Swords and Flowers

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  1. Stijn (Stein) pulled the crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, ascertaining that he was in the right place. He was, and replaced the paper. Readjusting his clothes, he proceeded through the castle courtyard, sword at his side, and a happy look upon his face. He had received word from the king--the king!--that he wanted to hire him on, at least for a little while, as a guard. He had been very vague about it, but Stijn didn't really care. He just needed the money, and the king's money was always good.

    At the doors to the large castle, he was greeted by the guards, and after showing them his summons, was let into the castle.

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    As he entered the throne room, the king sat on his throne sipping from a goblet. He smiled and laughed heartily upon seeing the man. "Stijn yes?" He said. The king was a kind man, until you angered him. He tried to do what was best for his subjects no matter the cost for him. He looked to his servants. "Fetch this man a chair and a cup of wine." He said with a smile to them. He was a large man, not in gut, but in basic size. The king had a mess of brown hair under his crown and also a beard and mustache combo to match, though it was trimmed close to his face.

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  3. As the king ordered his servants to bring Stijn a chair and drink, he shook his head. "Oh no, Your Highness, don't trouble them. I just need to know what I'll be doing here, what sort of guarding I will be doing." Reaching up, he brushed back his light brown hair to keep it out of his eyes. Looking up at his king, he gave a small, respectful smile, wanting to get to work as soon as possible.
  4. "You'll be doing gaurding of the most important kind." He said and spoke. "nonsense! It's your first night here, enjoy yourself." The servants brought a chair sitting it beside the king for him. He spoke. "I hear you're the best of the best, is that right Stijn?"
  5. Feeling he hadn't much choice in the matter, Stijn sat down next to the king, listening to him silently. At his question, however, he instantly responded with, "Yes, Your Highness. I've worked for nobles and lords all over the world. I am an excellent swordsman, so I shouldn't have any problem guarding." He smiles again, looking up at the king.
  6. "Good." He looked to the servant. "Fetch Kieara." It wasn't long before the servant returned with a young lady dressed in a purple gown. She had her red hair up in a bun atop her head a few loose curls falling to frame her alabaster face. She had a line of freckles along the bridge of her nose, and bright aquamarine eyes. She was petite only coming 5'3, and was very well endowed. She was curvatious and it showed in the gown she wore. "Meet my daughter Kieara. You'll be gaurding her." He said as she smiled and curtsyed for him. "Hello."
  7. Standing up, in order to be formal, Stijn bowed slightly, saying, "Your Majesty." Turning towards her father, he said, "It is my honor protecting your daughter from anything and everything that would wish her harm. As long as I'm around, no harm will come to her." Smiling, he turns to her again. "I hope that I won't be spending too much time on that, Your Majesty. It would be such a shame for anything to happen to you."
  8. She smiled to her new gaurd. "Thank you. It's nice to meet you." She said to him. He smiled. "Good boy." He said patting his back heartily, perhaps roughly, but twas the man's nature. He then said. "You're dismissed now Stijn." He spoke.
  9. Stumbling as His Highness patted his back, Stejn straightened once more, nodding as he dismissed him. "Yes, Your Highness. I swear to protect your daughter with my life." The words were those he had spoken on every other job, and they didn't mean much at all. Stepping away from the chair, he approached the girl, smiling openly.
  10. "Do try to keep her out of trouble." He called after Stijn. Kieara smiled in return. "Nice to meet you." she said politely and started off down the hallway back to her quarters. She seemed quiet for the typical princess.
  11. "The same with you, Your Majesty," Stijn said, following her as she walked down the hall, presumably to her quarters. She seemed decent enough, at least she wasn't like some of the girls he had been paid to guard. Some of them were plain daft, while others wouldn't ever shut up, causing him great annoyance. If he hadn't needed the money, he would have left them long before his services weren't needed anymore.
  12. "Are you hungry?" She asked him kindly turning to let her aqua eyes meet his. She was soft spoken and her voice didn't carry very far, but that was from habit of being quiet all the time.
  13. "No, I'm fine, Your Majesty." Smiling slightly, he focused his dark brown eyes to meet her blue ones, so it would look like he was paying attention, not losing himself in thoughts of other places and times.
  14. Kieara stopped after a bit and spoke to him. "i'd hate to bore you, is there anything you'd wish to do?" she asked him.
  15. "Not at all, Your Majesty. My job is to protect you, not entertain myself. My job is never boring, anyways. Not knowing what might happen. So, I am perfectly fine with whatever it is you are doing," Stijn said, giving her a slight grin.
  16. "Please, your majesty is my father." she laughed. " I like to be called by name, call me Kieara." She said to him and grinned back a little. "Even so if there's something you wish to do let me know."
  17. "Your Highness is your father," Stijn said with a smile, before continuing with, "Kieara. And of course, if there's anything I will notify you. Though I doubt it." Grinning, he said, "I don't get bored easily, so whatever you wish to do I am fine with."
  18. Kieara smiled as he said that and spoke. "Then I am glad you are in my company." She went to her room and inside. She was going to get cleaned up for the night. She spoke. "Have a seat." she went to her wardrobe.
  19. "Of course...Kieara," Stijn replied, sitting down on a chair in a corner of the room. Watching as she went to a wardrobe, he hoped she wasn't going to change in front of him. He was all for keeping her out of any sort of trouble, but this was pushing it a bit.
  20. She wasn't some little whore who flaunted about. She was much more reserved with her body. She took out what clothes she wanted and then went into the bath attatched to her room. She closed the door and drew a bath undressing in there.