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  1. Hello! This is my first RP here, so I hope lots of people will be interested! ^-^

    A bunch of teens are inside their classroom when a sudden newsflash lets them know that the dead are roaming the city... And that they're multiplying rapidly. The whole school was in disorder. Because of the mass of students trying to escape the building, the hallways were blocked. A small group decided to try to find another way out of the school, but they end up being separated from everyone else. Now they will have to survive with just them.

    (As you might be able to tell, it sounds a little like Highschool of the Dead)

    What happens during this RP will not be decided by me, but by all of us. I just provided the setting. I would love to see how it is gonna turn out in the end! Like what position everyone will take in the group (leader-follower-medic-...) this will all be determined throughout the story!
    Something that's important as well, our characters won't die (unless you want to stop participating in this RP).
    We're not immune either, so watch out for all those biters out there ;)

    - Follow the Iwaku rules
    - No OP characters, we're just humans after all
    - Romance is allowed, and actually encouraged. But let's keep it PG-13, shall we? :)
    - Try to be active and post once a day at least :)
    (I'm bad at thinking of rules, so this is it for now! xD If I think of any more I'll add them)

    Preferences for the characters (You're not forced to follow these, these are just some things that I prefer. But it would be best to give them a read):
    - Since this RP takes place in a fictional Japan, I would like your character's name to be Japanese (unless your character is from another country of course. If this is the case please tell us in your character's history ^^)
    - I like it when people use anime pictures for their character, so it would be cool if you'd do that. So no real people if possible (I always think it's awkward if I know that person from a movie or show.. Makes me think I'm RPing with that person ^^')
    - Please don't give your character a horribly dramatic past.. E.g.: We had no house, first my mom died then shortly after that my dad and our dog. I barely had money so I didn't eat or drink for 5 years and 23 days... Etc., etc., etc., ... You get the point... Haha xD
    - Since we're all in the same class we should be around the same age. I'm gonna say 18 years old is the average age. If you got held back you're older and if you skipped a year (or two?) you can be younger. But please tell us this in the history of your character as well :)
    - If you read all of this please write another word for zombie (like biters, walkers, ...) at the end of your character sheet ^^

    That's about it I guess, so let's move on to the character sheet!

    Charcter sheet:



    Brief history:

    Something we should know about your character:


    I'm looking for 5 more characters. I would like it to be three boys and three girls, and since I'll be taking the first girl spot that means only two more girls and three more boys will be accepted.
    This is normally a first come first serve but there can be a reason as to why I can't accept your character (yet).
    You can ask me to reserve a spot for you, but those reservations only last a day!
    If I accepted your character I will let you know, and I'll also add his/her name to the list :)

    That's all, please show a lot of interest and join <3

    Accepted characters:
    - Liam Xavier
    - Harada Ren
    - Amano Naoki
    - Lala Ueda
    - Kai Aminara
    - Chiyumi Furusawa
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  2. Name: Lala Ueda

    Age: 18

    Characteristics: Silent, cold, bossy from time to time, but can be really innocent and childish depending on which people are around her.

    Brief history: Lala has always been kind of a loner. She finds it difficult to make friends and therefore barely has any. It's not like she minds though. Mostly when people initiate contact with her she's rather cold. And when she finally manages to make a friend she can be bossy. Most people can't deal with that kind of behaviour and eventually stop the contact.
    But at home is where she's happiest. When she's surrounded by her family she acts like the most innocent little angel and is actually kind of childish.

    Something we should know about your character: She's really short.

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  3. Name: Chiyumi Furusawa
    Age: 18

    Characteristics: Chiyumi is determined, concentrated and independent young woman. Not very much of a people person, Chiyumi tends to be very cold and standoffish and very scathing of people around her, even her own family. This attitude stems from her younger sister's death, which has left her with a very bittersweet outlook on life.

    Brief history: Chiyumi grew up in a Military Family as the eldest daughter and had a younger sister named Sarah. Indeed both girls were very tomboyish; Chiyumi was a Sports Shooter and Sarah enjoyed Skateboarding. If there was anything that made her smile, it would be her younger sister, the only person she has been known to treat with love and care besides her parents. Sadly, when she was seventeen-years-old, her Sister was killed in a hit-and-run, having been hit by a car. Sarah's death had a very heavy impact on Chiyumi and left her very bitter. Failure to protect her sister made Chiyumi very cold towards others, even towards her own parents.

    Something we should know about your character: She's a borderline bitch when you first meet her, but there's a reason behind it. She wouldn't be a jerk for no reason. Cut her some slack, her Sister was killed right in front of her.


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  4. I'm sorry, maybe I should've made it more clear, but the age should be around 18 since we're in school. You can be 19 or 20 if you were held back a few years though. But you might have to change your history a little bit then :/
  5. Oh NOW you tell me =_= XD But okay, to accommodate your needs to where we are both happy, I will go ahead and make the changes.
  6. And the Deed is done.
  7. Thanks for adjusting it :) I did write it in the 'Preferences for the characters' part, but as I said it probably wasn't really clear xp
  8. I'm interested. Will get a sheet up soon!

    Oh and if possible, may I have a male character spot reserved?
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  9. One male character spot is reserved ^^
    Please make sure to read everything well :)
  10. Name:
    Liam Xavier


    Liam is very adaptable to his surroundings and people around him. Although preferring to be left to his own devices, he is able to fit in socially without too much trouble. He is fairly easy-going, able to go with the flow of most situations. Courteous and kindly one minute, playful and bold the next, one would say he is an interesting person to be around indeed.

    Brief history:
    Of both American and Japanese descent, Liam was born in Japan and has spent his life growing up there learning both English and Japanese fluently. His parents maintained busy jobs, but always managed to find at least some time to spend with their children. Whenever they could his parents introduced him to new groups of potential friends of all types to help make up for the time they were not able to spend with their son.

    Something we should know about your character:
    Liam has a fraternal twin brother which he cares for deeply.


    Also, walkers.
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  11. Interesting character! Accepted :3
    Let's have a lot of fun when the rp starts ^^
  12. How many more people do we need?
  13. As I wrote down in the description-thingie, I want six people total. Three boys, three girls. But if I don't get more people I might have to start the RP with just four or five :/
  14. Then I guess we need one more girl and two more boys.
  15. ((can i join,i'm intrested))
  16. Name: Harada Ren
    Age: 18
    Characteristics: Ren is the sort that doesn't get emotional or upset very easily. He's pretty much always calm, is almost scarily adaptive to new situations, and is good at thinking on his feet. On a subconscious level, Ren rather expects everyone else to have the same strict hold on their emotions, and can get rather annoyed when it turns out that they don't. Despite this -and despite his indifferent, 'if it happens, it happens -there's nothing you can do about it, so just adapt the best you can' attitude- Ren is surprisingly popular among the girls at school, and has a large group of friends that tend to drag him around, as Ren himself would rather spend all day sleeping. He's pretty intelligent, but doesn't use his brains for very much, content to sit and let it rot. Above all, Ren is honest; bluntly so, and he has no tact at all. Rather than an actual coldness, however, he just doesn't really know how to sugarcoat or soften his words, and would rather not bother with that. Though he usually seems like the rather apathetic sort, Ren does form close ties with people that persistently approach him (i.e. his friends, although he doesn't refer to them as that himself) and can get pretty worked up over them. They did stick by him, after all, even though he's someone with practically zero patience who doesn't have the motivation to do anything at all and occasionally sprouts mean things that he himself doesn't even classify as 'mean'.
    Brief History: Ren comes from a pretty average family. His father is a common saleryman, and his mother works part-time at a bakery. He was born and raised in the same area, and spent much of his childhood exploring the place, then later again with his younger siblings. When faced with the question of which school he was to go to, Ren simply chose the one closest to home and left it at that, mostly because he didn't want to bother with traveling long-distances to go to a better school, although his grades would allow it.
    Something We Should Know About Your Character: He's popular in the school, and rather infamous among the teachers for constantly sleeping in class and still ranking among the top in terms of grades
    Appearance: (Dark brown hair)
    I don't know many zombie types, so, uh, roamers I guess? There's a type called roamers, right?
  17. Name: Kuro Chan
    Characteristics:He is a really nice,fun loving guy,hes afraid of allot of things,like spiders,snakes,and the worst kittens,yup kittens,he thinks that they act cute,but will take over the world some day,he is honest,respectful,caring but is not responsible,he can't hold a secret,if he holds in the secret,he burst out the secret,he loves his friends,he has a good sense of humor,some are corny though,he is a great friend,and is only mean if you insult him
    Brief history: he has been to the school since the start,his father was a police officer,and his mom is a house wife,he has a little brother that he walks to school,he was born in this same location (don't know where)) he is not popular,but is not nerdy to,he is in a little group of friends,he doesn't wish to be popular,because he has good friends,he gets bullied but tries to stand up for himself,he loves his little brother that he takes care of,and his brother looks up to him.
    Something we should know:he is a scaredie cat,so he is scared of allot of things
    appearance:brown hair,hazel eyes,a black hoodie,jeans,and black,white laced sneakers,and a eagle neck less anime.jpg
  18. Thank you for being interested in my RP! ^^ You're accepted!
  19. Thanks for being interested in the RP, but your character sheet is lacking something, please make sure to read everything well :)
  20. Name: Amano Naoki

    Age: 17

    Characteristics: Naoki is a young man who is considered by many to be socially and emotionally cold and distant. Unable to adjust himself, he decided to instead cuts himself out from the social lives he was supposed to have instead. To hide the truth about his inability to adopt to society, he puts on a facade of coldness. This resulted him having little to no friends in school. In truth, he is actually an idealistic person, hoping to reach perfection in everything. However, his inability to reach this perfection cause him to be cynical and pessimistic instead. Despite this, he enjoys learning and doing things on his own. Unlike others around his age, he is naturally very suspicious and does not trust others and is more than willing to manipulate others that he has made no personal investment in to reach a result or conclusion that he desires.

    Brief history: Naoki comes from a traditional Japanese family. While his father works as the top manager of a large multinational company, his mother stayed at home taking care of him and his two other younger siblings. Being the oldest of the three, he was forced to be the best since he was young and to not soil the family name. As a tradition, the first child of the family must go to a specific school in a specific town so that he could learn independence, self-sufficiency and humility despite the high grades he achieved in junior high. He went to the school as demanded, though he keeps a low profile at all times although his academic success did not go unnoticed by his peers.

    Something we should know about your character: He is actually a very good cook, and has very good memory. He is also a member of the school's Japanese Red Cross Society. Unfortunately for the love of all that is holy he has absolutely no sense of direction.

    Appearance: Black hair, black eyes

    ...Lickers count, right? No? I'll go with Boomers then. :p

    Note: I don't mind changing Naoki to a girl if Kuro is accepted as well and you need another girl to fill the rank. :)
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