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  1. This RP is for those who expressed interest in my Int. Check entitled, "Journey Through the Land of Tenna," and those people are:


    Anyone else that may be interested are free to read through this, and leave a message saying so.

    Now, as the interest check stated, this is will be an adventure RP, set in Grehmoura, on the continent of Tenna. I am quite unsure as to how I'll be starting this game, but one thing is already set in stone, as the game starts out, events will play out with or without the intervention of the party. Three major arcs exist so far that will spin rapidly out of control and change the face of Tenna as we know, or, as I know it. You on the other hand, are free to experience I wish to spin before you, and how you, as my players, will change it. Originally meant to be a D&D 4e/5e campaign, I am quite use to being flexible and improv is a specialty of mine. Hopefully I can bend in ways that won't be misconstrued as too cheesy or outright bad.

    Here's a map.


    There you go, a full map view of where we'll be located.

    Now, there is simply too much for me to write down and elaborate on the eleven nations in their entirety, so questions are definitely welcome, and for now, here are very brief descriptions:

    1) Auralia - Home to the Auralian Empire, a theological monarchy who worship a three faced God, or Gods, and are rumored to be ruled by those gifted with their God's divinity.

    2) Talier - The land of scholars and engineers. Independent of all societal laws and taboo, one wonders if they don't sometimes go too far in their innovations.

    3) Onyxerion - The land of mercenaries and bustling industry. Metal, precious metal, of all kinds are found here, and only here.

    4) Someril - Homeland of the Green and Gray skinned Orcs. Roving War Bands, sparse settlements, and the Pitt at the center of it all spewing demons left and right. Who would live here? Orcs. That's who.

    5) Devlan - The land of mystics, psionic engineering, and pretty ponies. Yeah, unicorns. Devlans love their unicorns.

    6) Veretta - The exotic Island nation of pirates, merchant kings, and debauchery as far as the eye can see. Death is just as close to an individual as is their next meal.

    7) Ioun - The Northern Wastes are home to Viking Samurai, and oriental longhouses. Imagine this combination. Mix the barbarism of the Vikings and the discipline of feudal Japan, and you have Ioun.

    8) Allion - The Eastern Aerys Islands houses the King who commands dragonkind, and demands loyalty of all of his vassals. Isolated and alone to the east, some say Allion is brewing for war.

    9) Vercae (Ver - Sai) - The Vaen Angels formed the Vercaen Imperium to lord over their mortal lessers, and to forget their colossal failure.

    10) Colliope - The Tidecallers respect the sea, and base much of their living on the treasures they heave out of it. Some say the Colliopese are hiding something out at sea, but none can venture too near, not with their navy defending the waters.

    11) Revinia - The Confederate Right and the Coalition of Magi live in constant battle against one another within their splintered nation. I wonder who'll eventually win?

    Note the words above the nation's names. They do much to explain away the personality of the nation.

    If all that has piqued your interest, please feel free to question me about ev'rythang. I will more than pleased to answer you.

    This game will test your ability to think, and every encounter can mean death. One thing that MUST expressed right now is this: Your mortality will be tested. Character death will be very real, and you must be prepared for that. Now, I'll add a disclaimer that before anything like that ever happens, you will be thoroughly warned beforehand about the path you are taking, and how your decisions are affecting your already fragile self.

    As for my interest checkers, here's what I want you to do.

    I want you to make a bio for this. I'm not going to be too plain or too strict on this particular subject. I said I was gonna make a bio, but I feel that, in my experience, limiting you to a specific set of "Eyes", "Age" and "History" will only hamper your ability to create, and I don't want to do that. So yes, make a bio for your adventurer.

    I have to stress this though, you are an adventurer. You are not a god, you are not the best at what you do, and you are definitely not the "Leader" or "In charge" of the group. You don't have a group of friends who you can call on, and you absolutely have no power to demand anything from anyone in any town in any place, at this starting point of the game. You're not the smartest, neither are you the strongest. You are simply a person, who is talented is some respect, and flawed in others. You decided one day that enough was enough, and you were tired of a mundane life that you were being forced to live. You are a level 1 hero, Earning the experience to become more than you were ever expected to be.

    I want you to tell me of the life you lived before you became an adventurer, before you joined the Party.

    Your character is your own. Make them a part of you, not just something you can toss away tomorrow. At this point in the game, you know a few tricks, a few parlor room spells, and maybe you're flexible and fast. Make a character that is reasonable. I ain't want no mary-sues or power players.

    With that out of the way. Tally-Ho! ;)
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  2. the_archer_by_sktchwlkr-d65d3ai.jpg

    Name : Ayrnard " Hoodie" Velverin
    Age : 26
    Height : 1.75 m
    Weight : 80 kg
    Hair : Short , Black
    Eyes : Amber
    Character Background:
    Ayrnard was born in a small village on a continent farther away . His mother was the wife of the village's chieftain and his father was the captain of the guards . When the chieftain realized the child looks nothing like him , he accused his wife of cheating and wanted to punish her . She ran away with the guard leaving the child behind . The chieftain refused to take care of Ayrnard but a hunter offered to do it for him . Him and his wife took good care of him since they had no son of their own . As he grew up Ayrnard was trained archery and basic sword fighting . They even went hunting together .

    When he was 19 he got into a giant argument with the chieftain which led to a fight . Ayrnard won since he was younger but he was exiled afterwards . The hunter didn't try and help him since his wife was just pregnant and he didn't want to be exiled too .

    Ayrnard left the village taking only his bow , short sword and a set of clothes with him . He would hunt for food and work as an escort, taking various merchants and other important people to their destination and protecting them along the way for money . He ended up traveling all over the world , his latest expedition leading to Tenna .

    Ayrnard rarely gives out his name so one of the merchants he escorted gave him the nickname " Hoodie " since he almost always has his hood on .

    Personality :

    Ayrnard is silent and mysterious but a kind soul , seeking companionship and love , things he wasn't really offered as a kid . He is fair and honest and would rather starve than rob somebody . He has no respect for those that break the law and tries to stop them if he's able however he is well aware of his abilities and would never go on a suicide mission .
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  3. Credit for artist

    Name: Letholdus The Unproven (armor not included)
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 180lbs/81kgs
    Hair: (What little there is) light brown.
    Eyes: Grey
    Bio: While he may look big and bad, he is actually rather unproven and inexperienced when it comes to combat. While yes, he does know how to fight and wield a sword, he has never gotten a chance to prove himself, mainly because the superstitious elders wouldn't allow him to. While he hails from an area in Someril that is known for its war bands, superstition often dictates action, especially in Letholdus' tribe. A prophecy foretold that a warrior with grey eyes, an extreme rarity, and a birthmark spanning his face, which has been accentuated by war paint, will betray the tribe when he gets a taste of combat. Guess who the unlucky soul with those features was? That's right, poor little Letholdus. The prophecy was entirely unfounded, but the elders weren't going to take any chances. As a result, seeing as how the elders weren't entirely heartless, they trained him along side the other warriors, but never allowed him to partake in actual combat. After a while of this, he grew tired of this treatment and decided to set out on his own.

    Personality: Seeking to prove himself, he seeks adventure and a good fight. He tends to charge in to fights and problems due to his inexperience, but he is hardy and knows how to take a hit. He really doesn't have much regard for the law, however, and that occasionally gets him into trouble.
  4. Interested. Character will be coming soonish
  5. The first memory he had was a laboratory filled with variety of machinery and human figures in white. He was in a cylinder tube, big enough to fit an adult humanoid. There he was, inside the tube filled with clear water, with smaller tubes latched to every openings of his body. Food was still supplied to him directly through his belly. His waste was exported out through two other ends, also with the use of tubes. Although his body was already a young man, he had no childhood memories or any memories at all. He was an experiment of inorganic life creation.

    One day, he just understood what the people outside the cylinder tube was saying. He understood their language. Scientists they call themselves, the people in white. Most of them didn't pay much attention to him. But one truly did. There was one young woman who went to see him everyday and talked to him, even though he couldn't reply through that respiratory mask attached to his face. He'd listen to her story about the outside world, the sun, the star, and the trees. She was the daughter of one of the scientist. Her name is Clara and she named him Connell. Just Connell without a last name. A strange feeling appeared inside Connell for this young woman. One feeling he could not express.

    Day after day, her smile kept getting distinct. One day, tears poured from her two eyes. A wistful feeling appeared in Connell's heart seeing the woman in such way. After that day, she didn't came to see him. The man in the cylinder tube felt multiple mixed feeling in the absents of the young woman. He was feeling lonely, sad, and disappointed.

    A week later, she appeared. Clara freed Connell from his cylinder tube and took his respiratory mask off. Immediately, Connell could feel the disparity. The environment air felt different from the ones he breathe through the respiratory mask. Connell could smell varieties of different adour. Clara quickly unplugged the tubes of Connell's body, revealing Connell's manhood. But not for long as Clara quickly wrapped him in a cloak.

    It was Connell's first time of using his limbs to walk and he failed. There he was, lying on the floor. But it didn't take long. Somehow, Connell managed to get up and balance himself to stand on his two feet.

    "Let's go!" said Clara as he grasped and pulled Connell's hand, leading him out.

    The young man's first few steps was wobbly, but once again, he managed. For a daughter of a scientist, Clara fought well. She was able to knock out two guards with her axe. Together, they escaped the laboratory. Clara lead Connell to a secluded area. There, she dressed him properly and together they rode a strange feathery creature with Clara guiding the animal.

    They stayed together for a very long time. Clara taught Connell a few things to fend for himself. Connell was a fast learner. He learned how to talk properly. He even learned basic fire spell to start a campfire. When looking through water's reflection, Connell saw a young man with fair skin and jet black hair. His eyes was dark brown and round. The shape of his face was nicely shaped like a diamond. His nose, jaw, and chin was sturdy and his lips was luscious pink. His body was slender and well built, but not naturally. His limbs was a result of experiments. It worked better than any normal human's muscles. Perhaps that was the reason for his ability to walk straight after his release from the cylinder tube.

    One day waking up from sleep, Connell couldn't find Clara. He wanted to search for her where she first met her but he didn't know of the location of his birthplace; the laboratory. He wandered aimlessly for days, surviving on knowledge passed on to him by Clara.

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  6. U

    Um, did you start the roleplay?
  7. No, I can only assume that's her character bio.
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  8. That's intense.
  9. I look forward to it!
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  10. Do... laboratories, scientists, machinery, and (motor)bikes have a place in this RP...? Its safe to say that I am a little confuzzled.

    Also, what type of races are in this world? I know human and orcs are at the least included, but what about other fantasy races?
  11. That was my character's character sheet, Shinari. Inside are his name, age, appearance, and history. :P
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  12. Woah!! That's so cool I wouldn't even think of doing a sheet like that.
    Shinari threw 6-faced die for: Total: 26 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
  13. Oh my god. I am a "her" ????
  14. I thought I was the only girl so far?
  15. I had totally forgot to address. Shade, this is primarily a fantasy world, and though "Industry" and "Engineering" are things in the world, they do not manufacture things like bikes. If you get around, you get around on horse drawn carts, horses themselves, carriages, or in rare cases, airships and dirigibles.

    Yes, there are scientists, laboratories, and machinery, but only in the fantastical sense of madmen, fanatics, clockwork machinery, and steam-blast engines.

    The races included are Humans, Gnomes, a myriad of Elf variants, Orcs, Dwarves, and a few custom races of my own.

    The homebrew races are the Malekith and the Aurin. Malekith being a numerous sky-faring race of dark skinned high-elf/drow descent. The Aurin being a dying all female race of tall, blueish, light skinned bipeds who fill out the nobility within the Auralian Empire.
  16. Then I shall edit! Instead of horse, there should be bird rides, right?

    Shinari, I am XY genes! I am a guy XD but Tempa called me a "her."
  17. Oh I'm sorry, I made an incorrect assumption. Something about bright colors in your avatar told me "Female" lol Sorry.
  18. i should have my character up shortly.
  19. Welp. I'm heading to work. I'll check back on the thread in about seven hours.
  20. Bright and colourful is supposed to be happy and peaceful. T-T but no matter. I still like my avatar, even if I stole it from google.

    Looking forward in reading your character's character sheet, Shinari.

    I edited my character sheet. Just a bit thought. Inform me if there's anything wrong with it.
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