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  1. "My names Alva. This story is based on two teenagers who fell in love. Its not a sloppy love story like Romeo & Juliet but its something like that." The scene turns white and rolls of bookshelves appear. Alva appeared putting books in their sudden places and pushes a cart through each aisle. shes been working at the bookstore since the age of 16 and like it. she sighs softly, it was like any typical day. the bookstore was dead and quiet amd Alva was bored.
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  2. Rylan walked in to the bookstore. He'd just moved here, three days ago. Rylan walked through the aisles moving his finger across the spines. He turned to walk down an aisle, when a woman pushing a cart was pushing through the aisles, she nearly smashed into him, but he quickly grabbed the cart stopping it.
    He chuckles he's about to keep walking when he stops next to her.
    He looks at her and smiles lop-sided his dimples showing. "I'm Rylan." He extends his hand to shake.
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  3. Alva kept on working, pushing the cart around with her head on cloud nine. She thought of herself as some supermodel working the red carpet till suddenly she couldnt puh her cart something strong stopped her.She quickly snapps out of her trace and looked up to see someone who was oddly handsome. it was odd for her becuse she was the ugly type. she softly amiles hyly and and extends hee small hand into his and softly squeezes it. "Im Alva". she returns the smile with a giggle.
  4. Rylan squeezes her hand softly and drops his hand next to him and smiles.
    "Have you ever been to Antarctica?"

    ((Say no its a pick-up line x3))
  5. Alva puts her hand down after and chuckles shaking her head. "No". she giggles and takes another book out of her cart and places it in the bookshelf.
  6. "Me neither. We have so much in common!" Rylan smiles but realises how stupid it sounded. He hoped his attempt to break the ice had worked.
  7. Hearing the joke or pickup line made her giggle. "you are silly." Her attention goes to Rylan. she smiles sweetly. "I needed that, todays been so slow here." it was true. she felt shy and her cheeks began to turn a soft pink. feeling herself blush she turns away and fixes her hair.
  8. He smiles and looks around, "it is pretty dead in here."
  9. "My shift is about to over. im hungry too, Wanna go grab a bite somewhere?" she moves away from the cart and shyly grabs his hand with hers and squeezes it softly. "pweze? with cherries and sprinkles on top?"
  10. Rylan chuckles and smiles, "The pleasure would be mine."
  11. "okay. ummmmm wait... right here ill be right back". Alva turns and goes to the office to swipe out and gather her belongings.
  12. Rylan looks at the shelves reading the spines as he waits for Alva.
  13. she walks through the asile and giggles "back!!!"suddenly everyone around her shushes her and she puts her head dwn"sorry."
  14. Rylan looks at Alva when she says back, and chuckles when people shush her.
    "Lets go." Rylan grins lopsided his dimples showing and tucks a bit of his chin length dark brown hair behind his ear.
  15. Alva listens and follows Rylan out the store.She smiles "what made you talk to me? i mean im so awkward. " she moves to the side to let children run passed her before walking by his side. town was busy with people walking to and fro. the usual traffic was a bummer here.
  16. Rylan looks at Alva, "Well I just moved here, and I don't really know anyone, so I thought why not?" Rylan smirks.
  17. "Mmm smooth move.. " Alva giggles and stops at a food cart."i crave fruit" she jumps up and down and giggles. she tells the woman she wanted strawberries, mangos, watermelon, starfruit, apples, and grapes all chopped up.
  18. "I think we'll need to go back to the library to get the cart to hold all that." Rylan jokes and grins mischievously.
  19. she laughs softly and looks at him."Youre too silly". she hands the woman a5 dollar bill and takes Rylans hand. "you want some?" she jumps right infront of him and giggle poking him in the tummy.​
  20. Rylan smiles, "You call me silly." He jokes, "Yeah I'll have some thanks."
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