The Age Of Dragons (Interest check, and discussion)

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Would you be interested in this at all?

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  1. Before I write up the story, and make the Character Sheets, and what not, I want to know how many would be interested in writing in a roleplay that has about....lets say 6 specific roles to fill with other misc roles. Three being humans, and the other three being dragons. It will be a sort of romance/action roleplay where each rider is the opposite sex of their dragon, and dragons can take on a human appearance.
  2. I could possibly be interested. I have a dragon character I made a while back that's barely been used, and if I think it will fit I will give it a try.
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  3. I'm interested, but does the dragon HAVE to be the opposite sex? I have a male dragon character from a old story I'll use if not.
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  4. I would probably be interested in being a rider character because I don't have a dragon character made just yet.
  5. I'll give it a shot at either rider or dragon. I'm flexible =)
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  6. Well Ill be playing a female rider.
    And quite honestly, id prefer riders, and dragons to be the opposite sex, but they dont have to be if that causes problems.

    Id really love writers to create new characters for this roleplay. Id also like to have the writers throw out ideas of what they'd like to see in the roleplay as far as plot, and twists, and other such things. I find that when writers have a say in the plot of a roleplay, they tend to stick with it more. When I write it up, I will also credits those who gave ideas, and highlight their ideas as their own. Id love for this to be a group effort.
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  7. Well, my question would be whether the pairs have some kind of greater allegiance, similar tothe riders of Eragon and its descendants.
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  8. that sounds awesome some ideas i would have would be, one of the three pair of dragons ad riders betray the other two and join the main threat or something like that
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  9. They could if that is something you would enjoy.
    I havent thought far ahead for this because I want it to be created by myself, and the writers who plan on participating as a whole.
  10. @shinakawolf Or there could be three allegiances. One for good, one for evil, and one of neutral standing. Two riders to each.
  11. that sounds good it would make for a good story especially to see what the neutral party would do in the long run
  12. What time period should it be in?
  13. I'll happily participate in the creation of the plot.
  14. @Rainbowwave Probably medieval-esque, since its dragons and fantasy.
  15. I think the main threat should be the oldest dragon, trying to destroy the humans Maybe?
  16. @Rainbowwave That is one thing I do have thought up. It will take place in a fantasy world, nothing of which anyone has seen in these days. The world is called Morcaida. We can let our mind wander with this world. It can be a modern day kind of world, or a olden day kind of world...perhaps a bit of both depending on the wealth on each section, or region. This can also give you free reign on how you create your dragons; fire, water, air, mechanical, a dragon born from alchemy.

    I want the writers to let their creative juices flow ^^
    My personal preference for roleplays is actually a Japanese setting, moreso Edo Era, but I wanted to try something different.

    @Verin That can be a plausible timeline for the story. However, im not a big fan of the whole patriarchy; kings, queens, princesses thing XD
  17. I'm mostly for dark age, feudalistic times myself. Of course, with adjustments for fantasy.

    And I just mean the setting, not so much the government styles.
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  18. @Azmeryth yeah im with you i am more of a fan of the japanese edo era but we could split the three regions into like three completely different lifestyles
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  19. @Verin @Rainbowwave This is a good idea. What do you guys think?
    Thank you for coming up with this, Shina :3
  20. @Azmeryth please call me shin if you dont mind
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