Tale of the Immortal Jiù Zhǔ

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    Jiù Zhǔ

    (The Story)

    Our story begins in ancient times, back when China was still new to this world. Every country has it's heroes, legends, myths. Were they all real? History can be vague on this point. Not every story has proof. Yet that does not damper the status one can leave behind. China has had it's heroes. Legend were born, recorded, and remembered. Yet their story does not stop there. For every hero that is born, a thousand demons rise to challenge their competence. 恶魔 (Demons) have riddled the earth since the creation. They had power over China, riddling it with war and death. However as China grew in population, they were gifted with a hero. A hero that would battle the Demons, sending them back to where they come. Yet one hero cannot drive back the horde of demons. It was not long before the hero perished, succumbing to the might of the demons. Many of the Chinese folk were filled with terror, cowering in their homes. However the hero had inspired courage into the hearts of some of the Chinese people. This first hero unconsciously planted a seed in China that grew into a tree of heroes. With this, heroes arose to take on the challenge by the demons.

    Millennial passed, heroes came and went. The world changed, demons no longer terrorized China and they believed that they had been vanquished for good. It wasn't long before demons were no longer even remembered, only thought of as terrors to scare children. Heroes were no longer needed. Or so many though. Demons never truly left. Past heroes truly did their job, driving the demons back from the physical world but their souls passed onto the spiritual world. There, they planned their assault on China for they became even more powerful as an evil spirit. China stood alone, oblivious to the impending doom surrounding them. Fear not, the story does not end here. Like demons, heroes too passed into the spirit world when they died. Although they were granted eternal rest for their bravery to their country, they are once again taking up arms to defend their beloved country. They were reborn as a half-breed. Half human, half spirit. They walk the spirit plain and the physical world, living as they once did. As heroes. They were and now once again Jiù Zhǔ of China.

    Character Sheet (open)
    Appearance: (picture)
    Lifetime: (ex. 1878 - 1903)
    Nickname: (ex. The Jade Dragon of ___)
    Modern appearance/outfit: (optional)
    Weapon: (if applicable)
    Signature Power: (if applicable)
    Biography: (Please include how they adapted to modern life)
    Other: (Anything you wish to add)

    Normal Iwaku Rules.
    I am not looking for major detail but please be somewhat adequate in your postings.
    Try to be consistent with posting (this does not me extremely frequent).
    Avoid overly powerful characters.
    Be detailed with your character.
    Please keep in mind, these character are considered superhuman so they can go past normal human boundaries but be diligent with that knowledge.
    A character can live a full lifetime but still be reborn at any age during his/her life.
    Have fun? Maybe? <3
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