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  1. So, we all know the premise of Survivor. It's a game where a certain number of people play a game and, each round, one of them will go home until only one person is left standing.

    I think it would be an awesome game to play on Iwaku. ^^

    So, I think we need ten people. That gives us a decent amount of time and a real sense of competition. We may have to settle for eight, if we can't find a suitable number of joiners, though.

    Here's a step-by-step series of how this will work:

    Pre-game: players will be divided into two equal teams and allowed to pick team names.

    Challenge One: each team will have 48 hours to submit one short story following the theme of ZOMBIES. The winning team will be free to go about their business. The losing team will anonymously vote to kick out one of their own.

    Now one team will have four members and one will have five. This will continue until one team only has two members left. At this time, teams will be dissolved, and challenges will be judged based on the quality of writing. When only two players remain, a poll will go up for one week to decide the winner of SURVIVOR.

    The way to win this game is to make friends and allies... and to be good at writing. You are permitted to speak outside of the game. You are permitted to lie, double-cross, and deceive freely. That's the fun of it all!

    The submissions will be judged according to various criteria, which will be included at the start of a challenge.

    Sample Challenge List, in the format of Medium: Theme

    1. Short story: Zombies (judged on plot completeness, technical skill, characters, and originality)
    2. Poetry: Rivalry (judged on length, difficulty, and devices used)
    3. Plot: Jewelry (judged on originality, completeness, openness to characters, and brevity)
    4. Character: Priestess (judged on backstory, uniqueness, and personality)
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  3. I am interested in this game
  4. Sweet. ^^
  5. I would join this game, were it not for the fact that I suck at drawing. AKA: making GIFs is out of the picture for me (pun may or may not be intended) :P
  6. There won't be any drawing challenges, only writing/roleplaying ones. ^^
    ...I should probably change that example.
    So, with that in mind, are you in? ^^
  7. In that case, sure, I'll join! ^_^
  8. I'll join bro ;^;
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  9. I'd almost forgotten about this. XD
  10. Sign me up...Maybe...Yeah. Sign me up. LET'S DO THIS!
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  11. Count me in.
  12. Oh good. :D
  13. Yep! Bug all your friends, tell them to join!
  14. By 'tell them', do you mean 'order them at gunpoint'? :P
  15. Synonyms, such funny things. ^^
  16. Can't argue with results. I'm a man of simple tastes, I like bullets, dynamite, and gunpowder...
  17. Je (whatever the past tense is for interest), madame(demoiselle?)(citizeness??).
    I am interested.
  18. It sounds like fun! I just hope I won't be the first one eliminated from my team...
  19. Couple of questions, by the way:
    1: Are we still allowed to make suggestions for challenges?
    2: How strict do we have to abide to the theme? For example, the first thing most people would think about with 'zombies' would be either some kind of high fantasy thing or a zombie apocalypse. However, I could also imagine it being about a caffeine addict before his/her first cup of coffee, to give just one example.
    3: How is the time limit calculated? That is to say, what time zone does it use, when does it start/end etc.