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  1. Welcome to tharkild high school. Where mages and magic users of all kinds join to learn the arts of magic. There will be one buliding for learning and one drome for both genders, though guy and girl bunking is forbidden unless its siblings. If you're caught spending the night in someones room especially the opposite genders room you will be punished with chores and hard work.
    Now all students need money so you may, durring free time or seasonal breaks (winter, spring, summer all only two weeks vacation); can find jobs off of the request bord. When you choose a job you can pare up with other students or go solo its up to you as long as the reward is shared evenly between the party.
    As for rules go to class, durring school days be in you're room before dark, make sure you can pay for your room ($50.00 a month for 1 bed 1bath, $100.00 for 2 bed 1 bath, ect..) and other supplies, and most important have fun :)
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  2. [​IMG]
    Muki grabbed her wand and cape from the carriage and kissed her mom on the cheek and waved goodbye as she was left in front of tharkild. Turning to face the big building she sighed, "better now then never hehe." and bounded towards the school happily.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Eviar stepped out of the carriage his parents brought him in and took out only one bag which was a magic bag that could hold everything he needed. Some might say it had his whole bedroom in there. He gave a nod to his father and mother. "Goodbye" He said to the two soon they left him standing alone looking toward Tharkild High. He wondered who he might meet here at the school and who may be in his dorm.


    Luna Cane arrived with her mother. She stepped out of the carriage carefully. Then her mother followed with her bag and soon a bird fell on Luna's shoulder. Luna hoped pet's were aloud. She wasn't sure what she would do if not maybe her fimilair would find a way to make it work. She then hugged her mother goodbye and took her bag. Then turned seeing the big school after taking a breath to relax she began to walk to go inside and learn of he dorm. She had no idea who she may meet or what awaited her here.
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  4. [​IMG] Shadow, an orphan from a land far away has been studying magic in every way he possibly could all of his life... He realized that his most saught after goal in life was to become the worlds greatest and most respected magician. Shadow was recently informed about Tharkild and has come to the conclusion that the only way to fulfill his dream was to study with other students like him who could aid him on his quest. After traveling for three years and thousands of miles he is finally at the doorstep of Tharkild... Only stopping for a moment to take in the glorious milestone accomplishment of his life and walks through the door to his new life... The only things in life he has ever had and known are the clothes on his back and the magical staff he made as a kid
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  5. Muki was sitting on one of the sofas in the grand hall when three other students appeared. In a split second tug of war with herself she decided to say hi and try to make some friends. Walking up to them she waved, "hello! My names Muki im a first year here at tharkild. Hehe its a pressure to meet you guys!" She greeted them with a smile.
  6. At first Shadow felt shy and hesitant to reply. Hed never had real friends before, hed only talk to other people when he was trading for magical artifacts to aid him in his magical studies. But he had a feeling in his gut that told him Muki and the others would be very important friends on his quest. He turned to Muki with a smile and introduced himself... Then he did the same to the others.

    Haydn did not want to go to the school. He wanted to stay at home and be home schooled like he had been his entire life. Unfortunately, that wasn't really an option. If that was worse, it was a boarding school. He'd have to live there. Haydn found other people his age frustrating, though people older or younger were easy to get along with. So when he entered the grand hall and found four people talking, he was glad about it. It meant he could walk past unspotted, a medium sized backpack containing all his stuff which his mother had helped to shrink so it'd all fit. All he had to do was get it back to the right size.
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  8. Muki noticed someone ease entire. The boy looked a little older then her but she still turned and waved, "hey im Muki! Its nice to met you!" She greeted him
  9. Haydn was in second year, but his first year was spent at home, so he'd have to get used to the school just like the first years. Someone came up to him. "Oh, hi. I'm Haydn," he replied because 'manners get you places' (one of the many lectures off his parents) and it's a bit mean to say 'go away' to someone on their first day. Or on your first day. Powerful enemies are not something Haydn was aiming for.
  10. Muki smiled, "what year are you?" She asked trying to start a conversation. She noticed he tensed when she first said hello and even now he seems on gaurd slightly. Muki hoped that she didnt do anything to make him feel uncomfortable so she figured best way to make it better was having a conversation.
  11. "Second. But I did first year at a different place," Haydn replied, taking in the area. He knew she was trying to make friends as most first years did, but it just made Haydn feel slightly anxious. If this conversation was too long, would he get too frustrated? His parents would encourage him to make friends. But then, they encouraged him to do magic and follow in their footsteps. The only thing his parents hadn't shrunk was his wand, because that would have been difficult. He kind of wanted to take it out. Mostly, he wasn't allowed to use it at his house, but he did use it anywhere possible. And this was a possible place.
  12. Muki nodded, "ah fun this is my first time ever going to school. My parents always kept me around to carried out the family tradition of women being maids, so im new to all this!" She said with a hint of sadness in her eyes but a smile on her face to mask it.
  13. Was she happy or sad? Haydn couldn't tell. 'The eyes are the windows to the soul'. Nope, she was sad. "Wait, new to magic too? I've been learning magic since I was three. I thought everyone did."
  14. Muki looked down, "im part human part mage, but no one knew until last month when I summoned fire in the palms of my hands and accidentally caught my garden on fire." She didn't know why she would tell someone she just met her backstory but she really couldn't help the words from pouring out of her mouth .
  15. Haydn wasn't sure how to react to that. He'd grew up in the family home, a huge countryside manor full of grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They were all full mages (Grandma was NOT letting her children marry a human) and it was like a mini school for cousins, sitting out in the garden, practising their spells. For someone not to know they could be a part of that was horrible. "Well, at least you didn't cause a skeleton to come up to be your personal assistant. That would have freaked your family out." He tried to lighten the mood. Depressing atmospheres were not the kind he associated with. Quiet, yes, but peaceful, no.
  16. Muki giggled at his enlightenment of the subject, "I can only imagine haha my mom freaked out just because of the fire. She'd probably die of a heart attack if that ever happened." She laughed. Truth is Muki didn't know how whe was part mage both if her parents were humans running a maid industry for the mages. She always had a small thought that she could of been adopted but not 100% sure. She then added, "hey since you're new here I wonder if they'll let you join the familiar ceremony!" She said excitedly. She had always been fascinated by familiar even as a little girl. She'd always pretend that her dog fee fee at home was her familiar but when she heard all first years have to summon a familiar her mom threatened to sow her mouth shut because of how much Muki talked about it.
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  17. At that moment Shadow calmly walked over trying to not make a fool of himself. He introduced himself once again.
  18. Haydn shook his head, "No, they only have enough for the first years. My familiar is in my bag." He was going to continue, but then another person came over. Just as he began to feel relaxed, he was nervous again. "Haydn," he replied to the boy, who now had a name. "As I was saying, familiars are just for first years, everybody else usually has one." His own was a mouse, as were the rest of his family's.
  19. Muki smiled, "hey shadow! Me and hydan were just talking about the familiar ceremony!" She informed the other boy before looking at hydan excitedly, "wait hydan you have a familiar?!?! Can I see it?" She asked getting excited like a child at a magic show.
  20. For my familiar im going to summon a Wyvern... What about you Muki
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