Teen Wolf RP (Fandom RP, planning)

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  1. Hello! This is my first time posting a thread on Iwaku so I hope I'm doing it correctly!
    So here's my idea, I want to do a fandom role play, more specifically, Teen Wolf. But I want to not use any of the characters of the series, I want to use OCs and then we could bounce ideas around and see what kind of plot works, though before that, I want to start planning the OCs before we start the plot, you know, the character's background, what race it is, what position it is, etc.
    If you're interested, just tell me and we can start planning!
  2. Ooooo i wish to participate!
  3. Me too! :D Been looking for a TW rp!
  4. Cool! I'm going out right now but when I'm back on, we can discuss characters and plot ideas.
  5. Same goes for you too. I won't be gone long, just going to see a movie with my mum. ^_^
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  6. Okie dokie
  7. Okay, I'm on. Let's start planning now if you want.
  8. Well im thinking it could be along the lines of turf wars and we should play at least three characters each?
  9. Ohh! Cool.
    It's good if we do that yeah. Since it's just us now. Do you want all the characters to be wolves or just like a few and then the rest are humans?
  10. I wanna join!!
  11. Great! It's till in the works so you commented at the right time!
  12. So. Let's first start on characters. Have you thought of your character bio? I have a few stuff for mine.
  13. I"m thinking if we have 3 characters, 1 wolf, 1 human, 1 hunter
  14. Nice! I like that idea. I wasn't even thinking about the hunters but now that you brought it up, I think it's a cool idea. But I think that our wolf character shouldn't be an Alpha right off the bat, it seems unfair so it should be a beta or omega at first then later on, if the wolf character kills the Alpha then you know.
  15. Is it 3 characters each or just 3 characters in total? o.O And if we're still discussing the overall plot, pack establishments would be cool too. ^^
  16. Yeah. Three characters like Adria said, one wolf, one human, one hunter. But yeah if there's packs, there needs to be an alpha but I suggest discussing that later since we haven't even created some OCs yet.
  17. Packs need a leader. So if the plot is wolf pack rivals with hunters mixed in. And of course romance. Talk about drama xD
  18. Yup. Can't forget the drama! But who would be the leader? The character I'm planning, I want to it to be omega so... That's the question.
  19. I couldn't be an alpha. My wolfie girl is gonna be maybe a beta.
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