That Dark and Stormy Night

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    Aria laid on her couch curled up slightly her eyes shut with a content smile gracing her lips. She was huddled up comfortably under her thick, fluffy patch-work quilt with her pale arms gingerly wrapped around her pillow that she had stolen from her room. The pitter patter of the rain echoed through the empty house like a soft melody with thunder resounding like a deep bass. The booming sounds it caused though made her flinch despite her efforts not to.. There was soft knock on the door making her jump with a cutesy 'eep.' For a moment she waited internally debating with herself with whether or not it was just a trick from the rain. Another echoing knock was her answer causing her to slide out from under her blanket. She straightened out her flannel pastel pink pajamas hoping it wouldn't be too wrinkled as she made her way to the door. She ran a hand through her frizzy cream-colored hair it stopping halfway through her long locks. She scrunched up her face from the futile attempt to comb through her hair. She retracted her arm back to its place at her side with a sigh as she raised its twin to open the door. She wasn't in top form but it would have to do.
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    Tomoya knocked again his hair was drenched and he needed to get inside, "Hello? Anyone home?"
  3. The sleek black Mazda 6 slowed down, the woman inside the vehicle, although barely visible to anyone outside, peered out from her window. There was a hint of sadness in her eyes, the home was greatly familiar to her. Memories from a past that seemed so distant flooded through her mind. There was an unfamiliar figure standing at the door.
    Driving further up the dark haired woman pulled a u-turn and came down the street again. There was something about this male that didn't sit well with her. It could also be the fact that she had been absent from Aria's life for the last 4 years and was possibly jealous of this man, who could easily be her former friend's new lover.

    After coming back into town Rayne had spent the last four days preparing herself to stop by and see Aria after what had felt like an eternity; what to say and how to approach the whole situation. But if this was her former best friend's new lover she didn't want to intrude. Sighing she rolled down her heavily tinted window and lit a cigarette. She watched to see what would unfold, senses alert. Taking a deep drag she exhaled. Aria's footsteps thudding through her ears as she approached her front door. Rayne's hazel green eyes watched with curiosity. She couldn't help but feel odd, it was as if she was spying on her best friend...well, formerly so.
  4. For a moment there was hesitation but regardless she slowly cracked open the door smiling nervously. "Um hello what can I do you for?" she asked looking up at the random person before her with her eyes tracing his silhouette against the storm. He looked like he was in a rather sad state like he had been out in the storm far too long. She hoped he had not gotten a cold from the weather being its temperature and intensity. She looked around with confusion had the man walked there? He might have however she felt unsure when she glanced at a black vehicle outside just barely able to see curtsy of the storm.
  5. "Oh thank god someone is home. Look is it ok if I can come inside to get out of the rain? As you can see I am thoroughly drenched."
  6. Rayne was fully focused on the woman as she opened the door. She took another drag of her cigarette and continued to watch. There was a subtle smirk on her lips as she remembered her past with the woman. The two had practically grown up together, Rayne had actually lived in the house that was right behind Aria's. Their parents had even opened up a section of the back fence so it was easier for the two to play. Rayne wondered if that was still there. There was a small scoff as she looked ahead briefly. Turning her gaze back to Aria's house, her heart skipped a beat as the other woman looked in the direction of her car.

    Rayne clenched her jaw, had she seen her? Would she have to step out of the vehicle now? Did she have to confront her so soon? The questions ran through her mind. Even though Rayne had spent so much time mentally preparing to speak to her best friend she was still far from ready to do so. Her heart thudded in her chest, her gaze returned to the car parked in front of hers. Her grip on the steering wheel tightened. Realizing that damage could be caused Rayne let go and ran a hand through her hair. Taking one last drag she tossed the cigarette out and rolled up her window. Taking a deep breath she exhaled. "Just stay calm..." She muttered to herself. Her hand hovered over the key that was in the ignition. Her nerves got to her as she trembled in the slightest.
  7. "Oh well come in then," she moved from in the way to the side with her hand gesturing him to go inside. As he entered the premise she looked outside one last time to the raging elements beyond her threshold when her eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar figure walking towards as the rain beat down upon them. She shook her head in blatant disbelief at who she saw. Could it really be Rayne after all these years? For a moment she thought it could just be some mistake however she could not shake the feeling that this was really happening. She twisted her head back to look inside her dwelling a see if the man had already made himself at home.
  8. Tomoya nodded his thanks and moved to sit on the linoleum floor so he didn't get anything wet from his soaking clothes, "I am terribly sorry about this but I thank you." he sat down and sighed then lie down on his back looking up at the ceiling as he felt warmth start to return to his limbs.
  9. The thud of the car door shutting behind her was loud, deafening almost had it not been for the even louder thumping of her heart against her chest. It didn't take long for Rayne to get drenched. The unpleasant scent of wet dog soon following her. Clenching her jaw she sighed as she ran a hand through her now drenched hair. The woman was tall, her hair raven black. She wasn't thin, there was weight to her body but it was pure muscle for the most part. A large reason being her involvement with sports in school, other events only added to her athletic build and frame. Taking a deep breath she swallowed hard as she looked up at the house.

    Rayne wasn't sure what the authorities had said to her family and loved ones when she was taken away; as long as she wasn't thought dead she would be fine, perhaps an easier explanation would come. She took a deep breath before stepping forward, she stopped herself from moving as a car sped passed her, horn blaring and water practically drenching the girl. She gritted her teeth with a sigh. Continuing forward she approached the house. The street lamp on the sidewalk finally revealed her features, her face was round, cheeks fairly full, lips slightly plump.
    Rayne's gaze moved up as she looked at the woman who stood on the porch. Her eyes had an unnatural glimmer to them, but the hazel green eyes were still her own.

    A slight smirk played on her lips as she made her way up the stairs towards Aria, her gaze never wandering from the woman.
  10. Aria's pale blue eyes meet the girl's green ones as soon as she approached should she break down and cry or embrace her old friend? Was she to utterly shocked at this turn of events or shall she just shut the door with no remorse and brush this odd night as a visitation of the past, a ghost of what once was and nothing more? No, she was too confused and happy to she'd tears, too awkward and shy to just hug the girl before her despite the temptation, just standing there agape any further would be stupid, and she would never be so cruel to slam the door in the face of a person who once meant the world to her. Regardless, she still fought to held back tears and remained quiet for a moment mentally sorting herself out so that her tone would not be too reveling. She spoke with a wavering voice with her eyes downcast unable to hold up to the girl's expression

    "H-hi Rayne w-what brings you h-here?" She finally asked trying desperately to sound friendly. Why was the girl smiling? Did she know what she did to her? Could she even imagine all the self loathing she trudged through? The bullies? The pain? She still had a cared for Rayne that much was unavoidable however that didn't stop her from still being a bit sad and angry. She wanted to be happy her friend had come back but the situation would not let things be so.
  11. logan pulled up into the driveway in his skyline r-33. he was arias older brother who had just returned from a 4 year deployment in the army. he walked up to the apartment and knocked on the door.
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  12. Tomoya raised his head as she spoke to the mysterious woman, "Don't mind me just taking shelter from the rain."
  13. "Well, hello to you too Aria." She spoke as she made her way up the stairs. Her former friend seemed confused, frustrated, possibly a little sad. Their gazes didn't meet, was she intimidated? Rayne made sure to keep her distance. It had been four years and for all she knew a slap could come at her any minute, even harsh words. "I just got to town. I was hoping you still lived here..." There was a brief pause in her words. "I've missed you Aria. How have you been?" She asked, the question was genuine, it was evident on the woman's face. She tried to meet Aria's gaze but that was something that probably wouldn't happen. Rayne's smirk held sadness. She prepared to speak again but before she could a car pulled into the driveway, looking over her shoulder she saw the car, the suspicious man sitting inside spoke up but Rayne ignored him.

    There was a breeze as she heard the car door open, the scent was carried to her and she smirked. Spotting the man stepping out she made way on the stairs for Logan to walk up. Maybe his return could make Aria happier than Rayne's. She chuckled slightly and started for the stairs, "It seems you have a full house for the night. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow." Rayne spoke as she approached the bottom of the stairs.
  14. He dropped his head back to the floor and listened to the woman speak. Softly nodding his head he cringed in pain as he felt his back burn. Quietly whispering to himself, "No Tomoya. You need to keep that a secret...."
  15. "Um I'm fine er it's alright you can stay just give me a moment," she rambled in confusion. Ugh she had spent her days with virtually no one since 4 years ago when her brother and best friend had seemingly abandoned her to now a full house of hghost of the past and one random stranger. She rushed to the the stair case to speak to Rayne and as the car pulled up rushed to the doorway. She saw her brother step out and heart almost stopped she thought she would never see him again. She awaited him to reach the overhang so that she could hug him. However before he reached her she continued to think allowing what was going on to sink in and really it was far too much. She began panting her heart raced and her perception twisted. Every boom of thunder sounded louder and closer and the people around seemed suddenly a whole lot more menacing. Could her brother have gone crazy from the war? Was Rayne just going to leave again and everyone would follow with her just like last time leaving her alone? Was that man laying on the ground going to hurt her? She fell to her knees clutching her heart with intensity she was having another panic attack. Her medication where was it? Her thoughts swirled she didn't know what to do she couldn't move nor speak.
  16. Tomoya cringed curling into a ball with his eyes shut tight, "Now is not the time to let them see the real me......" he gasped lightly as his back continued to burn.
  17. logan rushed to arias side to see what was wrong. once he realized she was having a panic attack he rushed inside to find her medication. it was not in the bathroom, so he checked his sisters room to see if he could find it. he found and rushed back out side to her side and opened the pill bottle and got a pill out and handed it to aria.
  18. It all happened so suddenly. Rayne was simply going to give Aria some space. Once she saw the panicked look on her best friends features Rayne worried. She stepped forward to help but was nudged aside by Logan. She watched the man run into the house as she stepped closer to her friend. Sitting down next to Aria, Rayne lifted her friend up and rested her head on her legs. She looked down at her friend as she heard mutters and whispers coming from inside, looking up Rayne glared at the man that writhed on the floor. She knew something was up with him, she always trusted her instinct.

    Her jaw was clenched, her eyes shimmering to something that wasn't her, something more primal and feral. This man's intentions better not have been to hurt her friend. Her attention quickly returned to Aria as Logan rushed out to give the girl her pill. She looked up at Aria's brother with a subtle chuckle and a smirk. "Don't we just have impeccable timing. Glad to see you're back and in one piece Logan." Her dark humor might not have been the best choice.

    Logan had left only a month or two before Rayne had 'disappeared.' Both her and Aria had been in their second last year of highschool when he left. Rayne could recall the reactions to the letter. She exhaled with a sad smirk as she remembered. Glancing up at him she then looked back down to Aria. "I can help you get inside." She looked down at her friend with a soft smile.
  19. His head began to feel like it was about to explode along with the burning of his back. Yelling out in a feral scream of pain he continued to writhe in pain.
  20. Aria could hear but it was muttled by the thudding of her heart beats that she could hear with vivid clarity. When she finally choked down the pills her brother had gotten for her she could slowly try and tell what was going on around her. She felt a softness under her head a pillow perhaps? No she thought to herself it was too warm and comforting to be inorganic. She rubbed her eyes to see her friend looking down at her with that smile. That smile that was there when she needed it back when they were younger and now, it seemed, she was taking back her place as the poor girl's emotional crutch thanks to her heavy anxieties. Pulling her out of the pleasent thought was a not so pleasant sound that pierced her ears. The stranger she had so rudely forgotten was currently screaming in pain from some unknown reason. The yelling and the man himself was terrifying her causing her to instinctively grab onto Rayne. She proped herself up in the girl's lap and wrapped her arms around the girl shoving her face in her shoulder to avoid looking at the horrifying man.