jessica (MiraNikki021209) TS #2186 Age 16*
    Maddie (MiraNikki021209) TS #1256 Age 10*
    Kalia (Kaatyy) TS #368 Age 18*
    Mia (Nocturnia) TS #998 Age 18
    Coral (Coralaliah) TS #7297 Age 8
    Scarlet (Koolkat4595) TS #3918 Age 17*
    Paris (Raye Fields) TS #2389 Age 18*
    Liam (Gold) TS #1503 Age 17*
    Cyra (Great West) TS #006 Age 18
    Aaron (Leijonion) TS #1414 Age 16*

    Other Characters:

    Neko test subject Luna (Nocturnia) TS #006 Age 14
    Neko test subject Alpha (Nocturnia) TS #001 Age 15
    Neko test subject Stella (Nocturnia) TS #003 Age 15
    Scientist Dr. Raye Fields (Raye Fields) Age 32
    Neko Test subject Jenna (koolkat4549) TS #013 Age 16
    Neko Test subject Ava (MiraNikki021209) TS #002 Age 15

    The Rules:
    1. Absolutely No Godmoding will be allowed
    2. Please post a minimum of 6 sentences. If you are having writers block or any other issue please contact me and try to post at least 3 sentences
    3. Color Code your Speaking For example: "We need to run" Ariel said
    4. Fighting and Killing are allowed as long as it is discussed by both parties before the violence occurs
    5. PLEASE keep it realistic.
    6. No Texting lingo please (ex: Thx, brb, etc)
    7. Please use good grammar
    8. Have Fun.

    Character Sheet (Please Ask Before Joining)

    Name: (test subject number)
    Nickname: (your name for the role-play)
    Age: (can range anywhere from 8-18)

    • Questions? Concerns? Comments? Contact Me (Adira) or Kaatyy. We can answer anything.
    • For Questions, comment, concerns, etc about the Neko Project contact Nocturnia.
    • If you're ready to get posting click on "Get your wings"

    This is the first Role-Play in a (hopeful) series of Role-plays.
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  2. Name: Test Subject #3754

    Nickname: Ariel

    Age: around 16

    Looks: [​IMG]
    Wings: based off of Eagle DNA. Her wings are large and white in color and shaped like eagle wings, though much wider to fit her hips.

    Personality: on edge, caring for the other angels, very scared, smart and witty. When she's relaxed she's funny and bubbly.

    Bio: she was only 8 when she was tossed onto the cold streets of Atlanta, GA. She was taken in at the age of 10 by a scientist named Judy. Judy had become her best friend and parent. And for years Ariel was safe and her past became only a bad dream. When Judy put them on a plane and took then to California for a vacation, Ariel was thrilled. But her life in the sunny state was turned cold and hard by metal bars. Her only family now is her angel family, a bunch of ragtag kids with wings. She's been tested briefly on flight but it is far from perfect.

    Other: Since the expirement she dropped almost 50 pounds in bone mass alone, her sense of flight or fight went up about 60% and her brain size increased by around 45%.

    The other angels are like her family and she'd easily die for them any day.
  3. Name: #506
    Nickname: Nicky
    Age: 9
    Looks:[​IMG]Wings: His light brown wings are based off of a falcons
    Personality: He is a typical little 9 year old boy. Goofy, adorable, a trickster and playful. He doesn't understand why the scientists did what they did to him but he doesn't blame them. He has a way to trusting nature to him and he looks up to the older boys.
    Bio: His bio is actually similar to Ariel's because he is her neighbor. He was only a baby and his mother was a terrible alcoholic and his father had left his mom. Nicky didn't remember much other then the lab because that is where he has grown up. He was cut off from Ariel when he went through his DNA testing but was broken out by an angel that was kind enough to stop for him.
    Other: Nicky's Falcon DNA gives him 65% more strength and his senses of danger and finding food seemed to increase by 56%.
  4. Name: Test Subject #368
    Nickname: Kalia/Kay
    Age: 18
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Wings: Her falcon DNA gives her wings that are a brownish red that matches her hair. Although much larger than a normal falcon's, her wings are still sleek and angular just like her smaller, pure-bred counterparts
    Personality: Kalia is a kind hearted girl... deep down. She's been used and abused by the scientists for so long that she has given up being nice to anyone. Although she seems to have a mean, bitchy streak, she really cares for everyone and is almost the mother type of the group. She tries her hardest to keep everyone at arms length but sometimes, she lets a few closer. These other "angels" are her family and she knows not to mess that up.
    Bio: She grew up on the streets with her father out of the picture before she could take her first breaths and her mother too doped up on drugs to even notice she was alive. Still, for her childhood, it wasn't bad. She had friends and when she was 7, she met an older woman who took her in for dinners and naps every few days. But it didn't take long to realize that the "bug bites" on her arms weren't actually bug bites. As soon as she let on that she knew, the woman took her captive and she's been living in the cage ever since. She's seen many other "angels" come and go and she's lucky to still be there.
    Other: From her falcon DNA, she has gotten 87% better eyesight, 73% better reflexes, and 78% more intelligent. She can also move extremely stealthily and silently.
  5. Name: (Older)Test Subject #2186
    (Younger) Test Subject #1256
    Older: Jessica or Jessi
    Younger: Maddie
    Age: 16 and 10
    Looks: Jessi:
    [​IMG]Wings: Jessi was based off of the DNA of the common black hawk and therefore has large jet black wings, Maddie was infused with snow owl DNA and has large pure white wings.
    Personality: Jessi, despite being kind and silly, has large trust issues and always eger to jump in a fight. The only one she trusts is her younger companion Maddie. Maddie is one of the most kindhearted people and never speaks badly towards others though she hardly speaks.
    Bio: Jessi was abandoned at age 5 by her mother and grew up in the same orphanage as Maddie in Denver, Colorado. Jessie, despite having poor vision at the time, use to get in all sorts of trouble, stealing and getting into fights. Maddie, though, was a baby at the time and Jessica simply adored her and would get her anything she could. They both were taken in by a man named Nathaniel who Jessica trusted dearly. But after being taken to California and had been experimented on them and even tortured continually it caused Jessica to distrust everyone except Maddie who she would gladly die for. Maddie though is forgiving and insists this is all for a good cause and tries proving it by saying how much Jessica's vision has improved since the experiments. Though Jessica looks blind she now has fantastic vision and improved as a fighter.
    Other: Due to hawk DNA, Jessica's vision has become 75%, fighting reflex 75% and alert 80% Maddie's intelligence has become 70% and became 20% quicker. Jessi would die for Maddie and do anything for her an hates talking about her family. Closest people she trusts besides Maddie is her "flock".
  6. Mia (open)

    Name: Test Subject #998
    Nickname: Mia
    Age: 18
    Wings: Wandering Albatross DNA, massive wings which are mixed black-white on the outside and pure white on the inside, except for the very tip which is completely black. Incredibly useless and heavy when not flying. Wing span is somewhere over 10 meters, needless to say she can't even extend them inside closed spaces. Still scientific predictions that she would be able to fly great distances with them almost effortlessly.
    Personality: Mia used to be a kind and gentle person, however years of imprisonment in the research facility caused her to become mostly pessimistic and apathetic to other people, the institute is pretty much all she knows now, and as such she doesn't even imagine escaping.
    Bio: Mia was acquired by the institute very early in the project, she was merely six years old. Her life until then was actually quite decent, she was in a small provincial orphanage with only 15-20 other children, besides the occasional quarrel she had little trouble. This all changed when she was picked up for the project, the owner of the small orphanage didn't really ask too many questions when several thousand dollars were placed in his hand after all.
    Once she got to the laboratory several other tests were conducted on her first, she doesn't know what they were to this date, but two or three years later they moved onto the next project, as a result of this project she sprouted large wings on her lower back, however when the scientists tested her physical capabilities they were disappointed to notice almost no change. She could hear that they blame the previous experiments for this, but in the end she never found out. She spent her next ten years literally sitting cooped up in a cage, listening to the slowly increasing number of other people. She was always there and as such most people didn't even notice her presence.
    Other: No apparent physical changes in strength, agility, dexterity or intelligence.

    Luna (open)

    Name: NC #004
    Nickname: Luna
    Age: 14
    DNA: Lynx
    Personality: Luna is almost completely emotionless and obedient, the experiment line she participated in had even less regard for emotions then the Angel Experiment, she was thoroughly brainwashed and retrained via the use of advanced biocomputers embedded to her spine. While these computers usually work flawlessly her true personality might become dominant in the case of extreme physical or psychological stress.
    Bio: Before the Angel Experiments, numerous other types of DNA were tested on humans, most of them with little or no success, Luna was kidnapped at the age of 2 and participated in the line of testing for feline DNA. Only six test subjects survived, and afterwards Luna was used in numerous other experiments, including biocomputer testing and combat application tests.
    Other: Her Lynx DNA and biocomputer augmentations give her heightened reflexes, however from her DNA she also gained extremely good eyesight, hearing, increased physical strength, agility and stamina. Her fingernails grow at an accelerated rate, however she regularly cuts them as they are inconvenient when handling firearms. She is intolerant to vegetables and requires a meat diet.

    And for completion's sake.

    More Nekomimi (open)

    Name: NC #001
    Nickname: Alpha
    Age: 15
    DNA: Domestic cat
    Personality: Alpha is mostly bossy and demanding, however she cares about the few other NC candidates that remain in the complex. Along with them she is often sent on secret missions for the facility, where she acts as the field commander and medic. Like all the NC girls she does not question her loyalty to the facility, since they literally do not know anything else.
    Bio: The first candidate in the "Neko project" was kidnapped at the young age of 3, like most NC candidates. However unlike most of her sisters after her she was injected with simple domestic cat DNA. As expected from the experiment, her DNA and the introduced DNA merged almost perfectly, however her special abilities were not too profound.
    After the Neko Project, which was in session until she was 8, she was mostly kept around as a centerpiece for the other NC candidates, she was the definitive older sister figure for the others. Unlike most of the other girls, she was not used for other experiments, such as biocomputer testing (Luna) or biomechanics testing (Stella). The NC girls actually possess quite a bit of freedom, since most of them have advanced computer technology within them they could be traced at any moment from the HQ, because of this they are allowed to roam around the complex, and even a bit outside of it.
    Other: Heightened reflex time and slightly increased agility and strength, naturally sees well in the dark. She possesses knowledge of warfare tactics and field medicine.

    Name: NC #003
    Nickname: Stella
    Age: 14
    DNA: Siberian Tiger
    Personality: Stella is almost like Luna, just worse. Her pain threshold is immense and her personality rarely breaks, she is basically emotionless besides when it comes to her "sisters", a trait all NC share. She is particularly fond of Alpha. While she and Luna share a certain rivalry due to the similarity of their augmentations.
    Bio: The third candidate for the Neko Project was the second successful one, she was kidnapped when barely 1 and a half year old. Stella was infused with powerful Tiger DNA, making her the strongest of the NC girls, she was very promising from the start of the experiments, and one the Neko Project was concluded as "Plausible, yet ineffective", she was eagerly expected in the Biomachine project, this project was aimed at developing machines one could control without physical intervention, like a part of their body. For the purpose of this she much like Luna got implanted with numerous computers along her spine, even though these were far simpler then Luna's. Her ears are in fact not mechanical, those are specially designed headphones for her, which heighten her hearing even more.
    Once the procedures were done, Stella was capable of remotely operating several machines at once, usually UAV or ULV's, even though advanced self-protection drones are available for high-profile missions, the drones operate almost like an extension of her body, however as a consequence some getting destroyed cause temporary physical pain. Stella is also a capable marksman, even though not quite as Luna.
    Other: Her physical strength is almost 200% due to her DNA, however her agility and senses were not as heightened. Because of this she usually wears her specialized headset to boost her sense of hearing, along with all the sensory information she gains from her semi autonomous drones.

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  7. Name: #7297
    Nickname: Coral
    Age: 8
    Looks: [​IMG] without the ears or tail of course
    Wings: Small wings that take after the wings of a Red-Winged Black Bird Red on the tips and black the rest of it they are quite small and only span about the length of her arms
    Personality: A very talkative young girl who also thinks she can do anything and finds it annoying when people try to tell her she's to young she also puts her life in danger a lot but started to realize what can happen after being at the institute and is now beyond scared and wishes to find someone she can confide in and trust in.
    Bio: Coral has always been a very mature girl for her age but after being separated by her 'mother' she has been very isolated and just wishes to confide in someone
    Other: love me
  8. awesome! Half our people are back in.
  9. Are we continuing on the same spot where we ended or is there a minimal timeskip?
  10. Name: #3913
    Nickname: Scarlet
    Age: 17
    Wings: Eagle wings DNA
    Personality: Scarlet has been in the scientist custody since she was 9 years old. her "parents" were actually scientists who used their own eggs and sperm to create a child born with animal wings. Realizing that her own life was a lie has allowed her to disassociate from the situation she is in.
    Bio: her "parents" were still assigned as her doctors so they give her little trinkets and lets her dress up as her favorite characters from her old childhood cartoons. At the end of the day though she is shut in a dark cold place, and she truly realized that her parers never really loved her. this has made it hard for Scarlet to open up to anyone even the other child the scientist experiment and study. Before her "parents" gave her back to the facilities she use to sing and paint. She use to love to paint the scenery and the ocean. Since the scientist experimented on since artificial insemination, they have heighten her intelligence and 5 senses. she loved mystery novels and watching anime on her free time.
    Other: what her parents did to her has placed mistrusted in Scarlets heart towards everyone. she hardly talks anymore but is very smart and can think os situation solution quickly. even through she has been through a lot, she is still a kid at heart underneath it all.
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  11. Here's a quick outline of the Neko Project.
    It was cancelled due to its low success rate, the Angel Project was its successor.

    1) They were always Female.
    2) They were always kidnapped between the ages 1-3
    3) There were only 110 test subjects, only around 20 survived.
    4) Most of them participated in experiments after the Neko Project. Besides Alpha.
    5) Their "nicknames" usually came from Latin or Greek.
    6) They usually retain no memories of their former lives, unlike the Angel Project they don't even know they had lives before.
  12. I'm going to make a post later tonight on where we will be picking it back up.
  13. Are others allowed to make characters from the Neko Project?
  14. If the GM allows it, I'd have nothing against moderating that part of the RP.
  15. I don't see why not, go ahead and make Neko characters.
  16. Well then I can't wait to see the results.
    Just use those guidelines I mentioned above.
  17. Name: #2368
    Nickname: Paris
    Age: 18
    Wings: Has the red wings of a cardinal with long streaks of black in his feathers. Long, sleak wings.
    Personality: Paris is mentally unstable, having wild mood swings and lashing out at others verbally and physically. He is very sarcastic and doesn't really care about anyone or anything in life. However, he has a smooth voice and he can easily talk his way in and out of any situation.
    Bio: At the age of fourteen, Paris stuck his middle fingers at his parents and walked out of his house, never seeing his family again. He lived on the streets for a few years stealing for food and killing whomever threatened his way of life. Paris was eventually found by a criminal syndicate and allowed to join. The crime family's boss happened to have a beautiful teenage daughter and Paris couldn't resist. Once the boss found out he set all his recourses towards hunting down Paris. Running for his life, Paris found a kind elderly scientist wo was foolish enough to allow Paris to spend the night in his apartment. Once Paris was asleep the old man injected him with a tranquilizer and took Paris to the lab where he was turned into the beast he is today.
    Other: His hair used to be a jet black but after his mixing with Cardinal DNA his hair color turned to red, like a cardinal.

    Name: Raye Fields
    Age: 32
    Personality: Self-centered douchebag, hates following orders. Doesn't play by the rules. Loves kittens and puppies. Hates birds. Hates. Birds.
    Bio: Grew up in a small town as the smart kid in the family, had few friends growing up because he was a total asshole to the other kids and made them feel intellectually inferior. When he finished high school he was accepted into Carnegie-Melon and majored in Biology, minoring in Aviary biology. He thought he'd get over his disgust of the birds over time so he took that class. After graduating at the top of his class, he was approached by some other scientists who had some unique DNA opportunities for him if he joined them. It was kinda like a cult the way they brought him in, showing him more and more until he was so used to it he didn't even care when he saw the horrible atrocities they performed in the lab.
    Other: Excellent marksman/sharpshooter
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