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  1. Long ago at the dawn of time Aurora was created by a powerful god known as Suzaku. Crating the land into six kingdoms (Kuraizora, Mizu, Terra, Aria, Tamashi, Kasai) with six powerful demon lords(Thalia, Zora, Garrett, Alva, Cyrus, Kroner) to rule each. Together they ruled the world as one and fought as one.

    Now this is simply a legend amongst Aurora's people. Its said that there was a rebellion to over through these Lords. Fighting to bring these powerful monsters down from there thrones. The lords where over thrown and almost dead. Going to Thalia, the only female lord of the six, they sealed their powers in her, so none could get their hands on these god like powers, putting her into an eternal sleep. And ending their own lives. Leaving the fate of Aurora in her hands.

    Hundreds of years later new kings cause nothing more then war and despair on Aurora. The towns people are ill,starving to death and even thrown into endless war for entertainment to the new Lord's.

    Now towns people are trying to change this god awful fate and find a way to awaken the Lady of legends, Thalia. Some in this quest to gain the powers themselves others wish to save this dark world.


    Original Lord: Kroner
    Bio: This kingdom is located in the east, its lord was a man who's persona fit the heat and ferry of the fire he controlled. This land was once known for its combat and power. Once a strict yet peaceful land is now nothing more then a war zone.

    Land: Mizu

    Original Lord: Zora
    Bio: Located in west, it was once known for its tranquility and relaxing environment. This kingdom had a lord that resembled the water, Calm and peaceful but could turn into a raging tsunami when angered. The once beautiful hot springs, lakes and other bodies of water are now disgusting with poisonous and trash.

    Land: Terra

    Original Lord: Garrett
    Bio: Located in the southwest, You could say this kingdom was known for its forest. This kingdom is connected and one with nature. The fact that before it was a desert people had lived off its natural resources and had a complex housing environment up in the trees. As for its lord it was as if he were nature itself.

    Land: Aria

    Original Lord: Alva
    Bio: Located in southeast, this kingdom is on clouds. Well not really. This is were you see chunks of giant rock floating in the air with waterfalls falling from them and towns on them. Now all that is gine witb chunks of rock just floating. The lord of this land was more on the spiritual side of things. He controlled the air.

    Land: Tamashi

    Original Lord: Cyrus
    Bio: Located in the North, this land was known for its heal and herbalist. Apart from healing it was a bright land that never seemed to see night. Though you never saw the moon you could tell when it was night because everything would lose its bright color and look as it would during the night.

    Land: Kuraizora

    Original Lord: Thail
    Bio: Located in the very center of all the other lands, this land is similar to Tamashi by being its polar oppiset. This land is now a dark forbidden forest with all kinds of mythical creates such as fairies. Like Tamashi you can tell its day because everything seems to light up even though the moon is always shines bright in the sky. This land has always been a dark land but now its a land many fear. This being the only land that has not had a new ruler. I won't say much about its Lord seeing as you are hunting for her but she is far from what meets the eye and not what you image.

    *There is still plenty of room to join if anyone wants. Just remember you must be approved before you can join.*

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  2. Luna flew swiftly through the dark forest of Karizora. She was being chased by a hunter who dared to enter the forbidden forest to sell a fairy to a lord for money which was had to come by now days. She ducked under a tree branch and watched as the hunter ran right into it. She giggled slightly at his stupidity.
  3. Thanatos crawled and climbed through the forest canopy.Surveying the area for a potential meal. He was interrupted from his hunt when he heard the thwack of a tree branch and the grunt of a male being. "Hmmm... Lost are we? Wait... no. Too much jangling from equipment. Perhaps, a hunter? Bu why would you be here?" Thanatos leaped from tree to tree till he saw the source of the grunt. Hewas getting ready to greet him when his sixth sense told him he was in danger. He heard the click of a crossbow being loaded. "Oh dear..."
  4. Thane

    Thane just laid outside the borders of Aria his wings tucked in behind him while he surveyed the territory. His homeland was no longer the beauty in the clouds; the rocks that once homed the citizens of the town were abandoned. Empty as they were, water no longer poured from their heights either. It was, if anything, depressing if you put it in a simple matter. One would think that one as old as he would know despair like a friend, and while he did, it never got easier.

    His people, the dragons, prospered no more. Many years had past since they stood high and proud often circling the floating cities and guarding the citizens. While he was never quite fond of the other species that lived in Aurora's kingdoms, he had always tolerated them. The only time he could be considered truly "happy" was when he was with his fellow dragons. He could recall it like it was yesterday, flying with his kin and sharing the pleasure of friends and family. Yet when the battles struck Aurora's lands, they abandoned Aria and retreated to hidden lands. He had not retreated for he was too proud and, if he were truly honest, bound to Aria for it was his only home. He knew not if they still lived, but held their memories of the noble beasts in high regards despite their own retreat.

    For the sake of the return of dragons, and for whatever honor Thane possessed, the only hope to end the war was to find the demon lord who slumbered, Thalia, ruler of Kuraizora. He did not know how long or how hard his mission would be, but for the sake of his only goal he would embark on this assignment. For the dragons return and title, Thane would do almost anything. He would regain their power, he would regain their honor, he would give them title, or he would die trying.
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  5. nivek was getting tossed over a table in a resturant in kroner. he got up but was imideatly kicked back down. he looked up with slight blood from his lip dripping only to men towering over him.

    "you dont belong here low life" one of the men said as they kept on kicking nivek. "your on our turf black sheep" they persisted to call him as they lifted him and tossed him out. nivek held his side and attempeted to get up.

    "just my luck" nivek said to himself. "kicked out again" he siaghed "i need a pack" he spoke once more as he limped on through the war zone seeing things ether fortified or destroyed.
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  6. Luna laughed historically at the hunter who had hit the tree branch. "Remember hunter this forest itself is a living creature! And it protects those that live here!" She yells. With the sound of a cross bow snapping into place to fire she turned her head to see Thanatos, a spider human hybrid thing. Above the waist was human while below was spider. You could say like centre but instead of horse it was a spider. "Watch out!" She called out.
  7. Lately Taki had been completing minor bounties and tasks for different people to obtain more miney because every coin counted. Currently he was in the kingdom of Mizu, only because he was hired as a bodyguard for some noblemen. He figured he could use some of the money to sleep a night at an inn. He started walking down an alley when he accidentally stepped on can, somehow managing to trip and cause his arrows to fall out of their container. "Every single day....Why does this never get old?" He said to himself. He sighed, got on his knees, and proceeded to pick up the arrows. "I bet I'm going to die tripping over my own feet." He smirked.
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  8. Selune was sitting inside her own home during the day time in Tamashi. She didn't really like the light and still wonders why she is living in Tamashi at the moment. She decided to wait until it is dark so she could go outside. "Even though there is not moon in exsistence here it's still nice to go out a night" She said to herself.
  9. Wolf Demon, purple

    Silvera was in demon form flying through the air around Aria as the sun started to set, rays of orange, purple, and red streaking across the sky. She'd awoken about an hour ago and wanted breakfast now, at least for her it would be breakfast. Most creatures of the light were returning to their homes and hovels to prepare for a nights rest. But she was a creature of the night, so she surveyed the lands below debating on which spot to hunt in when she glimpsed another being just outside of Aria. 'Hmm...Not many travel to the empty rocks in the sky. Maybe I should check it out..' she thought as she changed direction toward the man with wings. 'I've never seen him before...or any creature like him for that matter...What is he?' her curiosity getting the better of her she lands a few yards away from him, tucking her raven black wings to her sides.

    She doesnt come any closer to the stranger, not wanting to scare him off or anything. Instead she just watches him curiously with her eerie amethyst/black gaze, instead of a black pupil she has a light amethyst one with a black iris around it​
  10. Thane
    The dragon had a keen sense that someone was watching him, the feeling as though someone was burning lasers through his skin. Usually one would run off in fright of seeing a thing like him now a days. In the past, his kind were easily discernible and often widely welcomed by the people or Aria. He was not worried despite being watched, for one was not likely to trouble a stranger of his ilk. Not unless they were stupid, or simply unaware.

    His overconfidence, sadly, would most likely be his downfall. He turned around, breaking his gaze from the broken cities of Aria. He was determined not to dwell on the loss of his home and his people, and for now he had a visitor to tend to. If they did not know a man of his kind, they would soon. The first signs of change had graced him, and his body tensed in preparation.

    The change had happened in a matter of mere seconds although time seemed to stretch out longer then it actually was. His eyes clouded over, leaving them a milky white that swirled and twisted. It was like seeing the air he was birthed from twist and turn the forming clouds in his very eyes. His form morphed and grew, a mildly grotesque shape, and his skin seemed to fade away to reveal scales of hard making. They were a dark grey like the darkened sky before a storm. His smokey wings manifested into thick scaled skin, revealing some small tears whose edges had healed over time. The small tears in his wings did not affect the way he flew mainly because they were too small. The origins for his wounded wings was from harsh battles and bad landings. They were his marks of honor for he had survived them. As the spikes and sharp tips protruded in certain places, he let out a ferocious roar to warn any enemies that could be nearby.
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  11. nivek walked on through the war zone as he sees the destruction. he woundered to him self 'this place is a just a desaster if i stay here i may end up dead" he kept walking on to the litle place he must call home. he walked for hours to get to his spot acros a destoyed building. he went inside to see a makeshift bed some small bottles and a few other suplies. the room was small enough to be a closet. nivek laid down and rested his head on a rock with his jaket on it acting like a pillow. he thought 'but were would i go what would i do' he thought about it as he laided there. 'i need to find a pack but what pack would take me' he thought to himself as he kept poundering what to do.
  12. Wolf Demon

    Silvera watched in amazement as the man-bird transformed into a fairly intimidating dragon, she could appreciate his strength and beauty but his roar did nothing to her. Simply blinking once she yawns before trotting over to the man-dragon, staring up at him curiously her demeanor showed no signs of hostility of threat. She stops a few feet from him "Hey there! So your a dragon huh? Dont see many of your kind anymore. I'm not gonna attack you btw, so that obnoxiously loud roar wasnt needed." Her voice is calm, almost playful, since she was in wolf form instead of talking her voice just enters the dragons mind, like telepathy
  13. Thanatos attempted to jump out of the way, but it was too late. The click of the crossbow and the sound of a whizzing bolt as it flew threw the air pierced the surrounding sounds. As the arrow impacted flesh, Thanatos cried out in pain. The arrow was stuck right in his arm, piercing through the other side. "GAH!" He looked at the hunter, he then sprayed web into his face and ran into the trees, blood trailing behind him.
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  14. Thane
    The dragon was slightly surprised the wolf with wings neared him instead of running away. He was not keen in socializing with some random folk, though he wasn't past speaking to others. His tongue felt thick in his mouth, probably because it had been months since he had last turned into a dragon. He worked his jaw slightly before opening his mouth to speak.

    His voice was deep, a resonating sound that often echoed in ones mind after hearing it, as a dragon it was much deeper, but as a human it was slightly higher. His vocal cords as a dragon was longer than that of his human form. His mouth was not fond of speaking human words, but he worked through it despite an accent slipping through that was an unknown thick drawling brogue.

    "I am," he retorted the question he believed to be obvious answer wise. Not many creatures were scaled, his size, and had wings. He also remarked, "You do not run."

    His last statement almost sounded like a question because his voice became higher to an extent at the end of the sentence, but it was something dragons did as they ended their sentences. He mentally took note not to do such a thing again, and simply waited on the wolf's response. Human languages were odd, he had concluded when he had first learned a few. It was not like that of dragon speech, and they often had many words to describe one thing. Although he appreciated the expanse in vocabulary, he did not enjoy practicing it with mere strangers.
  15. nivek shook his head. "screw it im going to get out of this demented city" he said as he got up. in his mind he figured he would head to another city. he didnt care which one just so long as it was a new place with new people. maybe he would find a place were he belonged who knows what the adventure had in store he didnt care. he pack his things and persuited to leave the city. with nothing to go for him exept his luck he pressed onward.
  16. Luna followed after the spider like man. She stayed hidden as one of the trees killed the hunter. She laughed silently. "Hey! Let me help you!" She called out after him. Her little wings cared her fast. Before long she found herself in front of the man. "Let me fix you up." She smiled softly.
  17. Thanatos looked at the fairy. "I... umm. Okay, go ahead" He is wincing at the pain as he attempts to move his arm closer. He noticed her size and felt his spiderlike hunting instincts tug at him, he fought them back however, because this was no mindless animal.
  18. nivek walked around the city trying to find a safe way out then someing exploded next to him. he didnt know what hit him. he looked around in a daze like state of mnd unsure weather he was kcocked out dead or awake. he shook his head and tried to get up but his whole world was spinning. "curse..t-this warz-zone" he stuttered as he wobbled up.
  19. Luna pulls out the arrow. Examining the wind she noticed it was rather deep. Turning to her left she spotted a stream. Moving a bubble of water over to his wound she cleaned it. "Oh I know a moko leaf will be a bandage." She mutters to her self before flying off. Coming back with a long ribbon like leaf she wraps it tight around his arm. "The leaf will help the healing process. I'm Luna by the way." She smiled happily at him.
  20. Thanatos winced as the arrow came out. "Umm... Thanatos. You seem pretty.. Umm. Knowledgeable with healing." He layed down, relaxing his muscles.
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