The Ambrosian Empire

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  1. The Ambrosian Empire}}
    Since the beginning, the land of the Empire has been blessed by the Gods. For deep within its enchanted woods grows the sweetest and most beautiful flower, Ambrosia. Its nectar is sweet and magical. It holds the power to eternal youth and life. Its petals can make medicine to heal deep and life threatening injuries. So, to protect this rare bloom,the Gods created Protectors. These protectors care for and nurture not only the Ambrosia, but also everything else that grows in their Empire.

    They are ruled over by an Empress, who oversees all of her people and her Empire. Ruled by peace instead of violence, the Protectors find peace and solace in their homes. Each of the Protectors, including the Empress, have a special gift that they use to forward the community. Because of the close bond each and everyone one of them has with each other, their society has thrived beyond belief.

    So come, enter this magical ream and see for yourself the true beauty of a peace and fantasy,

    House of the Empress


    Tree of Life


    Enchanted Forest


    Flower of Ambrosia



    Name xx Xena
    Age xx Immortal
    Companion xx Larka; white spirit wolf with the gift of wisdom. Jethro; Dark grey spirit wolf with the ability to transport into the spirit world.
    Ability: Earth elements bend at her command, she can make flowers and trees sprout. She has a deep connection to the earth,and feels when harm comes to it.


    Larka xx


    Jethro xx

  2. Rules xx
    I. Do not be an asshole. Treat everyone with respect.
    II. Follow the rules.
    III. Basically most mythological creatures are allowed. As you main character keep it more human. Elves, superpowers, humans with abilities, stuff like that. As far as your companion goes, anything is fair game. Big cats, wolves, phoenixes, unicorns, you want it, you can have it.
    IV. You are only allowed 1 companion to start. f I see you are active, and doing positive things, I will grant you a second companion(of your choice of course), which will also most likely be accompanied by some sort of other reward as well.
    V. No power moding/god modding.
    VI. Sexual relations are allowed and encouraged, as long as you don't get in the way of other players who like more plot than smut
    VII. Have fun!!!

    Character Sheet xx
    Name xx
    Appearance xx
    Age xx Immortal
    Companion xx (Name, picture and description of ability)
    Ability xx {Can be basically anything except mind control, power to cause pain, memory loss, etc etc on negative powers. If you want to be evil, use a superpower nobody would expect to be evil and make yourself into an evil genius)
  3. I rushed here as fast as I can. Let's see what I can do.

    So uh... what are the rules of this world even I'm unsure if this is an Earthly Plane with humans blessed by the deities or if it is part of the Divine Plane.

    So, are non-humanoids sentient?
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