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    The Tenacious Dress Shop is everyone's favorite place to get their clothes for Prom. And seeing as Prom is only a few short weeks away, business is booming! All up and down Main Street teens from the local high school are shopping for their prom gear. But it's not the shopping that's interesting... everyone has a story.

    Watch as drama, adventure, romance, and mystery unfolds in.... TEEN DRESS SHOP.

    Rules are simple: You can play a teen or adult. Any sort of character you like or bring in any sort of plot element you desire. Keep to a MODERN SETTING and don't plot or character hijack. If you write a really long post (More than two or three paragraphs), add a "summary" at the end so we understand what happened. Finally: Pay attention to where characters are, so you're not being a psychic player. If you're across town, you're not going to see/hear what they're doing. ;D ENJOOOOOOY!

  2. The shift was just starting for the day and while he was a bit groggy still, Adrian was determined to be punctual. The expense of this, of course, was a relaxing night's rest and a decent breakfast. This was just about the only job that he could find, else he'd be working pretty much anywhere but the Tenacious Dress Shop. Or so he told himself, at least. He's been telling himself that for three years now, since he started working here at seventeen. Anymore, it seemed like nothing but him complaining or perhaps not wanting to appear effeminate.

    Clocking in at the little room in the back of the shop, he surveyed the showroom filled with beautiful dresses. It was eerie walking around in the dark with all of the floor-length mirrors and he flipped the switch to turn the lights on first thing. Instantly, the bright lights flooded the room from every angle, leaving hardly any shadow at all. The dresses were illuminated under the harsh fluorescent glow and they shimmered with their assortment of beads and sequins. It would not be long before his coworkers were in the shop - indeed, they might already be here and he had yet to notice.

    Running fingers through his short black hair, Adrian made his way through the racks of dresses, examining them all and making sure that they were in the usual order, which had been chosen for its aesthetic appeal. The colors were all next to a color that complemented them with clashing colors as far from one another as possible. It was pleasing to him to look at all of the expensive handiwork, though his favorites were the tuxedos at the back wall that they carried, even if there were only a few of them. It was a dress shop after all.

    Adrian caught his reflection in one of the mirrors and paused to examine himself in one. While others would call him vain, he defended that it was important to look good. Especially if your sole reason for being hired was your ability to make sales to hormonal girls. He winked at his reflection and strode gracefully back to the main counter to open the register.
  3. Saturn braced his back on the wall outside of the Teen Dress Store. His scaly skin and orange eyes hadn't helped with the prom scene, or him getting asked out. His skin was tainted a small orange hue. He was really lonely. He was beginning to think none of the girls liked him. Maybe he was too "hot", and not physically, but temperature wise. Everytime someone came around him, they began sweating or asking about the air conditioner. Prom. Was. Hopeless.
  4. The only thing that will get me out of bed this early is shopping. And early bird specials. And prom. Oh prom. And the first stop of the day is the Tenacious Dress Shop. Gotta make sure I look my best walking in here. Where's my mirror - Oh there it is! 'Kay blonde locks are absolutely gorgeous, just like they always are. Don't have any bags under these deep blue eyes, loooove my eyes. And I'm showing just the right amount of cleavage. Boys love it when you do that, don't cha know? And skin, they love skin. Good thing I'm wearing my shorty shorts. Lookin' hot as evah!

    Now lets get shopping! Hmmm, blues, yellows, purples, greens.... But none of them scream me.

    Oh my god. I know exactly what I want for my dress. It's gonna be pink, preppy, and pretty-ful! Oh I should totally wear a tiara. And maybe have some diamonds in it! Daddy will get it for me so long as I ask nicely. I hope he does! I don't think my dress is gonna be perfect unless I have those rocks on me. Let see... My dress is gonna cost me maybe 500 dollars. And the tiara will probably run Daddy several hundred... And my shoes, oh my goodness I cannot forget my shoes. Those are a girls' BEST accessory. Oh damn, no cash on me, guess it's going onto Daddy's card.

    Oh ick, those colors will never work for me. I don't do black hunny, and I certainly don't do white. That's too formal for me. Bright. Pink. That totally screams Roxy and so screams moi. I should probably get a sale's associate... Lets see, where could they - Why is there a guy working here? I hope to god he isn't hoping to walk in there with me when I try on my dress. But he is kinda cute, I like that black hair.

    "Um, 'Scuse me," I said as I walked up to the counter with my Prada purse. "I want to try on that dress."


  5. People got certain impressions when you were a teenage boy and worked in a boutique selling prom dresses to teenage girls. It didn't help that Darren dressed himself better than most of the girls at school, or that he had thick eyelashes and a frame scrawny enough to wear his little sister's jeans (not that he actually had). Nor did it help that he actually enjoyed being around chiffon and taffeta all day- or that he actually knew what chiffon and taffeta were- or that all of his friends were girls. He'd always been small for his age, picked on by boys, inexplicably adored (platonically) by girls. And sure, he liked show tunes and sweets and still had stuffed animals.

    Thing was, though, that Darren liked girls.

    The fact that everyone assumed otherwise was leaving his hopes for prom crushed and broken. No date, no guy friends to go with as a stag group. Just a bunch of girls and their boyfriends to remind him he was the third, fifth, seventh wheel, etc. Given that, work didn't seem so fun today.

    He glanced at Adrian, who had already snagged the first customer of the day. Unlike Darren, Adrian was macho and flirtatious enough that no one questioned his sexuality. Sighing, the blond teen went to hang up the new inventory dresses on the appropriate racks, waiting for the stream of business to pick up in earnest. It was sure to be as fast-paced and crazy as ever.
  6. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GAWDS! THIS PLACE IS SO TOTES CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!" April cried out, her daddy's credit card burning a hole in her Louis Vuitton not-knockoff purse. She made sure she had been dressed as well as any high school student could be, a tight low-v sleeveless t-shirt covered her torso while a pair of dark navy jeans, acid washed fronts covered her legs, growing larger at the cuff, just long enough to cover the tops of her Gucci heels, black of course because it totes goes with everything.

    It was any wonder that April would even be at this store shopping for a prom dress when she knew she could get some famous designer from that country Europe to make her a brand new one, but her daddy insisted on making her get a normal dress, just so she wouldn't make the other poor girls feel bad about not having a personal design. She pouted for days before her big brother, Jon drove her to the shop, quickly driving off before she could turn around and dive back in and force him to take her somewhere better, but she was pleasantly surprised with the look of the place, after all it wasn't every day that April Harvard, rich girl extraordinaire, had to go shopping where the...dare she say, rabble shopped.

    Her heels clicked on the concrete sidewalk as she walked up to the door and opened it, the little jingle of the bells told her exactly what level of store this would be. Alas, it was no Paris fashion week, but it would do. The first thing that met April's gaze, however, wasn't a dress, or a salesperson, no, it was the girl at the counter. HER. There was only room for so much money in this town and April was determined to be the top rich-bitch at this prom.

    "OH MAH GAWDS! SWEETIE-HONEY! Look at you! Don't you look like a thousand grand," as if her hooker bills could pay for even that!, "Is that bag Prada? Oh, totes cute..." April giggled, joining her best frenemy at the counter, though for the life of her, April could not remember the girls name...

  7. Everything had been going smoothly - Adrian had seen the first few customers of the day trickle in and his coworker, another boy named Darren, had clocked in as well. The first girl to enter for the day was hefting around a Prada purse and eyeing the dresses like prom was going out of style. Not this year, no way no how. This year, Adrain would make incredible sales. He'd been hinting at the owner for a long time now that the store was on the up and up and certainly needed not only a manager and employees but an assistant manager, too. He had hardly enough time, however, to break out his best smile before another rich little dolly sashayed her way over to the counter.

    The electricity in the air surged between the two of them and Adrian's smile grew bigger. Two spoiled rich girls in one day - he was certain that Lady Luck was smiling fondly on her handsome follower. Two girls willing to buy the most expensive anything and everything. Adrian glanced at the dress that the first girl had brought to the counter, a hot pink number that was expensive but not the most expensive.

    "That dress is beautiful and you can certainly try it on. The dressing rooms are just here, to my right. They have locks on the doors and everything. As for you, young miss, I can tell that you are going to have amazing taste. You look like the kind of girl who can only have the best." His words were sweet, but not heavy. They were light and sugary and he winked just after the last word and moved from behind the counter. No matter what happened, he would pamper them both. Perhaps he did speak loudly enough for Roxy to hear... And if they happened to compete over whose dress was more expensive...? Candy.

    Stepping toward a rack of dresses near the tuxedos, Adrian was heading April directly toward the most exquisite (and expensive!) dresses in the shop.
  8. Saturn strolled over to the dress shop, opening the doors slowly. Tiime for work. It was his part time job, really. He timed in and went to work at the counter. Checking to make sure that they had enough money to give change. His black hair ruffled in the air that the space fan was giving off. It was about 68 degrees in the store and he was wondering why it was so hot in here. He noticed two girls from school, both of them he had crushes on. Just great. Maybe I should ask one of them out? Saturn walked over to April, she probably didn't even know him. "Hey, April. I was uh, wondering if you, erm, wanted to go to prom with me". He said that as quicky as he could.
  9. Azure walked in to the dress shop"so many guys in here. Well working in here. She found the dress she was looking for and walked up to darren"i want to try that one"she points to a blue and pink sparkly swirl dress"can u help me try it on?"she said in a sexy voice
  10. ... That bitch. Is that skank really here? I swear to god, if she starts talkin' about how her Daddy has more money than my Daddy this bitch is totally gonna regret fucking with me. And ick, acid jeans are sooo not in anymore. Ugh, what's her name again?

    "Oh hi!" I squealed, and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Ohmigod of course this is Prada! Daddy got it for me when I aced my last test, can you believe it? He was so proud of me."

    I look over at the sales associate and I cannot believe I thought he was cute. No that hair totally doesn't work for me. Well at least I can try on my dress - Wait a minute did he just say that she has amazing taste? Oh no. Oh no no no no. I turn around in a bit of a huff.

    "Actually I think I'll look around some more. I just can't seem to decide with all of these gorgeous dresses" I said, looking as innocent as possible.

    I'm still holding onto my pink dress as I follow the sales associate and that skank. I'm totally set on this dress but I am so not letting this hag become the best dressed at prom. If I have to sabotage something, I so will.
  11. Azure looks at all the girls "how come now one will help me?" she sighs
  12. April was busy staring eye daggers at Roxy to be paying much attention to the dress that was in her hands but when she finally noticed Saturn approaching her she raised her eyebrow.

    "Go to prom...with you?" A loud boisterous laugh escaped her lips, "Oh you're like, the fifteenth guy to ask! Besides, do I even know you? I like, don't even think I go to school with you...but you should totes go ask Rrrrrrrrrrrr...ROXY! That's totes it, yeah, like, go ask Roxy, she'd totes looooooove to go to prom with you." She nodded and gestured the boy towards that skankzilla watching the more fabulous dresses like a hawk. As if she could afford the one April would want, after all April's daddy had totes more money, by far. At least that's what she had thought, if that was true was up for an accountant to decide. In any case it didn't matter, she wanted for nothing so there was at least that. Turning her attention to Darren she let a smile creep across her face, now he was a face she recognized from school. He always seemed a bit...lonely? April had decided that she was going to make it her mission to find him a man! She wandered over avoiding touching the racks of dresses with her bare skin as much as possible. "Ooooh, I like, totes need your help when you're finished with this, um, lady, here." April nodded, raising her hand in excitement and flashing a large smile.
  13. Saturn could feel his temperature rising as April laughed at him. 101 Degrees, 102, 103, 104. Then she gestured toward Roxy. He approached her, and asked slowly, hoping she would recognize him from her 1st 2nd, 3rd, and 6th periods. "Hey Roxy, I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom.... with me."
  14. Azure got mad when roxy was asked out.She drops her dress on the floor and runs out of the store crying"Why can i never get a date? until the last minute and its always a pity date. never someone i have a crush on or something"She sat down on a bench outside of the mall and sighed she shook her head non chalantly and sighed in a melancholy way"I cant beleive this"
  15. "Excuse me a moment." He said to Roxy, not expecting an answer. Why did he ask that slut out anyway. Whats she have now, 8 boyfriends this month? Saturn chased after Azure, sitting next to her on the bench. "I'm not sure why I asked that Slu..." he stopped himself from being rude. "Anyway, I was wanting to ask you to the prom at school, but I couldn't work up the nerve... I don't really have a choice now, seeing that we're already here, so, do you want to go to prom with me?" He raised an Eyebrow questionably
  16. Azure looked up her make up running"Sorry i look terrible but i would love to go to prom with you Saturn and i love your name"she said giggling while she talked"i promise i will look better at prom and what are you gonna do about the slut who has 10 boyfriends?""Literally 10 last month it was 6"

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  17. "With her attention span, she's probably already forgotten" He giggled. When he got excited his scales would start to become more definite, as they would now. "Hey, Ill uh be right back." he said, instantly putting his arm on her shoulder, revealing his now clearly visible scales.
  18. "Woah! what are those?"she touches his scales"They are cool" she feels around his body"Do you have more? in other places?" she winked at saturn and kept feeling around his pants for more scales"Why do you have these? WOAH ARE YOU A MERMAN?
  19. (hey outcast why dont u change ur avatar? make it COLORFUL! woohoo!)
  20. "...and I really don't see why you can't just enjoy things like everyone else! Life isn't all gloom and doom, you know. I just don't know about you teenagers these days. Maybe it's those I-mo kids you hang out with..."

    "God, mom, it's Emo, not I-mo. And there's nothing wrong with my friends!"

    "Don't argue with your mother, Samantha. And you're not going to skip the prom after I've already paid for your ticket! When I was your age, my boyfriend dumped me right before the prom, too, but that didn't stop me! And if I hadn't gone, I never would've met your father!"

    "You said he was the worst mistake you'd ever made in your life."

    "Well, yes, but that's besides the point. Now, here we are. Shoo, shoo! And you'd better find something in a colour other than black!"

    "But what if I don't see anything I like?"

    "Nonsense! This is the best store in town, of course you'll find something. Just remember our deal..."

    "Deal, right. More like a threat..."

    Samantha, or Sam, as she preferred to be called, grumbled moodily as she climbed out of the car, jamming her iPod buds into her ears, the off-white cords standing out against the backdrop of her black clothes. Shaking her shaggy black hair out of her eyes, she pointedly all the others she passed on her way in. She didn't have anything to say to them, anyway.

    Stepping in, she heaved a sigh as she looked around, completely overwhelmed and feeling exhausted already. Not knowing where to start, or even what she was looking for, Sam half-heartedly started to rifle through the endless racks of dresses, paying more attention to the music pumping through her ear buds than actually looking for anything.