The Angel and the Demon

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  1. Derryn

    Real age unknown, but he looks to be 22 (the age he died at)

    Tall with light brown hair and dark blue eyes. Due to the fact that Angels don't really need to sleep, there are dark bags under his eyes. Though he should be fighting, most of the time is spent with his friends who are, in fact, humans. He cares about them and would do anything to protect them.


    "Hey!" Derryn shouted into the empty air. According to his friend, this was the road he met the demon on. The idiot thought he could help him by selling his soul? Having hell hounds hunt him down was not helpful at all.

    Derryn had to find this demon and talk to 'it'. He hated the things, really, but his friend needed him. His soul did, at least.
  2. Name - Nyla. (Sometimes Nila) Age - killed at twenty, many decades old. Seductive, and hangs out with makes only--preferably Demons. Gave a human a petty deal on getting rid of his debt, and to give him a lucky streak and he got into trouble. He now had to pay with his life. -(I'm writing in first person, hope you don't mind.)

    The yell of the angel rang in my ears. "No need to yell," I called out, walking over to him slowly. I took the time to grimace over his Adonis looks. He looked just like the typical Archangel. "Where is he?" I spoke stern, my hands on my hips. My hair was pulled back into a slick ponytail, and I wore a leather jacket with black jeans and an even blacker (tighter) shirt.

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    He pointed at the demon, "You?" Walking forward, Derryn leaned over her and furrowed his eyebrows angrilly. "He's in a safe place now, but do you know how many of your dumb dogs I killed?" He crossed his arms. "Look, you can give his soul back with no fussing. Or, I'll take it back. I'm not scared of you Hell-dwellers." He looked at her with a challenging expression, determined and angry.
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    That's Nyla ^ (;

    Even in my five inch heels the Angel needed to lean over me. He had at least three more inches on me. I craned my neck, seeing the anger deep in his piercing glare. I let him yell, knowing full well I had the upper hand. The deal his little friend and I made couldn't be broken, only edited. Once he was done yelling, I cleared my throat and closed the inches between so my chest brushed against his. "Those weren't my dogs, they were Lucifer's. Not my problem, it's your problem...along with the fact that I need someone's soul. If your friend is too chicken...why don't you take his spot?" I asked shrugging lightly as I walked around him. My gray eyes--rimmed in silver--scanned every square inch of him. From the top of his head, to the bottom of his shoes.

    "I never owned an Angel before," I added innocently.
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    He glared at her with an even angrier expression as she pressed herself closer. Who does this demon think she is? He wondered.

    "He is not too chicken, as a matter of fact, he didn't even send me here," Derryn told her. "He's too prideful though, he wouldn't back out of his deal of his own will." Pushing her back, Derryn sighed. "You do realize that those dogs can't kill me, right? Why would you want to own my soul?" he asked her. For a moment, he stood there thoughtfully. "You and I both know well that you're lying, you can release him from the contract."

    As they stood there, Derryn weighed his options. The pros and cons for switching his soul for his friend's. His friend could live his life as intended and die peacefully, as opposed to getting torn to shreds by a hell hound. Then again, if Derryn gave his soul up he would probably be accused of betraying the angels.

    He could always kill her... Or if she died, he'd be released anyway.

    "Fine," he said after a moment. "Switch our souls."
  6. His push caused anger to course through my veins, and it took much to stay cool. Three deep exhales, then I spoke. "Who said anything about killing you? Instead, you shall be at my beck and call. For..." I trailed off, tapping my chin with my index. Mockingly I looked off to the distance as I thought of how long I could have him as what people would call a slave. "Eh, until I tire of you. Deal?" I asked, completely unfazed by his raging aura. "What do you have to lose? You hang out with humans, not much of a life you have," I shrugged along with my words.
  7. "In case you've forgotten, we're kind of at war," he replied, sliding a hand through his hair. "Well... I don't do much fighting anyway, I have to watch those guys' asses most of the time," Derryn muttered under his breath.

    He held out his hand then, sighing and nodding. "Fine then, demon, you've got a deal," he told her. "We've got all of eternity, right? Amusing you for a while shouldn't be so bad." Though, in the back of his mind, he could see his brothers scowling and accusing him of being a traitor already. Hopefully, they'd be too busy to notice he was running errands for a hell-spawn.
  8. I shook his hand firmly, nodding as humor sparked in my silver rimmed eyes. We now were bound together, him as my slave. "Ah, eternity. This shall be fun," I murmured with a sly smile on my full lips. Stepping back I examined him once more. He was very attractive, as most Angels were. Though, he had a boyish 'bad boy' look to him, and it sparked something in me. "And what shall I call you?" I asked him. Already, the wheels in my mind began to reel with tasks for him to do for me. Maybe accompany me at clubs, whenever I'm bored. Have him fasten the buttons on dresses I could never reach, stupid shit. Maybe he could even beat someone up for me, just for the hell of it.

    My smile grew wider at all of the possibilities.
  9. The deed was done. His friend could rest easy for now, which made Derryn breathe a sigh of relief. "They call me Derryn," he replied, stepping back a little more. He wasn't sure what to think about the way she was looking at him. Good or bad? Well, she was a demon, so... Obviously bad. "And what did they call you?" he asked her.

    "So, if you don't need me at the moment," he began, feeling a little uncomfortable under her gaze. "I'd like to return to my friends. For a moment, if you'll allow it." As Derryn spoke, he flinched at his own words. Imagine him, an archangel, talking to a demon as though she were his superior?
  10. "Derryn," I muttered his name, letting it roll off the tongue and kiss the air. "I'm Nyla," I responded back quietly. His shoulders were tense, and I sensed he was uncomfortable being bluntly scanning of. "I will need you later tonight, though. Meet me at the Night club, on forty-fifth. I haven't gone out to cause ruckus on the town in a few days," was my first command. "Dress appropriately," I added, then walked off. This was going to


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    He listened to her words with slight regret. He couldn't go back on it now, though. So he went to his friends and said nothing more than, "Need clothes to go to a club."

    As an angel, he wasn't entirely sure what 'dressing appropriately' for a club was. He trusted his friends as they tossed him a v-neck shirt and dark jeans. He switched out of his usual attire, which consisted of a dress-shirt and pants, as well as a tie. As soon as he had pulled on the DC shoes, he disappeared from his friends' apartment and reappeared in front of the nightclub.

    Unsure of whether to go inside yet, he lingered outside the entrance, watching the humans go in. The smell of alcohol reached his nose as the door opened and clothes. To be honest, it smelled gross, yet tempting. The humans that went in were chattering and laughing. Most talked about 'getting laid,' which still seemed like a strange way of saying sex to Derryn.

    He became extremely focused on observing the humans, so much so that he ended up zoning out.
  12. Later that night, I stayed at the studio Lucifer bought for me. He knew I liked living among the humans time to time, and decided buying me a place I could stay at. I guess you could call me one of his favorites--or his only favorite. Mindlessly, I searched through my walk-in closet for something cute to wear. Derryn randomly popped into my head, then a question quickly popped into my mind. What kind of outfit he would like on me? The question was ridiculous, to be honest. Though, it did make me wonder...


    I walked off to the club, wearing a body-con dress the color of midnight, and neon blue pumps that gave me five inches of height. My hair was natural, out and curly. My hair fell to the beginning curve of my bottom, and bounced with the slightest of steps. From the distance I could see Derryn zoned out, and it made me smile. I whistled to get his attention, but instead got the attention of a small group of cocky men. "Damn girl," once yelled out, while the other two clapped and whistled. "You are off the scale!" the others called out. I only rolled my eyes in disgust, though inwardly I was smiling. "Derryn," I called out, finally two feet in front of him. "Ready to go inside?" I asked, then scanned his outfit. I shrugged, nodding silently as if approving of his outfit. "Not bad, you clean up pretty nicely...though the shoes could be a lot better," I spoke truthfully.
  13. He was still zoning and Nyla's appearance made him jump. He looked down, a little worried. "Jake said this style of shoe was 'in' though," he told her. Derryn felt confused now. What exactly did 'in' mean to humans? Maybe Jake lied...

    Looking at Nyla broke him out of his thoughts again. Demon or not, she looked fantastic. "Goodness..." Derryn murmured, feeling his cheeks heat up. "Don't take this personally, but you look stunning, as humans would say." He nodded then and looked away, to the door. "Very well then, let's go in and do whatever it is you do."
  14. "He must have lied, or he has an odd fashion sense." I responded. His comment took me entirely by surprise. Not only did his comment stir something in me, but the heat on my cheeks made me entirely speechless. As he asked to go in, all I could do was nod. I walked toward the entrance, and smiled charmingly at the body-guard. "Hey Russell, fancy meeting you here," I joked with him quietly. He smiled genuinely, sizing up my outfit. His smile grew wider, and I knew he liked my outfit. My body was one people called 'dazzling', and 'perfect'. But I disagree, for perfection is the complete opposite of me. Though, that's an entirely different story.

    "Who's your friend?" Russell asked, crossing his arms across his well-built chest. "Derryn, no worries he's cool. Don't worry, you might still have a chance," I flirted, nudging him with my elbow. And with that he chuckled along with him, and let us walk in without needing to wait in line. Once we were inside, the music automatically got louder, and it even made my heart vibrate along with the catchy bass. "So, where you made as an Angel...or died and became one?" I asked him, curious to know more about my...slave. The mere title made me feel devious. It was quite...thrilling.
  15. He did lie! Derryn thought. He followed her, eyeing the body guard curiously. Derryn could tell he was quite attracted to Nyla, which made him smile a little. If only he knew that the pretty girl could tear him in half. Whatever though, interacting with humans was always fun. Jake taught him some 'lingo' he could use, but he was wondering whether or not he should trust him anymore.

    "Oh... Uh... I died," he replied, a little taken aback by the question. He hadn't expected it, to be honest, but it was a simple question. "What about you? Are you one of the fallen?" he asked her, curious. It was hard to tell with demons. They were all used to human ways, so he could never guess whether they'd been human or angel in the past.
  16. "I was killed," I put it simply. We weaved our way through the crowd of sweaty bodies, making it to our destination--the bar. I took a seat, and dragged Derryn's wrist to place him in the stool next to mine. "Don't know how, don't know when, don't remember who did it," I shrugged lazily, suddenly feel the air between us shift to a more darker, gloomier thing. I cleared my throat, batting my eyelashes at the bartender bluntly staring at me. "Can we get two shots of tequila, please?" I asked politely, handing over some money. "Do you dance?" I asked him, scanning the crowd mindlessly as I waited for him to answer. Derryn looked more of the 'read a book, and be at home' type rather than the 'stay up all night, and get girls' type. Luckily for him I was a bit of both, but he wasn't ready to know me, yet.
  17. Derryn thought for a minute as he followed her. "I was killed during a war," he told her. "Don't remember which one though." He swiveled around in the stool, amused by it. As he did so, though, he wondered why anyone would kill such a pretty girl. He had been a soldier, so it was only natural for people to try and kill him, but her? Humans were odd.

    He shook his head quickly. "Oh no, I don't know how to," he told her. "If you want a dancer, talk to Gabriel or Michael," he joked lightly, smiling.
  18. "Maybe the Civil War, Revolutionary War?" I named the two wars I knew of. "I died recently...possibly five years ago? I'm not sure, Lucifer won't tell me either," I added nonchalantly. At his amusing comment I couldn't help but playfully roll my eyes. "Well, then should I command you to dance with me?" I asked him, a glint in my eyes of something along the lines of mischievous. The drinks were slid to us, and I took mine like a professional. I gulped it down without thinking twice. I slammed the shot glass back on the bar counter, and smiled playfully at Derryn. "Come on, I'll teach you," I grabbed his arm, pulling him with me to the dance floor.
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    Derryn shrugged, "It was back when men still wore armour, I remember that much." He didn't dwell on it any longer though, whatever war it had been, Derryn had obviously ended up in a better place. Maybe not at the moment, but still, he had gone to heaven.

    He stared at the drink in front of him for a moment before lifting it to his nose and sniffing it. He didn't like the smell, but he shrugged and drank it anyway. Goodness, how do humans drink this? Derryn wondered, coughing a little. As he was hauled onto the dance floor, he cleared his throat and looked around.

    "Alright then," he said, looking at Nyla. "All I'm seeing is humans shaking about as though they're having seizures on their feet," Derryn told her, looking a little worried.
  20. Derryn's comment about the people around us made me laugh. I shook my head, with a smile growing on my lips. "Look, just do the two step," I explained. Then, I began to do the two step. All I did was move left to right continously, swaying my hips every now and then. "Got it?" I guided his hands onto my hips, helping him find the tempo and such. Also, I wanted to know if an Angel's touch is as warm as they say. Though, I'd keep that to myself. I moved my body fluidly to the music. The music the ocean, and I the wave. "You got it," I encouraged Derryn.