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  1. [​IMG]

    Current Players
    @Mollz : Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Williams
    @ch0sen1 : Megan Annalise Drezel AKA "Leese"
    @firejay1 : Aviyah & Diarmuid McCallum
    @C O N S U M E D☯R A G E : Castiel
    @Kitsune : Charlie
    @HellHoundWoof : Cerberus
    @GreatWest : Van Zabel

    When is it? Now, it's the end of your senior year and you and your best friend(s) are heading out, heading out to be hunters. You've prepared your entire life, you have a base of operations, you have a kick ass van, you have money saved up, you have training, and you are ready. Right?


    Hello everyone! My name is HelloBeautifulChild and this particular role play is one that my friend and I have played out into three chapters and a 3 chapter spin off series. So, when I say I have this planned out, I mean it. It exists in the Supernatural TV series world, but because it is a completely seperate plot line it is 100% okay if you haven't seen or read the series. I am super excited about this role play and promise that it is an energetic and fun plot. There is action, mystery, supernatural (obviously), and romance. This roleplay will also take into consideration the impact that a Hunter's life has on a person.

    What is a Hunter? It's very simple, actually, a Hunter is a person who risks their life every day to hunt the many supernatural beings that threaten life as we know it. Demons, Wendingos, Rugaru, Sirens, Jefferson Starships, and so much more. They live off the grid (though some more than others), travel, and get very little in return for their selfless acts. Hunters get started in many ways. For some it is a family business, for others it is revenge, and for a scarce few it is because they hunted once and can't look back. Whatever the reason, Hunters tend to stay connected through the informal 'Hunters Network'. They find jobs through friends or the news, constantly reading through newspapers for demonic signs. Once you're a hunter, there is no going back. You will never have a true family, you will never be the same again, and if you make it out alive you sure as hell won't make it out sane.

    Wanna join?

    Due to the detail that this plot is planned, I already have a general plan on what characters I need. They are not fleshed out, but there is a basic skeleten of characters I need. Once we have these, you're more than welcome to make an OC. (Good or bad)
    Hunter A and Hunter B. Both of these characters parents are dead. In some way shape or form they were killed by something, they don't know what as they were young children, supernatural. They can be girls or guys but they cannot be dating. They can have pets, and this team can include more than these two. All that is important is that they are best friends and their parents are dead. They can be siblings, they can have an age difference, there is a lot they can be.

    Character Sheet: Hunters (open)

    Name :
    Age :
    Gender :
    Looks : (Picture is preferable but not required.)
    Biography :
    Skills :
    Family : (Keep in mind that if they're leaving everything at 17-19 they probably don't love their home life too much.)
    Pets : (If applicable.)

    PLEASE NOTE: There is planned romance in this plot and because of that, Hunter A and Hunter B will be straight.

    We can add to this team, and the plot will add to this team in the future.

    Open Spots: Hunter A and B on hold/taken. We can add to the team.

    Yes, there are predetermined bad guys. They will be in play at the start, but to keep things interesting please message me with interest. There are currently two open spots for this. Their roles will increase throughout the role play, and they will be seemingly overpowered at the start. If you are interested in one of these two open spots message me, do not leave a character sheet. This way when you do leave a character sheet they do not know if you are good or bad.

    Open Spots: Closed

    These are guys (or gals) that don't have a good or bad side. They are mostly OC and can join the Hunting Team or be a bad guy. There are some planned deaths so if you're okay with your character dying (we can make you a new character so you don't stop playing the RP if you'd like) please PM me. In this we need a demon and an angel minimum.

    Open Spots: 2+

    Character Sheet Moderate Guys (open)

    Character Sheet :
    Name :
    Age :
    Looks :
    Hunter : (Yes/No)
    Current Occupation :
    Species :
    Biography :


    Wait, what, there's Sam and Dean? Yes, yes there is. These are spots that will not be open to play for the first little bit of the role play. No one has to choose them, especially being as they are not permanent players for the first two chapters, and are not introduced until the second. However, if you know these characters, you live, and you breathe these characters, let me know. You can claim dibbs on them now.

    Dean: @ForgottenBlood has dibbs

    This plot is minorly a spin off of the plot created for Sam. For those of you you haven't seen the show, that means that the plot that includes the creation of human hybrid creations. This plot will end with one of the two pre-planned Hunters being way OP, but basically incapable of using their power without completly losing it. This plot will include much character death. (Though, there is also characters coming back to life.) Due to the nature of this plot there's going to be a lot of in and out characters.​

    1. What I, as GM, say, goes.
    2. There is character death, the only characters that will always come back to life are the two main hunters, Sam, and Dean.
    3. Right now I would prefer that you only have one character, however if you want to have more than once character make a "MODERATE GUYS" character and embrace that I may kill off.
    4. This is not a libertine role play, so please faid to black and PM for any actual sex stuff. However, I am planning on some characters having deep relationships with each other (ie- sex) so please be comfortable with it.
    5. All characters will be at least 17, and 17 year olds will have a birthday soon.
    6. As GM I will make GM posts frequently. Treat these as biblical.
    7. When refrencing another character in the RP (the IC thread and the OOC thread) use their name and @. IE- "Susan(@HelloBeautifulChild), you can't just forget to tag people." Kristina exclaimed, frustrated at her inability to keep up with the role play.
    8. Any questions, conserns? PM me. If it is something that everyone can know, or that I think everyone wants to know, I will post it on here.
    9. Since I am GMing this a lot of it is a game with one another. The bad guys will know bits and pieces that the good guys don't, and vice versa.
    10. To make sure that you have read the rules, when PMing me a request or submitting your post for all but bad guy roles, include your characters favorite color.
    11. Make sure to message me for Bad Guy character requests.
    12. I will start a message group for the different groups in Iwaku to keep things sorted.
    13. Post requirements are that you post 1 time a week minimun, but that you keep up with the role play. When you make a post you need two paragraphs, not including conversations, of easy to follow.
    14. If you do not post for a week I will give you a warning and at two weeks I will write out your death as a GM pst in the role play.
    15. If you are going to be gone, let me know. We can somehow put your character on hold, be it death or jail or missing or something. I have no issue doing this!
    16. There is a posting template, follow it.


    The Hunter's Shack
    Though Hunters travel all over for their 'work' this group of Hunters has a base. This base is a shack they have been working on for years that is off of Highway 10 in the panhandle of Florida. This is a safe house that as of now, no one appears to know of. It is not connected to the power grid, but has well water. (For those of you not aquanted with Florida well water, this water is not safe to drink as is.) They have solar panels that feed into a battery and charge nothing but the fridge. The walls of the building are painted with rock salt in the paint. The well is blessed so all of the water is holy water. There are devils traps spray painted on all doorways and generally throughout the building. The building is old, it does not look pretty. The building has two bedrooms, a small kitchen, a single bathroom, and a living area. There is a bunk bed in one of the bedrooms, both 'beds' are hamock like and tied to the frame of the bed. The other bedroom has a bed which also has the hamock like bed. (Both are like this.)

    Other than this, the design of this building and such will be up to the main Hunters.

    There is also a fireplace in the livingroom


    Oh yes, that's right, the hunters have a van. How they got it, when they got it, who of the HUnters it is, that is up to you. Here are the specs. (You can go to the link and/or read my summary. Do not only go to the link! There is no toilet in theirs and that is not the only difference.)

    The cargo van is white on the outside and has two up front seats to ride in. It has two thin beds on the inside walls, underneath which is storage. It also has a small kitchen. This kitchen does have water. There is also a small shower set up that can be used, but is not preferable. When not in use, the shower set up is put away and the curtain tied up to the wall. Like their home, there are devils traps on every entrance and on the ceiling. They keep weapons under the beds with their personal effects, as to not raise suspicion if anyone were to look into the van. They also have a safe well hidden under the passengers seat with their important paperwork (IE- actual birth certificates and such, as well as fake paperwork), as well as their cash that they do not keep on hand.

    It is the night after graduation, all of the main hunters (Hunter A, B, and any other OC's) will meet at their shack. It is possible that they have their own transportation, but the van will be what they take with them. Hunters in the group can chose to go to a party first, but will come to the shack to rest.

    Official Start Time (Supernaturoleplay World): Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 9PM.

    Posting Template


    Words words words roleplaying words words words. Also remember to use @player name when referencing someones character.

    Uploaded. (If anyone knows how to make it so people can view the code that'd be great...)


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  2. You can bring whoever you want! :D You're more than welcome to be moderate guy 1, just fill out a CS and I will look it over. (Though we def can't start the role play until we have Hunter A and B.)
  3. Perfectly fine, I still have to formulate the character. Just wanna let you know that this is soooo exciting!
  4. Great! I love that someone is as excited as me. Just do what you do and when you post it up I'll do my best to look over your (and anyone else's) CS!
  5. @Mippu Are you still interested in a 'Moderate Guy' character? If so, please let me know!

    As to the rest of Iwaku, what are you waiting for? Come on down! :)
  6. Hi! I'm looking into Moderate Person, via @Mippu. I'll have to formulate the characters a little bit and coordinate with her. :) I haven't caught up to the newest seasons, but I'm familiar with the world...a bit. I'll get a refresher sooner or later. hahaha ;)
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  7. @firejay1 @Mippu @Boss Megu

    Hey everyone! I know you guys have a lot going on, so I am not upset that no CS's have been posted. However, if you guys could get a full draft posted by next Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 12 noon EST I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also, we still need our main characters before we can start. I can GM run the others, but those really need to be 'humans' as it were. So if you know anyone, have blackmail on a friend, whatever it takes, we've gotto get Hunter A and B.
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  8. Oh yes!
    We'll get it done in a day or two!
  9. Hello there! I was just wondering if I could be Hunter A or B? Don't know if there really is a difference. Otherwise I'll be getting up my character sheet now. :)
  10. Name : Paolo Rafael Suzuki
    Age : 28
    Looks :
    Hunter : Yes
    Current Occupation: bartender
    Species : Human
    Biography :
    Raised by a single mother in Brazil but later moved to Japan where his father has properties, Paolo and his twin brother Lucas Miguel lived a good life. They were fairly sheltered, and him even more so, being a little sickly compared to his twin. The twins formed a group in college that basically worked as hunters who took cases that were reported to them. Lucas dies in an encounter with an oni, depressing Paolo who then sets off for the US to start over. Shigeru, a member of their group and his brother's lover followed him, keeping him in check for some time, until he started hunting.
  11. [​IMG]
    Basic Info
    Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Williams
    Eighteen Years Old
    Hunter (A)
    Favorite Color: Purple

    Gwen has long blonde hair that falls down to just below her breasts and is seen as pin straight most of the time. Her eyes are a very dark green color that make her freckles stand out on her nose. Her skin is very fair and is soft to touch in spots that don't have scars from being a mischievous child.
    She is about five foot six and weights 140 pounds. She has a very thin frame that helps her move around easily. Having a bit of muscle in her arms, she is also pretty strong even though she really doesn't look like it.

    Gwen grew up in a large family with two brothers and two sisters. She was the youngest out of all of them and had a very lively childhood. Around the time she was seven, she came home from a friends house to see her parents killed along with half of her siblings. She just watched, paralyzed with fear, as a vampire killed her brother right in front of her. That's really scarred her as she was next to be killed until a hunter came in. He killed the vampires and saved her. It was a horrible experience for her as she never speaks of her family. She was just too young to understand what was going on around her. To this day, it still haunts the girl as she wanted to save them so bad but she couldn't.


    After her parents and siblings got killed, she was shipped off to live with her Aunt and Uncle. They weren't very kind to her as they thought of her more as a burden then their niece who needed them. They never had children of their own so it was hard dealing with Gwen while she grew up. It led her to resent them as they never showed her the love she needed as a child. After years of living under their roof, she saved up enough money and had more from her parents, she decided it would be best to leave.

    Combat: Gwen knows the basics in how to fight against monsters. She is still learning how to get better at it, but she can handle herself. It tends to be too much if she is by herself. Though she has a good hand when it comes down to shooting with a gun or using a knife.

    Flexible: She is very flexible. That helps her a lot on hunts when she needs to move around. It helps her best to get out of bad situations. Especially since she is very fast in speed after years of sports when she was younger.

    Intelligence: She is very intelligent after being good in school for years and was planning on going to college to be an English major. Now she just uses what she learned over the years to do the research that they need to kill the different creature they hunt.
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  12. Has anyone taken Hunter B yet?
  13. Hunter B is not taken, post up a CS and I will look it over!

  14. A couple of things, actually, for starters I want to warn you that a character like this is a temporary character. You won't be in the rp too long as him, he just doesn't fit. However, he's more than welcome to join from time to time.

    As far as the CS itself, you need a reason as to why he became a hunter in the beginning. Also, if your character is sticky, he is going to die as a hunter. Harsh fact. Now, if you want him to die- that is totally workable! I'm gonna kill off tons of people! *laughs maniacally*
  15. I like her! As always, however, a few things...
    1. Appearance: that is good! I like it, but please remember that if she doesn't look buff, she can only be so strong (as far as you know... MUWAHAHAHAH). She'll still be strong, able to handle herself against most humans I'd imagine, but the supernatural are... Supernatural.
    2. Background: this is perfect. Actually, this is just perfect. Now, is she more bitter and cynical or hopeful and fighting? Whichever she is, Hunter B needs to be the opposite. (@ch0sen1 , just FYI)
    3. Family: this is good, it gives her a connection (weakness...) to people but the rejection that makes hunters hunters.
    4. Skills: good good. Is she more "memorize the exorcism Latin" or "kick them here and it does that?"
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  16. Oh thank you! I didn't really know if you would like her or not. So I'm glad that she is good enough. And I was thinking of her being more bitter about what happened. It can help her in hunts, but sometimes it gets in the way as she wants to kill everything. Especially vampires since that's wgat killed her family. You know?
    For the skills part.. I'm not sure. I feel like either could really work for her. Though I think knowing how to kill them would be much better.
  17. Omgz, I love you!

    I just saw the banner and I was like "MUST READ THIS!"

    I'll bring some of my people who like supernatural with me too and see if they want to join as well

    Can I totes call dibs on Dean *squeals*


    @A Bowl of Petunias
  18. Name : Megan Annalise Drexel aka "Leese"
    Age : 18
    Gender : Female
    Looks :

    5'10" and around 130 lbs, very athletic build with a toned, bronzed body along with layered muscle mass under her curvy figure. Due to her being an athlete in high school she has a heightened reflex, flexibility, and body control about her. She is rather faster than the normal rate of speed among humans and strong as her frame portrays. Her crystal blue eyes are very piercing like that of a wolf's with her mahogany hair coming down to the middle of her back.

    1. Loyal​
    2. Honest​
    3. Adaptable​
    4. Intelligent​
    5. Outgoing​

    1. Stubborn​
    2. Melodramatic​
    3. Sensitive​
    4. Aloof​
    5. Devious​

    Biography : Leese was raised spoiled but very disciplined in a nice suburb community in the country along with her younger sister Lacey. She was raised in the best of both worlds, sharing girl moments with her mother and sister, tea parties and shopping sprees. She would also serve as the older protector sibling and the tomboy, spending time with her father going hunting and participating at sports games/television events with him. It was here she developed a love for athletics and the human body, starting early with a fascination in anatomy and biology in school. Always on the honor roll and not even so much as a warning for talking too much on her record, Leese's world changed when she came home from swim practice to see Lacey literally eating their parents, with black fluid spilling from her ears and eyes. Lacey had almost convinced her that what she was doing was right, even shapeshifting into each of their parents one at a time. A distraught Leese almost succumbed to this monster's whims, but suddenly Lacey collapsed and the black fluid disappeared and never returned. Both sisters traumatized, Lacey was admitted to a mental institution and Leese was sent to move in with her Aunt across town in the city. That was three years ago.

    Now she's finishing up senior year at high school, top 10% of her class, and despite her still being a name in swimming and track, she used her seemingly normal high school experience as a mask for what she really does. Three years ago after that incident in her parents demise and Lacey's unexplained abilities, Leese went on the prowl for explanations that landed her in stranger places then she had started out from, but it also led her to Gwen, a female hunter who knew about a world Leese thought only existed in the movies and comics. Gwen enlightened her to the real side of the world, and the things that go bump in the night...and day. What started as a fascination and obsession with finding out what happened to Lacey, the bond between Gwen and Leese sparked into a friendship, and then a partnership with Leese initially being a reference to lookup information and in return help find out the truth behind the night Lacey killed her parents, but slowly Leese became more involved in the field, going on missions and hunts. Obviously she's been proven to handle herself. She's still here isn't she? Leese's divine will and determination sprouted her to become a very dangerous yet valuable asset in the supernatural world, and to this day she fights to avoid any situation she and Gwen had to face in the past with their parents. Oh, she loves the color pale blue.

    Skills :​
    • Expert Swimmer: Leese's love for water gives her great ability to swim and hold her breath for a long time.​
    • Athletic: Nimble, Crafty, Agile, Fast, Coordinated, and Strong comes from her weight lifting and conditioning in sports.​
    • Extensive in Biology/Anatomy: Very adept knowledge in anything biological and anatomical, from cells to pressure points and various biological functions she knows it heavily.​
    • Tough as Hell: Leese's mind and will is uncanny, giving her toughness in high pain thresholds, not giving in, etc.​
    • Light Chemist: Leese's interest in the science sparked her to learn chemistry as well, capable of putting together various compounds/formulas of helpful and harmful nature.​
    • Multi-lingual: Leese speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and Latin.​
    • Persuasive: She can utilize her clever wit to appease and attain many different types of situations to her benefit.​
    • She watches too many movies: Leese was a low key nerd before being a hunter, she lets things get to her head like kung-fu movies, action sequences, picking locks, hiding stealthy, cop escapes, etc....but also she picked up a few applications from them as well.​
    • She can throw down: Krav Maga lessons since she was 8 years old, a current Red Belt, but only fights when absolutely mandatory. Otherwise humble.​
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  19. I do like her, :). I will try and get the IC up soon so we can get started.
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