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  1. Within Tarios Academy for Military Training there is a class of seven extreme fighters. Each one has a very powerful skill, that of which they do not stray. But their skills put together as a team is one the deadliest combinations. This team is kept separated from the rest of the trainee's, They perform separate training, and are not to have contact with other soldiers. Team Alpha One is sent on missions the other teams can't handle. Especially on recovery missions for rebel forces.

    The team used to have eight people. Eight fighters that worked together better than a well oiled machine. But one found the system to be corrupt. She left. Her name was Agent Sky Simmons. And she is a traitor. She wasn't much to the team anyway, and it didn't hit hard for the team. She was a simple analyst. She did nothing more and nothing less. She was useless. But she has a suit or Alpha Team Armor, and is therefore powerful. Alpha Team's new mission: Find and Eliminate Agent Sky Simmons aka Alpha Agent Ana

  2. Tarios Academy for Military Training is a large collection of buildings set on a deserted planet in the Omega System. The conditions outside the base are not suitable for human survival. Each building is 4 stories tall and there are 8 different block buildings. Alpha Team trains entirely in the Block Building 8. It is separated from the rest of the base by skybridge. Each floor is used for a different cause. The top floor is used as a command center. It has classrooms, as well as a large auditorium filled with computer screens and holo tables. The third floor is living area. Cafeteria, Kitchen, Rooms, Living Room, Rec Center. The second floor is the armory floor. Filled to every corner with whatever weapons Alpha Team could ever want or need. The first floor is the training floor. With not only a full gym, but training room. There are separate sparing rooms, as well as shooting range, and training floor.

    Alpha Team works separately from the rest of the army. They get sent in when shit hits the fan.


    Circuit walked down the hall on the Living Level. She yawned, playing with a pocket hologram board. On her hologram board (as each person has one) there were series of lock and codes that were randomly generated. It was her version of a game. She plopped on the couch, cracking yet another lock. It was her usual night, playing with the board and laying around. A couple of the other members would be training or sleeping, maybe eating, but Circuit was always more interested in her programs. Not that she wasn't social, but it helped her sleep. They were currently at a standstill trying to find Sky. She also knew that they would be getting a new analyst to replace Sky. Circuit slipped her board back into the pockets of her sweat pants, skidding down the hallway to the Cafeteria and picking up an apple. She didn't like to wear her armour all the time like some of her team, it was thick armour, and it was always thinking and trying to get her to train. It was an automatic perk of the armour. It was really helpful, the suit helped keep her energized while she was hacking into anything during missions. Her armour ability was spped and the suit was always buzzing.

  3. Sage had just ended his meeting with his clan leaders. The Humpries family is one of the major powerhouse in the world with their powers extending into various field. He was supposed to take over the leadership position earlier on but he had delayed it after joining the academy.

    The serious young man had received an invitation when he was seventeen and it did not take him too long before accepting it for the training by the elders was becoming a tad too boring for him. However recently, he had just started to be more active in the meetings. For now, his father remained in power.

    It was close to midnight and Sage had yet to have his dinner. He realized that he'll need to have something light before he proceed with his training. It was a routine he'd adhered strictly to, for him, he is responsible to ensure that he is in his top form. Especially so after the recent betrayal of his fellow teammate.

    The cafeteria wasn't buzzing with activity and he'd soon spotted circuit. He moved gracefully towards her before greeting, 'Good evening,' he said, 'busy with your game I see?'
  4. Enzyme burst into the living room, her head down as she mumbled to herself and to the cup of yogurt that she was holding. It was a simple cup of yogurt. Quite ordinary really. Cherry flavor with bits of cherry in it. And it was pink. Quite normal. Totally regular. Nothing unusual about it. But oh! How it was filled to the brim with potential! It could be anything!
    "Anything!" Enzyme exclaimed excitedly. "Acid, a spy, a defibrillator! ANYTHING!" She slammed the cup onto the table before her, and plopped down into her seat, completely ignoring every one else in the room. She had no time for idle chat chat chatting and hellos and what have yous. She had to focus on this cup of wonderful, ingenious yogurt!

    She wouldn't be sleeping tonight. No, no! She had to spend as much time as she could creating her newest invention! Sneaker Yogurt. Yogurt that with one spoonful, slowed down your inner functions such as the valves in your heart, your lungs! The victim would literally be in slow motion, and then that's when they'd strike! Alpha Team would swoop in, grab the enemy who's sluggish due to the Sneaker Yogurt that they just consumed--No-- "Sneaker Yogurt?" She said aloud, frowning. She was usually so much better at naming things. "What the hell is Sneaker Yogurt? What a stupid name! Slowtion! Oh, but it's not lotion, it's yogurt! AAGH! I can't think of anything!" She glowered at the yogurt cup as it was the cause of her terrible naming.

    And it was then that she glanced up, spotting Circuit and Sage. "You two." She said, pointing at them, and approaching them quickly. "You two are smart and probably witty. Quick, a nice name. Something catchy. For yogurt that slows down bodily functions rendering someone useless and completely idiotic. Go!" She cried out, pointing at them with her hands mimicking guns.
  5. Before Circuit's response, he was interrupted by another fellow teammate. An eccentric fella named Enzyme. He had never been too fond of her bubbly manner for he viewed her as unsettled.

    'Good evening,' Sage greeted, adding a small nod to the equation, 'you seemed to be a little too energetic this late in the evening. What is this about the yogurt you're talking about?'
  6. Enzyme groaned, so much for eccentricity and being quick witted. She didn't have time for this!"Yo-gurt." She said slowly as if she were speaking to a five year old. She pointed at the yogurt that she had left on the table. "I need a name for it, when I turn it into a weapon."
    And what in the world had he meant by 'too energetic'? You can never be too energetic! They were the Alpha Team for goodness sakes! If they weren't energetic what were they? Slow? Lethargic? Honestly! The nerve of some people.
    Although, the man was probably called Sage for a reason.
  7. 'From what you're saying, this yogurt of yours is to be served as a weapon.' Sage paraphrased Enzyme's words, trying hard not to let her affect his mood. He crossed his arms and examined the older woman through his piercing silver eyes.

    'Who eats yogurt before a battle and even if for the sake of the argument, someone does, how are you going to plant it for them?' Sage is not a man who's fond of doing unnecessary stuff and creating such an useless item falls under that category.
  8. Aragon went into the training room and took off his armor, leaving him in his all black stealth suit. He walked over to his rack and pulled a sword off one of the levels. He pulled the sword out of its sheath and admired the smooth, razor sharp blade for a moment. He ran his hands along the blade then walked into the center of the room. He put the blade down and made sure that it was perfectly vertical. Once he felt the blade was perfectly pinned on the ground, he placed both hands onto of the blade and went into a handstand. His focus completely on sending his weight from his body, through the blade, into the ground, without tipping it. He then removed one of his hands and held it out by his side. The complete silence and concentration allowed him to balance on the end of his sword without problem. It was a sight of pure strength and grace.

    He got down from his handstand position and went about training different strikes with his sword. The blade swiftly cutting through the air with each fluid motion. He had become a master with bladed weapons over the years, and he truly preferred them over and firearm; he was good enough to outmatch anyone whilst he had his blades.

    After training he went up to the living area where he found the rest of his alpha teammates. He didn't say much, mostly because he wasn't very interested in what Enzyme was going to call her new "yogurt weapon". Who the hell eats yogurt in action? No one would consume it, so it could very well end up being pointless
  9. ‘Good evening, Aragon.’ Sage was more than relieved to find another teammate added into the equation. He had no idea why a simple trip down to the cafeteria would end up in a debate in naming a yogurt. He remembered that the male is a master in swords and wondered if he would be interested in training with him. Surely that’s more exciting than having this worthless argument.

    Ignoring the chirping female, he decided to turn his attention to Aragon instead. ‘How was your training?’ He asked plainly and straight to the point, knowing everyone’s schedule in his head.
  10. Aragon pulled the black mask down showing the bottom half of his face the moved his hair to show the rest of his face. "Hello sage, things are going well. Outside of having to hear a yogurt debate. How about yours?" He tried to tune out the others, seeing as they weren't really saying anything relevant to anything. What should be in everyone's mind is how the hell they're going to find agent sky. Aragon hoped he could be the one to get the kill. Sky had betrayed him, she was one of the few people he actually trusted. But now they were no longer allies, he was going to find her and he was going to kill her
  11. Sage kept his facial mask glued to his face, unwilling to reveal his appearance to anyone, his teammates included. He knew of Aragon’s obsession with hunting down Sky but unfortunately he did not share his sentiments. He, would kill, if ordered to but he knew the dangers of obsession.

    ‘Indeed, a talk about yogurt is unnecessary.’ Sage nodded in agreement, taking a look at Enzyme before he turned back to Aragon. He’s fully aware that Enzyme would probably plan her get back on him later on but honestly, he cared not about it.

    ‘My day had been relatively uneventful.’ The male replied as he adjusted his mask.
  12. Aragon repressed his thoughts of killing sky and focused on the present. "Care for a quick training session." Aragon smirked as he put a hand on the hilt of his sword but kept the blade in its sheath on his back. He hadn't trained with Sage before, and was curious of his capabilities. He wondered if Sage were even comfortable with swords and knives, either way, Aragon had his weapons of choice and Sage could use his.
  13. Sage smiled, though it was hidden from sight, it'd warmed his eyes. Training with different people was exactly the reason why he'd accepted the invitation to join the academy.

    'I do not see any reason to decline.' He accepted it and nodded. Weapons isn't his favorite but he could fight with them. However his style involve adapting to other people and over the years, he was trained in the arts of the mixed martial arts.

    'Would you care to invite a couple of more audience or perhaps even participants?' He asked, gesturing towards the two teammates whom had been awfully quiet.
  14. Aragon smiled the replaced his own mask back over the bottom half of his face. "It would definitely make things more interesting. Shall we wager some sort of prize. First one to give in loses. Winner gets..." He ended his sentence there allowing Sage to fill in the blank. Nothing better than a little friendly competition. He waited to see if the others would join them in their contest
  15. Enzyme scowled at Sage then turned her scowl on Ace, but she said nothing and instead snatched up her yogurt and left. She would think of a name by herself. She had forgotten how limited the creative range of those two could be. All work and no play made Sage and Ace dull boys. And she had no time in her life for the dull and unworthy. She didn't tell them that the yogurt weapon wasn't for a straightforward attack, but for more of a camouflage mission. Or a spy of some sort. You infiltrate the enemy's territory, pose as a butler or a cook, and you work your way up and lace the target's food.

    Only an idiot would attempt to force someone to eat yogurt during a fight. "Idiots," She murmured as she took a right and headed down the hall to her room. Upon entering her not so humble abode, she forwent her comfortable yet horrible messy bed and entered the room that used to be a walk in closet but she had tossed all her clothing out of it and turned it into a lab. Never mind the fact that there was already a lab in the building. She liked working close to home. It was a basic lab really, with only the most basic instruments, she didn't want to destroy her room after all. She usually used the lab for creative linguistic pursuits, like naming things. And that is what she set out to do.

    Well--That and ranting and letting off steam. Most people went and jabbed at sandbags when they were angry, but her, being a nerdy time, just sat in her lab and mixed harmless chemical while she fumed.

    She was terribly, horribly, ridiculously smart. When it came to science that is. But they treated her like an imbecile and she hated it. She hated it so much, sometimes she wanted to return home and become a run of the mill, boring old chemistry professor and give lectures and show students things that they've never seen before! They would be awed and they would appreciate her inventions and her uniqueness. Not like here.

    But she couldn't leave. That wouldn't go over well with the big guys. She didn't want to become the next Sky.
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  16. Circuit watched silently as Enzyme mumbled to Sage about yogurt weaponry and Sage as polite as ever, listened to Enzyme. Then Aragon joined the fray of voices the conversation quickly moving to training. Circuit ignored them, cracking another code on her board. She took another bite, listening to them have a bet, and before anyone could blink an eye she was standing in front of them. "Did you guys say wager? You know I love bets! You guys wanna go three way session?" She asked looking between the two. How interesting. A bet. She loved bets. She loved odds. Ace and Sage were very equally paired, but add Circuit to the mix and it was likely one of them would be taken down immediately.

    "C'mon guys! You gotta let me in on this!" she pleaded. She wanted to fight both of them so much! She loved fighting, and she never got much action since she was the Tech Crew. She was basically bouncing on the balls of her feet. She was a fast moving mind. They say that her armour ability had been so powerful in changed her, but that just wasn't true. She was really just fast. Swift, always moving. always doing something. "When? Right now? Are we gonna fight now?" she asked her head moving between the two of them.
  17. C.T. entered the kitchen to see her friend, Circuit bouncing up and down between Ace and Sage. Great, they had done something to put energy into her system. And this late? C.T. leaned against the counter, "Oi, you idiots realize that now, we're gonna have to deal with Circuit all night right?" she asked crossing her arms moving to lean on Circuit. The two were always good friend. C.T., Circuit, and Sky. C.T. glanced between the boys, grinning at their faces. No one wants to deal with Circuit all night. She's just too excited and hyper. C.T. was a little laid back but she could be just as hyper as Circuit.
  18. During her contemplating slash rant, Enzyme had stress eaten the damn yogurt, so she was forced to leave her cozy lab and grab another one from the fridge. She wondered if she should stick to her original hypothesis and get another cherry flavored yogurt or maybe branch out an get orange flavored yogurt. Although the acidic citrus of the orange my affect the chemicals that she put in it. Cherry was a lot safer and would give better results.

    "Cherry it is then." She murmured to herself as she entered the kitchen. She ignored Circuit, Ace and Sage, but gave Scythe a wave. She didn't have a problem with the other girl. She preferred her to the rest of the team, although Enzyme was particularly close with anyone.

    "Damn it, who ate all the cherry yogurt?" She grumbled before remembering that she had in fact, eaten all of the cherry yogurt. "Fine, I guess I'll settle with strawberry. Good old strawberry." She grabbed the cup and resisted the urge to open it and gobble it up right there. She couldn't help that yogurt was her most preferred snack food.
  19. James, on his way to the living room, had to flatten himself on the wall to make way for a hurried Enzyme. He personally felt a bit sorry for her; no one really tried to understand her eccentrics, so he often tried to include her in some way, and at least hear her out, and try to understand. Of course, he wasn't heavy weapons for being smart, so he oftentimes didn't get it. But he still tried to understand, and hopefully that might add enough brownie points that she would warn him if she decided to stick laxatives in the deserts again... well, he thinks it was her, but it may of just been the cook.

    That aside, he walked into the room to find about half the team in there, with Circuit hopping about between them.

    He liked Circuit too, though again, it may just be that they're more hyperactive and excited, which usually made him more hyperactive and excited. But he didn't show it, of course, he was the oldest of the group so he naturally had to be the most reserved.

    He knew he was doing a bad job at being reserved, but didn't care too much. So, he walked in and proclaimed loudly [having not listened to anything else], "What goes here my fellow wolves?! Happy hopping, Circuit!"
  20. C.T. waved back at Enzyme, leaving Circuits side to go over to Enzyme. "Hey Enzyme." C.T. smiled lowering her voice, "If you really want cherry, in the mini-fridge in the Cafeteria there's a whole stock of Cherry yogurt." C.T. then moved away from Enzyme turning to James as he entered. She walked over hopping up on the counter, "Hey James! Circuit is about to beat the two dunderheads over there." C.T. snickered opening the cabinet by her head pulling out some cereal and popping some of the Trix into her mouth.
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