Teen Island

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    Scarny was the first to arrive on the island. She ran up the steps and got the room at the top of the house. She then ran downstairs and into the kitchen. When she got int eh kitchen she was surprised to find a cook in there. "Oh i'm sorry i didn't know we had a cook." She left the room and sat in the living room. All of a sudden a guy come in in a tux looking thing. He went over too her. "Hello, Madam what would you like to eat?" She was surprised they also had a butler. What was there a maid too. "Um, I would like a cheese omelet please. Oh and for dessert some chocolate cake and apple pie." She smiled and got excited thinking about it. She wasn't a big girl she just like her foods.

    Liam arrived next he just set his luggage at the steps and walked over to the shore. He slipped off of his shoes and shirt and shorts. He was only in his boxers now. He sat down in the water and the sand. He layed back and relaxed in the sand. he closed his eyes and just tried relaxing. He was finely glad to be here and away from everything.
  2. Rickey walked into a building seeing a girl on the couch. He looked down at his clothes noticing he only brought dark colored clothes, while his hair covered his left eye which was also black. He walked up and sat down on the couch mumbling,"hello"
  3. She looked over at him. She pulled her knees closer to herself and sat up. She just waited for the butler to come back. When he came back she was so happy. He set up her own table and not some cheap thing no this is very fancy. She started eating her omelet. "Thank you sir" I said finishing my omelet.

    He started drawing in the sand with out looking he was bored. He went inside and sat down. "Hey guys im Liam." he said looking at the omelet and rubbing his stomach. "That looks delish."
  4. Siva starred a long time at the house, too scared to go in. Her insecurity always prevented her from doing things, but this time she wouldn't let it come in her way. At last she decided to go in, but the nervousity grew to strong when she went in, so instead of greeting the girl and the two guys, she walked past them and started to look around in the house. When she though no one saw her she started to hit her head in the wall "Why must I be so stupid" She said to herself while thinking she should have at least said hello. She took a deep breath preparing herself to go back and try to talk with them.
  5. Liam watched the girl go by then smelt the dessert and wanted to get a taste. He went into the kitchen hoping to get a taste. He walked in and was quikly shooed out. He jsut went up stairs instead to see if he could find his room. He walked past tons of rooms. He fianly got tired and laid down on the coach.

    Scarny just sat there and ate her omlet. She wasnt one to go up to anybody and didnt plan on makind friends. So she just sat there and sate her omlet. With akward silence with the boy on the other end of the coach.
  6. "This whole running late thing is killing me." Sofia ran up the steps with her bags bouncing against her legs. As she reached the top she tried to stop, but alas, the laws of physics ruined her. While her body stopped, her bags kept going forward throwing off her balance. She tumbled through the doorway. She laid faced down for a few seconds debating what she should do. It finally clicked that she was probably making things more awkward so she jumped up quickly. She tried to adjust her green cardigan to no avail. "Uhhh..." She stared at the two people on the couch. Realizing it was just as awkward here as her fall. Flashing a smile she waved and said, "Well up I go then." and ran up the stairs to look for her room. The first room she looked at was thankfully empty. "Embarrasing.." she whispered to herself as she reached for her phone to call her brother.
  7. Siva went into the room were two of the three people still sat, but she couldn't get herself to say anything so instead she decided to just sit down. She felt so embarrassed to sit beside strangers so she couldn't make herself sit on the coach with the others, but she fought it would be rude to just leave the room, thats why she sat down in a courner of the room on the floor starting to read a book she had with her. Instead of concentrating on the book she though of a way to start a conversation but as usual she stayed silence and though about how this would become just like home were everyone though she was scary because she never talked to anyone and never showed any emotions. Even if she on the inside were a emotional wretch she often stayed the same on the outside and mostly looked bored or irritated even if she almost never feel those kind of emotions.
    Sometimes now and then she ogled on the two who sat on the coach, hoping they would start a conversation that she maybe could join in. While she waited for someone to start talking she started to think that the black haired guy on the coach was pretty cute, not because she would ever dare to tell him that.
  8. Ericka arrived at the island at last, she walked up a path and saw a little house. She walked into the house scared that she would be the only one but she saw three people sat. She sat on the couch on the side wall looking at what to do with these people in the room, she smiled and looked at them.

  9. Siva saw a girl walking into the room, she sat down on the couch. Siva got afraid that she maybe were starring so she started to read her book, but she was curious about the new person in the room and when she discreet looked at the person she saw that the girl smiled while looking at them all. Siva who weren't used with people smiling towards her blushed a bit and looked into the book again, angry at herself for not giving a smile back. She carefully made sure that the book hid her face so that they wouldn't see that she blushed.
  10. Ericka saw a girl hiding her face in her book, so she walked over to her and sat next to her. "Hey I'm Ericka and you are" she smiled devious for Ericka was Bi-sexual and she was liking what she saw.
  11. Siva got startled when the girl sat down beside her, HER, the person everyone avoided. She fellt happy that someone dared to come close to her and then she got a major chock when the girl started talking to her. "Hey, I'm Ericka and you are" she asked. Siva first thought that the girl talked to someone of the others but when she looked up she saw Ericka looking at her waiting for an answer. Siva thought to herself *smile and say "nice to meet you Ericka I'm Siva" and shake her hand* but her thoughts and her body didn't co-operate. Instead she looked at her with a bit bored expression and said "Siva" then she returned to her book. *WHY AM I SO STUPID?* she thought, and wanted to hit herself.
  12. Ericka was shocked by her face she looked so bored "Hey wanna go upstairs" she smiled trying to make it less boring.
  13. When Ericka asked Siva "Hey wanna go upstairs" Siva exploded of joy on the inside and thought *maybe I can get a friend here afterall, okay answer a bit excited but not too mutch* But on the outside she looked as bored as before and maybe she got a litle more irritation in her eyes. When she answered she said "sure" with a voice that sounded like she didn't care at all. She closed the book and got up faster than Ericka, just as Ericka were going to get up Siva held out her hand to help Ericka up without looking at her.
    At the same time this happend she thought *why couldn't I have sounded a bit more enthusiastic? will she really become my friend if I act like this? maybe I should help her up, then she will think better of me"
  14. Ericka grab her hand "Thanks" she smiled. Siva seemed kind of a downer but Ericka could alway turn some one frown upside down .
  15. Siva got a bit depressed when she came to think about that she hadn't get to know the cute black dressed guys name yet, but she thought that she could find out later. Now she should concentrate so she didn't do anything that scared away her possibly future friend, as she had done every other time people had tried to get close to her. She couldn't help to notice that she was taller than Ericka, but then she remembered that she was the tallest girl in her school, another reason why people thought of her as scary. Siva put her hands in her pockets and looked down into the floor while they walked. She started to think that she maybe shouldn't have taken that boring pair of gym shoes and it ended with her thinking that all of the clothes she wore were really boring. Black loose Jeans and a black tank top.
    When they had finnished the last stair step she came back from her thoughts not sure if Ericka had said something on the way up or if they had walked silently both of them.
  16. "Let's go to my room i need to unpack some stuff" Ericka walked to a empty room to unpack her stuff. She threw a sheet on her bed and started to make her bed. She had a pink sheet with green watermelons on it, she took out a poster of a girl kissing a girl hung it on her wall to show she was afraid of anyone know she was bi-sexual. She took out some pictures of pervious love lives and friends, she put them on the mirror that was a make up mirror. She put a picture of her and her ex-girlfriend Emmi on the side and kept putting pictures around the frame of the mirror she put a last picture of her and her ex-boyfriend Remmy up.

    "There more home like if i do say so myself" She smiled at Siva. "What do you think?"​She asked in a nice tone manner.
  17. Siva followed Ericka into her room and watched while she unpacked. Ericka laid a pink sheet with green watermelons on the bed and Siva thought it was an interesting taste Ericka had but nothing she herself would want. Siva got more interested when Ericka started unpacking a poster and lots of pictures. The poster had two girls kissing on it, Siva got a bit surprised but she had never been one to judge people for their sexual orientation, she just hadn't meet anyone that was bi-sexual before, what she knew of at least. Then Ericka started to put up pictures of people, Siva didn't know if any of them had been love interests or just friends. "there more home like if I do say so myself" Ericka said suddenly and startled Siva a bit because she was so concentrated while looking at the pictures. She fast noticed that she had a bit choked expression and fast changed it back to normal. "What do you think?" Siva thought a short moment and then said "It's pretty" this time her voice didn't sound as bored as before but there still were a reserved tone. She couldn't help it afterwards when she noticed that she had looked down in the floor while talking and once again she cursed herself for being so bad at comunication with others.
  18. "Thanks" Ericka smiled as she went to her closet and pulled out a black pair of shorts, a white tank top, a black cardigan, white socks, and some Ugg moccasins. "I'm just gonna change" Ericka smiled slightly "You can stay in here if you want Like I always say We girls all have the same parts". Ericka took off here shirt revealing a white bra with black hearts on it, Ericks had a nice tone body with her navel pierced. She put on her white shirt and and black cardigan on and unzipper her jean shorts to reveal a white thong with a big black heart in the front. She took the black short and slid them up her legs and took off her flip flop and put on the white socks and black ugg moccasins. "Finished!" she sang out loud "How Do I look?" ​she smiled happily at the work she done to look so great.
  19. Ericka thanked Siva and smiled. Siva couldn't help but blush but luckily Ericka had turned towards her closet in that moment so she probably didn't see it. "I'm just gonna change" Siva heard her say and she suddenly noticed that Ericka had taken out clothes. "You can stay in here if you want, like I always say we girls all have the same parts" Ericka said and started to undress. Even though they both were girls Siva couldn't help that she got embarrased to stand in a room were another person changed. Siva tried to look into the floor and into the wall, actually she didn't really know where to look so she looked all over the place. Sometimes she got a glimpse of Ericka changing when she tried to find somewhere to look. When Ericka said "finished, how do I look?" Siva got relieved, now she at least knew were she should look. She turn her head towards Ericka and looked from head to toe and back to head, she really liked that Ericka had chosen black clothes but weren't sure how she should express herself.
    "You look good in black" she said before remembering that she thinks everyone looks good in black, she fast got unsure if that really could count as a compliment.
  20. "Thanks you! Come on" Ericka Smiled and walked towards the door. She walked out the door and ran down the stair back to where they were at.