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    A galaxy is a large place. A large place, inhabited by a great many sentient beings, many of whom trade with each other, or wage great wars. Alliances are created and wither all the time, friends and enemies being made, old empires crumble, new races arise.

    And for a galaxy not to be a complete mess, different sentient races send out emissaries, diplomats or other people, to talk to other races, to find others with the same interests.
    Occasionally, such people even have meetings or balls, where unexpected allies or friends can be found.

    And now, the Nae'Thran have decided to make such an even to dwarf all others.

    They have made a great space station just for this purpose, and sent out invitations to a great many races all around the galaxy. And as word of it spread, more races requested a invitation for their own envoys. Several hundred races are on their way to this meeting, for diplomatic discussions with others.

    And now, the time has come for the station to opens it's hangars for it's guests!


    Grand Ambassador Tho'Nakr'Haras Nae'Hoon was hovering in the main control deck of the station, using the consoles around him to watch as the many great ships joined them in orbit. He watched as their shuttles entered their hangars and landed. He watched as they were given the proper welcomes from his underlings, and that the crystal ear-pieces for those who couldn't receive their psychic signals would be able to hear them. As they were offered help with their luggage and shown to their quarters.

    So many different lifeforms, so many different kinds of creatures. So many coming together, without killing each other. It was truly greater than he could ever have hope for!

    He disconnected his psychic link to the console and started floating towards the main hall. He had to personally make sure everything was perfect there before he allowed them to open the doors to the guests. For such an event, any fault was unacceptable. It was but a short time until the doors opened, and he had to be down there to truly welcome the guests as they came there as well.​
  2. The big Dehlgyr stood before the great doors infront of the main hall, running his claws through his beard. It always itched before a battle, and this was a battle, just not the kind he was used to.
    Nonetheless he would make sure to be among the first to enter, and conclude any possible lines of defense and routes of escape. He didnt have his battle-suit, the Nae'Thran had asked them to relinquish any weapons before they were allowed to enter their personal quarters. So now his suit and his other favorite weaponry was stashed away in the Shuttle he had arrived in.
    Well... almost all his favorite weapons. Not that he could blame them, he couldnt remember ever having fought against nor with the mind-talking crystals, so some of the Dehlgyr pecularities were bound to be unknown to them.

    Kyhaln tilted his head slightly, a thought occuring to him. It was on the other hand possible that the crystals did indeed know about it, as well as any other races way of sneaking personal weapons with them. A way to keep them all reassured of their own safety? In that case it was quite the thought-through scheme for a bunch of floating crystals. But as his knowledge of them was very brief he supposed he shouldnt be surprised if so. Kyhaln was frankly speaking very interested in the Hosts for the meeting. Advanced shield technology was something the Dehlgyrs had found lacking against the Fear. Maybe the Nae'Thrans shields were of a stronger kind, the only question then was how to trade for them.

    The tall man looked around himself at the few other early arrivors, with slow movements of his head, no reason to scare any little things. If the main hall was closed so far, he might as well try and see if he could recognize any of the other races present.
    Kyhaln unconciously settled the darkly colored ceremonial robe he was wearing a bit better over his chest, recalling one of the reasons he had never wanted to become anything but a warrior. And maybe he should have taken one of those crystal ear-pieces after all. Mind-talk was as far as conversation went not one of his favorites.
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  3. Verain floats out of his shuttle. He looks around and see the many other shuttles full of races he probably has never heard of. "Now this is interesting, so many leaders of so many people. I wonder who will be great allies to us, and who would deny us." He thinks, already scanning the crowd for possibilities. He then sees one of Nae'Thran ask for him to remove his weapons. "I'm afaid that's impossible, these blades are part of my body, but do not worry, I have no intention of using them."

    As Verain approches the main door he sees even more races, this has him even more excited to get inside, as he intends to meet every single one of them. He floats there, waiting for the doors to open.
  4. Bodjek's ship had arrived. He took one last deep, shaky breath in and out before he set his jaw and opened the hatch. He had to remain calm. Never mind how much he had protested, how adamantly he had insisted that surely there was someone more qualified than himself, someone higher in rank or at the very least older and wiser. But no, they had deemed his experience with other races sufficient and his demure personality perfect. So he descended into the station with his head held high, as his people would expect of him. A silky, deep red sash with gold beading was draped over one shoulder and bound with a matching gold-beaded brooch at his opposite waist, and an array of thin gold circlets adorned the lower third of his neck. They itched, but he tried not to fidget with them. He felt pompous and uncomfortable. Of course, he had to tolerate that. It befitted an ambassador attending an event of this scale to look the way he was dressed right now.

    He parked himself in front of the nearest door and looked around. There were only a couple of other beings here at the moment, and both were quite a bit taller than him. He hoped dearly that this size differential wouldn't prove to be the norm. He foresaw the necessary nigh-vertical communication between himself and these folk being problematic. He cleared his throat, folded his hands on the floor in front of him, and stared expectantly at the door.
  5. Zelx was sitting within it's chamber inside of the space faring creature that had taken it to the ball that was it's mission and very reason for existing, Zelx let out something akin to a sigh though it did not posses a mouth so the air instead came out of the much simpler being which was latched against it's shoulders. A whisper within it's mind told it that it's carrier had latched onto the hatch and was currently forming an exist for it to use, so Zelx stood up and walked towards where the whispers told it to go. These whispers within it's mind was the voices of it's peers who used the Hive Mind to relay any information it would need about their situation if one of the other Ambassadors would of ask it, as the flesh parted he walked into the room and noticed a small group of what he thought were his fellow diplomats. Or what their race thought was a good idea to send as a Ambassador.

    Borrowing the vision of it's symbiote allowed it to get a closer look on the other races and it dawned upon it that even now when there was only three of them there was already a large difference betwen the species. A difference which would only keep growing as more and more ambassadors would join them here and wait for the ball to begin. Zelx walked up untill he was standing by the door giving the tall alien which had what seemed like bone over his or her skin a nod. But quite frankly Zelx could not make a comment about it as the only clothing it had clothes wise was the cloth like materia his Symbiote had made, and it mostly just hanged by it's sides.
  6. Like a drop hitting a puddle. A drop shaped ship appeared at a distance soft ripples fading out in a circle around it. Sending out it's identification and invitation it went on to elegantly move to it's docking area. A light shift at it's side revealed a door that opened. Ayila stepped out and looked around. At the moment she donned a nice purple dress in a formal cut.
    Greeted by the Nae'Thran she nodded but politely declined the crystal. "No need i can hear you and i carry no weapons only mandatory defences." She nodded her head at the quite interesting crystal being as their silent talk went on. It took a little while but then she was showed to where the others gathered and waited.

    This place was a flow of information to her and to the ship. All of these interesting races. And their technology of course. It seemed their ship had entered a good universe for them to call home. Though looking at some and how they looked at each other. It was good her own quadrant was fairly uninhabited and calm.
  7. A ship of uttermost proportions, had to sit in it's own personal area, considering that the Genomians were an originally large group of people, but when they got to the space station that had to change their size to fit to the gravity proportions. So as they parked their ship they walked into a large crew bay to fit the larger ships. The three beings that walked out of the ship were at a smaller body ratio than that of their original ship. Rikon Bloodlight was the leading member of the trio, he was the current ambassador of Genoma,and leader of the Clan of Bloodlights a highly respected group of beings that fought to protect there planet. Now that space travel and light travel has also been achieved, the Bloodlight's are willing to expand there territory and have mainly come for that secret reason. The plan set by Genoma's Leadership Council, want the three Bloodlight's there for trade reasons and to discuss territory measure's if possible. Then there was Freya Bloodlight, the wife and current assistant for Rikon. She is to be addressing Rikon and his motives from the GLC. Last, but not least, there was Karum Bloodlight, a half breed Genomian and Bloodlight, being that he is not a pure breed Bloodlight he has more of a temper than the other two and is known as the most dangerous Genomian. That is how he was accepted as a Bloodlight, by being dangerous, so now while at the ball, he is a bodyguard for Rikon and Freya, though he was also friends with them, and the First General of the Clan of Bloodlights.

    Rikon and Freay had to give up their weapons, giving them to the crystal beings. Karum had none, since he summoned his in case of emergency's. They were escorted to a group of other ambassadors and beings of great respect through out this galaxy and many others. "Well aren't we sticking out like a Frinka in Oazona, am I right Freya" Rikon tried to make a joke to lighten the mood. Freya didn't make any comment, nor did Karum.
  8. The tables were perfectly symmetrical. All the food and drinks were laid out appealingly, and all of it was fresh. There was no dust anywhere. The servers were in place, and the guests seemed to be coming into their places as well. It seemed that it was finally time to start this event!

    Tho'Nakr sent a short pulse to the door control, making the large, crystal doors slowly open inwards, revealing the grand ballroom to the guests. Tables lined with foods and drinks. Chandeliers emitting a soft light across the great hall. A small stage at the far end, thus far with nothing on it. Tables and chairs of many different sizes and shapes, to accommodate people of all races. All along the walls and on most of the tables, decorative crystal arrangements were placed, truly giving the impression of everything being made of crystals.

    Tho'Nakr hovered to the middle of the opening, floating in front of all the guests. He opened his psychic link to everyone present, starting his welcome to the guests.

    "Welcome to Hama'Ro, friends and colleges! I thank you all for coming, and I hope we all can have a positive outcome of what happens here in the following cycles! But I shall not hold you any more! Please, come in! Enjoy the foods and drinks here, enjoy each others' company, and enjoy your time here!"

    And with that, he started floating slowly backwards, towards the middle of the now open hall.
  9. Sapientes Legatus sat in the diplomatic shuttle as it docked. She started at herself in the mirror, her attention fixed on her metallic eye. The war with the Exen was displayed on her face. She sighed as there was a knock on the door.

    "We've arrived." A guard announced.

    The future of your entire race could be resting on this meeting. She thought Don't get carried away

    She stepped out of the shuttle. It was small in size and scale as it was designed for fast travel. Marks of the war could be seen on it too as various parts had been replaced. Her two bodyguards followed, both armed with energy weapons.

    "I don't think we'll be needing those." She spoke
    "If you are threatened?.."
    "We are not a violent race." Legatus stated "We are here to learn and to rally support against the Exen. Our hosts asked us to relinquish all weapons. Stay with the shuttle." She ordered
    "It could be an Exen trap."

    Legatus sighed

    "If you're right then I'm not making it off this station alive. If that's the case then evacuate and tell the council to blow up this entire station."

    She made her way to the ballroom , just in time for the event. She instantly bowed, a white glow surrounding her.

    "I apologies for being late." She announced in a clam manner "Our shuttle took a few hits on our way out of Curabitur space."

    She stood up straight "I am Sapientes Legatus, of the Curabitur." She was curious to know what other species thought of her people, so she though that an introduction was necessary. If this did turn out to be a trap it meant that they could shoot her on sight and get it over and done with.

    As she made her entrance, she scanned the room trying to learn what she could from the other guests. It appeared that the host was a living diamond. Sapientes smiled at the thought of encountering such an unusual species.
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  10. As the doors open Verain feels a rush of excitement as now he can finally begin meeting the oter ambassadors more officially. He grabs some food and a drink, then proceeds to sit down. He looks around and sees a grkup of three beings presmabley of the same race. He decides he will meet with them first. After sitting down he begins to subtlely beckon them over.
  11. Rikon notices a being of a cybernetic look beckoning them over to a table. "Well, maybe this being has something to trade with us" Freya whispered to Rikon, due the fact that she noticed the being as well. She started to walk over to Verain, holding a small holographic notepad. She sat down beside Verain and held out a hand towards the being, "Greetings to you, I am Freya Bloodlight, the wife and assistant to Rikon Bloodlight, the ambassador for Genoma." Rikon was walking towards the table at that time, with Karum walking behind him. Karum had looked around eyeing for danger of any kind. Rikon sat beside his wife, and nodded at Verian to signify a greeting. Karum stood in front of the table before sitting down at the table.

    While sitting Karum had eyed Verain for the time being. Karum was very serious about whatever job he had taken up or was given.Freya had scrolled through her notepad and found a section saved for the Ambassadorial Ball and opened the file. she was ready to write whatever she needed to for this upcoming conversation.
  12. "Greetings, I am Commander Verain of the Fibrosian Empire. It is nice to meet you." Verain shook Freya's hand. "Very nice meeting place the Nae'Thran have given us isn't it? Impressive for what most would just assume are floating crystals." Verain looks around then returns his attention. "Now, to get a little more... down to buisness as it were. May I ask about your race?"
  13. "Indeed," Freya agreed with the commander as she looked back up to him, "The being sitting beside me is Rikon. I'll let him take over." Rikon listened to the question after letting Verain speak."Well Commander, I am the leader of the Clan of Bloodlight's, on the planet Genoma. We Genomians are a very complex species, at least that is what the leader of the GLC, Genoma's Leadership Council wanted me to explain. Thoug it is true, we are also very simplistic, and ritualistic as well. Technology isn't that new to us, but light travel is inexplicably new. We had a few other species try to explore or invade or large home world. for that we had enslaved them to try and make their light travel ships, just bigger. See our original size is actually quite larger than this, that is why I said that we Genomians are a complex species."

    "We also use complex set of weapons that can change shape from a melee like weapon to a projectile weapon. and because we make those weapons on our own, we infuse our DNA to make it to where the weapons can change size according to us. You could say we just about mastered weaponry, but i don't really want to brag about it" Rikon explained this to Verain. Karum had still kept his eye on Verain, watching his every move. In a way it was like a glare, staring at Verain for seconds on end.
  14. Kyhaln noted the arrival of the few other ambassadors, a floating thing in a metal suit, a slug, a pale humanoid with weird growths on its shoulders giving him a slight nod. Interesting. The humanoid being intrigued the tall Dehlgyr enough that he did not notice how the horned female placed herself a bit behind them.
    He was just about to adress the humanoid, but at that moment the crystal decided to open the doors floating backwards to goad them inside... It made him remember battles with the Fear. But they were nowhere close this place, so he walked inside the main hall with the others, remembering to find the humanoid again later.
    A bit of commotion was roused as a "Sapientes Legatus, of the Curabitur" arrived "late". Apparently having to introduce herself because of it, interesting that as well. But his current goal was the humanoid that had nodded at him. Grabbing some pieces of meat and what had probably been vegetables hours of cooking earlier he walked of in whatever direction the humanoid was.

    The Dark-clothed Dehlgyr came up beside the humanoid and got his attention, after he had realised that the thing itself was blind, and whatever the growths on its shoulders were, they had eyes. So Kyhaln waved at them until he got its attention. Munching away at the food he had taken.

    "Hello there, forgive me for asking, but what are those things on your shoulders?" Kyhalns eyes shimmered.
  15. "I see. Very interesting. Then I guess it is for the best that I tell you about us Fibrosians. We have developed some very... unique technology. We have found ways to warp through black holes, allowing us to temporarily move the end of the wormhole to wherever we desire, this allows the equivalent of faster-than-light travel. Fortunately, there are no lack of wormholes in the universe.Also, as you can plainley see we have very unique armor. In my case and many others in our empire, we have made the armor part of our bodies. These blades on my arms hide a seret technology that not many are able to utilize. But that is a story for later. My race is seeking fuel and resource rich planets or simply the resources themselves." Verain noticed Karum looking at him. "Might I ask who this is?"
  16. Not even Bodjek was quite sure why he felt so reluctant to talk to any of the folk gathering in this doorway. He told himself it was because he felt it more appropriate to save banter for the interior, once the event started—it was a party, after all. But some part of him knew that was just a silly excuse for being shy. Who am I kidding? I'm no diplomat. I don't know what the board was thinking...

    But the doors opened then, and he couldn't readily do anything but drift inside with the other guests. His jaw hung open as his eyes swept over the room within. It was a crystalline ballroom he'd never seen the likes of before, particularly in size. He felt as if he'd slithered into a rainbow-colored ice palace. And as scrumptious as the food on the tables looked, he almost didn't want to look at it for long, because it wasn't the rest of the room. It was dull and organic. The room was stellar, in every sense of the word. He looked behind him, suddenly self-conscious about the shiny trail he left in his wake, thin and already dry but visible nonetheless. He imagined it rude of him to leave such residue in a place where his method of movement was not the norm. Perhaps it wasn't too late to hunt down one of the staff and ask if they would prefer him to use a scooter of some sort to maneuver around the room so as to keep their floors clean...

    By this point he'd nearly drifted face-first into a table, though, since he wasn't looking where he was going. He jumped a little when he realized it but otherwise corrected the error in time. There appeared to be tables at a variety of heights to accommodate many sizes of being, and considering this one was at chin-level for him, he decided to pass and look for something shorter. Ah, this table a few meters away looked to be a comfortable height. He took one of the small provided plates, loaded a few crackers and slices of mystery meat onto it, and settled comfortably into place, leaning against the table as he nibbled on the food. His gaze wandered over the other alien beings that had arrived early. Hmm. Who else wasn't twice Bodjek's height? There was a sort of amorphous-looking one that looked bipedal but had large growths on its shoulders, eyes in strange places, and no mouth. Conversation with that one might be strange, but it would give the both of them something to do.

    Another being drifted through one of the doors then, however, drawing Bodjek's attention there instead. A bipedal figure that glowed faintly white strode into the room, announced its (her?) presence, and apologized for any lateness. He raised one brow ridge. It struck him as pompous to think one's presence so important that it needed an announcement, but perhaps this new being, a Curabitur apparently, had guessed incorrectly about the formality of this event. It wasn't some procession where every attendee was announced and applauded. He could imagine such a thing, though.

    His eyes darted back to the haphazard...well, growth was the word that came to mind, rude as that might have been. He looked back at the growth he had noticed, but it had just been approached by the tall insectoid he'd seen waiting at the door earlier. Deciding that was no longer his conversation, he returned his gaze to the newcomer. The contrast between its dark hair and eyes and its pale skin was striking. He knew enough of the Curabitur to know that they were natural shapeshifters, and he found himself wondering if this slender figure was a rare glimpse of their natural form. By all logic, Bodjek should have felt honored.

    He slipped away from his position and slid forward. He could at least use humor as a catalyst to overcome his shyness. "Late?" he called, a smile playing at his mouth that he hoped the Curabitur would see as friendly rather than overly casual. "Don't worry, you're hardly late. You're almost early!" He cast his gaze around the room to indicate that not many were present yet before looking the other being in the eye once more. He only then noticed that one of its/her eyes looked artificial. He tried to ignore it. He swept the arm not holding his plate of food across his waist and curled forward in a low bow. "Uthrirannel-nelkoriko-ranuth Makhne-ran, of the Nulra. But I don't expect anyone to remember that the first time." A laugh was audible in his voice as he straightened up. "Call me Bodjek. Bodjek Makhne-ran if you must, but just Bodjek is fine. It's what my friends call me."
  17. Legatus sighed in relief. Not only was this not a trap, but she was on time.

    That will help my reputation a little She thought

    She looked at the Nulra, trying to hide her curiosity. She hesitated for several moments but eventually offered Bodjek a handshake.

    "I think I already gave you my name." She smiled "Nice to meet you."

    However only part of her attention was focused on Bodjek as she scanned the ballroom, examining the other species as much as she could while at the same time trying to convince Bodjek of her interest.

    She made a mental note to talk with all of them at some point and fixed her full attention back on Bodjek.
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  18. "Sorry, about that, this is Karum, our friend, and the First General of our clan. He is one of our most trusted in the ranks that we called him in to be our body guard for this occasion, though he may not look it, he is quite powerful, one of the most dangerously skilled on our home planet. He is like a younger brother to Rikon as well" Freya explained to Verain. Karum soon stopped glaring and then started to speak, "My apologies, I take my jobs very seriously whether taken or given." He looked over to Freya and Rikon, " I am going to get some food would you two like anything?"

    Rikon nodded, "Well if they have any roasted frinka that would be nice, and some water would be nice." Freya shook her head, and went back to the conversation between Rikon and Verain. She found Verain's kind very interesting, so she kept note of it in the notepad.
  19. " It is okay. I do not mind, it is good he should be protective of you. Oh, yes. As I was saying before hidden in these blades are a special technology my race has developed. You see, on the tips of each blade there is a small hole, in the hole, there lies a needle. The needle is filled with a pheromone our body produces, in my case I have melded the armor to my flesh and thus my body naturally fills the needles with whatever pheromone I psychically command it to. The pheromones have had a lot of varied effects on different species, though they have the same basic result most of the time. Depending on the pheromones I choose, I could cause a creature to become extremely infatuated with me, or to become angered at it's allies. Or, in the case of a large overdose... say, three needles with different pheromones. I could cause some to completely lose their minds. Though I tend to keep from doing that as it is somewhat.... inhumane."
  20. The food was eatable for her species. And some actually smelled quite delicious. Entering the ballroom and placing some food on a plate. The Raptir observed the others in silence while tasting the food. Listening in on the different conversations. Some it took a moment before the programs could translate the language in. But soon the buzz of sounds turned into understandable words.

    What an interesting bunch Ayila thought with a smile. They where so quick to talk about their own species and it's technology. Then again they only mentioned that which was easy to find out on your own. The woman let out a sigh. It was good she was mostly just here to observe and not negotiate small talk wasn't her strong side.
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