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    "If you're reading this - well done you decoded this, you live up to what I've seen from you. Now you have the chance to use your skills for some use. I've seen what you can do, and I want you to do more. Join us at TCHQ and show us what you got.
    - Jolt."

    Six talented people come together to shut down the system. The roads, electricity, computers, telecoms, all of it. Why? For fun of course! Nothing better than some chaos.
    They met together and planned to take down the British system, then the world.


    Workshop (open)

    The outskirts of Liverpool, England. Inside of the warehouse is pretty empty, the characters go up there to relax. There are stairs that lead to the basement, which is full of computers, tech and wiring which is where they work from.

    ↳ Iwaku rules apply.
    ↳ Keep it real(ish) - No monster demon magical things.
    ↳ Put a little research into computer terms and all but please don't take this too seriously.
    ↳ Romance is a yes but when it gets raunchy - take it to PM.
    ↳ Paragraph per post - 7+ sentences.
    ↳ You can have one or you can double as two opposite genders.

    Character sheet:
    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: [Full name + online/nickname]
    Age: [17+]
    Job Role within group: [Pick from below.]
    Appearance: [Real image or description - No anime/artwork.]
    Skills: [e.g - electrical engineering, coding, computer viruses, mathematics etc]
    Anything else we should know: [A random fact, important info etc]


    Roles (open)

    Government lead: They cover the teams tracks, hack government records and keep a close eye on them.
    Financial lead: They're in charge of shutting down things like banking systems, wall street, stocks etc.
    Transport lead: Same as above - shutting down train lines, airports, roads etc.
    Online lead: Shutting down computers with viruses, the internet, communications.
    Engineer lead: The electrician who fixes, builds and tends to their equipment.

    PM me with which lead you'd like, so I can cross it off for you!

    [Three males - Three females]

    1. Jolt [The team leader.]
    2. Luce
    [Government lead.]
    3. Paradox [Financial system lead.]
    4. Sixsmith [Transport system lead.]
    5. Nico [Online system lead.]
    6. Pharaoh [Lead Engineer.]

    Questions? - ASK!

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  2. Name:
    Jackson 'Jolt' Winchester





    Job Role within group:
    Team Leader







    Anything Else we need to know:
    Jolt often needs a stiff drink at the end of the day - his favourite is straight whiskey.
  3. Can I reserve the online system lead? I'll be able to make a male chara in an hour or so after I eat ^^
  4. No problemo, let me put that in for you!
  5. ~:Name:~
    Lies Ki Rhee



    ~:Sexual Orientation:~

    College Student
    (Has a Postdoc Degree but really has no idea what career to take)

    ~:Job Role within group:~
    Online Lead



    {THE GOOD}

    ||Vague||Stubborn||Aloof||(Tad bit) Cynical||Workaholic||Careless||Blunt||Detached (Distant)||Picky (perfectionist)||

    Software Programming
    Computer Virus/Programming

    ~:Anything else we should know:~
    Has acquired a number of Medical Degrees and is knowledgeable in the Medical field.

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  6. Accepted! Except I forgot to put in - You need to give him a sexual orientation!

    ((Whispers - Luhan is a beautiful FC))
  7. Ah my bad. Its been fixed ^^

    ((Agreed ;p))
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  8. I'm interested (been in the mood for a computer type RP for a while now) but don't have time to write up a character at the moment, so I'll take the female government lead.
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  9. No problem- Let me add that in for you!
  10. Name: Säde Vincent (Goes by "Luce" online, prefers to be called that or "Sadie" in person; dislikes her given name)
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Criminal; hacker for hire
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Job Role: Government Lead
    image references (open)

    Additionally, Sadie wears a silver pendant shaped like a sunburst. She keeps a loaded Glock hidden in her jacket. Whenever she's sitting down at her laptop, she wears headphones (with a mic) that are blasting rock music loud enough to be heard around her.
    Personality: Sadie is generally quiet, detached, and totally absorbed in whatever she's doing. She's wary and distrusftul as a rule, but not necessarily unfriendly. She's teasing, petulant, playful, and observant, good at spotting flaws or soft spots she can exploit (for business or for her own amusement) in the people around her. She's perpetually calm and generally apathetic and smooth when greeted with danger, and has a startling lack of remorse or conscience, having no qualms about killing if it's necessary. She's an open sadist and often teases about this fact with suggestive or double-meaning comments, particularly toward people she finds attractive. When she's romantically interested in someone, she forms relationships quickly and becomes sort of a show-off, eager to display her intellect or physical attractiveness toward them. If her advances are resisted long enough she can become borderline histrionic toward the object of her affection.
    Sadie's claim to fame is her possession of eidetic memory, meaning she never forgets a sight, smell, sound, or even taste. The drawback of this is that she has to sort through exponentially more information than other people to find a specific memory, meaning she often takes a moment to recall something. While racking her brain for information, she appears distant and often responds in single words or half sentences.
    Toward people she dislikes, she's fond of using her intellect to confuse them, speaking in a sesquipedalian manner and picking apart their grammar mistakes and missteps.
    Skills: Hacking is Sadie's chief skill, and she is especially familiar with government security and how to bypass it. Beyond that, she's good with people, able to lead someone by the nose, subtly influence their ideas, and talk them out of undesirable actions. She's hyper-aware, even when her headphones are on, never missing a detail in her environment. Additionally, her retention abilities make her a master of mathematics, coding, and various other tasks almost by default, and she commonly hoards any and all works of writing, videos, etcetera (instructional or recreational) related to her skills and interests.
    Other Notes: In addition to her laptop, she carries a variety of devices she can setup to be used for other anarchy-related purposes, mostly electronic in nature. She has an impressive store of backup funds hidden in safehouses that dot the city, to be used in case of emergency when she can't forge a check or steal someone's identity, and needs physical money.

    This marks the very first time I've actually used an image for a character's appearance, actually. I usually prefer full text descriptions.
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  11. Accepted! I love her, a great addition to the team!
    Awesome, you chose an awesome FC!
  12. Name: Karen "Pharaoh" Clearwater
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Freelance Computer Technician
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Job Role within group: Lead Engineer
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Friendly for the most part, but if you interrupt her focus she gets angry quick. She doesn't trust people to do what she asks of them, and got into computers almost entirely for that reason- computers do what you tell them to most of the time, and if something goes wrong it's usually because you told them to do the wrong thing. She's not afraid to ask for help, and if necessary she'd rather ask someone who'll get pissed at her than screw up something major.
    Skills: Karen's good at electrical engineering and measuring things in her head, but she sucks at coding and reading all but the most basic of code.
    Anything else we should know: While most of her important tools stay either in her toolbox or in her apartment full of computers and electronics, Karen always has a screwdriver on her person, specifically the screwdriver her dad gave her when she told him she wanted to be an engineer. She's kept it with her every day since he left for Afghanistan and never came back. The grief crushed her and ruined her best friendships, so she moved to a new area for a change of scenery a few months ago.
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  13. Damn - She's great! I'll add her in right now!
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  14. Can I reserve the financial lead?
  15. Consider it done!
  16. [BCOLOR=#1f1f1f]Sayuri 'Paradox' Kitagawa[/BCOLOR]
    Age: 23
    Occupation: Financial Advisor
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Job Role within group: Financial Lead
    Personality: She's friendly and outgoing. She'll start a conversation with just about anyone. She has a good sense of humour and is usually laughing. She tends to be secretive about her own life though. She focuses on the other person. She is a very social person as in social media too. She has every social media including a MySpace, just incase, She is always checking Twitter. She keeps up with celebrities and has a mountain of magazines in her apartment to prove it. She's also a freelance photographer on the side and is very into fashion. This would make most people wonder why she's into finance and computers. She loves money, playing with it and shifting it around. She plays with the stock market often. Also she is a bit of a criminal. She likes tricking/cheating people and what better way to do that than online. She's a giant scam artist and enjoys it. It's funny to her how stupid people can be.
    Skills: Programming, Coding,Hacking, Covering Tracks, Math,Money (It's value, what to do with it, it's best uses) and generally tricking people and pulling scams.
    Anything else we should know: Her entire online (probably mostly illegal) life is on a custom flash drive that she keeps on her keychain that looks like the pig off of angry birds with memory you wouldn't believe.
    She's really into MMORPG, it's an obsession.

    More Of Sayuri (open)



  17. Man - She's wonderful! I'll add her in right now!
  18. Oh, hello there, may I take the last spot in this? :o

    I'll whip up a character as soon as possible. :D
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  19. [​IMG]


    Pierce Winters



    Restaurant Waiter

    (Further explanation: Pierce is more than happy to have casual sex with a random guy, but sex is just sex and it's more to relieve stress for him than it is for his own enjoyment, plus it may or may not be apart of his persona. In reality, Pierce is very much the kind of guy who has to really know an individual, really bond with him to even think about starting a relationship and enjoying everything it has to offer, especially the raunchier aspects of it. There have literally been two instances in his life where he's been in a committed relationship and both instances he's known the person for most of his life, though in both he's kind of had his heart broken and not in a the clean and simple way.

    People often mistake all of this for failing to understand what it means to be in a committed relationship and he's really not one to correct them on it)

    Job Role within group:
    Transportation Systems Lead

    No one more enigmatic and mysterious as he, Pierce is a man of many facades and is all about 'smoke and mirrors'. Always hiding behind a cocky, surefire persona is the best way to get through to people that he means business in the most ironic way. It shows that he's confident, thinks on his toes, and everyone loves the witty, joke-crackin' guy 'cause what's not to adore? People think he's carefree and charismatic and, even if that's not necessarily a lie, he lets them believe every bit of it. Everything he wants to hide is too monumental for ordinary people to understand and it's really only his business anyways.

    Of course, none of this is to say that Pierce isn't a bag of sass and good comebacks. Just because part of him are attached to what he shows people doesn't mean that invalidates the person that he actually is. Of course, Pierce isn't really a confident individual and he's anything but charismatic. There's a bundle of nerves under that hotshot facade just waiting to burst into a panic attack. He's got a lot of fears socially and often puts other people's opinion of himself higher than his own and those he's close to. Strangers obviously have a better perception of him than he does. Of course, sarcasm aside, he honestly doesn't think highly of himself and he doesn't want people to know that. Much less, Pierce would rather not let everyone know just how much their opinions and critique cut deep and hurt. He's not about that and he honestly wishes that statement were true.

    Aside from this, Pierce is unbelievably intelligent for being stuck in a dead end job and for being a high school drop out. There are plenty of things he'd rather be doing, but he does them on his own terms and using his own time. He likes to be optimistic, though, in spite of his social anxieties and is often looking at tasks with an open mind and his eyes on the horizon. Even lacking any real confidence, Pierce goes his above and beyond at most tasks he's handed, provided he even wants to do them in the first place. There's a real sense of accomplishment when someone gives him praise or compliments; however, that's few and far between. Having a cocky, devil-may-care attitude as a mask tends to have it's ramifications; it's a double edged sword, if anything. In other words, not many people give him any sort of fuel to boost his ego, not realizing how small that ego actual is. Though, even knowing this, it only ever drives Pierce harder and further just to fulfill that goal, to reach a height worthy of praise since people don't think he's quite gotten there yet.

    People like him; he likes people; he doesn't like himself.

    Mechanical Engineering
    Physics based Calculus (among other Mathematics)
    Hardware and Software Programming (more so Hardware)
    Is Fluent in Binary!
    Data Mining
    Is excellent at causing distractions through hacks and virus implementation. Setting of chains of red herrings to keep others busy

    Anything else we should know:
    There's no where Pierce won't go without his trustworthy ferret, Jonny Snow. He was the runt of the litter, so he's kinda small to begin with and has the mental capacity of a goldfish. In other words, he's not that smart and usually stays put in Pierce's satchel.

    When not working, Pierce either pours his time into exercising or sitting on his ass watching one of his various favorite shows. He participates heavily in various fandoms over the internet and is sometimes very heated in his debates, especially over his *cough*fanfiction*cough*.
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  20. You got it!
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