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[BCOLOR=transparent]The Abyss[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]There's only one place for the worst of the worst….and that's the Abyss. The Abyss is a largely known supermax prison that Holds all of the world's cruelest and most benevolent beings we call... our fellow man. When you're too much of a hazard for the public, the local prison systems, and you pretty much have no hope of returning to normal society, you're sent to The Abyss. A large complex that covers over six islands in the pacific ocean. Each island caters to a different group of inmates, except two. Four of the islands cater to the prison's population needs. One for adult males, another for underage males, and vice versa. The fifth is the largest of all the islands, and connects the other five. The fifth, or center, holds all the workshops, cafeterias, and a large common yard for all the prisoners to mingle with one another. The sixth island is off limits to all prisoners. Inmates found trespassing into the sixth island, or the pit, from the center are to be executed on the spot, no questions asked. The Pit's purpose is unknown to both inmates and the general public, but the latter doesn't care as long as the dangers to society are kept contained. Although, at the end of week an event known as the opening takes place. The opening is a random selection of prisoners to be escorted to the sixth island. Prisoners are taken at random and no formal notice is given to the inmate before being dragged off. Though, Those that are pulled into the Pit never return. And so far no one has any hope of finishing their sentence.

Can you escape from the Abyss before your ticket is pulled?

History of the Abyss Project
October was the month that everything changed. No, it wasn't a day, an hour, or a second in which everything was a whole month. Just before then the united states was still in a deadly struggle with the middle eastern terrorist groups and it's conquest for oil and democracy. The rest of the middle east was still overturning it's totalitarian regimes, the violent and bloody wars continued with no end in sight. Europe kept to itself. China was slowly ripping itself apart. A small but growing rebel organization consisting largely of rural farmers that sought to overthrow it's seemly unsuccessful communist government in the regard that it wasn't helping the poor but exploiting it. Rumors were spreading that the United states was arming and fueling the rebels in order to have a clean debt with the new democratic China, although the United States denied such rumors. Latin America and Europe were stuck in the middle, almost being forced to choose sides as the tension between the power houses rose. In October of 2017, China and its allying countries halted trade with the United States until they stopped supplying the growing rebel movement in China. Which was gaining more ground as it's members gained more experience and higher grade weapons from an unknown source. The United States didn't take kindly to being shut out by some of their largest trading partners, such as Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and some other smaller trading partners. Yet, in a drastic decision founded by congress, the United States declared war with China for risking the foundation of the nation by denying them resources for their own growing population and much needed resources to continue their middle eastern campaign over rumors that were not true. Both the United States and China geared up for war, but both nations were starting to feel heavy loss from the trade loss and resources used in it's recent wars and security. Home Fronts all over the world were divided, resources were low and split among large populations, many having too few to supply for whole families. Riots in the civilian populations broke out. frustration with the governments for their decision of war and the lack of resources they were receiving lead to the civilian outrage. Support for the Chinese rebels grew, crime rates exploded, and many new factions seeking to take powers from those that beginning to crumbled rose. As an attempt to keep order around the world, the Abyssal Project was founded. Home Fronts on many countries took part in the project, gathering up their criminals and outspoken citizens and shipping them out to what they called, the Abyss.

Early stages in the Abyssal Project were just small compounds until the main compound was established a year later in 2018 in the pacific ocean. The prison was simply named, The Abyss. It was named after the core creator of the project, Madrian Abyss. The location of the island is set on six islands, and each are heavily guarded by the best security one could hire. The prison holds the worst of the worst, or the worst that the world holds to offer. War criminals, Serial killers, hit men, gangsters and their leaders, Political prisoners, Rebels, and the misjudged. This prison holds it all, and it sees no difference between holding woman, men, children, old or young, The Abyss holds them all.
Inmates are kept on a tight schedule in order to maintain order and prosperity in the prison.

6:00 Inmates wake up call. All inmates found asleep past 6:05 are open for harsh punishment that is at discretion of the guards.

6:15 Inmates are scheduled for morning cell checks.

6:45 Inmates will report to the center island cafeterias for breakfast. As long as inmates are given food, it doesn't matter where or how, but all Inmates must get their portions of food for government funding.

7:25 Inmates will report to their assigned jobs and will do assigned tasks with supervision of the guards.

12:35 Inmates will break for lunch, which is served at 12:40.

1:00 Inmates will return to work.

3:55 Is when work official ends, no inmate is allowed back to work till the following day.

4:00 - 10:00 Free time. Inmates are allowed to roam and socialize with prisoners on their living quarters or the center island.

10:10 All inmates are required to be back in their cells by no later than ten after, being late carries a heavy punishment that is discretion of the guards.

Guards are allowed to check an inmate's cell at any point time in the day, with or without their presence.
Inmates found with contraband on their person or in storage of a cell will be punished severally.
Inmates found trying to trespassing into The Pit island without proper permission and will be put to death on the spot, no questions asked.
Unless a crime is witnessed by a guard, it is not punishable.
There is no hope of you ever returning to your home land, so unless caught in the act or caught with the tools for an act, there will be no investigation into the crime.
At the end of every week, random inmates will be chosen for special task located in The Pit. Completion of assigned task will result in being return to main population.
Madrian Abyss

The core founder of the Abyssal Project, Madrian Abyss. He is the youngest of the Abyss family. A family that now runs most of the banking, steel, and oil companies throughout the world. Their family was rich before the collapsing world, but Madrian and his relatives have made a huge profit off selling countries vital resources that allow them to keep afloat. Although, Madrian has played a much lesser role in his family then his elder brothers, he still holds his stake to claim with the opening and containment of the world's biggest scum. Madiran Makes an appearance here and there at both the prison yard and family outings. He could commonly be found in The Pit, or the sixth island of his world famous prison. Many speculate that it's why The Pit is off limits to the it's inmates. For it holds the the wardens personal quarters and an airfield and boats they could escape on, but Madiran would wave them off and smile. He says even if they could get to such things, they still wouldn't make it off his island.

The Abyss

The Abyss, your new home. It doesn't look all to bad on the outside, but the true wraith of this prison lays within. The prison is divided into six parts. Four for population needs and segregation of the different ages and sexes, The center island serving as a central hub for jobs that keep the prison going off the inmate's labor, and The Pit is where selected inmates, guards, and the warden reside. Only guards have ever been seen going to and from the facility, along with an occasional appearance of the warden.

Carpenter, nurse, gardener, electrical technician, generator repair and maintenance, grounds keepers, toilet cleaners, Cooks, metal workers, water purifiers, and the watchers are most of the jobs found in the Abyss. All faculties for each job have a place on the center island, and inmates do their jobs while under guards surveillance. Although, there are no cameras found on any of the islands except for the pit.

And you do not want to be one the guards bad side. Even for a place built to hold some of the worlds worst criminals, the guards are even...worse. They seem to hold no sympathy towards inmates and to all that meet them, seem off. Their eyes aren't the right colors, some of their skins seem to have a funny pigment. Some inmates swear they've seen the guards jump over fences ten feet high and lift another inmate and throw them at another just to stop a fight. Rumors run rampant that the guards aren't human, that they're alien, but they're all blowing smoke, right?

The youngest in general population are around 15, while the eldest is around 57. Although, underage inmates are much rarer compared to the their more matured counterparts. Many of the underage cells are unused, but inmates are not allowed on other population islands other then their own.

Inmate population = 6784
Guard Population = 786

Population wards.

Each of the population islands hold three circular buildings meant for inmate housing. Each building is one hundred meters from one point to the other point across the building. Every door is controlled from one point in the building, and doors open at 6:00 and close at 10:10. There is no way to lock a door apart from the universal control room, and only the guards have access to that. Guards periodically randomly search inmates rooms, with or without their presence. Though, each building can house up to one thousand and five hundred inmates, And inmates typically bunk in pairs. So, not every cell in each of the buildings has yet reached capacity.

Center island

Center island, the island that connects all the other islands by a set of bridges. All inmates meet here and depart here at one time or another during the day. The three cafeterias are also located on the center island. One on the east, north, and south side of the island. Jobs start here and typically work here. A few jobs move around to the population wards for maintenance, like grounds keepers or electrical technicians. Though, Watchers do not have a specific working environment. Watchers are equivalently snitches, and they hide in all work forces and alarm guards to what inmates are up to. Watchers are never revealed or given special treatment, unless caught by their fellow inmates. Watchers are forced into the job by guards, facing cruel punishments until they accept the job.

The Pit.

It doesn't look like one would expect, but it's insides drag all who enter into a dark void in which almost no inmate has ever returned from. The Pit is home to both warden and The Abyss's guard population, as well as the inmates who have been selected from the opening. This facility is the only one with cameras and trespassing is death. No one knows what lay behind these doors, but some say it's freedom. For inmates have seen and heard planes and boats leaving from The Pit before.

[BCOLOR=transparent]Rules and OOC Information[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]0: Follow Iwaku's terms and rules.

1: No god modding or Hijacking other peoples characters.

[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Please be creative with characters. Do not make Mary sues or Gary stews.

3: Keep your charterers within reasonable boundaries, not everyone is a giant beef cake or a super genius.
I'm willing to accept maybe one or two, if they pop up, but try to be aware of other characters and add some diversity to the population.

4: Please do not pass any information to your character that you obtain out of the role play. I may say something or you may of read something before of some little things for the future, but let your characters find those things out when it comes time.

5: Respect your fellow role players out of character, conflict IC is slightly encouraged.

6: I'd like to see at least one post a day with at least a paragraph or two. Enough to move along with the story. I would hate to see this role play become delayed end even lost interest because of waiting responses, but I do understand that life gets in the way. I won't say I expect much in the way of posting, I just ask for quality over quantity and a semi active player. If a player is absent for too long, we may just skip over you. No hard feelings, but I'd like to move along.

7: I'm allowing, at max, two characters per person. I may adjust this in the future, but for now it's two. Unless a character dies.

8: Understand your character can and will likely die, receive a mortal flesh wound, or be chosen during the opening. (Depending on when your chosen for the opening may not mean death, but we'll talk about it.)

9: Romance may occur, if it does, please keep intimate scenes behind the scenes or fade to black.

10: Try to keep violent and gory scenes brief, they will occur but try and not to make it as detailed as possible.

11: The goal of the role play is to plan and attempt to escape from the Abyss. To reach their ultimate goal of escape characters will face many obstacles and risks.

12: Considering I would like to give characters a chance to meet one another, and interact, I would like to focus a lot of the time in free time on the regulation section to avoid dealing with a lot of the tediousness of
the schedule. There will be exceptions when I am planning an event occurrence during such time or if another player does so, but we'll work or inform you of that.

13: Don't just jump straight into trying to escape. Allow for some time to pass before trying to plan the ultimate escape plan. get to know your fellow inmates, get your bearings, play around for a little.

14.The current year in the role play is 2021. Our actions take place three years after Abyss opens it's doors for the very first time.[BCOLOR=transparent]

15: I am willing to allowing the creation of NPCs as they will be of useful in this environment, but make them sparingly. Don't use an NPC to solve all of your problems, be creative.

[BCOLOR=transparent]Game Mechanics[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]The entire prison is going to be like an open pool. You're free to make decisions, but those decisions could affect the entire pool. For example, if you decided to join a gang for protection or fight back against another inmate who was pushing too hard, the people around you may react accordingly. Fear, anger, Jealousy, NPC or playable inmates that are rivals may now target you or may seek revenge on you if your lashing out was a success. Though, if violence is too much of an issue guards may start to crack down harder on inmates. Which may cause greater pressure on other Inmates and cause a huge outlash, a riot or maybe a huge fight in the yard. The Abyss will be like a giant pool. Be wary of what your jumping into and be prepared for the worst.

Also, for the opening event we (Me and commander cheesecake, my co-gm,) will be using a dice mechanic to select inmates for the opening. So, be wary when filling out your prisoner number, because if those numbers are pulled, we will alarm you your character has been chosen for the opening. Once chosen, they will be carried off and they'll fade for awhile. I will pm you discussing further details of what may or may not happen, but this event is a chance. Not every week a playable character will be selected, but it could happen.

[BCOLOR=transparent]Character Sheet[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Legal Name:
Origin country:
Appearance: (Appearance pictures are open to anything. It could be anime, Real, drawn, or, a small description of your character.)
History: (I would say a minimum for a character is two paragraphs, and you could make it as long as you want. Though, I do want you to include how your character was caught.)
Likes: (Just list a few.)
Dislikes: (Just list a few.)
Charged Crime: (What's your crime? Were you a serial killer? Chinese rebel? Maybe a wrongly charged civilian?)
Sentence: (All sentences to the Abyss are typically to life, or somewhere close to an expected lifespan. Like, 60 to 90 years. Or you could be crazy with it.)
Occupation: (Job at the Abyss.)
nmate Number: (Inmates are given a number upon incarnation. It starts with a M1, M2, F1, or F2. M for male and F for female, and 1 is for adults and 2 is for underage inmates. The start is then followed by four numbers, the max number being 6784.)
Time served: (Have they been in the Abyss since the beginning? Or are they new fish?)
Relationships: (This is optional, because maybe your character is new or a loner. But, this allows for a character to establish some connections to NPCs before the role play starts. Maybe even to other player's characters. But, not all relationships are positive.)
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Perfection. I'll start on my character sheet right away.
I will make my character soon :D

Legal Name:
Sidney Court.

Court, Inmate, Sid the Science Kid (He hates that one.)



Origin country:
United States of America.


It was a very sad sight to see. During the month of October, his whole world fell apart. When the war broke out between the US and China, he became poor, as the government used money from the citizens to fund and pay for the war that was about to come. But it wasn't always like this. A long time ago, Sidney was an average young child with many friends, packed lunches, and good memories. His parents, Ryan, and Willette Court took very good care of him. He learned his table etiquette, manners and the correct way to speak for all cases: Calm. Sidney was very imaginative as a child, where Disney movies, Sherlock novels, and Doctor Who episodes sparked his childhood and teenage years. As a young adult, he was a very sophisticated man. Many fawned over him, but he wasn't interested in love. It was a very strong emotion to have, and he didn't think he was ready for that kind of responsibility. But then, she appeared. Lynn Rills, the love of his life. They married and conceived a child, Grace, who was such a sweet and charming girl. But then, the year was 2017, Grace was only 8 years old when her mother starved to death due to the newly formed war. Both Sidney and Grace were devastated and lived their lives in misery. Sidney made a promise to always be with his daughter to take care of her but soon, Grace too was beginning to fall ill from the many days of no food.
There was a man, by the name of Jack Botan, who was fairly well rounded in money. He lived a few blocks away from Sidney and Grace, but the wealth didn't matter to Sidney, what mattered was that Jack had food and lots of it. While his precious daughter was asleep in the earliest of nights, Sidney made a plan to kill Jack. Sidney was hoping to move into Jack's home with his daughter and be okay again. He snuck into Jack's house thinking that he was asleep but alas, Jack was pouring a shot of whiskey. Sidney envied his wealth. He craved it. Sidney stole a few of his goods but before he could even kill him, Jack called the cops. Sidney pulled out a kitchen knife and threatened to kill him, but before he could even scream, Sidney pounced on the guy, giving Jack fatal stab wounds thirty-eight times. Sidney was caught that night by the police and all the commotion had awakened his daughter. He begged and pleaded to let him go, so he could be with his Grace but they wouldn't give in. He was sent to a different prison to serve for three years, then he was off to The Abyss to make up for the rest. He hasn't heard from his Grace ever since he was turned in, but he has hope that she has pulled through the war of 2017.

Sidney is a very confrontational and bold person though he likes to keep it safe, as he doesn't want to lengthen his sentence.
He is sociable, a little bit too sociable. He does get in a few verbal fights here and there but doesn't wish to push it towards a physical one.
He plays it safe, he needs to. For his daughter. He would do anything to break from the Abyss, even escape.
Sidney can be portrayed as "Livin' like Larry," as he always lives on the edge, he's quite perceptive and experimental but doesn't always think twice about his actions.
With all of his quirks, he still manages to be a reliable person.

His daughter.
Reading books to waste the time.
Leisurely Period.
Mingling amongst other inmates.

x The Abyss.
x The Sixth Island. (The Pit.) He's heard many stories from the other inmates. Gives him the creeps.
x Jail Food.
x The Prison's Commissary. It's food & hygiene heaven.

Charged Crime:
Charged for larceny-theft, aggravated assault, and second-degree murder.

Twenty years in The Abyss.

A watcher. Why do you think he's so sociable?

Inmate Number:

Time served:
Sidney has served merely five years of his sentence. Three in a previous prison, two in The Abyss.

Sidney has made a few acquaintances with gullible guards. Just a few though. Damn.
His daughter. Grace. She's precious to him. He regrets ever going into prison for his crimes. He should have never done it in the first place.

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Caithly was born in poverty as her mother was only a waiter in low class restaurant. Her father remained unknown for her mother was raped when she was only 18, so basically, her mother never wanted her in the first place. However, as she came to the world, her mother charmed by Caithly's darling face and decided to raise her on her own. Her mother dropped out from school and left with Caithly to live a new life, working as a waiter as her living.

Caithly grew with perfection and beauty blessed to her. She could easily catch men's eyes as she walked down the street. Without money for education, Caithly became lack of knowledge and skill which made her difficult to get a proper job. In one of her interviews, she met this man who was a boss in large company. His age was around 38 while she was only 20. He was married, but still fell in her charm. Since that day, Caithly's life was totally changed. She didn't get the job, instead she was asked to be his concubine, his mistress, his illegal wife. He promised to give her everything she wanted, but in return Caithly must fulfilled both of his emotional needs and biological needs. Tempted by the glamour life she always dreamed, Caithly agreed to become his concubine.

Caithly enjoyed her life as concubine, she hid it from her mother and said that she get a proper job at big company. He was kind and gentle, even though she wasn't his legal wife, he treated her with lot of affection. She, in return, tried her best to serve him as a perfect wife. However, life could never as smooth as her skin. Caithly who was only a mere human, wanted something more, she wanted to be acknowledged as his legal wife. She wanted him to come home to her every night and caressed her and her only. Caithly tried to tell this to him, but ended up being beaten up, abused sexually, then left alone in his apartment while he came back to his lovely wife. That time, she realized that she would never get his heart no matter what she did, what they had been through. She was only a toy.

Enraged with disappointment and jealousy, Caithly went to his house at midnight, barged in without permission. He was, of course, completely surprised and gone mad. He almost strangled her to death if his wife didn't stop him. Instead of feeling grateful, Caithly used that opportunity to stabbed his wife several times until she was totally over. Shivering with blood on her hands, Caithly finally came to her sanity, but it was too late. His wife died and her beloved lover loathed her for the rest of his life.

Caithly begged and cried for his mercy, but he didn't care anymore for Caithly had took his most precious wife. He called the cops to arrest her immediately. Her crime was not that serious, she could actually placed in normal prison just like other normal killers, but he asked for more. Because he had tremendous wealth in his hand, he paid the cops to grant his wish to place her in The Abyss. He didn't really care for how long, all that he wanted her to suffer the cruelty of that place. He knew that her face and body wouldn't help her at all, instead it would be a total curse for her. After bargaining for several hours, the cops agreed to place her in The Abyss, but only for 5 years. He grinned as he saw Caithly's scared face, 5 years was more than enough.


Everything that Caithly does will always draw attention. She just knows how to fit herself, how to talk, even how to walk inside a room. She is totally an eye candy.

Caithly is quick at detecting something, either it is other's feeling or changing. She knows when people act different to her for she will remember how people treat her. She knows when people are sad without asking them. Caithly is great at reading people's emotion.

Caithly hates changes, she is afraid of new environment, new activities, new friends, almost everything can scare her. She is that type of girl who prefers to hide behind other while trying to support them from behind. Caithly is not going to the front line, instead she will follow the front line while grabbing their clothes tightly. However, in special cases, she might act out of her cowardliness.

Because of her cowardly personality, Caithly tends to follow the rule. She won't oppose those in charge. She sees that saying yes is much more easier and less troublesome. Caithly will never say no, most of the time. This personality totally cause her harm for people like to take advantages out of her.

Both Sunrise and Sunset
Cooking and Baking
The Sound of Rain
Giving Advice

The Abyss
Bossy People
Alone in The Dark
Everything that Scares Her


Second-degree Murder
5 years
2 months
Chef Assistant
None in the meantime since she was only there for 2 months
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Lucius Vondrack
Otherwise Known as "Micky"
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Nationality: Irish
Origin country: Ireland

Lucius was born in 1985 to a well off family in Ireland. He grew up a middle child in a large Catholic family of about nine in the small town of Kenmare. like his father and brothers, Lucius become a die hard nationalist for his country. Growing up he always thought his homeland of Ireland was always the best, the number one, even better then big ol America. Why? Well, his life was entirely based in Ireland. His family and friends were there, the best of his memories were there, and his children are there. There was no other reason why any country was better, because they had no value like his homeland.

When Lucius was of age, he joined the PIRA along side his father and elder brothers. He spent a lot of his early adult life mingling and working, until he met his current wife, Anna. They married after a two year relationship, and life went on. He had three kids, Ash, Ron, and Philippe. Though, while his life with the PIRA was normally quiet, the month of October changed lots of things. His brothers had been more on the militant side, almost waging war in northern Ireland to bring their fellow country men back to their rightful country and not the pigs that lived next door. Though, as the world was on the tipping point of no return in October of 2017, Lucius had finally decided it was time to join his brothers in their activities. For Great Britain was slowly trying to dip it's fingers back into Ireland, taking advantage of the chaos the world was in for their imperialistic goals.

Lucius didn't fancy the whole violent scene, too much risk in being caught at the scene by the cops as well as the true risk of death. While the death part didn't mind him as much, he would rather wished to fight another day then die, and he had the means to. Instead of guns, Lucius used bombs. He had learned to make them when he joined his brothers and comrades in the north. They had their more simpler bomb designs then what he would of seen as his job as a demolition man in construction, but he could modify them.

Lucius only play on the war against England was in December, 2018. He had constructed a small explosive meant to take out a room full of businessman that were gathering to agree on some land to further the reach of the English lands. Lucius had broke into the building the night before the meeting, and placed his timed explosive. Although, he had made two fatal errors in his plan. For the size of the building, he had put way too much of the exploding reactant in, and he placed it in a constitutionally weak spot. So, when the bomb went off during the deal, instead of just taking out the room of businessmen, it layered the whole building. News spread quick of the numerous death toll, and the man responsible was being demanded to be brought to justice.

Feeling guilty of the numerous deaths for his stupid mistakes, he did what any good Irish man does, and that was to get drunk. After downing quite a lot of whisky, he ended up stripping for poker game a went into public. Originally arrested for just public indecency, his added on charges came when he gave a confession and on his his fellow comrades snitched him out for a plea bargain in a murder of his. His fate sealed as he rode the long boat trip to the Abyss.

Personality: Lucius could be described as a quiet observer. He watches then from a distance, and chooses his actions based off what's going on around him. He has a bit of a temper, and can get quite riled up when talking down about Ireland or his family. He tries to keep his distance from people, avoiding establishing friends because of the loss he's felt when they'e been nabbed for the opening. It's made him shell up a bit, but once he feels comfortable with people, he's more likely to open up. Though, he yearns for freedom because of his underlying fear of being dragging into the pit one day. Though, his natural pessimistic side comes in and he realizes he may be stuck in the Abyss until it decides to drag him down.

  1. Cats
  2. the smell of gasoline
  3. spending time at the yard
  4. Ireland
  5. His family
  6. peace
  7. chess

  1. The guards,
  2. Face to Face violence,
  3. being told to wake up,
  4. being talked down to by people younger or lesser experience then he is.
  5. Underage Inmates, they're kids, what have they done to be here?
  6. Stuck up people.
  7. Unnecessary Martyrs.

Three counts of first degree murder, forty counts of second degree murder, Vandalism, and public indecency.

Three consecutive life sentences with an added sixty years.

Inmate Number

Time served
Three years

Technician repair

Mainly keeping to himself over the years hasn't made him many friends or enemies , but he knows a few faces around the yard. Like Will Hayes the grounds keeper, A nice and confident man. Though, Lucius doesn't trust his appearance, for he's in for Murder and Rape. He's not sure how many charges, but enough to get him here.

Then there's Michelle Goodman a gardener. A very cold and quick tempered woman, she's been known to cut Inmate's fingers for touching her flowers without her permission. No wonder shes in here, she's in for human trafficking in and out of china and was known to kill all those who got out of line, But she's good company when you've got nothing better to do.

And his favorite friend, Ringo. Most know him by Ringo, and he's an advert chess player in the yards. He's also a known smuggler, somehow obtaining contraband though the mail and selling them in the yard. Lucius wonders if they ever check his mail, or if they check anyone's mail....Maybe then don't care.

Then there's Philippe, a rough son of a bitch who roughs up anyone who gives him and look he would consider odd. Lucius has had his fights with him, but he's held his ground..and had a visit to the infirmary due to him and his lackeys. Though, Lucius was never sure why he was in here, or what his charges were.
Also! Sorry to any of you that have made your character sheets already, I forgot something in the skeleton for your character, though, it's not too big. I just forgot to put in the Occupation of your Inmate, so be sure to add that before your finished or revise that. Be much appreciated. ^^ Sorry for the slight inconvenience.

Legal Name: Lydia Collette
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Nationality: English
Origin country: England
Appearance: Unremarkable to look at. She is average height, muscular, some might consider her 'chubby'. She freckles so she has some spots and moles on her arms and shoulders. A feminine face; round forehead, small chin, full lips, and a slightly upturned nose. Her eyes are green and her hair is sandy blonde.


She grew up poor in the Northwest in a poor neighborhood. Other people might have been able to escape that sort of destitute life, but not Lydia. She fell quickly and easily into a criminal lifestyle.
When she was young she became part of a local gang largely for protection and to belong. It was worth the violent rites of passage to have that inner circle away from a traumatic home life. It started small with stealing and peddling but as she got older the crimes she was committing grew with her. trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, and assault.
She was clever and resourceful and was particularly good at smuggling things from place to place. It did not go unnoticed and she was taken under the tutelage of Urbano Ricardo Villaverde, a drug lord who sold to the minor gang she had been in since she was a girl.

Their relationship often slipped from professional to romantic but was rife with turbulence. Despite that, she maintained a position as his head of smuggling operations (mostly through nepotism) though she began dealing less in drugs and more and more in arms trafficking as the world spiraled out of control. Needless to say, Urbano's arms venture was well timed and wildly successful. But for Lydia it could not last.
She was heading a deal when it all came crashing down. She was caught, the deal had been a set up years in the making by the US government.
What followed was a tricky trial that danced around the arms charges to get a stronger conviction for everyone involved in that sour deal. She was offered a plea deal to throw Villaverde under the bus for a reduced sentence, but she refused. She was convicted on several counts of drug trafficking, racketeering, and arms trafficking. Unable to tie her to a few alleged murders done under Villaverde's orders and get her a full sentenced she was sentenced to thirty years without the possibility of parole. But, her going to the Abyss satisfied prosecutors looking for a life sentence.


In short she is a fear-based creature. She'll lash out or run away like a cornered animal.

Lydia is sarcastic and mean spirited, but also playful. She's a tough girl, aggressive, and greedy. She takes risks, but only ones she believes she can get away from unscathed or ones where she can deal with the consequences.
I find she has little regard for the lives of other people and is pretty self centered in her thoughts. Usually concerned with her own security. She is confident about most things but in the absolute height of emotions she can break down and that fear she has bubbles to the surface.


  • gambling
  • playing
  • drinking
  • socializing


  • Anything that could be a potential threat
  • being pestered
  • unwanted physical contact

Charged Crime: She's done a lot of smuggling and has killed a few people, but she was charged on Drug and Arms Trafficking and Racketeering.

Sentence: 30 years without parole

Occupation: Component Assembly

Inmate Number: F10901

Time served: 6 days

Relationships: None as of yet
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Ack, I'm a terrible Co-Gm. I didn't realize that I didn't have this thread on watch.


EDIT: @Azula & @Imbroglio Your characters look lovely! Accepted, with @Void_coffin's pending approval of course.
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People make mistake XD @Commander Cheesecake
Anyway thank you for accepting her when she wasn't finished yet XD, but don't worry she is finished now ^^ but still need to wait for the GM's approval.
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@Commander Cheesecake Something I just now noticed, your character has served five years but the Abyss has been open for three. Did he serve time else where or?
Well, you're welcome to join. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either me or cheesecake.

Also, sense I think we have enough players to at least get stared. I'll have a IC thread up within a day or two. I'll post a link when it's up.
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Hnnng. My alerts! They're not working. T^T

Actually, I did make my character serve time somewhere else. Looks like my computer didn't save that part.
I need better internet.
Lilith Alba


Afro-Dominican, African American
Origin country:
Dominican Republic

Ever since a young babe she's been lied to by everyone close to her. Told by her father that her mother had left for work, only to find out he had murdered her. Told she couldn't have any friends because you couldn't trust a soul, not even her own father. Lilith never even knew of a public school, only taught by her father. Learning to mix dangerous chemicals, perfecting her skills with firearms, hand to hand combat, and even to kill without making a sound. Becoming brainwashed that this lifestyle was meant for her and her purpose to life. Finally coming to the age of learning to be herself and know what she wants, realizing that her father took her life away and made her into a tool, resulting in ending his life. From there she moved, being homeless with no job or money, she came to a conclusion to put her skills to use. Becoming a political assassin and thief bought her a new car and and place to stay, yet she knew to keep her head down as much as possible. Meaning to fake her age and name, moving from city to city. Easily picking up languages little bit at a time

As years past, she started discover her own qualities. Learning that she loved acting and dramas. Taking small acting classes and building up that skill. Terrible at first, but becoming more and more convincing liar. She started lying to men and women telling them ridiculous stories, for example that she worked at successful companies and was married to CEO or her boss was a cannibal.

Lilith would stalk citizens she thought had worth. Learning their families, friends, co-workers, anything. Finding out who they worked for and where they live, where they visited, why the reasons behind their decisions. Better than television. And when the family or person was out, she'd steal anything expensive or personal to the victim.

If someone wanted information on another and/or wanted another put to death death, she was there if the person had the money to pay. If was a guilty pleasure. She enjoyed the screams and pains of her victim. When they shook. When they cried. When they bled. She loved luring them, taking them somewhere secluded and dark. In the end she did her job, but she has no regrets in anything that she did.

But all things do come to an end, no matter how fun. Even police men were liars, and he played her too well. Lilith was told there was a woman, particularly and ex-wife, was going to take his children away. Who'd want to lose their children? So she took the job. She hadn't had a job in months, and was too focused on this one woman, to realize her surroundings. Arriving at the woman's "home", she was surrounded at gun point. Taken away in cuffs, yelling and crying. She didn't even get to see that smug smile. The liar who set her up. What was his name?

Bernie Houston.

She cannot wait to get her hands onto him.

Putting herself back together wasn't easy but she is confident and bold. She's a compulsive liar, who loves being dramatic. If at random she will cause a scene out of pure fun, whether the outcome is good or bad. She does her best to try to get on others good side to most likely get something out of it. She enjoys communicating with others especially if it enjoys drama. This woman is arrogant, impatient, independent and energetic. She loves these qualities about herself so much she tries to stay positive, even when situations get negative. Though when angered it's almost as if her world goes black and may end up harming someone.

Being chocked
Kind people

Being yelled at
Sad stories
Getting hurt

Charged Crime:
First Degree Murder

Thirty-three Years


Inmate Number:

Time served:
New Fish
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@MiloMcGurp Heyo! Alright, your character looks good overall, though, two things. One, include how your character was caught in your history. Two, I think Political assassin would just be wrapped under homicide. Though, be a little more specific. What you described is probably First degree murder.

@Commander Cheesecake It's fine, and I almost forgot to mention (I'm so forgetful, I really must try to remember more ><) your character's crime would more likely be First degree and not second degree. Only because he had intentions to kill jack before breaking into the house, unless a oddly stated story in court and what not, but we're not being nit picky here. The sentence still works, just the classification of the crime.
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@MiloMcGurp Heyo! Alright, your character looks good overall, though, two things. One, include how your character was caught in your history. Two, I think Political assassin would just be wrapped under homicide. Though, be a little more specific. What you described is probably First degree murder.

@Commander Cheesecake It's fine, and I almost forgot to mention (I'm so forgetful, I really must try to remember more ><) your character's crime would more likely be First degree and not second degree. Only because he had intentions to kill jack before breaking into the house, unless a oddly stated story in court and what not, but we're not being nit picky here. The sentence still works, just the classification of the crime.
Is this better? I hope so... I'm still learning a bit... just being honest
Is this better? I hope so... I'm still learning a bit... just being honest
Yes, much better. And you're fine, don't worry about it. Just small tweaks. Your character is accepted.
Oh that's riiight. God, I can't believe I have forgotten all the lessons I learned in Criminology. I need to go back to school. On second thought, nope. No thank you. Not today Satan.
Oh that's riiight. God, I can't believe I have forgotten all the lessons I learned in Criminology. I need to go back to school. On second thought, nope. No thank you. Not today Satan.
;w; Satan is coming again. The end is nigh!