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    Name: Adrian Harrison
    Nickname: None
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Height: 185cm
    Skills: Archery, singing, instrument playing and cooking​

    Specialty: Adrian's biggest talent is his singing and song composing, and he has never missed bulls-eye in his archery.

    Personality: Reluctant, a bit moody, suspicious and only trusts people after longer friendships. When around friends he's less annoyed and more of a happy character, but he still rarely smiles for real.

    It was just any other day in school for Adrian. Get up and go to school, practice your instruments and archery, everything that you need to do, you do it perfectly. He hated those sorts of things, whereas he just wanted to deal with his own business and not care about other people. He felt rather annoyed when he had to follow guidelines for what he was supposed to do, especially with his music going on. He didn't want to get held back by the rules. That was why he was always happy in the music room. He got to compose his own music, do what he desired to do without having to listen to anyone give him guidelines. He was making a song for the concert that was coming up on the school, and it all depended on him. He didn't want to sing in front of the whole school, despite his talent that he had been praised for on so many occasions. But he was nervous. Nervous of how he would do. He didn't want people to make fun of him, and therefore always sung alone and to himself, so that no one would judge him.

    Even so, he was known across the school as the sleeping lion when it came to singing and making his songs. People, especially the females around the school, admired him for his talent and the grace with which he handled it all. He was such a calm person, never showing off the feelings hidden beneath his hard surface. He didn't want anyone to make fun of him when he was in a good mood, and therefore he walked around with an almost always indifferent expression. He had never had a girlfriend before, and he was completely fine with that fact. Girls in general didn't interest him the least bit. Because if he got a girlfriend, he'd have to focus on her and then he'd maybe not have as much time to work on his music. His music mattered everything to him, and if he couldn't have that, he'd rather not do anything, at all. He'd rather just hide himself away and never fall in love if he couldn't have his music and a girlfriend at the same time. He also didn't have any real friends, either, and every guy he knew had a girlfriend or a girl that they were seeing. It disgusted him to see them play around like they did, and he wished somewhere deep inside his heart that he could have the same. Someone to share his day with, someone to hold hands with. But he knew that he couldn't. His feelings were different. He couldn't just find a pretty and nice girl and then fall in love with her like all of his friends did. He had to find someone special for him, someone who understood his way of acting, understood his way of doing the things he did.

    But as said, it was just any other day. Adrian was an early bird and always woke before dawn, for some reason. He would always be hours early for the bus and stayed loitering in his house for hours before he could even go to the bus. His routine was always the same. He woke up early, this time it was at 4:30 am, and then he took a shower. Today it was a very long shower he took. He stood under the water for what seemed like hours, but when he came out, it was only 4:50. He dressed and dried his hair before walking into the kitchen. He made a cup of coffee, skipping his breakfast as he always did. He hated eating in the morning, and especially early. After he had finished his coffee at 5:05 AM he went on rounds in the empty house. His mother was out of town for business and he had to take care of things himself. He cleaned up all rooms, set over the laundry and emptied the dish washer. When he was done with the whole house, it was 6:20. He had to go in about an hour or so. He spent the last of his time loitering around once again. When it was about time to go to the bus, he took his bags and walked out of the door, making sure to lock it and afterwards lock the gates to his yard. When he walked to the bus stop, he plugged his headphones into his phone, turning up the music to avoid anyone talking to him. He didn't want to be approached early in the morning, since it was his time of recharging to be just a little bit social in school. When the bus came, he stepped inside and sat near the back of the bus where not many sat. He pulled out his note sheets and began writing on them.
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    Elie Clover
    Nickname: None
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Height: 160cm
    Skills: Writing, drawing and intelligence
    Specialty: Everyone is caught up in Elie's stories. She also enjoys drawing manga.
    Personality: Elie can be clumsy and stubborn at times but most people see her as a nice, smart person. Usually thinking she's a 'model' student when really she isn't. She does try to be nice to everyone, though can be quite busy which causes her to show her temper.

    Elie was running late. She had her alarm set but it didn't seem to wake her at all, she completely slept through it. It must have been the fact that she was up all night typing on her laptop just because she had a sudden burst of creativity. She took as fast as a shower she could, grabbed only an apple to eat for breakfast and ran out the door. She had to come back, only seconds after, to grab her bag that she had almost forgotten. She rushed out, trying to comb her hair while running which didn't really accomplish anything. She had to get to the bus stop before it would pass her. If she did she would have to run the whole was to school and only possibly making it on time. Luckily she got there as soon as the bus did. She breathed out heavily and made her way onto the bus. She sat down and sighed trying to cool herself down.

    It's not like Elie liked being so busy, she just had too much to do. She had to deal with school work, personal matters and all the other things she enjoyed doing in her life. Still Elie was always able to put a smile on for the others around her. That must have been why people saw her in such a good light. No matter what work she had she would always still keep in mind that there were others around her who had things they needed to do as well. It wasn't like being this busy wasn't effecting her though. It had gotten to the point that she didn't have time to really think about enjoying her high school life as other girls did. She had a few friends though she never really went anywhere with them and she definitely didn't have a boyfriend. They would probably be annoyed that she always did all her work.

    She felt the bus come to a halt, this time it was her turn to get off. It seemed she wouldn't be late for school after all. She walked off of the bus and headed in the direction of the school. She could see people walking together in their groups, something that Elie didn't really have. Instead she went on to the classroom, hoping to get there on time. In this way, she would end up early. That added more to the 'model' student look, though Elie never planned that, she was more worried about being late.
  3. Adrian saw Elie get on the bus, but didn't say anything and just observed her. He had seen her around pretty often, and she was always the "good girl" and didn't have any boyfriend as far as he knew of. He had never really taken a decision about what he thought of her, but he didn't think she was annoying like all of the other girls. It made him calm to watch her when she wasn't looking sometimes, because he felt as if her happiness sort of rubbed off on him in a way. He thought that, anyway. But it was all in his head, and he knew that she probably only knew him by name and appearance, but never had they talked to each other. They were very different, and yet... not. They both spent hours in the library after school, both on studies but also just reading for pleasure, everything that a library could be used for. He always noticed her there.

    He hated the thought of rush. Why would there be any rush? It was hard enough to get through life either way, so why not just take it slow? He hated "going with the flow" and instead worked at his own pace. Some called him an eccentric for his way of acting, but he was always just himself, encased in himself and that way, he had clearer thoughts than other people.

    When he finally got to class, he was relieved. It was nice to finally just get to work on his things again.
  4. Upon arriving in the classroom, Elie took her seat. She had once again gotten there before others, though it wouldn't be too long until her fellow classmates would start to appear. She took out her notebook, preparing for when the class would start. She took a moment to take in the view from the window, all that rushing in this morning made her slightly tired. She also struggled with sleeping, spending most of her night either on her computer or drawing something.

    Elie was usually home alone, her parents were always at work. She would do most of the housework because of this, the cleaning, shopping and cooking the meals. She wasn't always the best at all of it though, she would sometimes mindlessly forget somethings while others were on her mind. She also had a job herself, she didn't really want one at the time but her parents made her. They believed that it would give her a sense of responsibility, even though she already had one. they just never noticed because they were never there to see her.

    Be the time Elie got caught into her thoughts the students started piling into the room, making loud noises. They would comment about Elie being there, claiming their 'model' student rumor. She was also very pretty, usually having guys mention that to each other as well. Elie just continued to think about the objectives she needed to get down for that day.
  5. Adrian worked casually on his things, already there when Elie entered the classroom. When the teacher finally came, he set away his computer and took out his notebook. Unlike the other guys, he wasn't saying anything, not even about Elie or her "model student" personality as she was rumored with. He didn't care about it much, he only cared about whether or not she was doing well in school. Why would he care about anything else? It wasn't like being a model student was a bad thing. He sat and took notes of the teacher throughout class, making sure he got everything that was needed down onto the paper. He didn't want to miss out on anything seeing as he wanted to get good grades as he had promised his absent parents that he'd get. It was so annoying. They cared to bitch about his grades but not be with him to change schools? He wanted to kick them. Either they took full responsibility as parents, or they stayed out of his life. They couldn't be "half-parents" or something in between like what they were now.
  6. Elie took her usual thorough notes, taking down almost everything that the teacher had said. She also made her notes easy to understand, sometimes her classmates would ask to look at her notes because of that. Elie took out a sigh as she heard the bell for lunch chimed. Yes she was smart and a good student but that didn't mean she always enjoyed doing it, whether or not it seemed like it. She took out her lunch that she had made earlier and began to eat, though she was thinking about her story ideas in the process as well as school work that they had now been assigned. She glanced around the room to see the others, smiling at everyone when they saw her. She noticed Adrian, he was similar to her in some ways but she still didn't know much about him.
  7. Adrian took all the notes needed before he went along to lunch on his own. He wondered what he should spend his day on when he got home. He was lonely most of the time, and didn't have anyone to talk to. When the bell for lunch sounded, he was already on his feet. But the cafeteria was almost filled and he decided to sit at the table Elie was at as he began eating. He always made his own packed lunches because he only trusted his own cooking. Then he at least knew what he was putting in his mouth. He didn't bother to talk to Elie as he didn't feel like she wanted to talk to him, with all of her friends and her popularity. Instead, he just ate his food slowly. He ate much like a girl, he was graceful and gentle and ate in small bites. He also seemed like he was deep in thoughts about something or other.
  8. Elie continued to eat. There were people around her, sitting by her though she didn't seem to pay much attention to them. Instead she had a notebook out and she was writing something down on in. Luckily she was still able to eat well with doing this. A few times the girls around her were try to get her into their conversation. Elie would just say a few words and put a smile on. She glanced up for a moment, stretching. She noticed Adrian sitting near them. Did he always sit near them? She couldn't remember. She gave him a smile and went back to working during lunch.

    "Elie...." One of the girls said, though Elie didn't notice. They began to whisper to themselves about something.
  9. Adrian didn't eat anything either, and didn't really look at Elie. He didn't want to, especially because he felt that he was making it awkward by staring at her, or something. He took out a notebook and began drawing in it, focusing on that instead of his food, which was practically untouched. Adrian never showed people that he had troubles eating but sometimes it just showed without him knowing about it, like now. It was one of the reasons why he remained so slim when all of the other guys were muscular and larger than himself. He blinked when Elin smiled at him, though he didn't return it.

    Adrian finally finished drawing and set back to try and eat his lunch. But he just ended up staring at the opened lunch box.
  10. Elie finished eating, putting her lunch box away. She put her notebook away realizing that it was almost time for the bell to ring and for them to go back to class. "What?" She replied after finally hearing her so called friend call her name.

    "Weren't you just looking over at Adrian? Are you into him?" The friend asked, the usual girl talk that Elie never really payed attention to. She never had time to have a boyfriend or even like anyone for that matter. These types of talks Elie always tried to stay away because she had nothing to contribute to them.

    "I don't really know him." Was Elie's response. "I don't know if I would like him or not but I'm sure he's a nice guy."
  11. When Adrian finished eating, he neatly packed up his still half-filled lunch box with a little sigh. He heard a girl talking to Elie and decided to leave for now. He threw out the food in the lunch box as he left the cafeteria with light steps as he walked away from the place.

    Adrian didn't know what to do about himself. He was always just wandering here and there, never knowing where his life would go. He had wondered many times if he would go insane eventually from always having these horrible feelings, but he quickly shoved that thought away as he didn't want to think about such a thing. He knew that he'd have to face forward and not dwell in the past.

    But he didn't know if he had the strength. Deep down, he was just like any other boy, fragile, with thoughts taking over his life for no reason. He was just a teenager, and nothing more. But everyone wanted him to be something more.
  12. Elie stood up shortly after Adrian, though hat wasn't on purpose. She knew the bell was going to ring soon and didn't want to get caught in the crowd of people. She preferred to get to the class before the others because of that. So, she went on walking out of the cafeteria and started down the hallway. She had pulled out a book just before and was reading it while walking. When she did this she only half payed attention to the surrounding around her. Though, she thought, since she knew the school well she could get to the class room just fine without looking up that often. Suddenly she bumped into someone's back causing her to loss her footing from the surprise and fall onto the ground. "I'm so sorry." She said to the person. She looked up to see who she ran into, it was Adrian.
  13. Adrian was walking in front and didn't notice, as he was too focused on his own isolated mind. He was thinking about a lot of things, especially his way of living. He always figured out the things he wanted to know, but no one knew how much Adrian knew. He didn't let anyone know what he had gotten of grades, and most thought it was because he got bad grades. But it was the exact opposite. It was rare to see less than 100 points on his tests. He never made a mistake. He was always perfect. He felt like he had to be like that. He looked down at his hands. The hands that wrote answers on his tests. The ones that created his perfect results in everything. But who was he? He was a grade average and a music composer. But who was Adrian? What did he feel? Not even Adrian knew. When he was bumped into, he looked over his shoulders to see the girl who had fallen. He helped her up and gave her her book. "Be careful. You might get yourself hurt if you don't pay attention." He offered a little smile before he went on. "See you around." He simply said.
  14. Elie got up with his help then took her book from his hands. "Thank you." She said, when giving the book back. She nodded at him, hearing his words for her to be careful. "Right. Bye." She replied as he walked away. She watched his back for moment. Then began walking back the the classroom, this time only holding the book closed in her hands. She didn't want to run into anyone else. She made it to the classroom and sat down in her chair. She took out another notebook, to continue writing notes in when class started back up. She turned to look out the window, holding her head in her hand while her elbow was on the desk. She made a sigh, though didn't really get why.
  15. Adrian walked to class, surprisingly the same one as Elie. He got to his seat slowly and sat down, taking out his books. He looked at her, seeing as he had, without thinking about it, taken the seat at her side. He looked away quickly again as he looked down into his notebook, looking down with a little sigh. He tried not to look up at her again, and rather focused on their teacher who was standing by the blackboard and teaching something math or other. Adrian only took notes. He didn't want to listen to the teacher, mostly because he already knew what the teacher was talking about, he had gotten a perfect score on that test. He sighed as he looked down again, doodling on his paper. He kinda wanted to try and talk with Elie but he was too awkward to even properly talk to her.
  16. Elie went on taking notes as the teacher talked. It seemed like the days of the school year were just getting more boring for her. She always had all this work to do and never any chance to just relax and do anything remotely fun. All the people around her always had something they went and did after school. The only thing she would do was go to the library, home or work. She must seem like a very boring person to her classmates, she thought.

    Elie was lost in her thought, though still able to take suitable notes that would accomplish a good grade. There was a pause when she didn't have to take notes while a few other students were writing there answers on the board. Elie meanwhile, having finished everything was twisting he pencil around in her hand. It abruptly fell out of her hand and onto the ground near the desk next to her.
  17. Adrian had a similar life. He went through his days with a large amount of boredom, never doing anything in his life but studying and staying at home and working to earn money. He never had any fun in his life, and even if he had, he had no one to share it with. He decided to have a boring life instead and spent a lot of time in his room working on his music. He didn't know how to have fun. But for once, he wanted to have fun, wanted to have someone that he could allow himself to smile with. Someone that he could rely on.

    Adrian was lost in his own words for a while, when a pen rolled towards him. It belonged to Elie. He picked it up and was about to give it back when he got an idea. He wrote on a scrap of paper and rolled it around the pencil as he gave it back to her, making sure the teacher wasn't looking.
  18. Elie looked down to find her pencil, seeing it over by Adrian's desk. She tried to reach it at first but noticed Adrian was picking it up for her. While up her way back up, after almost falling out of the chair from bending too far, she saw Adrian doing something with the pencil. He handed it back. Elie took the pencil back for him. "Thanks." She said whispering so the teacher wouldn't notice. She looked at her pencil seeing a piece of paper. She unfolded it and began to read what was on the paper. She was surprised that Adrian had did that but it was nice. She wrote something back and slipped it onto his desk when the teacher was facing the board.
  19. Adrian was a bit anxious even as he said "you welcome" to her when the teacher wasn't listening to them. But then he saw her writing something back and his heart felt suddenly light and weird and he felt like running away. When she slipped it back, he dared to write what he had wanted to ask in the first place, something that his conscience had bothered him to do so that he would do what he truly desired to. Adrian hated his mind for speaking to him so clearly that he couldn't get it out of his head. Do you want to hang out after school? He wrote as he slowly slipped her the paper when the teacher looked away. He sat there on his chair, nervously waiting for the reply. He'd never asked a girl out before.
  20. Elie took the paper back, watching the teacher so they wouldn't get caught. She read the paper then began to write down a reply. She didn't think much about it, though she probably should have. She knew she had things she had to get down but his offer just seemed like such a better one. She needed to do something other than all the work she had been. Sure, Elie wrote back on the paper. She gave it back to him, with a smile.
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