Taken to an Island

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  1. She hummed to herself as she swept the black and white tiled floor of her flower shop, getting ready to close for the evening. She loved working here. She had inheritied this place after her Mother had passed away, and had kept it running and in good business ever since. She looked up as the bell over the front door jingled, allerting her of a customer. She set the broom aside and smoothed out her flowery apron and walked up to him. "Can I help you sir?" She asked. The man was much taller then her and broader. He wore a black trench coat and black shiny shoes with a black hat that covered his eyes. Not exactly someone you would expect to see at a flower shop.
  2. Another boring day had passed and she were finally free from the prison called school, at least for today. If you could call it free to go home and do your homework until midnight and still not be able to finish them. For the moment it felt like her first year in college would be her last, there was never a chance in the word that she would be able to keep it up for three more years.

    She made a sight, knowing that she would never quit even if it was hard to keep up with everything. Lily just weren't that kind of person that would disappoint everyone by quitting after she had started something.

    Her thoughts got interrupted, it felt like someone were following her, watching her. She turned around but no one were there, at least not what she could see. Only an empty park with some trees on the left side of the road and apartments on the right side. She choked her head and thought that it must have been her imagination then she started to walk again. It didn't take long before she felt the same horrible feeling of being watched. This time when she turned around she actually saw someone, a man were walking behind her and he came closer. It was probably just someone that were on his way to somewhere, it wasn't like he were after her. At least that was what she thought.

    She kept walking but much faster this time, even though she tried to tell herself that there was no way that she were being stalked it still made her nervous to have someone walk after her. The weird thing was that when she walked faster then he did the same.
    Lily took up her phone and started to deal her boyfriends number, maybe she were just paranoid but it would at least feel better to talk to someone. And if she asked him he would probably come and get her.

    But she weren't able to talk to him, just as she heard the first signal she felt herself fall down on the ground and then everything went black.

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  3. (OOC: XxStephxX, it is your character. You choose whatever you want for them. There is also a place to put your character sheets, which are recomended for this RP. I'll post the link for that as soon as possible. I should also say that when you are taken to the island, every one starts out at the same starting point and is placed in a cage like an animal being located somewhere new into the wild.)

    "Are you Eve Johnson?" The man asked, flashing her a photo of himself and an authority badge.

    She blinked in surprise. "Yes sir." She muttered, wondering why a man of this stature would be at her shop.

    "I need you to come with me." He said, and suddenly a leather gloved hand was around her mouth and his other arm wrapped around her arms and torso and he carried her to a black limo and shoved her in, placing a black blindfold around her eyes to keep from seeing a thing.

    "Hey! Let me go! You can't do this--" She didn't get a chance to finish as the man hit her, knocking her out.
  4. Nate was home alone once again. His mother was out with another one of her new boyfriends, they never lasted long. He was making dinner for himself. He poured the uncooked noddles in a pot on the stove and then added some cheese. This was a typical meal for him. It was nothing too fancy but it was food. Money had always been tight for them and he was thankful that his mother's new boyfriend had money to supply them. As he stirred the noodles he heard a knock on the door. "Why would someone be here..." He muttered to himself.

    Nate walked to the door and cracked it slightly to see who it was. The figure forced it open and Nate stood back startled. He could now see it was a man with a long dark coat on dispite the heat and a hat sheilding his face. "Who do you think you are?" He shouted agitated. The man calmly replied with a question in a low deep voice. "Are you Nathan Owens?" Before Nate had time to think his arms were twisted behind his back and his mouth covered. He tried to resist it but the man was too strong. Before he knew it he was knocked out with a blow to the head.
  5. Jayden had been walking home guitar on his back when he noticed a rather strange man across the street, normally he wouldn't bother paying attention to the man but there was something about this guy that didn't sit right with him. Trying to ignore the strange man Jayden pulled out his Ipod turning his music all the way up, he decided to cut through a near by park to get away from the man. Sadly though that was a big mistake on his part, two more men were lying in wait for him. Before he could do anything one of the men lunged at him tackling him to the ground the next ran up and placed a clothe over his mouth and nose Jayden passed out almost instantly
  6. By the time Eve woke, she found she was on an air plane, though the black blind fold was still tied around her eyes so she couldn't see, and her hands were bound behind her back. She could hear men talking. She tried to move but she was sitting somewhere, probably locked in a cage of somesort. "Hey! Let me out of here! You can't kidnapp me like this! Let me out!" She struggled against the ropes. Where were they taking her? And why? But who were they come to think of it. No one answered her and she grumbled.
  7. Kim sat on the park bench as usual. She liked this spot. It was isolated from the rest of the public and no one would bother her hair. No admiring boys and no bothersome adults. Her earmuffs were tucked in her ears as she plugged them into her mp3. Kim rarely got excited about things but music was her whole life and today was the release of both the new Linkin Park and HED-pe albums which she of course downloaded the minute she got home. Now she was sitting in her favorite spot doing what she loved the most. Kim closed her eyes and relaxed as she began to hum along to the tune. As always the music was loud ad defening which was just the way she loved it.
    Completly unknown to her 4 black figures had approached her. Two from the front and two from the back. Kim just sat there completly oblivious at the moment. One of them slightly tapped her on the shoulder. Kim immediately jolted up. Her eyes darted from left to right as she begn to analyze the men in front of her. The one on the left spoke in a light kind voice"Excuse me, are you by any chance Ms. Kim Toren?" Kim could tell that the mns kind voice was just a trick. "U-Um y-yes sir" She began to shiver abit. Suddenly one of the men behind her whispered to his partner and Kims arms and legs were held down tightly. She screamed out terrified but of course no one would come out here. A was placed over her mouth and slowly but surely Kim stopped her struggling. She was completly unconscious.
  8. Tristian just finished lifting weights and doing sit ups and push ups with some of his friends. His body was sore and he stopped by the food stand to get a hamburger and a pepsi. He waked around the neighborhood and stopped at the park watching the kids play basketball. After eating he joined the game and played for about and hour and a half before heading home. Once inside he droped off his keys and got in the shower putting on a change of clothes. Only when he got back down stairs did he feel something was diffrent.

    He walked into the kitchen and everything seemed to be in order just how he left it and he walked and looked in the living room to check as well. Everything looked fine until he spotted a glass on the table that wasnt there before. Just as he went to turn around and reach for the house phone he saw a man standing before him. " who the hell are you?", The man looked at him for a moment " you must be tristian come with me". He backed up slowly " i aint going anywhere!". The man reached to grab him and he doged kneeing him in the gut and as soon as he tried once more he took the glass cup and broke it against the head leaving the man passed out bleeding. Just when he thought he was safe he felt something hard hit his head and he fell uncouncious.
  9. Jaydens woke up his heading ringing like crazy, "Uh...what the hell happened?" it was incredibly dark for some reason. Jayden tried to rub his eyes to see if that made things better, but when he went to try he couldn't. He could feel his arms they just wouldn't move, they'd restrained his arms...however they are. "Hey....hey.....god dang it someone answer me!" He threw himself to the side only to hit a wall a few inches from where he'd been sitting, where the heck was he what the heck was going on.
  10. As Lily woke up she couldn't see anything, first she thought that she might have gone blind because she were confused, but then she felt that something was put over her eyes. A blindfold? "Hello, someone there?" She shouted and tried to move her hands but they were tied behind her back. "Please let me out of here." She continued starting to panicking. "If it's money you are after then you can forget it, my family don't have any." Still no answer. What was going on? Why wasn't they even saying where they were? Maybe they had left her there to rot to death. But she hadn't done anything to make anyone want something from her or want to kill her. This was just crazy.
  11. She struggled until she felt a cloth being wipped on her arm and then something prick her skin. "Hey! Ow!" She complained. It felt like a needle, and it no doubt probably was. What were they doing? Why were they doing whatever they were doing? She squirmed as they injected something into her. What was it? She wondered. She shivered as the needle was pulled out of her arm and the skin were they had poked her was wipped over again. "What are you doing? Let me go!" She groaned suddenly as whatever it was they had injected into her system made her sleepy and she fell unconsous yet again.

    (OOC: You're welcome Chronos. By the way, what do you mean that Eve and Jayden can't hear each other because they are seperated?)
  12. Tristian opened his eyes slowly and he could see darkness. At first he thought he was loosing it and when he tried to move he was stuck. He squirmed and then felt a needle in his neck and then leg. " hey what the hell are you doing!?". He shouted but he heard no reply, no noise only for a slight scuffle that seemed to be movment. He tried to speak but no words came out and his body was becoming weak, moving around onnce more he tried to get loose but it wasn't working. Whatever was in the needle seemed to be working because before he knew it he was passed out again.
  13. Kim awoke completly confused. Well at least she thought she was awake. No, she knew she was. Her arms and legs were just completly numb because he had been hog-tied for god knows how long. Even after she was hog-tied, a cloth was fit snuggly into her mouth meaning she couldn't scream or call out even f she wanted to. What had she done to deserve this. Kim never caused trouble, never fought, never disturbed the public. She never even drew attention to herself. She was basically invisible unless it came to music. So why would someone want to hurt her? Silent tears began to fall from the girls eyes as she thought about what would happen to her. She tried to squirm out of the binding but that just caused her back to arch even more. Just before Kim was about to quit a needle was jammed into her leg, right through her skirt she could almost feel the syring connect with the fabric. And once again she was out cold.
  14. When she woke again, she was still blindfolded, but she could feel grass underneath of her, and she was free to move around. Where was she? She wondered as she was roughly pulled to her feet. "Hey! Cut that out!" She yelled to whomever it was. Someone walked her forward and she could feel a gun barrell being pressed to the back of her head. She had no idea what time it was or even what day it was as she was forced to walk, stumbling about as if she were drunk because of the blindfold. Grass and leaves crunched and rustled underneath her steps. A wolf howled suddenly and she shivered, her heart pounding. What in the world was going on? It must be night, because wolves only howled at night. Suddenly she was forced to a stop and then hand that had been guding her along pulled away and she was left standing there until her leg muscles cramped. She nervoulsy took the blindfold off, squinting as her eyes adjusted. She looked around but no one else but her was there. The moonlight revealed trees and tall ferns and rocks. Was she in a forest? Jungle? She looked around, trying to figure out what to do.
  15. Nate awoke to darkness, complete darkness. He tried to blink it away but that didn't work. "Blindfolded." He muttered to himself. He tried to feel around but his hands were crudely tied behind his back. Whoever had done this knew what they were doing. Nate replayed the scene from where the mysterious man came to his door over and over. He wanted to know what was going on. Why would someone kidnap a guy like him? Suddenly he felt a stinging sensation in his arm from what felt like a needle. "What the hell?!" He pulled away as fast as he could bumping into the other side of the metal cage knocking him down. He laid there not wanting to move as a fog gradually took over him.
  16. It had felt like hours to Jayden being stuck inside the box, his legs and arms had gone numb from sitting on them for so long. He sighed trying to shift himself into a more comfortable position that could allow more blood flow, he was now leaning up against one of the sides with his legs slightly crossed in front of him there wasn't much he could do for his amrs however. Their was a dull throbbing sensation coming from his right arm it was wierd, the feeling was still gone but this pain for some wierd reason was able to pierce that. Soon after his head started to swim his vision becoming blurry from what ever it was that had caused the throbbing feeling in his arm. Then the lights went out comepletely and he fell forward head hovering just a few inches over his legs.
  17. "That should be the last test." Meghan muttered wanting to punch the man behind her.
    "What's their mutations?" he asked looking at her with a stern expression.
    "All I know bub is bones, and the only subject with a change to their skeletal system is subject T." Meghan said looking down at her notes. She hated doing this. Just because she was the youngest radiologist in the country didn't mean she was the smartest, or the most willing.
    Although she had to help. The Government had threatened to take away her degree if she didn't help with this.
    "This is wrong." She muttered looking through her notes again counting up the number of times she had given some pour soul an injection today.
    "No its not wrong. Its a step up in war fare. China is closing in on us and we need super soldiers." the Government man said looking at the screens of the small TVs. Each had an image of the subjects. So far so good.
    "Only one subject left for today am I correct?" Meghan said pulling out one more syringe.
    "Correct. That be you." the man said knowing she'd go willingly to keep her degree.
    Despite the fact that she didn't want any part of this propaganda Meghan pulled down her jeans to her mid thigh. "Do you mind?" she asked sternly making the man turn around.
    She took a deep breath in before inserting the needle into her marrow. Meghan screamed once before passing out.
    The man smiled slightly before picking her up and setting her in one of the larger cages.
  18. Kim was woken by a loud thud. It was her own tiny body hitting the surface. She couldn't even feel it bcause her arms and legs were so numb but somehow it jolted her awake. Kim groaned, it didn't sound like much or a groan, more like a squeal due to her soft quiet voice. She laid their in wha felt like wet grass for maybe around 10 or 12 minutes before finally regainning some strength. She opened her eyes and a feild of grass was the first thing that entered her vision. "W-Where am I.. hello!" She tried to yell, strainning her voice. She wasn't yet ready to stand but somehow managed to readjust her body so she could sit on her but. She looked around as a single tear rolled off of her soft cheeks. She truly beleived she was alone and left here to die.
  19. She had no idea what she should do next, or what she should be doing. When she turned around, the airplane that had taken her here was already high in the sky and leaving her high and dry and stranded. She glared at the airplane as it took off. She sighed, looking around her. A wolf howled suddenly and it made her hair stand on end. She figured she'd best build herself a shelter, but how? And with what? She looked around her for anything she could use. There were tough looking vines that she could use for rope, but what would she use for the walls? She frowned. She wasn't a house builder. She was a floral designer. Or at least she had been. She leaned against the tree, trying to picture a house to build, not knowing she was feeding the tree her energy to create what she was trying to picture. She yelped suddenly as the tree started shifting and moving, the trunk extending out into a house like shape. She backed away, watching with wide eyed amazement.
  20. Meghan sighed as she stood up slowly as her bones readjusted. She felt her features change as she looked at the plane flying away with a glare. Now she had to monitor the subjects as one.
    She began jogging down the small beach she was on as her face became hers again. That's why she had injected the stuff into her bones. So after all this was done, and she was still alive she could go on living as someone else. She wondered who she'd come across. Maybe the florist? Or maybe the gym guy?
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