That Feeling When...

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  1. gasp isla's first thread

    This is very simple and self-explanatory. Just post your feelings!

    That feeling when... You're too good to write bad guys, but you write bad guys anyways.

    That feeling when... You want to shoot someone for being a complete and utter idiot.
  2. That feeling when you want go run around hugging everyone you pass by
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  3. That feeling when you come home from work and are greeted by your enthusiastic pet.
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  4. That feeling when you're starving and make a giant poutine.
    That feeling when you have left over poutine for breakfast.
    That feeling when you're working, then hearing a loud dripping noise in the house... and it's the dog.
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  5. That feeling when you don't know how you're gonna pay all your bills this month. =__=
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  6. Sell them into Slavery.

    I mean, Bills are pretty common so you won't get much for them.
    But at least you won't need to feed them. :3
  7. That feeling when you have a ton of projects to do, but when you sit down you can't settle on any of them.
    That feeling when someone tries to lecture you about an era you know by heart.
    That feeling when someone leaves a message on your profile. <3
    That feeling when you see a dessert in a store and remember you have it at home.
    That feeling when you turn on your ancient printer and hope that the ink still works.
  8. That feeling when you crush your enemies and see them driven before you.
  9. That feeling when your super sick but still want to eat bad food DX
  10. Eat it anyways and regret it in the morning. :P
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  11. Or eat it then regret it five minutes later. Totally did just that. 90% sure I'm actually dying.
  12. Not sure if to high five or hug. :/
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  13. That feeling when your phone shows you have an email for your first rp session.
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  14. That feeling when the random bullshit you slapped together for dinner actually turns out delicious as fuck. O_O
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  15. Dat feeling when dat feeling.
  16. That feeling when you climb into bed with shaved legs on sheet changing day. <3

    Or you know....just climbing into bed at any time.
    When you have just enough of something for a recipe and don't have to run out to get more.
    When you flip over a cake pan and the cake comes out perfectly without leaving any caramelized gunk on the pan.
    When your hubby calls you at the exact moment you decide you're going to have a nervous breakdown.

    And....the moment the door closes and you realize you have the house all to yourself for the next 8 hours! Yay for back to school time!!
  17. That feeling when lethargy hits.
  18. That feeling when your car is no longer working.
  19. That feeling when your friend walks up and kisses you on the hand...because she needs to remove her excess lipstick. And you walk around with a lipstick stain on your knuckle all day hoping a teacher won't see it.

    This happened to me today.
  20. That feeling when you're tired as heck and you finally get a chance to close your eyes...

    Follow by that feeling when you open your eyes after 5 minutes and everything is so wonky and hurts.
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