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  1. She breathed in the ice cold air, the faint shuffling sound of her boots making contact with the snow could be heard. She clutched her brown jacket close to her as she walked down the side walk. With a sigh, she couldn't help but think about that person. Sure tye perso had caused her suffering and they had their share of fights, but something in her heart made her forgive that person. Her friends, and family told her that she should leave the person, but she didn't want to. They even tried to convince her. Saying that she would only be hurt in the end, but she didn't want to believe that he could do something like that. Such a kind girl shouldn't be with someone so cruel, people would gossip. It was truly a rare type of love.

    (Sorry it's short... @Kathrine )
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  2. She couldn't stop her racing thoughts as she walked out of her apartment smoking her cigarette. They had gotten into another argument and now she was outside in the cold. Slipping on her jacket she couldnt stop wondering how a cold hearted and mischevious person could end up with a sweet natured girl. Blowing out the smoke she ended up on a bench right outside the apartment. The love she had for this girl was special and unusual. But she couldn't loving this girl even if she had tried.
  3. She sniffed and puffy red eyes, if she was so use to her hurting her then why did she cry. It was things she had to go through just to love this woman and she didn't mind it one bit, though she hated her fragile and sensitive state. She placed her hands nears her mouth and breathed on them, trying to warm herself up from the icy air that nipped at her skin. 'I love her to much to hate her..' She thought, as the quesions and gossips that came from people, family, and friends. Why couldn't they see that?
  4. 'Why do I continue to live her when all I do is hurt her?' She thought to herself as she blew out some more smoke. 'I need to text her...she needs to come back home' pulling out her phone she stood up texting 'Hey babe...come back home...we need to talk..I need to talk to you' she sent the text blowing out her last puff of smoke and threw it to the ground crushing it under her foot. And she walked back to her apartment door rubbing her hands together to warm herself up as she opens the door.
  5. Her heart leaped as she had got the message, letting out a small cry as tears formed in her eyes she had turned around. 'Should I really go back..' That one side of her thought. She wanted to go back yet she was hesitant about the idea of doing just that. Her breath hitched and she started to walk back. Why was she scared of her...when she loved her so much. The tears started to fall out her eyes as she headed towards the apartment, her heart was racing fast.
  6. Seeing her significant other made her heart leap as she walked up to her smiling "Hey beautiful" she said softly slipping her arms around her waist pulling her into a hug "Are you mad at me?" She whispers into her ear.
  7. She shook her head frantically, and hugged her tightly "No.." She managed to say. She snuggled into her warmth and almost started to cry. "I'm sorry.." She whimpered, her blue watery eyes gazing into her lover's eyes. Another thing people question about the couple, She would always blame herself for something she didn't cause. She hugged her tightly.
  8. "It wasn't your fault....it was mine I shouldn't have flirted" sher smirked her intense bright green eyes stared into her lovers blue ones. She loved how innocent her lover acted every time they had gotten into a fight, maybe that's what kept her from leaving "Let's go back inside...it's cold out here" she said whispering placing tiny kisses down her neck.
  9. She blushed darkly as she applied small kisses to her neck, She looked at her and frowned. 'But if I didn't let jealousy get the best of me this wouldn't of happen...' She bit her lip as tears started to form in her eyes once again. she clutched her lover's hand tightly, and stayed close to her as they entered the apartment.
  10. "That was the best part though" she smiled kissing her lovers lips softly "I did it to make you jealous... So stop crying it was my fault.... Okay beautiful" she looked at her and wiped away the tears forming in her eyes.

    (By the way...my characters name is Iris and she's 20...forgot to mention that)
  11. She kissed her back "You're so cruel.." She said, but she didn't mean it, though why did Iris want to make her jealous? She sniffed and wiped her tears. She hugged Iris tightly, not seeming to let go as she nuzzled against her. "I love you.." She mumbled.

    (My character name is Eliza, and she's 19)
  12. "I love you too beautiful and don't ever forget that" she pulled away and smiled at Eliza "Now you make yourself comfortable.... I'm going to get a drink" iris said itching for that buring sensation alcohol brings. She waled into the kitchen and opened up the fridge pulling out a beer and opened it taking a quick sip.
  13. She frowned lightly, and crossed her arms. "Iris, please don't drink..eerr I mean it's bad for you" She frowned and looked down at the ground. She really cared for the girl, but sometimes she feared her when she would drink alcohol since sometimes it would lead to trouble. She sat down in a chair, and hesitantly looked at Iris with worry.
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  14. She stopped and put the bottle down looking at hern"Babe...I'm going to drink just not that much alright.. " iris said her voice getting tense and she grabs the bottle quickly taking another sip and she walks back into the living room sitting on the couch putting her feet on the table.
  15. The brunette frowned, and sat next to her lover. "Please love.." She begged, placing a hand on hers. "Even the lightest can cause a problem.." She squeezed Iris hand, before wrapping her arms around her. She hopped this day end quickly before anything terrible would happen. Eliza sighed, and rested her head on Iris's shoulder.
  16. "Fine then....I won't drink it" she put the drink down on the table with a little force and sighed looking at Eliza laying on her shoulder and smirked to herself trying to keep every thought she had tucked away in her mind "You want to watch a movie tonight?" She said as she started to stroke Eliza's hair.
  17. "I just want you to be okay.." She sighed noticing how she placed the beer down. A movie?" Eliza thought for a while before giving a small nod. "Sure.A movie sounds nice" She smiled and closed her eyes as Iris stroked her hair. She snuggled close for her, seeking for more warmth as the apartment didn't provide much of it.
  18. "alright well let me try to find something..." She looked down and couldn't help but smile when she saw Eliza and she pulled her arm away getting up "I'll get you a blanket too" she shouted from her room as she went on a hunt to find a movie to watch
  19. She nodded, and hugged her knees close to her, trying to keep warm as Iris searched for a movie and a blanket. Eliza tried to distract herself from the cold by thinking about how they met, a smile formed on her face and she hummed softly. It was a certainly interesting story about how they met. Before she knew it, Eliza was slowly drifting off to sleep as she was lost in thoughts and memories.
  20. "Hey I found a good scary m-" Iris stopped herself seeing her now sleeping lover snore softly. A huge smile spred upon her face as she draped the cover over her and grabbed the bear bottle taking another sip before she put it back in the refrigerator.
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